When You Float Like A Cannonball -Sequel to Pain and Love-

Ellie and Louis have their new daughter, Leah. Their love for each other develops as they go through being a parent, and when Louis wants a son, much more happens. They become one of the best celebrity couples, and get their own TV show about their kids. But is this the dream family they've always wanted? Will everything work out? [Yellow] - mature content.


1. Shopping

-3 years later-

Ellie's POV


"Mummy, wheres daddy!" Abigail shouted. Leo and her were going through their Terrible Twos, but luckily there birthday was next week - July 25th - and they'd be three.   "Daddy will be home soon, but we have to go and meet him at the airport so get your dress on or we can;t go!" I said. Abigail let me put her yellow sun dress on her. Leo came toddling through wearing his denim long shorts the right way, but his Thomas the Tank Engine top on backwards and trainers on the wrong foot.   "Oh Leo, good effort." I laughed finishing up with Abigail and then sorting out Leo.   "Ellie, you ready to go?" Taylor - Harry;s girlfriend (Taylor Swift) - shouted.   "Yeah." I came downstairs holding Leo and Abigail. Taylor, Dani, Perrie, Molly, the kids - Leo, Abigail, and Molly's son Micheal and Perrie's daughter Penelope - and I were going to meet the boys at the airport. They were coming back from their tour, and I couldn't wait to see Louis.


We got to the airport just in time to see the boys coming off the plane. Abigail and Leo ran up to Louis, and I walked behind them.   "Daddy!" Abigail and Leo screamed hugging him. He hugged me and kissed me.   "Hey. You okay?" He asked.  "Yeah. How was the tour?" I asked.  "It was great." Louis smiled and kissed me again.  "Mummy, daddy, no PDA, please!" Abigail said. "Where di you learn that?" I asked.   "Uncle Harry!" Abigail shouted and ran over hugging his leg.   "Harry, don't teach my daughter anything from now on!" Louis said playfully hitting his arm. Harry picked up Leo and Abigail and hugged them.   "I can't wait till they're out of their terrible twos!" I said.   "And I can;t wait till tonight." Louis whispered, smiling. I hit his arm, and we all went back to Louis and I's.


"Mummy, I want foooood!" Leo complained. I sighed.   "In a minute!" I said back. I came through with food for them.   "Mummy, I want-" Niall began but I cut him off.   "Your not a kid Niall!" I shouted. Everyone went silent, then burst out laughing. I sighed and sat beside Louis, who wrapped his arm around me.   "You seem stressed." He said.   "No one can read me like you can." I said sarcastically.   "We should go away somewhere together, you know get someone to look after the kids and me and you have some alone time." Louis whispered.   "That sounds nice." I smiled at him.


-The next day-


I woke up Louis arms. I yawned and got up, taking a shower then getting changed- http://www.polyvore.com/cgi/set?id=82205450. I had recently dyed my hair brown/blonde, so it didn't bring too much attention. I walked back out to the sound of Abigail shouting me. I went to her room, and Louis was there already, shirtless.   "Hey." I said, kissing his cheek. He had calmed down Abigail and put her back to her bed.   "Hello..." He said, grabbing my waist and kissing my neck. I giggled and pulled him out of the kids room. We walked downstairs to the kitchen.   "Breakfast?" I asked. Louis looked around for a while, then found eggs, bacon and waffles.   "Should I get the kids?" I asked.   "No, lets have breakfast alone." He smiled and I smiled back.


After a nice breakfast with Louis, I went upstairs to get the kids. Abigail was helping Leo get changed. They didn't see me, so I quietly got Louis.   "And you top goes on this way." Abigail said, showing him the right way to put on his yellow t-shirt.   "What about my shoooes?" He said.   "If you have your shoes on the right way, the longer toe bits will be facing into each other, like this." Abigail showed him her shoes, and he copied the way she done. Louis and I smiled watching them, then they noticed us.   "Oh, hi mummy and daddy! I was just showing Leo how to put on his clothes properly!" Abigail said.   "And you done a good job of it my little teacher!" Louis picked her up and whirled her round. She squealed with excitement.   "Daddy, me now!" Leo pleaded. Louis put down Abigail and picked up Leo doing the same thing. I laughed at them. The way Louis handled the kids was so.... I don't know. It was just amazing. He had a good bond with them and was purely great with them.   "Mummy, breakfast?" Abigail asked.   "Daddy, make breakfast? Again?" I fluttered my eyelashes at Louis. He laughed and took the kids downstairs. He made them breakfast then we all decided what to do today. It was a bright summer day, and it was very warm too.   "Why don't we go to the beach? It is really warm now." I suggested.   "Beach!" Leo shouted. Louis laughed.   "That sounds nice. Abigail, do you want to go to the beach?" Louis asked her. She nodded.   "But I need a new swimming costume?" She fluttered her eyelashes at Louis and I.   "Okay, I'll take you shopping!" I said. She clapped her hands.   "I'll take Leo for something too. We need some guy time, don't we buddy?" Louis and Leo fist bumped.


Louis drove us to the mall, and Abigail was dragging me to shop after shop.   "Abs, remember its your birthday soon, so you'll get a lot of stuff then. Today I'll but you a swimming costume, shorts, a top and flip flops, and whatever else you want I'll get you for your birthday, okay?" She nodded and picked out- http://www.polyvore.com/cgi/set?id=82206472.   "Lets go baby!" I said, and we left to meet Louis and Leo outside. Leo had picked out- http://www.polyvore.com/cgi/set?id=82206605.   "Okay, lets go!" Louis said.

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