Soul Siren (OneDirectionFanFiction:HarryStyles/OC)

She was the winner of The X Factor Philippines. It was the only detail we were told about the artist that was lined up to be the opening act for our upcoming world tour. Simon made it clear that we don’t Google her even before we get to meet her, let the girl introduce herself to us so to make her more interesting to work with. We can’t help but get curious of course. What made her so special that Simon was so interested and invested with this certain local artist and get her signed to work with a huge name like us, One Direction?

None of us expected that the artist we’ll be working with would somehow clash with our happy-go-lucky personalities. We were not told that the girl had a very bittersweet past and that her life was not all about fame and fortune after she won The X Factor a year ago.

We didn’t expect that we will meet someone like Makie Romero, a soul siren.


18. Us


“Harry, come on! Andie’s showing us how to play with balls!”


If I was okay, Louis’ announcement would have make me fall off my chair.


If I was okay, I’d hurry off with him and see what the little Oompa Loompa and playing with balls meant.


If I was okay, I wouldn’t be sulking in my room all morning writing songs about her.


If I was okay, I wouldn’t feel something significant was taken from me, and I wouldn’t feel this torn inside.


I didn’t even make a move from where I was sitting, pieces of fully doodled papers right in front of me. My mind was completely blank. The brain could only comprehend one thing, -Makie crying and telling me she almost loved me back, but she can’t have me.


“Mate?” I felt Louis’ comforting hand hold me on my shoulders. I turned around and looked at him, “You look like crap Harry. I just told the same to Makie a while ago. Really, what is wrong with you two?” he asked.


I just returned a shrug. My best mate won’t understand me. He wasn’t the one who’s been rejected. And they still don’t know Makie’s secrets; no one will understand what I’m going through.


Louis let out a deep sigh and said “Look, I understand if you don’t want to share what’s happening. But you need to go out and come and play with us. A game will probably distract you and bring you back to your senses.”


I just shook my head. “I’m not sure if I have the energy to play.”


But Louis totally ignored me and my gloominess. He pulled me by my arm and dragged me out of the room. “No. You’re playing with us whether you like it or not. Don’t worry. Makie’s just watching us, she’s not playing.”


Just fucking great, how am I able to play with balls if she’s watching?


When Louis finally managed to drag me out of the building, I found Andie, Niall, Liam, Josh and Zayn in the middle of the lot. And as usual, Niall and Andie were fighting over something.


Andie’s angry scream was what I heard first. “That’s foul! I told you don’t take the ball off of my hands if I’m dribbling it!”


“I was blocking you! I wasn’t charging!” Niall retorted.


“You touched me while I was holding the ball. That’s a violation!”


Too many innuendos, Andie never really think twice of the words she uses.


No wonder Liam, Josh and Zayn were laughing at the two tiny people. Not one of them thought of getting in between the fight, wouldn’t be able to stop Niall and Andie from steaming off at each other anyway.   


“You’re the worst coach, you know.” Niall started off with Andie again.


He seriously wasn’t scared of the death glares Andie was showing him. “Well then don’t play with us, Horan. You’re too small to play basketball anyway.” she told him back, like she was anyway taller than him.


“You mean hoop balls?” Niall mocked.


“Hoop balls, Basketball, they’re the same you fucktard!” If Zayn did not quickly hold her back, Andie would have probably kicked Niall in the crotch.


As I roamed my eyes at the lot to see if other people were seeing the word war happening, I saw Makie sitting at the bench on the opposite side of the court, watching everyone intently. As expected, there was nothing clear in the expression she showed in her face. Suddenly, I couldn’t hear Niall and Andie bickering anymore. I couldn’t even hear Liam, Josh and Zayn’s laughs. My heart was beating really fast as I watched her from a far.


Her face looked like the last time she left me, -emotionless.


I don’t need you, Harry.


I can’t do this right now.


I then felt Louis pulled me closer to where the other boys and Andie was, in the middle. Louis was the only brave one to pull Andie away from tearing Niall’s blonde hair. “Hey, come on. No fighting you two. We haven’t even started a real game yet.” he announced at the circle.  


“Okay. So to be fair and for this game not to end in a fight, Liam and Niall you’re with me. Since Andie’s an expert in this game, Zayn, Josh and Harry, you’re on her team then.”  Louis turned around and called Makie’s attention. “Makie, would you mind if you take down the scores?”


But even before Makie could respond, I beat her by telling Louis “I’ll just do the scoring so to even out the teams.”


“But Harry-,”


“I’m fine, Louis. Don’t worry about me.” I told him as I patted everyone’s shoulders and told them to play fair. I saw Andie gave me a worried look. After all, she was the only one who entirely knew what was through my mind that time. I managed to show her a smile so to let her know I’m going to okay.


But deep inside, really, I wasn’t.


I sat at the bench that was far opposite from where Makie was sitting. I wished I knew what was going through her head at the moment. Louis was right though, Makie did not look good this morning. But I was familiar with that look she was showing, it was the same distraught look she had that very unfortunate night she told me she didn’t need me.


Soon as the game started, I didn’t know what to do. I just kept my eyes locked with Makie, not tearing them away even when I heard Liam shout at me if I took that point Niall did. Makie and I had our own game to mind.


Just when I thought she wouldn’t want to move from where she is, I immediately saw Makie stood up and walk towards my way. Makie only had her eyes looking back at me as I watched her walk closer to where I was.


I had the very most inkling that we are going to talk again.


And I was not ready for any conversation with her at the very moment that will probably end up with us emotionally breaking each other. I haven’t even moved on from the last one.


The second she stopped right in front of me and sat at the empty space of the bench, I was already lost in her bubble. The intoxicating smell of something sweet and seductive was the first thing that caught. Her brown doe eyes that locked with mine followed, and then when her lips turned in the slightest frown that was her smile, I was sure it was unstoppable. Makie and I have to this.


It was surprising for me that Makie was the first one to instigate the conversation, without tearing up or losing the stare with me. “Hey, why aren’t you playing with them?” she asked, the tone was sweet, like nothing depressing happened between us, or even to her at all.


“I’d rather not. I’ll probably get distracted anyway.” Bitter. That was all me.


Without watching my own words, I think Makie already knew what I meant with what I said.


We kept pushing ourselves with trying to look at one another, but it was Makie who turned her head away first. Just again with despair eating away every inch of me, I just slowly looked away too and stared at the others playing in the lot.


“I believe this will be the first time I saw Andie smiling and having a good time ever since she came with us. She never looked happy when she’s with me and takes care of me. She… Andie looks really good when she’s having fun.” I heard Makie muttered. It made me turn my attention to the only girl in the court. I’m not sure if I was going to agree with her or not, but I do think this was the first time I see her private nurse smiling like she really is having a great time. Ever since Andie’s been on the tour, she hasn’t had a time off just like her ex-stepmother. She was always busy with looking after everything Makie needed –being her nurse and tutor-, or having to do some errands for the whole band she was not supposed to be doing anyway. She practically became the personal assistant for everyone, and she obliges to work anyway.


My little Oompa Loompa friend was trapped by Louis who towered Andie by a foot with the ball held up without her reach. Unlike her blow with Niall, though Andie looked annoyed by the fact she can’t take the ball from his hands, but I can hear Andie laughing back at him while a huge grin was plastered right in Louis’ face. By the looks of it, I suddenly had the feeling Louis was trying his luck to charm Andie. And to top it off, Niall looked unimpressed with what’s happening.




“Andie told me that you made her explain to you what post-traumatic amnesia meant. I also found out that she’s really a nurse and not just simply Mama’s assistant.” Makie suddenly cut off.


I was surprised that Makie didn’t sound bothered with the conversation we were about to discuss.


She was right though. Two nights ago, when I was finer by a bit, I cornered Andie and asked her to tell me everything she knew about Makie’s condition. That night, she didn’t hesitate like the first time, telling me she’s doing it so to help me anyway. I ended up having a headache with all her technical terms and sleeping in her room whilst Andie have to sleep on the couch instead. When I honestly told her the following morning that I’m not sure though that I understood everything she patiently explained, she willingly repeated everything without punching me. Only, Andie never told me how Makie found out her real job. Did Vanessa confess to Makie or she just overheard them talking again?


As I kept my stare at her, Makie lowered her gaze and looked at her hands in her lap instead as she softly declared out “Sometimes I think I affect people without them knowing. And it’s always resulted in a bad way, just like what I do when I’m always with Andie… just like what I’m doing when I come close with you, Harry, just like now.”


“You don’t have to blame yourself Makie.”


She shook her head at me and said, “I have to. I’m not good for you, Harry. People are starting to notice it too. I don’t think you understand every look they give us whenever we’re on the same room together. They don’t want us.


“It’s not hard to not feel it, especially when everyone wants to know what’s between you and me. Ever since you came with us, I’ve always been reminded. There can’t be an ‘us’, they said. But I don’t care. I really don’t care about them. They shouldn’t matter anyway. It is us that should matter. Makie, you affect me as much as I affect you.” I explained back to her. “You’ve held back with your feeling, but I know deep inside you still feel something back for me. I only want us.”


When she didn’t reply anything at all, I said, “I miss you, Makie. You know I do. Can’t we start us all over again?”


“If we start the fire now, we’ll lose control of the flames. Everyone will try all their might to put it out immediately. What will be left of us are ashes, -we’ll ruin each other.” Her cryptic thought explained. “Even if it hurts, we’re better off this way. I don’t want to do that to you, Harry. You’re too perfect for me. I’m just not good enough for you –not the slightest. I can’t have you tumble down because of me. I can never do that to you.” She told me back. Her pushing me away when I desperately need her was ten folds worse than her rejecting my act of love just for her.


I should have seen this coming, should have been prepared again.


Makie and I were only cut off when we heard Josh shrieked like someone got killed.


We then saw Andie lying on the floor. The other boys quickly rushed towards her and see what happened.  


“Oh my God! We’ll take you to the hospital!” Liam said panicking.


I heard Makie gasped as we then noticed that there was blood running out of Andie’s nose. She profusely brushed it off with the back of her hand and told them, “No, I’m fine.”


“I’m so sorry Andie!” The guilty party quickly stated. Guess who that guilty rascal is.


Louis was afraid of blood –everyone knows that- but kept himself composed while he tried to help Andie with her bleeding nose. “Niall, did you do it on purpose?!” he accused. 


“No of course! It was an accident Louis!”


“Boys, I’m not going to die!” Andie shouted.


Only, Louis and Niall continued on with their row. “How can you play so rough? She’s still a girl!”


“I said I’m sorry!”


“Hey! Hey! I said I’m fine. Let’s continue on with the game.”


“But you’re bleeding.” Zayn voiced out as a matter of fact.


“Girls bleed once a month.” Andie said nonchalantly. Oh my goodness.


Everyone, surprisingly including me, looked horrified as we stared at the impossible woman who thought we don’t know about a girl’s cycle. “Ugh. Do you really have to mention that? What I mean is that we need to take you to the doctor because your nose might be broken.” Zayn cleared out once again.


Andie just shrugged and told them again, “Nah, I’m fine.”


“But your top… it’s bloody! I don’t want people to see you and assume that the boys of One Direction battered you.” Louis told her back. I then noticed people starting to turn their heads towards the commotion going in the middle court. Fortunately, they don’t look like fans to me.


“Okay then, let me take it off.” And Andie did. Not one of the boys even stopped her from taking of her dirty shirt, they looked at her like it was the first time they ever saw bosoms. “What? It’s sports bra. Honestly, you boys are dumb. Let’s play!” she knocked their socks off before she took the ball from Josh’s to her hands and shoot it at the ring. Ooh nice, three points.


And for the rest of the game, the boys were distracted -totally the little Oompa Loompa’s fault. In the end, Andie did most of the points because Louis can’t shoot anymore, Liam tripped on his own feet a lot, Niall won’t even charge at her probably afraid he’ll just grab on her boobs instead of the ball, Zayn backed out because he’s scared of getting his beautiful face massacred by a ball and Josh was a heck confused with what he’s playing –he kicked the ball, it flew right over the fence and hit a by-passer. It was a lousy game over all.


Makie and I just kept watching them, laughing at the boys and how stupid everything turned out to be just because Andie took her top off.


It felt like ages ago since I heard Makie’s giggles once again.


Somehow, the happiness that bounced at every giggle that escaped her lips lightened my spirits up too. This was one of her effects that I don’t want to miss at all. She’s not completely broken. She can be fixed. I believe she’s trying to fix herself, that’s why she shuns me away.


Maybe there’s still a chance in the end of the cloud for us. I haven’t given up on hope yet.


Flushed face, Niall grabbed on his spare shirt and pushed it right into Andie’s hands. She snapped at him surprised, but saw her mutter a soft thank you anyway. “I think our Nialler likes my little nurse.” Makie joked along with my much awaited smile etched on her face as we watched the two enemies then slash friends interact with each other.


Not so far from them, Louis was shooting glares behind Niall as he expressed another round of his sorry for hitting her with a ball. When Andie smirked and messed Niall’s hair, he looked murderous. “Well honestly, I think Louis does too.” I confessed.


It took a second later for Makie to process what I really meant. Wide eyes, she expressed a shocked, “Oh no…”


“Oh yes, I’m beating Louis to senses later.” I said.


“Maybe, and I should give Andie heads up about Jessica.” She added.


Suddenly, Liam called out our attention and told everyone “Hey, Paul just called and said we have to go now because Uncle Simon wants to see us in the office, like ASAP.”


As I was about to stand up and leave with the boys, Andie sat next to Makie and showed her a text message in her phone. I scooted closer and read the message on the screen.


To: Andie Tiu (+000643654321)

From: Vanessa Lim (+000643909101)

-          Pack your things. Tell Makie we’re flying off to Hollywood tonight because she’s lined up with the boys in the TCA.


Both girls shot me a frown. Confused, Andie was the first one to quickly ask me, “What the hell is TCA?”


----------(Soul Siren)----------


“You guys are in for a lot of treat tonight! We’ve got huge performances from Justin Beiber, Miley Cyrus, Demi Lovato, and The Jonas Brothers all with their new singles coming up so stay tuned!”


“How exciting is that?! Plus, we’ve also got Selena Gomez, Ed Sheeran and Taylor Swift on the house!”


“And for the first in Teen’s Choice Awards, the British lads of One Direction and their lovely tour companion, Makie Romero, are here to perform on the stage for us!”


“Ooh, I’m definitely pumped to see that! I’ve heard they’re doing a duet!”


“So don’t go change your channels because they are UP NEXT.”


As the first commercial went on the television screen, I felt the rush of adrenaline pumped in my stream, mixed with the total anxiety I’m feeling in the pit of my stomach. And this nervousness I’m feeling had nothing to do with me and the boys performing. It was for Makie in general.


The loud wails of the fans inside the theater boomed through the walls, calling me out of the reverie. This was really happening.


It was a last minute invitation for One Direction to come to Hollywood and perform for the American fans in the Teen’s Choice Awards, but we were willing to do it anyway. Luckily we were on a week vacation before we fly out and commence to the European leg of the world tour. What’s really surprising to hear was the whole TCA show producers wanted Makie Romero too.


Vanessa told us she wasn’t really expecting the invitation at all, for Makie to get asked to fly with us for the awards show. Vanessa and Makie didn’t have the slightest idea that she had fans asking for her from the other side of the world too. She’s gotten really big ever since she went on tour with us, -perks of being the opening act of the largest boy band as of today.  


At first, Makie was so excited when she was personally told about the whole gig she was in, plus the after party. And the fact that it will be her first time to do something than being a front act made her more than excited. Makie would do anything to show everyone the passion she has for her craft. But when we came down to the famous Kodak Theater and rehearsed the next morning before the show, Makie went totally wrecked for the first hour. She messed up some lyrics and had to immediately call Andie to talk her out from being ludicrous on stage.


It had to do with the two blonde bitches that watched us all throughout rehearsals.


Yeah, who would have thought Sabina Fines was BEST FRIENDS with Taylor Swift.


Both of them were shooting icy glares at little Makie while she was sharing the whole stage with us rehearsing a duet cover of Boys Likes Girls’ song in which Taylor herself was featured. It wasn’t entirely our fault anyway. The producers chose that song for us to perform (read: totally did it on purpose to piss both Sab and most of all, Taylor). It was just for work. Sabina and Taylor’s reaction while watching Makie was really out of proportion, and just plain stupid.


After enduring that whole hour, Andie called me and said she reckons it would be advisable for Makie to perform. The whole rehearsals already stressed Makie out, she was only pushing herself and it could be bad for her condition. Andie also mentioned she feel like killing bimbo number one and superstar bimbo number two.


“Boys, you’re in five!” someone from the production team barged in our dressing room and called us out. “Makie’s already out. Break a leg!”


We then hurried off and met Makie ready on cue backstage.


While waiting for the host to call us on stage, all of us felt Makie’s jitters. “I-I’m n-nervous.” She stuttered back after getting pre-performance hug from Zayn.


“Don’t be, you’ll be amazing babe. You’re with us.” Liam said.


“Yeah, it’s just like an arena show… but with famous Hollywood teen stars for audience. Oh look over there, it’s Nick Jonas!” Louis joked on the process of squishing her. “And if that woman does it again, I swear to god I’ll beat the shit out of Taylor Swift if she bashes you like this morning.” he added. The presence of Pompoms guy Nick Jonas didn’t help at all. Makie looked at us and I swear she could faint any moment.


It only heightened my desire to hold Makie for the entire number.


“…live on stage, Makie Romero and One Direction!”


I know she’ll try and push me away, but Makie needs me now more than ever.


You affect me as much as I affect you.


And as Liam, Niall, Louis and Zayn piled out of the curtain to the stage with the band starting to play the song, I summed up the courage and made it happen.


Makie’s shaking hand was really cold as I take her in and pulled her with me on the stage. Though she looked surprised of my spontaneity, with thousands of fans in the audience, prying looks from the envious haters she earned the second we went out of the curtain with our fingers laced together, she already knew what was going on my mind the moment I acted.


I wasn’t planning on ever letting her go.


Liam sang for the first part of the verse, but by the way I set my eyes only to hers as we listened through the lyrics of the song, I want her to feel like was singing it to her heart and soul.


“I remember what you wore on our first day
You came into my life
And I thought hey
You know this could be something.”


Louis came in and sang the rest of the first verse. It was quick notion but I saw him give me a nod up as he pointed mine and Makie’s hand intertwined. I felt elated instantly, having the boys not judge me in front of the crowd for doing the simplest yet most felt act of saving and loving her.

“'Cause everything you do and words you say
You know that it all takes my breath away
And now I'm left with nothing”


On my left side, Zayn patted my shoulder, smiling at me as he walked next to Liam, Niall and Louis and sang the first chorus.


“So maybe it's true, that I can't live without you
And maybe two is better than one
But there's so much time, to figure out the rest of my life
And you've already got me coming undone
And I'm thinking two, is better than one”


It was like everyone suddenly faded before us. Makie and I were on the other side of the stage, standing in each other’s side while the boys were on the far opposite end, leaving us like it was our own show.


On the cue note of our part, the mixed cries and adoration from the crowd before us didn’t matter anymore.

“I remember every look upon your face,”


I made it possible to pull Makie closer to me, and sang our duet. 

“The way you roll your eyes, the way you taste
You make it hard for breathing”


Makie turned her head and meet mine inches away from hers. Her gaze softened at my emerald green orbs as she sang the lyrics she’s been afraid to admit everyone else.

“'Cause when I close my eyes and drift away
I think of you and everything's okay
And finally now, believing”

Makie and I blend in the harmony and sang together the second chorus. Surprisingly, the boys let us sing it all by ourselves.

“And maybe it's true, that I can't live without you
Well maybe two is better than one
But there's so much time, to figure out the rest of my life
And you've already got me coming undone
And I'm thinking two, is better than one
Yeah, yeah,”

I had Makie’s world in my hands in that very large stage, in that very precious second, in that unforgettable moment. She wasn’t pulling away. She knew she’ll have to stay.

“I remember what you wore on our first day
You came into my life
And I thought hey”


“Maybe it's true, that I can't live without you
Maybe two is better than one
But there's so much time, to figure out the rest of my life
And you've already got me coming undone
And I'm thinking
Oooh I can't live without you
'Cause baby two is better than one
There's so much time, to figure out the rest of my life
And I've figured out with all that's said and done
Two, is better than one,”

Inevitably, the fire already started. We set it together. Nothing’s going to stop us now.


She’ll be breaking that invisible barrier she made.

“Two is better than one.”

Finally, this is us.


----------(Soul Siren)----------


“Harry, they’re probably looking for us now.”


‘Us’ became my favorite word.


I ignored the lustful moan and sensuous whisper that escaped her lips. She had her face buried on my neck while as I sucked every inch of hers. The warmth of it tickled that sensitive patch of skin where my ear meets my jaw. Her hands then focused on my arms that were holding me up over her body. I grabbed her soft velvety curls and pulled her face up to mine, pressed my lips against her thin red lips and let ourselves get lost in that kiss.


Our bodies pressed together in the dark hallway, molded in the same perfect pattern they always did and I felt my energy restored for a moment. Her skin felt like it was on fire. I want her to feel. My touch against it reminded her that she is a living, breathing person. Each of those fleeting seconds my fingertips traced her skin suddenly became the reason behind the mystery of what she lived for.


I spun her around and fell on top of me. My hands reached for her legs, carefully caressing it and have it intertwined with my waist. Our mouths collided in a frenzied kiss one more time. Every fiber in my body jumped to life from the contact. She ran her hand up my neck and buried her fingers in my hair.


Makie pulled her lips away from mine and let her forehead rest against mine.


“This…us…” she managed to breathe out, “Continues later.”


Oh how I love hearing that word…‘Us’.


The smile in her lips against my cheek was the most beautiful thing that ever happened to me.


I will never get used to this. I will always just miss and want her -always.


It took Makie and me a few more minutes –and butterfly kisses- before we finally decided to go and meet the rest of the lads and their dates backstage.


We were instantly met by the smirking faces of our friends about to head down the flight of stairs where the limousine was waiting. “Told you they got very busy.” Velvet was the first one to crack a joke.


“Obviously, look at Harry! Wipe that red stains off your cheeks lad before the paparazzi leaks some photos of you mobbed by Makie’s lips!” Zayn added to his girlfriend’s one-liner.


Niall, Liam and Lean were dying of chuckles next to them. Andie quickly tore a blushing Makie away from my hands while Louis pulled me towards him and brushed the lipstick marks off my face, both laughing on the process of doing so.


All of a sudden, a harsh cold voice broke the scene. “Aww, did you have fun dry-humping Harry backstage?”


Talk about ruining the night.


Who the hell welcomed Sabina Fines and Taylor Swift in our circle and told them they can laugh with us?


Sabina looked at Makie and Andie like they were the cause of war in the Middle East. Her face and lips were so tight she could possibly explode of jealousy any passing minute. 


Hands on her hips, a mocking glare visible on her face, Taylor pronounced, “So you’re the Makie Romero…” her icy blue eyes examining Makie from head to toe. “By the way, honey, congratulations on that wonderful performance. Nice cover for my song. You just passed the fame whore test.”


On duty to protect her client, Andie pushed Makie next to Lean and went on to fight them. “You have no right to say that.” She defended.


Taylor instantly snapped at her. “Oh, and who are you? Are you some homeless rat they took from some alien land to make you famous also?”


“What the fuck did you say?”


“Wait… you’re the girl who came in between Harry and mine’s date last time.” Sabina announced loudly. “Look at you, dressed down on some Gucci couture. Honey, let me be honest with you. You’re just as ugly as the last time I saw you.” she scoffed.


Everything happened so fast, none of us was even able to stop it from happening.


Andie told Sabina to back off not wanting to hurt nor further offend her but Sabina kept pushing. She shoved Andie with such force that Andie tripped and almost fell down while Sabina continued on with her stupid rants that Andie doesn’t deserved to be with us. Andie was steaming off, ready to pounce at Sabina but was stopped by Taylor’s hand slapping Andie so hard on the cheek.


I heard Makie scream something to Taylor, but even before I could come in between and defend Andie and Makie, Taylor shoved Makie with such force that caused her to lose balance off the edge flight of the stairs.


Lots of blinding camera flashes brightened the whole scene. Shrilly shrieks from the fans who witnessed everything happened, in chorus with Andie, Velvet and Lean’s erupted the silent night.


The next thing I know, Makie was lying down the cold hard ground down the stairs. There was freshly withdrawn scarlet blood oozing from her head. To worsen it all, she was unconscious.


End Notes:


Told you A LOT is going on.


Another cliffie. Mohahaha. Sorry.


Did you like it? Did you hate it? Do you love me? Do you hate me? Should I totes cut myself for all the frustrations I'm blowing you with right now? 


Druuuuunnnkkkk Asian lassie present.


So what's gonna happen? What's going to happen with Makie now? Just when things are about to get really big between Harry and Makie, there's always someone to kill it. I'm not a Taylor Swift hater btw. Though i can say the opposite to Sabina Fines. And no offense some readers okay! If you're blonde and Harry's generalizing. No. He doesn't mean it that way.


And he said he loves you totes. x


....This end note is written while the author is highly intoxicated with absolute vodka and tonic. And it's like 8pm here in the Philippines right now.




Druuuuunnnkkkk asian lassie present.  


:) Feedbacks are much highly appreciated. x

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