You and Me Forever

This is a The Wanted fanfic it's about 2girls that are related to One Direction who will fall in love?


3. I swear

Lizzys pov:it was early in the morning when I heard Niall yell food!!!!!! I was so freaking tired "Niall shut up people are sleeping you idiot!"I said so irritated suddenly I hear footsteps and bang! My door slammed open "c'mon lizzy I have to go to a signing in 2 hours so get ready yor going to Sammy's house!"he yelle I swear when I heard Sammy's house I ran to the bathroom am took a shower when I was finished I brushed my teeth and hair and let it air dry then I walked to my closet and found a shirt that said mrs.sykes and a pair of laced shorts and gray vans while I was putting my shoes on I heard a knock and ran down staires and on the way knocked Niall down to the floor and opened the door and saw Sam "sammyyyyy my love!!!"I yelled "lizzy booooo!!!"she yelled the owning her arms around me to hug me she was so tiny we had a sister romance just like Lou and Harry "so babe shall we leave you horrible of a brother?"she asked "yes we shall!"I rated and we left on our skate boards

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