Soul Siren (OneDirectionFanFiction:HarryStyles/OC)

She was the winner of The X Factor Philippines. It was the only detail we were told about the artist that was lined up to be the opening act for our upcoming world tour. Simon made it clear that we don’t Google her even before we get to meet her, let the girl introduce herself to us so to make her more interesting to work with. We can’t help but get curious of course. What made her so special that Simon was so interested and invested with this certain local artist and get her signed to work with a huge name like us, One Direction?

None of us expected that the artist we’ll be working with would somehow clash with our happy-go-lucky personalities. We were not told that the girl had a very bittersweet past and that her life was not all about fame and fortune after she won The X Factor a year ago.

We didn’t expect that we will meet someone like Makie Romero, a soul siren.


14. Plan B


A few days have gone by and it seemed like the waters have calmed down once again. The management won after all. They got what they wanted. The fans and paparazzi have favored the whole Harry Styles and Sabina Fines whirl. Everyone believed the rumors they served. Gossips about Team HAKIE were immediately replaced by fresh stories about the new found couple, HABINA.


Somehow, their plan did have a positive turn out. The reporters finally left Makie and let her mind her own business. They’ve lost interest on her since Sabina Fines entered the Harry Styles’ love train. Plus, it’s not like they can see Makie and I hang out that often because again, Uncle Simon instructed Vanessa separate us whenever possible. They said the lesser the drama Makie and I would have while on tour, the better. If we wanted Makie to stay on the tour, we have to be more careful now. Her career depends on how good she does with us and the whole management. With what Sabina blurted out that the management doesn’t favor her, it only means that they didn’t like her in the first place. One more snap and she’s definitely out. I can’t have that.


If I wanted Makie to stay, I have to keep away from her.


The only problem is -even if how hard I try to stay away- I can’t.


I still have too many questions unanswered about Makie. Why did she say she hates me when I showed everyone old photographs of her? Why was her life before this whole tour too difficult for her to express to any of us? And what does Vanessa meant when she mentioned miracles after I found out that Makie’s father was dead. What does Makie being with us have something to do with believing in miracles?


Vanessa was the only choice I’ve got left.


But whenever I try to corner her, she would come up with these excuses;


“Harry, I’m busy. I need to watch Makie’s sound check. Sorry.”


“Harry, I’m busy. Makie needs me on her dress rehearsals. She’s color blind. Sorry.”


“Harry, I’m busy. I need to go and check if Makie’s done with this week’s study portfolio. Sorry.”


Vanessa was busier than Uncle Simon. It’s not like I’d go straight to Uncle anyway. Remember, he’s basically pissed with me as of the moment? It was just so hard to get her time and attention so I could be able to talk to her. She was always busy with stuff about Makie needs this, Makie needs that. Nobody has ever paid attention to me these following days other than my concerned mates. 


Yet, I never gave up. Okay, I pissed a lot of people in the past few days, but giving up wasn’t in any of my choice. I try and grab every chance I think was okay. It was the only plan I could think of that was consolidating for both sides. I’d bugger Vanessa nonstop until she reaches her boiling point and eventually give up on me.


“Harry, how many times do I have to tell you I can’t chat with you right now?” I knew she got blamed by Makie after the whole surprise, earning her a cold treatment from her own talent nonetheless. That’s why she’s returning the same cold shoulder to me, just to make me stop. It was her fault anyway. She left me with too many questions. She knew I won’t stop until I get the answers. Call me desperate, but the frustrations I have inside was very unhealthy especially now that we’re halfway on the middle of the tour. Makie became my concern. No one can ever understand me but Vanessa. She always tries to deny me but I know deep inside she wanted to tell me things. She wanted to tell me more, but it always comes down to Makie and her artist’s loyalty to her.


“Vanessa, I just need a minute with you.” I begged at her desperately as I jogged down following her fast suite. The manager looked like she was again on a haste to leave me hanging. What does Makie need this time? I was just asking for a minute. It’s not like I have all the time in the world to go and have a serious heart to heart with her. I just want to tell her a tiny piece of information.


She stomped her heels and stopped for a second, turned her glare around and looked at me as she hissed exasperatedly, “You don’t have a minute either son. You’re about to go on stage in five. The crew will be very mad if you’re a second late.”


Vanessa was right though. I did pick a bad timing to interrogate her anyway. One Direction and Makie Romero were about to go on stage for the Allan Carr show. It’s just that I considered this time as a chance. “But Vanessa-,”


She cut in straight before I could finish what I was about to ask her again. “Honestly Harry, my work is already exhausting enough. Taking care of Makie all alone is tiring. Every minute is like a breath of fresh air for me that I can’t go on and waste just to talk about nonsense.” She told me. I was not planning of wasting any of her time. I just wanted a minute.


And about what she said, something inside me just needed to fight back. “Makie isn’t something nonsense.” I defended. “If only you don’t go and leave me hanging with so many questions, maybe then I’d stop being a douche.”


Vanessa continued her glare at me. “That’s the whole point. Your desperation for knowing certain things is the nonsense whatnot. Do you want to know that Makie refuses to talk to me now because she knows I can’t be trusted anymore? She knows I’ve told you things she doesn’t want you to know. She’s worsening, you know?” Her piercing eyes bore right through mine. The thought she wanted to convey just became so clear to me. She was so disappointed with how I’m turning out to be after knowing some bits about Makie. Vanessa let out a deep sigh before she continued speaking, “Makie considered me her mother, and I’ve always make sure to be that mother figure she wanted –she badly needed. Did you know I hurt whenever I catch Makie crying alone? I was supposed to help her be okay. I felt ashamed for what I did. I lost her trust because I decided and gave you my whole trust. It was a mistake for telling you those things she’s been trying so hard to hide. I thought I could trust you with those. I thought you’d somehow be a kind of help. I thought you’d keep her safe, but I was so wrong. Now tell me, why should I help you then?”


Both of my lips parted. Slowly, I told Vanessa those set of crucial words my heart wanted to scream ever since, “I’m in love with her.”


It wasn’t part of the plan. I wasn’t sure how I managed to slip them all out. I didn’t even buckle even for just a second. The words surprised me as much as it did with Vanessa. My growing affection for Makie was the only reason I could think of that was valid and relevant to earn Vanessa’s trust once again. It was only now that I had the courage to utter those words out of my mouth with such clarity and honesty.


Unfortunately, Makie was not the first one to hear me say that I am in love with her.


Vanessa looked displeased of my bluntness. I thought being honest to her would somehow help, but I was wrong. I saw her shut her eyes close as she rubbed her temple that was my sign of how aggravated she was with my presence. “You don’t know what you’re talking about Harry. That silly feeling you have is probably the least among the things that Makie needed right now. You can’t be in love with Makie. How can you just say you’re in love when you and Makie just met not that long ago? Are you even sure that it is love you’re feeling? You don’t know anything about her or her life. You’re being foolish, lad.”


I didn’t know that it was considered mad to love someone like Makie Romero. Why is everyone telling me to stop? Was this Vanessa’s way of telling me to give up?


Every feeling of anger, desperation and morose immediately clouded my mind, blocking it from saying anything with tact. It was a good thing no one was around. I let out a loud growl before I managed to throw both of my hands up with disgusted resignation. “Look Vanessa! I don’t need to sort out anything because I know what I’m feeling! Why do you think I’m acting as the biggest pain in the bum to everyone? Aren’t my frustrations enough to make you see I want to pursue Makie? I thought you’d understand me. When no one did, I was so sure you’re the only one on my side. I’m sure about these feelings I have for Makie! I want Makie! I love Makie! Ugh! Why are you and the whole management a bunch of cock blockers?!”




Damn word vomit. That was a bit too much.


Vanessa looked horrified that I immodestly shouted at her. Plus, I just called her and the whole management cock blockers. Why didn’t I just gone straight to the point and called them motherfuckers? I’m so stupid. Really, why don’t I just go and kill myself? “Mr. Styles, let me just remind you that Makie Romero is still my priority in this whole tour. The second she mentions she wants to leave, I won’t even speak an argument to Mr. Cowell. We’ll leave whether the whole team likes it or not. Makie’s wellness is the only thing that matters to me.” She straightened her blouse with her scorching eyes narrowed at me with such contempt. “And young man, I am still your senior. You don’t have the right to raise that tone on me.” I was dead scared at how Vanessa’s dour look at me that I took two steps back away. This was the first time that I saw her so angry at me. “Now that you’ve finally managed to piss me and give you a minute of my time you think you deserved, would you please excuse me? I need to go now and pick someone in the airport. Hopefully she’s not hyperventilating because I’m already an hour late.”


“She? Who’s hyperventilating in the airport?” Vanessa ignored my sudden question. Her cellphone’s loud ringtone blasted in the hallway but she just ignored it too like what she did with me. With her face still pinched tight, she quickly turned her heels and stormed away from me without even giving me another glance. “Wait! Who are you picking?!” I shouted out again, but still I was unanswered.


It took me a second to realize that I have completely lost Vanessa’s reliance. It hit me hard right in the chest.


But this doesn’t mean that I’d finally give up. I have to come up with a back-up plan -my plan B- immediately.






It was a bit awkward, having to sit so close to Makie, especially when she can’t even look at me straight in the eyes at all. The boys don’t seem to mind anyway that Makie and I might end up with convulsion because of the tension between us. The laughter from the audience added to my vexation. The boisterous sound that echoed all throughout the stage made me want to walk away and drag Makie with me just to end it.


Her stylist must be playing with me. Whoever dressed her, I don’t know if I should really thank you or rather choke you.


If Makie knew she’d be seated next to me, she’d never wear this yellow backless dress that showed the dimple in her back. I had my back leaning on the soft upholstery –my eyes glued to the exposed skin before me, fighting all the temptations inside- while Makie avoided any chance of her back to come in contact with my heating chest. She has been seating straight the very moment we started and must have been feeling so uncomfortable that I was just behind her. I can’t help it. It was extremely difficult not to breathe against her skin. We were that close. She’s been trying to keep a good inch away but unluckily, Niall squished her too.


And the sofa was really just meant for five people.


The boys and I always loved Allan. He’s different from all the hosts who have invited us on their shows. He’s plain jolly and very funny. But since Makie is with us, I have a gutted feeling something unfavorable –especially on my side- was going to happen.


After the whole introduction and hellos, he immediately went straight to our opening act. “Before anything else, little lady, I just want you to know that I am one of your biggest fans. Ever since I’ve heard that a young Filipina was to go on tour with One Direction, I can’t help but to get curious myself. I just have to ask, what were they thinking? That poor girl! Did she know that those boys have insanely deranged fans? They’d kill her for sure. She won’t live to tell the tale of how she opened for One Direction!” Allan joked. Of course, everyone laughed. I even felt Makie giggled. Oh her giggles. It’s been days since I last heard her laugh -a real laugh.


“Then these boys introduced Makie Romero for the first time. I remember watching you performed live on stage a song about kissing someone and then I immediately noticed how loud the whole audience was as they applauded you -that pretty young X Factor Philippines winner. I called you ‘The Lucky One’. After that, I was positive the fans will hunt your head down. But seeing you’re here with us, it seems like the fans haven’t succeeded yet-” Wait, what?! My eyes bulged out of the socket. “No, no, no! Not that I want you to get killed! I’m not that gruesome. Come on, really, what’s the weirdest threat you’ve received so far?”


Makie waited for the audience laughter to die down before she answered Allan’s question. “Well there’s a lot. Honestly, it can’t be called a day if I don’t get one. The worst one as of now would probably be that one where there’s this girl who practically wanted to burn me up alive. She had these matching lit torches and was screaming mad. Unfortunately, Liam and Louis were with me that very moment so basically they also suffered the crazy wrath of the fan. We literally had to run for our lives.” She told the host about the day I saw Liam and Louis practically scared of a fan for the first time. Makie and Louis both were catatonic the moment Zayn and Niall calmed them down while Liam called Lean on the phone and said that he saw his life flashing before his eyes. All three of them were dead scared that they didn’t want to go out of the tour bus until everyone told them the fan was escorted by some police officers out of the venue, and that they were really safe out again. All six of us ended laughing how crazy that experience was.


I miss being crazy with Makie. I miss the innocent Makie all five of us always loved. I miss how Makie thought she could be normal with us. I miss those kinds of days, before all the drama and tension, where I can just laugh at Makie and she will just end up laughing with me too.


“For a second I thought all three of us were going to die, to think the tour was only starting its first leg. I haven’t even said my goodbyes to my family and Twitter followers.” Liam told Allan.


Louis, who was seating next to me, answered too. “I held on to Liam and Makie like they were my own children. I thought; these poor youngsters don’t yet know what the meaning of life is.” Everyone was drowning into laughter until he added, “And I reckon Harry will be please with me if he doesn’t get his chance with Makie.”


See. It’s inevitable. If ever the name Harry and Makie forms into a sentence, unfavorable thing are bound to happen.


I saw how Allan’s eyes glowed as he turned his sly gaze at me. “Speaking of Harry and Makie,” I felt my heart start its wild thumping while my palm started to get sweaty. Should’ve have been more prepared for this. I can’t lie, -especially not when she’s this close to me again. “Harry, I heard you two are pretty close. Like, even before the whole tour started. And I heard about that big surprise you did on your show in Liverpool. Care to share to all of us any bits about that?” Allan asked.


As I leaned my body forward so I could answer Allan, my chest hit Makie’s bare back. Our sudden contact was like a shock of electricity that made my heart jump. This kind of feeling only happens when the person greatly affects you on some ways. This is just one of the reasons why I’m certain that I am in love with Makie. She’s the only person who makes me feel this way. 


It didn’t stop there. I also felt Makie’s hand rested on my knee, and it instantly sent my mind in haywire. I couldn’t think of a nice answer back. I tried to look at Makie so to know if she’d holding something back, but her eyes refused to look at mine. So I resorted with, “Err… It was a surprise.” It was the most retarded answer in an interview I have to date.


I could feel Allan’s stare boring right through both of us, like it was just Makie and I on his hot seat. He’s got something on his bag. “Well duh, of course it was a surprise. Some said Makie was in tears while on the side of the stage watching the video you’ve showed the entire arena. Were those tears of joy?”


I knew it. There was a hidden agenda why we’re asked to do this show. They want to know Makie’s reaction. It will never die down.


“Well… I tend to get teary eyes whenever I get surprises. Ever since I met these boys, Harry always stands up as the weirdest one. Most of the time, I really don’t get what’s going on in his head underneath those curls.” Makie explained to Allan. The host seemed to be a bit skeptic with her safe answer, but then she went on and changed the topic like how Makie always does when she doesn’t like someone digging deep about her business. “They’re really nice boys, just a bit rowdy sometimes, but everyone’s fun to be with. I get to share the stage with these five gorgeous boys with so much talent and love for their fans. I’m just really thankful that I’m with them on this amazing tour.”


It was Allan’s last question for Makie. He became more interested with what’s going on with the whole Take Me Home tour, how Niall was getting buffer than the last time he saw him and how were Liam, Zayn and Louis’s long distance relationships. I was more than relieved when the interview went on with less personal questions for me.


That was until we came down to live twitter requests. Almost every live feed they showed on the big screen had Makie and my name on the tweets. We’re doomed if they see something’s still not okay between us.


“Just before we do your request, I want to know if it’s okay with your girlfriend Harry. Ain’t Sabina Fines a jealous gal?” Allan eyebrow shot up as he looked at me and asked about my inexistent relationship with Sabina.


I wanted to show the camera how I roll my eyes with such silly question, but of course I didn’t. Instead, I just shook my head and answered him back, “Um, I don’t have a girlfriend. Sabina and I are just friends.”


And so Allan made us answer and do some of the crazy requests the fans asked for us. We were laughing and Makie seemed to be having fun also because the fans are sometimes really impossible with the things they imagine the boys and I could do.


Then it all went down to that one fan who has asked me and Makie to do a live duet on stage.


The camera didn’t catch it on tape but I had the misfortune to see Makie’s beautiful grin turn into a tight pursue in a matter of second as Allan read the tweet loud upfront.


“Now that’s very interesting. What’s your favorite love song, Makie?” Allan asked her immediately. “And it has to be a love song because I’m a fan of HAKIE! I’m really sorry HABINA fans. That couple name sounds like a mouth disease.” I don’t know why, but the feeling of unpleasantness and wonderful was growing inside me all at the same time. Remember what happened the last time I tried to sing Makie a love song? What if she cries in the middle of it again? And we’re about to do it live!


“Well, I’m listening to a lot of Jonas Brothers these days. So… um… Is Pompoms considered as a love song?” Oh my dear Makie, that was a complete fail. It’s not even funny. Everyone knows that song is about sex. And please, you CANNOT tell me now that you are having a crush on Nick Jonas because he loves it when your hands are free.


I was fighting not to laugh out loud, but it was hard when her lousy joke got everyone in a fit of laughter. It was only when Zayn loudly exclaimed “WHEN YOU LOOK ME IN THE EYES!” that the whole scene went serious once again. Liam and Louis had Makie and I immediately shoved in the middle of the stage where the microphone was placed.


Nice choice of song, Zayn. Why don’t we just tell Allan Carr and everyone that Makie loathes me? No one even asked us if we wanted to do a duet at all. How can Makie sing that song with me if she can’t even look me in the eyes? Pun intended.


Blankly, I don’t know what to do. It was too late for either Makie or me to even refuse to sing because piano guy at the side line started playing the melody of the song. I kept my eyes trained to her –never faltering, never blinking- and I insisted to keep it strong, but Makie avoided my stare by looking straight at the audience. I will never know the answer to how Makie’s been deceiving me. On what did Sabina meant by stating that she’s bad news? Makie will never have her defenses fall down in front of me ever again.


It left me no choice but to give up and just sing the song to please the fans.


“If the heart is always searching, 
Can you ever find a home? 
I've been looking for that someone, 
I'll never make it on my own.”


“Dreams can't take the place of loving you, 
There's gotta be a million reasons why it's true”


I felt every pair of eyes staring at us. I’ve always been vulnerable when it comes to showing any kind of emotion. My affection for the girl I was singing with was just evidently exposed to everyone who was watching on or behind the screen. My entire self was screaming the same words that surprised Vanessa on the back stage. How can Makie not feel that I am in love with her when everyone’s been rock-pedaling of what they see about me? I managed to show her before, haven’t I? Wasn’t that enough? I only needed Makie to just give me a glance and lock herself with mine so that she can see them for herself once again. I am in love with her.


“When you look me in the eyes, 
And tell me that you love me. 
Everything's alright, 
When you're right here by my side. 
When you look me in the eyes, 
I catch a glimpse of heaven. 
I find my paradise, 
When you look me in the eyes.” 


Everyone was lost in number. Our voice -which blended perfectly well with each other- just did justice to what Allan and the fans expected us to showcase on a love song. I haven’t looked at anywhere but her. This was a one of those few chances and I’m not letting it slip and get wasted. Makie went on and sang the second verse.


“How long will I be waiting, 
To be with you again 
Gonna tell you that I love you, 
In the best way that I can.”

“I can't take a day without you here, 
You're the light that makes my darkness disappear.” 


It was only when before the note of the second chorus came that Makie finally managed to show me her doe eyes. From the glance exchanged, I knew these past few days haven’t been easy for her, but there was something more. For a moment, I wondered if it was really her eyes I was staring at. Her eyes weren’t glowing. They were not the same hazelnut I’ve seen and loved before.


“When you look me in the eyes, 
And tell me that you love me. 
Everything's alright, 
When you're right here by my side.” 


Makie has always been like an enigma to me. She was like this complicated puzzle that I have to continuously shift and change. Just when you thought you’ve managed to fit two pieces together, everything gets jagged and they will no longer fit with each other.


“When you look me in the eyes, 
I catch a glimpse of heaven. 
I find my paradise, 
When you look me in the eyes.” 


I thought it will be easy to understand. Why she’s always been on this state where she tend to avoid showing it to everyone. I’ve never seen these before, the deep grief in her eyes that was now too transparent. The eyes truly are the windows to a person’s soul. She’d never been anything less than real to me, but his time I truly saw it. Something about her soul was ripped. It showed all the regrets, all her sorrows and the painful sadness. Makie has framed them all right in her eyes for me to see. How I haven’t seen these raw feelings before finally got me an answer. It was the grief in her eyes that got me deceived. I thought it was what that makes her beautiful. Makie was never clever on hiding it, that’s why Sabina immediately sensed it. How can I perceive something heartbreaking to be something beautiful?


“When I hold you in my arms
I know that it's forever
I just gotta let you know
I never wanna let you go 
Cause when you look me in the eyes.” 



I had everything taken back. I knew I loved her, but as realization came to me like rain spilling and washing everything away, I didn’t know what to believe in anymore. She wasn’t the Makie Romero I thought I met and fell for months ago.


The song was all wrong. The thought of it caused my chest to tighten painfully, and I lost breathing a moment or two. I felt my heart choke me as I took a step back away from her, an arm length distance between us still made me feel uncomfortable.


“I find my paradise, 
When you look me in the eyes.” 


As the song hit its last note, I didn’t know who this girl staring back at me was.





I have gone from quietly retarded and depressed all day to mad and frustrated at everyone in the evening. I just wanted to let go of this anger to something, or rather someone. I wanted to be mad at Makie because she resorted to lying to all of us. I should really be mad at her.


But the moment I saw her small frame stormed off on the tour bus, I was back to being the lost puppy that was desperate to follow her trail.


I sat myself at the floor and just listened behind the close door. She was thrashing and mumbling words I can’t really understand. All I know is that she wasn’t speaking in any English. They might have been blasphemy that was translated in her native language. Since when did Makie ever become this too temperamental? She never threw tantrums before. What’s the matter now?


A few feet away, I saw Josh went down from his bunk and saw me. He shot me a quizzical look before he asked, “Hey Harry, what are you doing down there outside Makie’s?”   


I was done explaining, so I was straightforward with my answer, “I’m actually waiting for her so we could talk about something.”


“Huh? But Makie and Niall just-,”


“Really Josh, can you just leave me alone? This matter is none of your business.”


“Oh-kay. Geez, what’s gotten into your pants today mate?” When he didn’t get any answer back from me, Josh just gave me one last shrug and left off.


See why I’m angry and pissed the whole day? Everyone’s been really annoying! Liam, Louis, Zayn and Niall didn’t stop asking me all day about what happened to me after my duet with Makie. It really ticked me off, had me shouting at them how annoying they were, and just to leave me the hell alone. Vanessa still won’t speak to me making me making her more annoying than she already was. And for the fact that I just realized that Makie lied to all of us made her the biggest bitch-








She most probably didn’t see me sitting rock solid on the ground behind her door so she decided to walk on and ended up doing a high dive on the floor –face planted on the cold hard bus floor. Ouch.


I heard her groaned in pain before she yanked herself off the ground and dusted her clothes off with the nasty grim it acquired from colliding with the bus floor. Before she turned her head towards me, she screamed “The fucking hurts!” Wow. Makie and profanity is never attractive. I’m certain that this is the first time that I’ve heard the girl swear.


Only, the girl wasn’t Makie.


She’s got the same physique and height like Makie that must have been the reason why I thought she was Makie at first. Only this one happened to have a curtain length jet black hair which was different from Makie’s brown curls. The girl was wearing a loose white V-neck shirt clad with skinny jeans and a pair of red Chuck Taylor. Makie never wore that ensemble. 


“Who the hell are you?” I questioned. Haven’t this scenario happened before?


“I’m Andie.” She shot back. The girl was feisty. Again, this has happened before.


“Andie who?” I asked skeptically.


“Um… Andie Tiu?” her answer to me was.


I frowned. “You’re not sure with your name?”


“What? No, I am Andie Tiu. So?” the girl said slightly raising her voice, making me snickered at her.




“What why?”


“Why are you inside Makie’s room?”


“I’m looking for Makie. Have you seen her?” She asked dryly, crossing her arms in front of her chest.


“Why are you looking for Makie? You’re not a fan, are you?”


“Fuck, no.” Andie said again scoffing at me. “Nessa said I’m on Makie duty. I have to go and check on her all the time.” she explained again.


This girl and I just met but I’m already irritated with her. We’re not on a song. There’s no pretending we’re in love.


“And why is that?” I insisted on asking.


Andie rolled her eyes. She then replied, “Ugh. Why are you British guys so annoying?! I’m Makie’s private nurse!”




My eyes nearly bulged out of my head. “Wait, what?!”


I’m not sure which face was worse, mine or hers that was beet red. She just stared at me bewildered as she murmured, “I have a feeling I should not have said that.”


“Private nurse?!”


“Tell me, are you the Harry Styles?” She asked carefully.


I just ignored her question and trailed off with my rant, “MAKIE’S PRIVATE NURSE?!”




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