You and Me Forever

This is a The Wanted fanfic it's about 2girls that are related to One Direction who will fall in love?


7. Am I Serious?

Nathan's pov: "the visitors of Lizbeth Jay Horan?" Asked the doctor we stud up "well Lizzy just had a asmah attack she needs to be careful not to run in cold air now she will have some times when she seems like she is going to get another asmah attck just giver an inhailer to calm down if she doesn't calm down then you bring her to the hospital so go to the pharmisy and they will give you an inhailer" he said "ok thank you" said Sammy "can i go in to see her is she awake?" Sammy asked again "yes she is awake and yes you can go in but only one at a time" he said so sammy went in we all sat down i think Lizzy is quite cute she is sweet pretty am I serious? I berly know her I need to get to know her better i can't just judge her by her looks like. I always say 'i don't belive in love at first sight because it means your falling in love with there appearance not there personality' well after she gets out of the hospital and gets better I'll ask her out so i can get to know her

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