Soul Siren (OneDirectionFanFiction:HarryStyles/OC)

She was the winner of The X Factor Philippines. It was the only detail we were told about the artist that was lined up to be the opening act for our upcoming world tour. Simon made it clear that we don’t Google her even before we get to meet her, let the girl introduce herself to us so to make her more interesting to work with. We can’t help but get curious of course. What made her so special that Simon was so interested and invested with this certain local artist and get her signed to work with a huge name like us, One Direction?

None of us expected that the artist we’ll be working with would somehow clash with our happy-go-lucky personalities. We were not told that the girl had a very bittersweet past and that her life was not all about fame and fortune after she won The X Factor a year ago.

We didn’t expect that we will meet someone like Makie Romero, a soul siren.


7. On The Spot


I spent long succeeding nights reading/re-reading tweets and looking at several pictures at the account Makie said was hacked a year ago, -which I didn’t believe at all. She wanted to hide something from us. I’m dead serious on finding what really it is.


How ironic is it really, Makie’s the opening act for One Direction yet she’s trying her very best to conceal herself from all of us.


The whole tour starts tomorrow. I can’t start the tour by being boggled the entire time that the girl accompanying us would not open to us. It’s what our whole music is about, -being true to oneself. What will the fans say if they found out that Makie herself is ashamed to admit a piece of truth about her life? They will think we failed on choosing an artist that would share the same positive message to the fans.


And somehow, I just admitted to myself that I’m starting to get attracted to Makie. I’m not thick, neither are the boys or even Uncle Simon and Vanessa. I bet the whole team can see it too, that Makie’s beginning to mean something to me. What stops me from the challenge of pursuing her is the fact that I know Makie does not trust me at all. She does not trust any of us –other than Uncle and Vanessa-, that’s why she won’t tell anything. Why is she always trying to hide everything, - from the expressions in her face to the little things about her life? What was she scared of? What’s stopping her from telling us those certain things? Uncle Simon said that Makie is very interesting. Well, it’s true. Her physical aspect is very interesting, but the lack of personality made her package incomplete.


And how can I even forget to mention about her voice and how she sings? Makie’s songs allure the people who hear them, but once she caught them inside the bubble of emotion on every song, it completely fools everyone about the truth that was herself. Her songs were always sweet and soulful but if you listen carefully to the lyrics, she failed to how what she really wanted to convey in the words.


In the hacked account, the last tweet on the account was a picture of Makie and a middle aged man who had the same hazelnut brown eyes as hers. They were hugging each other, with huge smiles spread on their faces. It was captioned with, “If our God were to take me this very second, I’m most thankful to have the best Papa who’s been there for me my whole life. I love you so much @ArthurRomero. Never forget that.”


Honestly, it scared me out for a bit. The message was somehow like it’s her last goodbye. And the fact that it was actually the last tweet, it was disturbing.


I clicked on her father’s account immediately but was disappointed that it hasn’t been updated over a year ago too.


-My baby @MakieRomero, you deserved all of the blessing showered to you. You’re everything a father could ever hope for a daughter. I love you too.


“You’re up too early. Did you even sleep at all?”


I was currently sitting at the dining table with my arms stretched out and my phone held firmly in my hands when Louis came and disturbed my ongoing matter about the mystery that was Makie Romero and her father.


Louis took out some cups from our cupboard and the newly boiled peppermint tea I made earlier but forgot to take it to the table because I was distracted. He sat next to me and looked concerned on why I was staring intently at my phone.


“Hey, is there something wrong?” he asked me. If something’s bothering me, Louis would always be the first one to notice. I just shook my head and breathe out a sigh.


“Louis,” I showed him my phone. “Have you ever checked on the account Makie said was hacked?” I asked him.


He too just sighed back in response. I was kind of expecting he’ll blow at me again with my tiring questions about Makie.


But he didn’t. Louis mirrored the same expression in my face, -confused.  


“I did, actually. But I only read the last tweet posted on her page. It actually kind of scared me. It was like she was saying goodbye because she’s going to die or something like that. But honestly, I would rather wait and have Makie tell me herself.”


“What do you want to know?”


“The same things that boggled you ever since. The further the days went on that we got to meet and interact with Makie, the more mysterious she becomes to me. I don’t know about you, but I think she’s trying to hide something from us.” Louis started to pour some tea on my cup, but I don’t think a cup of tea would help me in any possible way this moment. “Harry, you aren’t the only one who notices those details about Makie. I can see it, how she always want to obscure the thoughts of us finding something about her every time an opportunity comes. She’s so obvious.”


So I wasn’t the only one who noticed Makie’s actions then. I wonder if the other lads were asking the same thing.


I put my phone down with it still stuck at the account while waiting for the other tweets to load. If Louis was asking the same question in my head, I have to tell him what I found out a few days ago. I turned back at Louis and said, “Do you remember that time when Liam and I looked for Makie and Vanessa after our number in Good Morning London? I-,”


Louis knew me too much. He immediately knew there was something. I saw him arched his brow and asked, “You what Harry?”


“I accidentally over heard them talking about something.” I confessed, -though it’s actually a lie.


Of course, he knew that I was lying. Louis just smirked at me, “You overheard them or you decided to eavesdrop?” Why did I even try to lie?


Caught because of my own stupidity, I just sighed, “Fine. I eavesdropped.”


Louis took a sip of his warm tea before he asked me again, “So, what did you find out?”


I just kept the cup of tea grasped firmly in my hand and began explaining, “Vanessa noticed all of us being so curious about Makie. She asked how come Makie haven’t told us anything about herself but Makie said she knew Uncle reminded us that we have to wait for her to open up. But Vanessa insisted her point on asking if Makie even tried to tell us anything about herself.”




“She said-,” I stopped for a while. I tried to think how to decipher the words I heard Makie said, but “I… I honestly didn’t understand what she said to Vanessa.”


“That was?”


“Makie told Vanessa that telling everyone about her life isn’t easy for her to do. She also asked Vanessa if she would rather have Makie making up stories to us.”


It took a while for him to digest the things I told him. If I was lost, Louis on the other hand was mind fucked. He slowly turned his look at me and frowned, “Do you mean she’s been making up stories this whole time? Why would Makie want to lie something about her life? I’m… I’m confused.”


“Now do you understand why I have so many questions about Makie? Look, I don’t know if Makie’s lying. That’s what I want to find out, if she’s been deceiving us of who she really us after all this time. Why would she resort on telling us constructed stories rather than being herself? Why would she want to lie to us? Makie’s too quiet that I don’t even know what to believe anymore after I heard her tell Vanessa that she’s opting to lie to all of us.”


I didn’t know that someone being so interesting would make me this frustrated. “All we know about Makie is that she’s the winner of The X Factor back in the Philippines, she’s eighteen years old and a pure Filipina. She hates any form of technology and her twitter account was hacked a year ago. Do you know anything else about her?” Louis just shook his head. “That’s right. Makie’s persistent on trying to keep some stuff private to us like how she didn’t like it that Vanessa accidentally blurted out to us that Makie grew up without a mom. Why was she ashamed to admit that she never had a mother figure growing up? And have you ever wondered where her Dad is? Why did he let an eighteen year old girl like Makie travelled overseas alone? How come she hasn’t talked to her dad ever since she came to London? Did you know that her Dad’s account hasn’t been updated over a year ago either? And its last tweet was similar to Makie’s, something like goodbye but in sweet words. It’s pulling my mind in haywire ever since the night that I found about it.” I explained the contents of my thought. Louis just looked at me intently, still trying to mull over the things I told him.


“Maybe we should ask Vanessa-,”


That was when we heard her soft sweet voice in the corner, “Ask Vanessa about what?”


I could have fallen off my chair if I wasn’t holding on Louis. Both of our heads snapped at the kitchen entrance and found Makie leaning her side at the door frame. Her eyes were darting from looking straight at me and then back at Louis, “What do you want to ask Mama?” she asked once again.


I tried my best to come up with some clever cover up for being caught once again, but the words that came out of my lips were just a couple of, “I… we… Louis and I were just-,” I even waddled my hands to make a point, but I sucked.


Good thing Louis was sharper than me. But his excuse was, “Actually, Harry wanted to ask you out later for lunch.”


Nice save Louis. You could have asked me first before using me!


Makie looked surprised. “Huh? You want to ask Mama if she would let me go out with Harry for lunch?” She let just smiled at us before she mocked, “I think I’m old enough to decide for myself.”


“I… you… Looouuuiiisss,” I hissed. But Louis looked to please with the plot he came up with.


He stood up and walked towards Makie, gave her a kiss on both of her flushed cheeks, ushered her to the table to have tea with us before he said, “Yeah, you and Harry, going out for lunch later. Remember Makie, don’t you let Harry kiss you on your first date. Believe me, he will try everything just to pucker up with you.”


I wasn’t sure if I should be thankful and jumping with joy that I’m going to get some alone time with Makie or if I should be tearing Louis to piece for putting me on the spot.






I made Louis call Vanessa and have him ask the manager himself with the brilliant idea he came up with. What’s surprising was Vanessa said yes without any further questions asked.


Although the thought of spending some alone time with Makie somehow made my stomach fought on a battle with butterflies, the reason behind me taking her out ceased every moment. Technically it wasn’t my idea, but Louis saved my ass back there so I have to comply with this amazing idea he thinks.


“Think of this as you last chance to corner and know her.” He said in hushed. We cannot have Makie barging in the kitchen once again and caught us in the act.


I groaned loudly in contrast with him. “Louis, I promised Makie that I won’t be too nosy anymore! I don’t want her to hate me, not before the tour starts.”


“Harry, you said it yourself that you want to know the truth behind Makie. This is your chance! If you don’t do this now, I don’t think I can endure a whole tour with our opening act lying to us. I might actually go crazy and act without thinking.”


“Then why the hell didn’t you ask her out yourself?!” I bickered back.


“Please, if I volunteered myself, you’d jump down the window.”


I scoffed at him, “Come on, I won’t kill myself that way just for Makie.”


“Don’t lie to me, Harry Styles. I’ve seen you naked.”


“That doesn’t even make sense at all.”


“Exactly! We don’t need any proof to know that you like Makie. We just know.” Louis stood up and rubbed my shoulder for assurance. “Harry, you can do it. You always do.”


And so I spent the whole morning thinking of where to take Makie for lunch. I never made it to the point where I get it know what Makie wants. I never thought that it was going to be this hard. I was almost on the verge of knocking on Makie’s door and ask her where she’d want to go but that would be wrong.


Harry Styles don’t ask, -He surprises.


In the middle of my dilemma, I heard my phone rang with an unknown caller calling. It was on the third ring before I made up my mind to answer it.




“Harry?” I noticed immediately the manager’s voice. “It’s Vanessa.”


“Oh hi Vanessa! What’s up?” I asked more cheerfully this time.


“I just wanted to know if you have decided yet where to take Makie?” she asked me back.


I sighed and decided to tell her the truth, maybe she can help me. “Uh… That’s actually my concern right now. I don’t have the slightest idea what she likes.” I told her.


“She didn’t tell you.” It wasn’t a question, it was a statement. Vanessa knew Makie didn’t tell me anything.




“Take her to the London Eye.”


That was on the original choices in my head. But I scratched it immediately because I don’t peg Makie as a tough girl who’ll enjoy heights like London Eye. Plus, what if she remained quiet with me? The whole ride will be too awkward.


“Makie always loved theme parks, but Mr. Cowell said in order for Makie to enjoy herself on a theme park we’ll have to reschedule sometime for a whole day adventure. London eye would suffice.” Vanessa explained.


I wanted to intercept Vanessa and tell her that a ride on the London Eye is just plain boring.


“Trust me about it. Makie will enjoy your date.” She said, and she sounded chipper as she mentioned that it was a date.


“It isn’t a date.”


But I don’t think Vanessa thinks the same.






“What in the world are you lads doing here?!”


I was surprised to see all of them inside our apartment, all dressed up in their casual clothes.


“We’re going out for lunch!” Niall exclaimed as he bounced off the couch in our living room.


I just raised my brow, shook my head back at him as I shoved Niall back at the couch and told him, “No. Makie and I are going out for lunch. It’s just Makie and Harry. There’s no Niall, Liam, Zayn or even Louis.”


“Come on, do you honestly think that Uncle Simon or even Vanessa would let you take Makie out alone?” Zayn asked.


“I’ve already asked Vanessa-,”


“But I said no.” I snapped my head at the side and saw Uncle Simon with Vanessa. “Sorry Harry, but Makie told Mr. Cowell about you asking her out for lunch. Mr. Cowell said he will only agree if the other boys are coming as well.”


“You don’t trust us?” I pouted my lips at Uncle. “It’s just lunch! I think I can manage to take Makie somewhere nice myself.”


“No, I just don’t want the paparazzi to ruin your day out so I made the boys come. At least, they won’t single out Makie taking advantage of you.” Our manager explained.


The boys laughed back at us while I cling at Uncle’s hand as I continued my plea. “It’s more like Uncle doesn’t trust you. He’s scared you’ll take advantage of Makie.” Liam mocked as the three other boys cracked into laughs.


Wow, how highly of you guys think of me. Thanks a bunch.


“Well, where’s our Makie?” Vanessa asked as her eyes scanned the area.


“She hasn’t come out of her room yet.” I told her back.


Niall perked up and asked, “Don’t tell me she’s sleeping again?”


“I’m wide awake.” We were again startled the moment we heard her voice at the corner.


Do you know that moment on films, when the girl suddenly bedazzled the guy the moment he walks into the room? Well, all of us were having that moment.


Makie came to the living room all glowing and just plain beautiful. She wore a light pink dress and a white crochet blazer and a pair of floral ballet flats for footwear. Her hair was once again in its soft curls and her once side sweep bangs were braided on the side. I don’t think she ever wore any make-up but her cheeks had a light tint of red bush while her lips sparkled with the ample amount of lip gloss she put.


“Wow…” Niall breathed out. I would have said the same, might have added something like an ‘I love you’ but my lips were just parted and no words would come out. “My goodness. Again, why are you restraining us from dating her?”


“Because dating anyone of you will breech the contract I signed.” Makie explained to Niall. “And don’t you remember I’m your best friend? A good friend doesn’t hit on their best friend.” She mocked. Sucks for you, Niall.


Thank God I wasn’t considered her best friend.






“I’d rather walk.” Liam told Makie.


“Why is that?” She looked back at him and asked.


Liam snaked his arm on Makie’s shoulder and explained, “Don’t you know that Harry is considered the worst driver among all of us? You’d get a heart attack.”




My feet got caught at the cracked brick at the pavement and fell down on my knees when I heard Niall shouted at my side. Every single fucking time Niall hears someone say ‘heart attack’, he’d make it a point to yelp a loud ‘OW!’ wherever and whoever he’s with.


I got up as quick as possible even before someone snap a picture and brushed my pants, mentally cursing Niall and his lucrative ways. Makie looked concerned as she asked Liam once again, “Has any one of you suffered a heart attack-,”






Fuming, I smacked Irish boy’s shoulder and answered Makie myself. “No. Don’t believe Liam. Niall! For the love of Nandos, would you please stop that ‘heart attack’-,”


“O-,” I smacked my palm at his mouth, refraining him from yelping. But he little fucktard licked my hand. “What the fuck! Niall!”


Zayn just ceased the fight by pulling me away from him. “Can we please go now? I’m really starving.”






“I want Nandos!”


“What’s Nandos?”




“I can’t recall if there’s any restaurant named Nandos in the Philippines.”




“Are you mad at me? Why are you screaming at me?”


We’ve been fighting the whole drive for where are we going to eat, but this conversation between Niall and Makie was the worst. Makie looked like she’s on the verge of shedding tears and Niall can’t think of anything other than his fucking Nandos.


“Niall, it’s not Makie’s fault that there’s no fucking Nandos in the Philippines!” I turned around and saw Makie’s red-faced. She looked like mortified and ashamed at the same time, and she’s trying her best not to blow down into tears. “Look at what you’ve done!” I pulled Makie and embraced her in my arms. She immediately dissolved into sobs while her face was buried in my chest. “Niall James Horan, you’re the first boy who made Makie cry. Some kind of best friend you are.”


I tried to stop Makie from crying, but when she looked up at me, I saw her grinning. “Why are you smiling?”


“You smell better than Niall.” And I thought she was crying. “I don’t mind cuddling with you next time.”


Liam, Louis and Zayn bellowed into laughter.


“Yeah! Makie action!”


“What’s Makie action?” Oh, that slipped out of my mouth.


“YOU SAID I SMELL THE BEST?!” Niall yelped at Makie once again pulling her out of my arms but Makie swat his hand and came back inside my arms.


“If you don’t shut your trap, I’m not talking to you anymore.” Makie warned Irish boy who was immediately mortified. “I fancy Harry’s hugs.”


“Oh! I’m gonna tweet about this fight. Is Team Niakie done? I don’t think Niall has even gone to first base.” Liam teased as he took a photo of me, Makie and Niall from the backseat.


Ha, I don’t think so as well. Niall’s too shy. He simply doesn’t have the balls for that yet.


“Can someone please tell me, where exactly are the bases?”








“Will someone please explain to me what are we doing here in the London Eye? This place is swarming with people this time. Do you want to get mobbed?” Louis asked no one in particular. “I thought we’re going out for lunch?”


“We will, but I just want to take Makie here first so she could experience London in a nice view.” I told the boys back who just nodded at my brilliant idea.


I pivoted my heels so I could look at Makie. She seemed to be a bit bothered as her eyes darted at the huge Ferris wheel before us.


“Is there something wrong?” I asked her. Makie looked back at me and smiled.


This time I’m sure. I saw one genuine smile. And it just made her lovelier.


“That’s very thoughtful of you. I thought we’ll just have some lunch somewhere. I didn’t know you’d take me here.” She told me.


I just shrugged, “Of course we’d want you to see London before we go to tour. It’s actually late this time. We should have taken you here earlier last week. It would have bought us more time and you with more places to see.”


Makie turned her attention at the other boys who was just smiling back at us. She grinned widely and said, “You’re the best tour mates ever. Thank you.” She told us. Makie suddenly shrieked and jumped on to Niall’s back and said, “Niall! I want to be on top!”


If Makie knew that we gave another meaning with what she said, she’d understood why Niall was grinning sheepishly too.


“Oh my gosh! IT’S ONE DIRECTION!”


In just a matter of seconds, we were already swarmed with girls from different ages, pulling each of us in different directions so they could take pictures and autographs.


I then saw Makie being hoarded by our fans as well on the other side, so I went to her side and see how she’s doing.


“Is it true that Harry always gets excited underneath his pants every time he hears you sing?” I heard the girl next to Makie asked loudly. So, I didn’t step any further.


Makie giggled at the silly question. She just shook her head and said, “Let’s not make fun of Harry. He’s a great guy. Harry and the boys decided to take me out and experience London. I haven’t gone anywhere ever since I came here because of rehearsals, and it’s very sweet of them to think of taking me here.” Makie told the bunch of girls in front of her. They just shrieked back at her.


“Aww! That’s so sweet! That’s exactly the reason why we love them so much. You’re so lucky to be joining them on tour!”


“Oh, that’s not true. You’re luckier than me because you got to meet those five amazing boys first.”


“Do you have any favorite One Direction song?”


“Yesterday they showed me Kiss You


“Did anyone kiss you?!”


“Niall did.” Makie confessed.




“If you have the power to choose, which of them would you kiss?”


Makie just shook her head lightly while she giggled, “Oh no, I can’t. That will be very unprofessional, especially now that all of us are working on a tour together.”


“Why? You let Niall kiss you.”


“It was just a playful kiss on the cheek.”


“If you ask my opinion, Harry will be the best choice. Have you seen that lad’s lips? It’s totally to die for!” Makie and the girls she’s talking with dissolved in laughter.


She’s been put on spot yet she aced it with such grace.


Someone from the crowd called my attention and asked, “Harry, how would you describe Makie?”


Now I was put on the spot. How would I even start with describing someone like Makie Romero?


Adjectives swarmed my head, -Gorgeous, pretty, beautiful, amazing, mysterious, hot, little, cute, sweet, addictive, etc. I almost blurted out that I think I love her, I just stopped my mouth.


So I just made a safe answer, “Makie is very interesting. We love her.”



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