You and Me Forever

This is a The Wanted fanfic it's about 2girls that are related to One Direction who will fall in love?


4. At Sammy's House

Sammy's pov: when we got to my house we left our skate bards on the side walk coming to the house we ran inside we took our jackets off "nice shirt" i said to Lizzy giggling "hah thanks" "so what do you wanna do?" I asked "how about we put on The Wanted music on and just dance" she suggested "OK lets do that" so I put in the CD in and it started playing after a few songs we heard an "ow" of pain we put our jackets on and ran out side "what happen?" Asked Lizzy as we walked out the door i saw that someone slipped on our skateboards and she saw it too we ran to the skateboards oh no it was The Wanted band and Nathan was on the ground "are you OK? Do you need to go to the hospital?" Asked Lizzy "no I'm fine can I just get an ice pack?" He asked "yeah sure I'll be back" she jogged and came back with an ice pack "here" she handed the ice pack to Nathan "what where you guys doing here anyway?" I asked "well we heard our music playing omg i was staring at Nathan from the wanted "mate are you alright what happened?"i turned around a saw tom i literately felt my cheeks getting red "nothing mate these beautiful ladies helped from me slipping on these skateboards"said Nathan while standing up i was getting cold because my sweater wasn't ass big as Lizzy "oh my god your cold here my jacket"said tom he put his jacket around me and hugged me "lets go inside"said Lizzy so we did when we got there tom laid next to me on the couch cuddling "whats your name love?"said tom "Samantha but you can call me SAM"i said 'beautiful name"he said right know the only space we had was his lips from mine

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