You and Me Forever

This is a The Wanted fanfic it's about 2girls that are related to One Direction who will fall in love?


5. That Afternoon

Lizzy's pov: i still couldn't bleive thay where here i saw that Tom and Sammy where so close to kissing i told the reast of the boys to leav them alone we whent upstairs to Sammy's room "wow it's clean in here and those are a bunch of posters of us" said Max "yup you could say we are small fans my room is like this but twice as much posters my brother makes me put posters of his band in my room i swear you can't see the wall it is completly full of posters" i said "so who is your brother and what band is he in oh 1 more thing are you Irish?" Asked Jay "my brother is Niall James Horan and his band is One Direction and yes I'm Irish" i said "your brother is Niall Horan from One Direction?" Asked Nathan "yup my full name is Lizzy Jay Horan" i said "so tell us more about you" said Nathan "well what is there to say I'm gonna repeat my name so yeah ok well my name is Lizzy Jay Horan I'm Irish i work at Nondos wich Niall made me do uhm I'm 19 years old just 9 months older than Niall my favorite colors are Baby Blue and Green thats pritty much it" i said "who is your favorite member out of us?" Asked Silva they all put on there 'sexy' faces on "sorry but i can't tell you my shirt probobly says it all but i'm not taking off my jaket" i said then they started chasing me around trying to take my jaket off i ran down stairs to the back yard they chaced me i was pritty clod out oh no the air is cold and I'm running i stoped running i started getting an asmah attack "what happed are you ok Lizzy?" Asked Nathan i couldn't talk "quick call her friend" said Nathan again since he didn't know sammy's name sammy soon came when she saw me she knew what was wrong "quick call the anbulence she's having an asmah attack" she yelled Nathan quicky pulled out his phone and thats all that i rememberd till every thing went black

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