Soul Siren (OneDirectionFanFiction:HarryStyles/OC)

She was the winner of The X Factor Philippines. It was the only detail we were told about the artist that was lined up to be the opening act for our upcoming world tour. Simon made it clear that we don’t Google her even before we get to meet her, let the girl introduce herself to us so to make her more interesting to work with. We can’t help but get curious of course. What made her so special that Simon was so interested and invested with this certain local artist and get her signed to work with a huge name like us, One Direction?

None of us expected that the artist we’ll be working with would somehow clash with our happy-go-lucky personalities. We were not told that the girl had a very bittersweet past and that her life was not all about fame and fortune after she won The X Factor a year ago.

We didn’t expect that we will meet someone like Makie Romero, a soul siren.


22. Your Life, Your Voice, Your Reason to Be

We drove off to a car rental shop where I managed to book one earlier today as part of all the day-out surprise I have planned for Makie. I told her we’re going on a road trip, something she didn’t expect me to think off. I wanted this day just to be for us. No fans, no paparazzi, no management to tell us no, just be the two of us wandering off to somewhere we know we’re both just safe and sound.


I haven’t let go of her hand at all. She asked me not to -never. She said she’s afraid that if I let her go, she’ll slip away -back to being sheltered behind the walls, unaffected and cold. She said she doesn’t want to fend off sadness while we’re together. She wants to break out of that uncaring persona she has made to save herself of the tragedy of her forgotten past. The pain of her father’s accident was the cause, clearly visible right in her brown doe eyes before we went on the road. She’s still affected by the pictures of her late father never leaving her mind. She said it’s my touch that makes the sadness go anyway, because it replaces the fear deep down her nerves. It’s my affect to her that makes her float, ready to be swept away and be saved. No need to be fixed. I love Makie Romero for whom she was, for who she’s newly become.


I can’t imagine her drowning back into the abyss of her nightmares with all the scary demons of her past. She has changed so much, -a lot, to be honest. The Makie Romero I met months ago was so different from the Makie Romero I held in my hands, but she’ll always be the girl I fell head over heels for. I can’t let it happen again, how she’d close herself out of the life and love of the world around her. Whatever it takes, I will never let Makie go.


I watched her as Makie enjoyed the gush of wind blowing gently on her face while we drove off on the highway. Everything on her showed how carefree and brave she’s trying so hard to be. The smile on both her lips and her eyes makes me feel joyous too. Somewhere deep inside of me, I still can’t believe this is actually happening to both of us. She’s there sitting next to me. Love placed on touches and glances. Free at last. None of us were holding back. No need for pretenses because we’re conscious of what the people around us might say. It’s just us.


We acted like two normal couples driving off on the long winding road before us. One hand on the wheel, the other hand laced with her hand, kissing the back of it every now and then. In that very moment, I couldn’t ask for anything more. We’ve got all that we needed. It was our form of escape, away from all the drama of the tour and our lives.


If this is a dream, please don’t wake me up.


Makie rested her head on the rest, looking towards me with that gorgeous grin on her face. “Harry?” she called me out, sweet and softly, just how I like it.




“You don’t know where we are going, do you?” she asked skeptically.


I just smirked back at her. “As I recall correctly, you were the one who said that let’s get lost.”


Makie let out a giggle and replied, “Not quite literally. We’ll need to go back too eventually.”


Her actual words got my mind thinking for a second flat. I don’t know why, but I felt against about it.


What if I don’t what to go back anymore?


As if to tell us we really did need to, I felt my phone started going off. I managed to pull over the side of the road before I unbuckled my seatbelt and took the phone out of my coat pocket, immediately reading Andie’s name flashing on the screen with a few missed calls and unread messages there.


I didn’t hesitate and quickly dropped the call.


At my side, I can see Makie curious of why I did it. “You should have answered it. She’s just probably worried, Harry.” She said.


Makie’s right though, after all, Andie’s her care provider. It was her job. Yet, I was still unconvinced. If they found out, why isn’t Vanessa, or Paul, or someone from the management calling me? I then proceeded to open the new messages which were both from Andie and Louis.


To: Harry Styles (+000643123456)

From: Lou Bear (+000643768143)

Andie and I got busted. Blamed to infinity it hurt my ears. But no need to worry, we can handle them. Call either Andie or me when you’re on your way back.



To: Harry Styles (+000643123456)

From: Andie Tiu (+000643654321)

Don’t answer my calls. They found out you and Makie sneaked out. They actually want me tell you to go back which I protested to do. Enjoy your day, and please be careful you two.



I’m somehow glad I’ve got real friends in Louis and Andie. But what’s happening was what I can’t comprehend to believe in. This was beyond blockhead. “She said they already found out we left, and that Louis and Andie got lectured. Plus, they’re using her to track us down.” I told Makie, trying to hide the anger in the tone of my voice. I was angry, but I don’t want to see Makie panic because of it.


Makie frowned back. “Oh my God, I feel so sorry for Andie. She’s supposed to rest in her first day off, not work for anyone of them. And Louis also, they just wanted to help.”


I was just as disappointed as Makie for what the management’s pulling just to get us. It’s not like it’s a grave crime to go out and enjoy a little fun together. After all, it’s our day off. I will never understand them. Why can’t they just let us be? One day, that was all I’m asking for.


Shaking my head, I switched my phone off. I can’t have anyone else ruin this chance. I understand the consequences in stake when we get back, but I promised Makie that we’ll have fun.


Maybe running away isn’t a bad idea.


If we were not some international artists the whole world knew at least.


“Harry, I can’t have Louis and Andie get punished because of us.” Slowly, she asked, “What if we just go back now?” disappointment in the tone of her voice.


Inside, I was contemplating. She didn’t understand why I’m jumping out of all the boundaries set in our relationship as professionals but I don’t have an inch of mad inside me for Makie. Of course I understand that she’s just so much worried for her friends, but I wished she also cared for her happiness once on a while. Then I remembered Makie’s still familiarizing herself with things, to the sudden feelings and emotions she fends off on situations like this one. It was the reason why from the very beginning, we were told to never pressure her. It’s because she wants to learn and analyze her feelings and everything that surrounds her just all by herself. She’s always been told how and what to act, she’s never played anything careless like this before, and I believe that is why she only understands the immediate guilt as an answer.


Sighing, I asked back, “Do you want to?”


Makie hesitated for a bit, her eyes cast downwards to our still interlocked hands. I gave it a squeeze, trying to show her support of some sort because I knew she needed them. “No, I don’t want to…but,”


I managed to put my fingertips under her chin, gently lifting her head so she can look back at me again. The smile in her eyes was gone, making me realize that she’s overanalyzing things in her head. “Look, I understand that you’re worried about them. I am too, but do you know how much it affected me to see how hurt you were last night when they shot us down and was basically told not to engage into something we both know we can’t do because we’re tour mates? I was so mad about it, but I don’t want to send off that anger out because I know you’ll also be affected. I don’t want that to happen. Makie, I have never seen you so bright and happy not until your performance last night, when you were genuinely having fun and just singing on that stage, when you were thanking everyone for the support they showed and gave you, how brave were you to finally get the courage to tell everyone that you’re living this second chance you have. Do you realize how inspiring you were? Maybe somehow people didn’t quite really understand what you were saying, but for the people who knew you and your story, you blew us away of that honesty with what you really feel and for what you are now. I was that one in particular. I was so proud of you.” I told her.


Even with the console in between us, I leaned forward and plant a firm kiss on her lips. “Then you went on and told them all about me, did you know that in the back stage, all I wanted was to shout out loud and let them know too that you inspire me so much Makie.” I told her with such delicateness and love in every word. “I’ve been told that I’m just a foolish for feeling this even if I didn’t know who the real you were back then. Never did I stop. You mean so much to me. All I wanted to do right now is to make you happy.”


I can’t deny it. This was just one of those reasons in the back of my head why I felt like not wanting to go back to our life on the road. I can’t show Makie the way we’re supposed to be because the people around us won’t understand. I know this was the only chance I can prove to her how much she means to me without the prying looks of the people who hated the idea of us, away from the dictatorship of the management that handles both of our careers. They’d do everything they could just to pull us apart, especially now that Makie has clearly expressed to everyone on the last night’s show about the inspiration I give her through her songs, and our undeniable attraction to one another.


And it scared me, the possibilities of what they could do just to stop us. They’ve done it before. They could always pull it again whenever they want to.


She brought her hands to my face, her thumbs traced on my skin. She wanted to feel why she was there. In those mere inches between us, I know she can feel everything back again. How I brought faith and love back to her eyes with just my touch and that one special kiss. How I suddenly became her life, her voice, and her reason to be everything she is now.


Right there, it was like my heart and mind spoke for itself. “Makie…” Without even realizing it, I asked her right away a question only two people crazy in love that were fighting for their freedom against the world would think of.


“What if I ask you to run away, will you come with me?”


Makie appeared to second guess for herself. She paused, taking in her heaving chest and her glazed-over eyes, heavy lidded with surprise of the sudden question I threw at her. A hint of frown made its way through her eyebrows, as if the answer in the tip of her tongue could make or break her.


It didn’t take her long to notice that my expression faded to fully understanding I was somehow rejected. I did believe I was for a second. Before I knew it, her hand found its way to the back of my neck, craning her head so she could reach me until her lips were on mine again.


“I couldn’t be anywhere without you.” were what her whispers sounded like, if they were whispers at all. Her words were more like breaths, like wind tickling my ears.


I noticed with glee that her eyes were alight, fiery, and hungry. Just like she’d said, I brought life back to them.


And I can feel that life will be permanently staying, starting from now.


----------(Soul Siren)----------


“How do I look?” I asked her as I adjusted the sunglasses in my face as a cover-up.


Makie scrunched her face, immediately making me realize it’s not working. “Honestly? People will still recognize you as Harry Styles.” She said.


I let out an exasperated sigh. “How are we going to get out of this car if that’s the case? Ugh. I never hated my hair… not until now.” I said.


“Come on. I could marry your hair.” Makie joked. “Let me help you there.”


She took a piece of red rubber band from her bag before she leaned herself across the console that separated our seats and reached her hands over to my head. She used her fingers to rake through my curls, pulled the elastics band and tied it over my hair that she managed to gather into a ponytail.


She looked proud of what she just did. The huge grin that showed on her face says so.


Conscious of what she has done to me, I reached over so to adjust the car’s rearview mirror, but Makie quickly slapped my hand away, “Wait, I’m not yet done.”


I don’t know where she got it or who gave it to her (read: probably one of Niall’s bunch), but she manage to conjure a snapback from the bag and placed it on my head, the tied knot of curls out on the back.


 Giggling, she placed a kiss on my cheeks and said, “There you go. Prepare to be overwhelmed.”


My eyes nearly bulged out of its socket. I have never seen myself this…this…


“Oh my god…” It took me a minute to recognize it was really me. Palms pressed in my cheeks, I exclaimed, “Wow, It’s not bad at all. I kind of like this style. I look hot!”


Makie and I dissolved into laughter, loving every second of this situation by the way. “You look way hotter than usual, might I just say. I’ve always imagined your curly hair tied up on a ponytail actually.” She confessed.


“You should have said it before. I would have let you play with my hair if I always turn out this good.” I told her back. While still grinning, I also added, “I might actually consider this look on the next show, but you’ll have to do it. Okay?”


Makie nodded back before giving me another kiss on the cheeks. It was a quick peck. Spontaneous Makie looked cute to be honest, she just lost control. She pushed herself off my chest and mumbled, “Dimples… Can’t help it… Sorry.” Blush creeping suddenly in her cheeks when she realized what she’s just did.


“There’s no need to say sorry, love. Feel free to kiss me as often as you want. But you just need to remember,” Cupping her flushed face, I pressed my lips against hers. “I’ll always steal each and every one of those kisses back.”


We haven’t left the car for quite some time.


----------(Soul Siren)----------


Finally we found a nice, secluded place to stop at, a small cozy girly adorned pink patisserie that sent romantic vibe to everyone who enters upon it. The smell of freshly baked French goods coffee was all over the place with only a few customers inside. Thankfully, none of them looked like crazy and young to be fans. Even the person who worked behind the counter seemed not to recognize me and or Makie when she greeted us.


“Bonjour! Bienvenue à The Sweet Haven! (Hello! Welcome to The Sweet Haven!)


“Ooh, coffee…” Makie delightedly skipped and scanned the counter to what she could drink.


“No. Pas de café (No coffee).” I quickly interjected even before she could place the coffee order to the cashier. “No coffee for you, little missy,”


Makie turned her head at me, her lips pouted and just acting all cutesy, probably trying to make me give in to what she wants. “Not fair. I haven’t had coffee for weeks because of Liam’s accident last time.” she continued whining. “Harry…”


Let’s review: Makie lured Andie to buy her some on the pre-show four weeks ago. Three cups of large Starbucks coffee actually. Having to end up high of caffeine, Makie jumped on Liam which ended both of them stumbling out of the bus. Makie earned a bump on her forehead (read: Thank God) while Liam got a cut on his lips which were swollen for the whole show. The fans trended about it. In the end, it was Zayn who was blamed for the wounds his lips. #ZaynIsLiamsPassionateLover was the trend I believe.


I just chuckled back at her as I relieved that moment, “Love, Liam will kill me if you drink some now.”


“But he doesn’t have to know…”


“Oh, Liam will always know…”


A middle aged woman appeared behind the cash register and looked at us with a huge smile on her face, which honestly scared me for a bit. Though she doesn’t look like a fan (read: she didn’t scream, or faint, or die -yet), we still have to be careful just in case.


“Aww, what a lovely young couple you two are.” She said matched with her thick French accent. “Are you newlyweds on a honeymoon?” she asked.


Well, at least we’re not recognized for as Harry Styles and Makie Romero on a date.


“Oh, no, we’re not ma’am. We’re too young to be married yet.” I politely replied at her.


“Oh, Je suis désolé! (I’m sorry about that!) It’s just that when you entered my shop, you two look so in love with one another.” The owner told us.


I can’t help but smile at such wonderful compliment. A person who doesn’t have the slightest idea of who Makie and I truly are just said the most amazing comment about us I heard to date.


Next to me, Makie laced her hand together with mine that rested at the counter. I just stared at her with such glimmer of adoration in my eyes. I loved her, and it was just obvious. I couldn’t get enough of the fact that she was really there standing next to me –how the slightest touch of her fingertips on the back of my hand was how we lived on this relationship we’re trying to pursue.


On a mid-afternoon on the 24th of June, right there in that small café in the famous City of Love, I watched Makie lovingly and bravely announced, “We are in love.”


If I could only kiss her and tell her right there that I love her, I would.


But I want those three words whispered to her, for the very first time, right in her ears, in her face, in her lips, in every part of her skin. I can’t have anyone else gush around us when I finally could manage.


My love for her was only meant to be heard only by Makie.


“Young love.” The owner’s incredulous reaction somehow made us laugh and blush. “Lad, keep her. You look perfect for one another. And because you’re such an adorable darling, I’ll give you French roast coffee, on the house.”


Finally getting what she really wanted, she exclaimed a playful “Ha!” Makie even poked the tip of her pink tongue in between her lips before saying, “I’ll get us a table.” And then she left me to deal with the order.


I love her. I do. I really do.


I just looked back at the lady owner, flashing on her a smile that was just as big and bright as the sun. “I hope it doesn’t end. If you two get married, you’ll need to visit my shop again and I’ll make you a romantic honeymoon dinner.”


Smiling back at her, I said, “That’s so wonderful of you. Thank you, Ma’am. You don’t even know us.”


“Oh, that’s nothing. I’ll set it up on the shop’s garden rooftop so no paparazzi can see you and Makie on your honeymoon dinner date.” She boldly suggested.




I was shocked. “Y-You know Makie?”


“Actually, my daughter, Michaela, dearly loves Makie. She was in your concert last night, and she can’t stop talking about it until she ran out of energy to do so. She always mentions how she wants you and Makie together.” The owner explained. “How very unfortunate it is that she’s gone on a day-off today!” Even though it was really a bum that a fan missed the chance to meet us, I was somehow relieved by it. This date is still a secret, unless this lady owner’s got a twitter and tweets it to the whole world.


She looks harmless and too old to fangirl on Twitter anyway.


In return for Makie’s free coffee and for the fancy dinner date she promised, I took a table napkin and wrote down some digits (read: Andie’s). “Do you think she’ll fancy another show tomorrow night? Maybe you could come also. Makie and I would love to see you and Michaela there. Call this number and tell them I asked for you. They’ll help you get in.”


“Oh! Je vous remercie! (Thank you!)” The lady owner exclaimed.


I also wanted to mention if they could do some protest to the Modest Management. Maybe some fans who’s in favor of Makie and I would help us from going on public about our relationship.


Actually, that’s not a bad idea.


----------(Soul Siren)----------


To: Andie Tiu (+000643654321)

From: Harry Styles (+000643123456)

On our way back. What’s the plan?


To: Harry Styles (+000643123456)

From: Andie Tiu (+000643654321)

Paul won’t let Louis and I go out of the room. Said we’ve done a month worth pain in the head for him. He’s outside, guarding it. Now’s your only chance to sneak back in. Good luck.



To: Andie Tiu (+000643654321)

From: Harry Styles (+000643123456)

Sorry about that. Makie and I will sort out our own ways then.


To: Harry Styles (+000643123456)

From: Andie Tiu (+000643654321)

If you confess now that you were the one who thought of the thing with Louis and I under the fucking rain, I might spare you some mercy. AND I expect a double pay on my paycheck this month, Styles. You’re welcome. 



To: Harry Styles (+000643123456)

From: Andie Tiu (+000643654321)

P.S. Niall got mad at me and I don’t know why. I’m worried of that little snowflake.   



To: Andie Tiu (+000643654321)

From: Harry Styles (+000643123456)

No. That was entirely Louis’ idea. How many times do I have to tell you that he likes you?


To: Andie Tiu (+000643654321)

From: Harry Styles (+000643123456)

P.S. Knowing Niall James Horan very well, I say he’s extremely jealous. Who the hell puts P.S on a text? Will talk to you when we get back.


----------(Soul Siren)----------


Makie and I were stuck in the car at the parking lot. Finally getting the vibe of the whole complex under us was just so much like how other people were threatened of us. We’d be back to just being tour mates –romantically nonattached and plain professionals. I suddenly felt like I couldn’t breathe. There was so much to think about. We were just waiting for some more time for us before our reality shatters the intricate balance and serenity of this secret. Once we get outside of this car, there was so much of which to be unsure.


“What are you thinking about?” beside me, Makie softly asked.


I tried to show her a smile. A comforting smile so to tell her that everything will be alright, even though I was struggling inside.


I wanted to tell her I’m thinking about us; about what could possibly happen after all of this and what could be the consequence of this breaking the rules for us.


Instead, I uttered, “I don’t want this to end.” My arm slid onto the console, palm facing up, offering my hand for her to hold on to again. Makie took it for comfort without hesitation. Slowly, I added, “This day turned out better than everything I hoped for. Every time I look at you, there’s happiness in your eyes. The life in them, I couldn’t ask for anything else.”


Bringing my hand to her lips, she kissed across my knuckles. "Happiness, a feeling I battled inside my mind all this time. For months, I refused to believe that I will feel it ever again, yet with just one look at you every part of me suddenly bounces of it. Finally, I felt like I was free from suffering. You’re my happiness, Harry." She confessed.


“But do you know today, you made me feel something else.”


“What is it?”


“Faith,” She whispered, so soft it would have been lost in the thin air that surrounded us. “When all this time I thought I lost it, when I thought I’ve got nowhere else to go, you’ve showed me faith, -the kind of which I know and feel that I’m safe. The trust that you’ll always be there for me; it was you who brought it back. I didn’t ask, but you gave it your all even if I tried and push you away. You brought it back to my life.” she said.


“When I found you, I realized, I finally found my home.”


Makie carefully unbuckled her seatbelt, which reminded me that we did need to go back now.


Time’s up.


But she didn’t open the door. Instead, she leaned across the console and captured my lips with hers into a kiss before whispering against them, “I wouldn’t want to lose it anymore.”


Her hand found its way to the back of my neck and her lips were on mine again, more compliant, kneading mine with care. It was difficult to make out over the console that separated us. I then realized that she did most of the work, body leaned across and her neck craned just so to reach me completely. I didn’t need to ask, though I couldn’t believe she was about to give it away in that particular place, after a few gentle urges and light pushes, we landed on the spacious and more comfortable backseat.


Instantly, my hand was on her wrist, gesturing Makie to stay where she was. A few second later, I felt her froze. Still kneeling and looming over her with much power, I removed my jacket and tossed it to the front seat before crawling up to her body and stopping only to kiss the point where her jaw meets her neck. Closed eyes, the simple kiss elicited an involuntary shiver across her body which I actually felt against my own skin.


My eyes were glued shut as I kissed her. She used her fingers to rake through my velvety curls, to run down the defined lines in my back, to feel my heart pumping loudly against my chest. I concentrated on holding myself above her with both hands, on delivering gentle, slow kisses.


It seemed like the juts of the car door cutting on her back mattered. She threw one leg over my waist so that she was straddling me. Now with legs on either side of my waist, she took my face in her hands and kissed me with everything she had in her.


It took me a moment to process what had just happened, but she did exactly what I'd hoped she'd do - she placed her hands on my waist, tracing the curves and lines of my stomach with much haste and hunger for it, steady me as I slid backwards so that my back was supported by the seat, disconnecting our lips only to attach them to my neck, over my exposed skin. I reveled in the sensations, certain that my heart was beating in time with her - if not, might have been faster. When she let go of my hair, I slipped my hand underneath her cardigan, urging that off her shoulders to expose herself as well.


It drove me crazy. My wandering hands landed to her bare cream skin. My lips attacked ever part of which I could. Quickly as her cardigan went off, the thin straps of her dress followed, leaving Makie’s upper torso only clothed of a pair of lacey black bra on her.


My hands wandered up and down her sides, clutching the backs of her thighs every so often. Slowly, I grazed my hand on her ass, waited for what would come next. Makie waited, too. When she didn't protest, I gave it a gentle squeeze, which caused her to nearly burst into giggles in the midst of our kiss. Instead, she settled for a smile against my lips. My hands continued to work her thighs, sliding under the seam of her pink dress and hiking it up inch by devastating inch.


I was crazy for her. All of her.


In the dark, my eyes framed her like a perfect piece of Monet -an indulgence, a passion, a true beauty.


Suddenly, I grasped what was about to happen –Makie was on top of me, with our clothes almost off, face flushed and hair disheveled, skin moistened with all the heat coming from us only added with a very lustful purr that escaped her mouth.


I have to remind myself that I have to be careful with her, treat her like a porcelain doll. I was holding on to a very fragile young girl. I couldn’t take her innocence in the backseat of a rental car.


Even before I could stop myself, it was Makie that pushed herself off me. She was so startled that her eyes flew wide open. Instantly, her palms were flat on my chest, both of us heavily panting, bodies heated.


When my eyes met hers, I expected to see guilt on them -which she’s gone out of control once again just a few hours ago. But it wasn’t guilt that showed on them, they were heavy-lidded with lust and admiration. 


“I…” yet, she continued continue to pronounce anything else.


We were both lost for words. My hands were still held her on the waist. Carefully, she lowered herself until our chests were flat against each other’s. I kept my lips occupied with soft and sweet pecks on her blushing face while I free a hand off of her waist and have it ran over every curve of her body, tracing her spine until I reached the dimples at her back. I left my touch almost nonexistent yet feathery enough to give her something to linger on.


Makie arched her back and released of breath, finally making me realize that she couldn't take much more of this.


I tilted my head, away from her lips. Jaw hanging, I reoriented myself before saying “Let me walk you up to your room.”


Hoisting herself off of my body, Makie nodded eagerly as I helped her get back in her dress and cardigan.


Both of us were alert and composed as we sneaked back in the hotel without getting noticed. Luckily, Paul had Louis and Andie hostage on our room which was a floor above where Makie’s staying.


We stood on opposite ends of the elevator on our way up to her floor. My head hung low while my hands were stuffed back on my jacket’s pocket. I heard Makie stifle a giggle that somehow eased the tension around. I can’t help it. A grin broke out across my face as I once again turned around and meet Makie’s face, all glowing and just full of life on it.


As soon as the elevator stopped on her floor, I grabbed a hold on to Makie’s hand and quickly, we ran off on the fortunately deserted corridor until we reached her room.


While as she started hunting down for her room key, I snaked my arms around her waist and started kissing her shoulder through the cardigan. Makie was trying to shrug me off while giggling uncontrollably and at the same time annoyed by the fact she can’t get a hold of the darn keys.  


The moment she finally unlocked her door, I grabbed on her body and forcefully, picked her up. I kicked the door with my feet until it was shut tight close. Hopefully, no one noticed the loud bang.


I couldn’t get enough of her. I spun her around and once again, ambushed her with kisses. My tongue traced over her lips and I opened my mouth to the kiss as her tongue dipped in to taste mine. I slowed my pace and took a few moments to really kiss her, letting my hands traced the sides of her face before they settled on the back of her head and held us in place.


Makie pulled her lips away, only so to take a breath. I attached my forehead against hers but it didn’t take long until she pressed her mouth against mine again, we kissed hungrily.  


My hands slowly then travelled down her waist, progressing until they reached her thighs. When they came and rested on her ass, she knew what she had to do. Makie jumped and wrapped her arms and legs around me. I carried her off to the bed, gently placing her down while as I worked my way and towered over her.


Makie and I know. We’re both aware that we’re taking this deeper, yet none of us were stopping it.


I nuzzled on her neck, sucking on that soft sensitive skin of it. For the second time around, it was the loud moan which escaped her lips that snapped us out of trance.


Makie grabbed on to both sides of my face, her eyes deeply asking me to look at her which I did.


Eyes shone with worry, I brushed the curls of velvety hair out of her face and stroked her cheeks gently, and said “We don’t have to do this if you’re not ready Makie.”    


“No, do it now.” She said, somehow surprised with the eagerness in her tone. “I want you to. I need you to. Even if it’s just for tonight, break in, make me feel, leave me a memory of how it feels like for the first time.” (A: This has got something to do with listening to The Jonas Brothers’ FIRST TIME. Buy it on iTunes! And BEST SONG EVER too! Ok?!)


It was the encouragement that I needed. After a quick nod, my lips were then back onto hers. Our once slow and gentle pecks progressed into something more roughly. She had her hands roaming down my thighs and went back up on my chest. She’s suddenly becoming my own personal drug with every kiss and every touch she leaves. My thoughts were interrupted when Makie managed to roll over that got her on top of me. She pulled away; her breathing was raspy and uneven.


“Come here,” she said quietly and pulled me towards her.


We didn’t hesitate with removing our clothes. Seconds later, we sat there intertwined on her bed,  barely naked with just our underwear under the faint light that was streaming through her window, just enough to let me see every expression on her face.


I pressed some more kissed over her collarbone; keeping her preoccupied while I unlatched her bra and gently tugged them away from her body. For quite a while, I let my eyes adore and feast on the naked beauty that was now within my reach. Hugging her closer to me, I flipped us over until I was once again on top of her. I started kissing her again, and at the same time working on my way down to her panties. I felt her gasped on my lips when I started rubbing her through that thin piece of lace. The simply touch sent both of us the pleasure. I was growing hard against her thigh and I can feel her wetness.


Liberating, Makie reached down and wrapped her hand around my length. The sudden touch made me gasped and pulled away from her mouth for a second. She stroked it hard and fast and within minutes I was tearing her panties off from her body.


This was so much more to us than just sex.


I felt her hurt when I slid inside of her in one slow careful thrust. The expression in her face showed like she was heaven and in hell all at once. Tears welled up her eyes from both pain and pleasure as I thrust in and out of her, faster and faster as I picked up the pace. When her nails raked painfully against my back, I went to slower. “Makie, please tell me if you want to stop.”


She didn’t say anything. She just shook my head and let me continue on. She just followed all along, willingly letting herself go with me and I was taking in everything she gave me. My hands were all over her, pulling her nipples, her hair and her throbbing clit. Makie was gasping for air but never was there a second that she stopped me.


My thrust grew sporadic and I knew I was getting close. A few more powerful slides inside her and I knew we were almost on reaching her climax. I bit down on her earlobe while I heard Makie let out a loud cry as both of us finally came. We came together, our eyes locked on each other's.


It was when I stared at her eyes that I understood love songs and why couples danced to it. I understood the meaning of every kiss and why it was the most beautiful thing. I understood why even when her heart was completely shattered, she let me fill it, leave no space for heart ache ever again. Looking through her eyes, I finally understood that my life wouldn’t be ever the same now that Makie’s a part of me.


It was I who found her. I successfully made her feel –from love, to hate, to lust, and then back to love all over again.


I collapsed gently on top of her, carefully not to crush her at all. We laid there for a moment and tried to catch our breaths.


“Harry…” I heard her whisper close to my ear. I felt Makie’s hot breathes on the side of my face before once again saying, “You’re my only reason now on why I live.”


Before engulfing her back in to getting completely lost in a passionate kiss, I mustered up everything of me and told Makie the very reason why I was there and that I am never going to be just a memory to her.


“I love you.”


End Notes:


I can’t. My feels right now is just, ugh, unexplainable. :( You guys don’t know how deeply emotional I was while I was on the process of writing this 30 PAGE chapter! There were moments when I can’t continue on typing and just push my laptop and break down to tears. CRACKED I was! I don’t even know how on earth I got to finally do this whole thing! I am honestly lost for words.


And I know the sex scene was really sloppy. If I wasn’t a medical student, I wouldn’t even know the play by play. (And let’s just say that the conversational with my GUY best friend about it and that I actually have to tell him how I picture it and ask him if it was passing was the WORST talk we have to date.)


Please tell me what you think about it. I’d highly appreciate everything you’ve got to say on this. I love you all. Don’t ever forget that! YOU’RE MY REASON TO WRITING THIS WHOLE THING.


-> @_AndieTiu

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