You and Me Forever

This is a The Wanted fanfic it's about 2girls that are related to One Direction who will fall in love?


9. I want to make her mine

THE NEXT DAY:Sammy's pov:I woke up and saw that I wasn't in the hospital I look around and see my poster suddenly I felt a hand move I looked to my left and saw Tom holy shit my posters I ran and reared them all down and threw them away while I was I heard a giggle I look to my back and see that Tom was right behind me I was caught "don't do the love I like it the way it was and it makes me happy thinking that I am always on your mind"he said seducingly i desear his morning voice just males my knees Weak "am still tearing them down"I said bringing me back to my sense "fine"he said i giggled a little at how he gets grumpy "Sami was wondering want to go to dinner with me tonight" "sure" he started smiling like crazy "um can we go pica puede lizzy"I asked remembering yesterday "sure!"he said being fine with it I was about to walk to the bathroom when I got behind his back and whispered in his ear saying "I loved yesterday am hoping I can get more today"then walked away LIZZYS POV:i woke up because i Heard a toilet flush then saw Nathan walk out then remembered I was leaving this death hole!!! I heard someone knock on the door "I'll get it!"said Nathan he ran and opened it showing Tom and Sammy HOLDING HANDS "dude is there something you want to tell me?"said Nathan looking down to there hands "um maybe later"he said kind of nervous "Sammy my baby is back!!"I yelled "hiya boo how are you feeling?"she asked good "brought cloths lets go to the bathroom"she stated and I nodded and we left while me and Sam where getting dressed (Sammy left in her pjs) we overheard Nathan's and Tom conversation all we heard was I want to make her mine from both of them
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