Soul Siren (OneDirectionFanFiction:HarryStyles/OC)

She was the winner of The X Factor Philippines. It was the only detail we were told about the artist that was lined up to be the opening act for our upcoming world tour. Simon made it clear that we don’t Google her even before we get to meet her, let the girl introduce herself to us so to make her more interesting to work with. We can’t help but get curious of course. What made her so special that Simon was so interested and invested with this certain local artist and get her signed to work with a huge name like us, One Direction?

None of us expected that the artist we’ll be working with would somehow clash with our happy-go-lucky personalities. We were not told that the girl had a very bittersweet past and that her life was not all about fame and fortune after she won The X Factor a year ago.

We didn’t expect that we will meet someone like Makie Romero, a soul siren.


24. No Regrets, Just Love

For the first time, since Makie Romero started touring with us, someone from the Modest Management has gone and watched her perform live on stage.


William Clark stood right in the middle of the team where the floor men and stage director was, eyes locked on the eighteen year old Filipina artist who has gone and captured her audience with her stellar performance as the front act for the biggest crowd in Paris, France that One Direction had to date.


I just stood there behind everyone else, watching his every move carefully, trying to read every facial expression he fends off to whatever Makie does and how the audience reacts to it, trying my best to analyze with what I was supposed to see, what to expect, of what was the worst that could possibly happen tonight.


Makie didn’t know that she was being critiqued by probably her worst critique of all. I don’t think Vanessa has informed Makie about William Clark anyhow. Tonight, she was her usually, just singing her heart out to the lot of screaming fans before her, living every moment she was given to be on that very stage she was sharing with us. There wasn’t a single chance she disappointed anyone with her four songs opening. She brightened the whole stage with her dazzling beauty and talent, just one of the many things that made me so proud of her. The smile she had in her face just showed everyone that she’s okay, that she’s finally getting better, and that happiness once again filled her heart and soul.


It was the only thing I’m sure of for tonight.


“And I’ll never saw you coming, and I’ll never be the same. This is a state of grace. This is the worthwhile fight. Love is a ruthless game unless you play it good and right. This are the hands of faith, and my Achilles’ heel, this is the golden ages of something good, and right, and real.”


Yet I know William Clark wasn’t there just so to know how good she performs. He had a motive from the very beginning. A hidden agenda I was afraid of, even though I was only told to watch out myself. This is how they work, sneaky and dangerous once they don’t like what they got served with.


Harry Styles and Makie Romero, lovers in Paris -this was never part of their plan.


Love was never supposed to catch and bind our lives together. We’ll they’re a little too late for that now.


Though I know William’s intimidating eyes watched every interaction Makie and I made, it didn’t scare me to share a moment with the only girl of my affection on the front stage. As Makie runs off the stage and met us halfway the stage to give us ritual pre-performance hugs, having to save the best for last only for me, I pulled her closer towards me and embraced everything about her, loving the fact that this one felt like there’s no need to hide anything anymore. Her flushed face was buried on my chest, her skinny arms snaked on my waist, so tight I felt like not wanting to let her go and just make her perform with us again.


“I love you.” I heard her muttered even with the loudness of the crowd around us. “Oh God, why are you making me feel this way, I love you so much I can’t seem to let you go.”


“I won’t go anywhere. I will never let you go.” I told her back, looking straight through her hazelnut eyes, nonverbally telling her I meant every word I say. “I love you too, Makie.”


I’ll never get tired of telling her how much I love her –never. I’ll flood her thoughts every second of every day with every love and affection I could give her that she won’t be able to swim through them but she’ll turn out okay.


The second Makie and I parted ways I had put on my brave face and stared right back to the reality in front of me. I was ready to show William Clark and the rest of the crowd what Makie Romero really means to me.


Before the show, I asked the boys’ permission if we could sing a song that wasn’t on the set list, only just for tonight. Once I told them what song was it, they already got the answer to why I suddenly had the need to perform it on stage. All four of them knew what Makie and I are going through right now. They knew that I was summoned, and practically been threatened by William, that the thing going on between Makie and I is a big bad news for everyone in the management. Liam, Zayn, Louis and Niall were those only of the few who understood, and those who were not against everything about Makie and me.


Tonight, I was ready, and I know I’m never going to regret anything for just being honest about my feelings.


The boys and I did our usual thing all over the stage –goof around, swoon the fans, really just have fun. But as soon as the cue music for They Don’t Know About Us started, everything went serious.


“Now tonight, our mate, Harry here,” Liam started his speech. He pulled me next to him and continued on, “He’s asked us if we could perform this very special song just for tonight. I bet you guys know by now the reason why he’s got the need to sing it away.”


The fans screamed back at Liam’s introduction. They basically knew already what the song was going to be. Zayn stood next to me, also wrapped his arms around my shoulder, lightly squeezing it so to tell me he’s a hundred percent with me on this decision.


I glanced at the other side and saw Louis, his attention lost in the sea of people. Not far from him, Niall also stood. Just like Louis, Niall also had his attention towards the crowd.


What caught my own attention from a distance was how Andie’s face stood out of that bunch. Confusion and just reeked of sadness by the looks in her face. Andie was to whom Louis and Niall’s eyes were lost to.


I only got myself back when Liam spoke through his microphone once again. “This was the first time he’s asked if we could do it in front of all of you. I bet you all know the lyrics and what this song is practically all about. But what you guys don’t know, that tonight, this song gets a whole lot of different meaning for us, for Harry…and also for that special someone who’s this song is dedicated for. The lads and I know she means the world to him, and that we don’t need to judge any of them. Everyone’s free to love the one’s they want to. You can’t dictate anyone because only they have the power over their hearts. Let them be, that’s all they ask.”


Bless you, Liam Payne, for being the greatest friend of all.


“People say we shouldn’t be together

We’re too young to know about forever

But I say they don’t know what they’re talking about,”



Makie was there, all alone, watching from the sidelines. She understood everything Liam explained. She knows it was about us, and that I’m risking the greatest decision I ever made in my life.


Tell the world that I am in love with Makie Romero.


So as I sang the lines to her, I know deep inside that she feels me back.


For the first time, I saw Makie smiling back at me through a song dedicate to her.



“Coz this love is only getting stronger

So I don’t want to wait any longer

I just want to tell the world that you’re mine girl,”



In contrast of Makie reaction, I turned my attention back at the crowd and saw William Clark looking straight at me with fire burning in his eyes because of this revelation I was doing right before him. He was furious that we –I am- were going overboard, breaking a rule the management clearly made us swear we should never do.


But as I mentioned before, I won’t regret.



“They don’t know about the things we do

They don’t know about the I love you’s

But I bet you if they only knew

They will just be jealous of us

They don’t know about the up all nights

They don’t know I’ve waited all my life

Just to find a love that feels this right

Baby they don’t know about

They don’t know about us.”



Niall then came in and sang his part (read: still particularly lost with his eye battling with Andie) It was along his song lines that I glanced my way back at Makie, and using through my eyes I channeled to her, ‘This is all about you, -only you. It’s all because you mean everything to me. No regrets, just love.’



“One touch and I was a believer

Every kiss is just a little sweeter

It’s getting better, keeps getting better all the time girl,”




“They don’t know about the things we do

They don’t know about the I love you’s

But I bet you if they only knew

They will just be jealous of us

They don’t know about the up all nights

They don’t know I’ve waited all my life

Just to find a love that feels this right

Baby they don’t know about

They don’t know about us.”



Instead of singing his part, Louis tapped me on the shoulder and urged me to sing by myself. Zayn, Liam and Niall just nodded and let me go on.



“They don’t know how special you are

They don’t know what you’ve done to my heart

They can say anything they want

Coz they don’t know us.”



Once again, I let myself lock eyes with Makie. Her lips were moving along with the lyrics of the song. I was overwhelmed. Tears formed in the side of my eyes. Makie, my Makie, she was singing with me. Though people can’t see her from behind the curtains, she pulled on the audacity to tell me that she’s also with me through all of this. 



“They don’t know what we do best

That’s between me and you, our little secret

But I want to tell them

I want to tell the world that you’re mine girl.”




Breaking out of the boundaries set for ourselves was neither Makie’s nor mine’s fault. As per what Liam told everyone, I cannot –and will never- hold myself back because we were told not to. A girl as precious and delicate as Makie was never what I expected myself to fall for, but this love was unexplainable. It has reached the point where I can never define it anymore, because words would be an understatement. My feelings for Makie were just simply beyond my standards for what could possibly explain what love really is.



She’s the one. She really is. I know. I’m sure. She’s the first girl that I see myself sharing my future with.




“They don’t know about the things we do

They don’t know about the I love you’s

But I bet you if they only knew

They will just be jealous of us

They don’t know about the up all nights

They don’t know I’ve waited all my life

Just to find a love that feels this right

Baby they don’t know about

They don’t know about us

They don’t know about the things we do

They don’t know about the I love you’s

But I bet you if they only knew

They will just be jealous of us

They don’t know about the up all nights

They don’t know I’ve waited all my life

Just to find a love that feels this right

Baby they don’t know about

They don’t know about us.”



I understand that by doing this, I will get bashed. People will hate Makie even more. But it doesn’t matter. Makie’s happiness comes first. She’s all that matters for me now. There was nothing to regret with what I did. We’re in love.


Whatever they may come up with, I simply don’t care anymore. We’d fight through whatever they throw at us. Whatever the consequence of previous actions meant, I will never let Makie go.



Before I sing the ending part, I saw William talking with someone on his cellphone while his eyes were glued on looking only at me.




“They don’t know about us.”



William Clark left after the song –without leaving us a single word at all. But one of the team member said that he looked very displeased with everything that happened with tonight’s events.


We’ll, sorry not sorry.


----------(Soul Siren)----------


It was the perfect time for me to interrogate Andie Tiu.


Soon right after our meet and greet, I went straight back to our tour bus. I’ve been told that I would find her there. She has been locking herself out there since the show ended.


Liam and Zayn kept Louis preoccupied by asking him to drink it out on a pub somewhere near the venue. Both of them just found out right after meet and greet that he broke up with Jessica, which was a complete shock for the two lads. It wasn’t the news they’ve expected to hear from him that very moment. It was just Louis left the part on which the reason he ended things with her was because of our tour mate’s caregiver, and that they spent a night together which turned out of proportion with him taking Andie’s innocence. I bet if he’s told Liam and Zayn the truth, Louis wouldn’t get much sympathy from either Liam and Zayn who has kept their relationships with their girlfriends, Lean and Velvet, still working good and not torn because of a stupid one night stand with someone who’s working on the team.


Niall acted strange the whole time. I’ve been observing him carefully. He wasn’t his usually chummy self on the meet and greet. The fans that came even mentioned that Niall must have been sick or probably just really tired. He won’t even smile at the camera when we took pictures with the fans. Niall also disappeared soon right after the meet and greet. And I haven’t seen him anywhere ever since then. Niall’s not much of oneself pity party anyway, he’d get some lads and get drunk until he can’t feel his heart hurt from being ripped apart.


Though now I didn’t really seem care about Louis and Niall. This chance was just all about Andie. It’s a must to know her side first before I conclude whom to blame from all three of them.


As I turned the doorknob of Makie’s bus room, I somehow expected to see Andie drowning herself to tears on the corner.


But I didn’t see Andie. It was Makie herself who greeted me, sitting on the edge of her bed, a luggage next to her as she filled them with clothes and other stuff lying around.


Of course my first reaction was to panic.


“Why are you packing? Makie, why are you packing? Don’t tell me you’re leaving? You can’t leave! I won’t let you leave. Tour’s not done yet. Are they making you leave now? Did William say you have to leave because they already found out about-,”


“Harry, this isn’t mine.” Makie quickly cut in which made me shut up, relieved by a bit. “It’s Andie’s.” she said.


I just frowned, completely confused with what Makie’s told me.


Then out of the small bathroom, Andie appeared, quite dressed properly with a pair of acid washed jeans and a red V neck under her black cardigan.


Just like this morning, she greeted with a surprised look on her face. “Harry? What are you doing here?” she asked me, before she turned her head towards Makie and continued, “Did you tell him?”


I didn’t answer her question. Instead I asked her back, “Why are you packing your stuff? Are you leaving the tour, Andie?”


Makie’s room was quite small, I just realized it. I could feel Andie froze at my side as I feel Makie’s stare at me then back to her nurse.


Again, all I could see was Andie’s guilty face, and honestly I am sick of me having to just read everything her expression would show out. Why can’t she just answer my question with either yes or no? I’d be really fine with just small answer, just answer the fucking question.


And it seemed like Makie felt uncomfortable that I was on the mode to roast the truth out of Andie. She’s probably heard about what happened this morning from Andie herself, or from Vanessa. Where the hell is that lady manager? I need to speak with her too.


Makie stood up and announced, “I’ll leave you two to talk. I’ll just be outside the tour bus.”


Soon after Makie left us alone, Andie decided to speak out, “My work here is done. I need to leave.”


Her answer got me furious, but it wasn’t entirely because of Andie at all. I just get it. “Is that why you were with Vanessa’s meeting with William Clark this afternoon? You were told to leave because your work here is done? Did William tell you that?” I quickly fired away.


“I need to leave, Harry. It’s just as simple as that. Don’t complicate everything.” She told me back.


And it just confused me a lot more. “But why would William make you leave? He isn’t your employer, Vanessa is. I don’t understand.”


Brave enough, Andie looked back at me. And that’s when I saw her eyes glistened with the tears that brimmed on the side of her eyes. “I just can’t stay here anymore. Harry, that’s it!”


But she didn’t let them fall out of her eyes. She quickly brushed them away with the back of her hands as she made her way and sat at the spot which Makie left, pulling some of the clothes that clutter the floor, neatly folded and put them inside her luggage. Andie is leaving. What the hell? She can’t leave! I haven’t even solved their problem yet.


I went down and sat next to her, taking the clothes she just folded out of the luggage which completely pissed her off. “Damn it, Harry Styles! I can’t stay here anymore if you still want Makie with you!” she blurted out.


If I didn’t know Andie or what’s really happening right now, I’d assume something else within the lines she just said. It’s just that I can’t joke right now.


Once again confused of what the hell is happening, I asked, “What do you mean?”


Andie sighed back before she turned her face towards me and explained, “Jessica has already told everyone that Louis broke up with her this morning, over the phone. By then, the fans were already spreading the pictures they took when they saw Louis and me on the lot the other day. They were smart enough to put two in two together. Your fans…smart…It’s honestly still hard for me to believe in,”


She was still trying to put everything on the lighter side. I wasn’t there to hear her witty mocks about everything. “Andie…”


Face cast downwards, she then continued, “I couldn’t face anyone, thinking they’d probably know by then everything that Louis and I caused. Vanessa found me sulking in Makie’s room while everyone was running busy with everything for the show. I was expecting Vanessa to tell me that I need to go and do my job, but she didn’t. She just looked at me and told me to come with her.”


“I didn’t know who William Clark was, or how did he even know my name when he called me out as Vanessa and I entered the conference room. By then I was scared of where I was, even if I didn’t even know what I was really there for. Vanessa hasn’t said a word to me at all, like I wasn’t even there. She just sat opposite of me and told him that she’ll give a statement to clean out the mess my name came with. I realized she’s saving me from having to explain myself. Vanessa’s always been like that. She’d do the reasoning for me whenever my father knows that I failed or did something wrong. She’d always try to clear me even if it’s written all over that it was really my fault. Vanessa was better than my own mother. I owed her a lot and this is what I do in return.” she told me.


Why is it that I sudden feel guilty for not knowing Andie too well? Why is it that everyone I meet from the Philippines just as complicated as Makie? I never saw Andie this troubled about her life. She’s always just, I don’t even know, she’s just always put her life behind. All she does was to keep her job done as good as she’s expected. Like Niall said, she doesn’t give much fuck with bad things being thrown at her. It’s being competent with her job she wants to achieve, that was why she just does what she’s been told even though it wasn’t really her to fulfill, something I haven’t realized until now.


Unlike Makie Romero, Andie Tiu pressures herself but doesn’t care about the credit. There was so much more to know about her, I can’t let her leave.


“William Clark didn’t even give a slightest fuck about Vanessa’s bargain to save me and the job. Said your management wasn’t even informed at all that she’d get a nurse for her talent without their consent, which was beyond the contract they signed with Modest. I was illegal, so was my work, I shouldn’t even be on the tour, he said. If I don’t leave right away, they’ll have me sued and deported back to the Philippines with Vanessa and Makie because they’ve breached the contract as well, in terms of the legalities.”


Her voice cracked, still hiding the sob from escaping her throat. I can see her hands trembling as they rested on her lap. “I can’t have that. I won’t be able to go through life if I did that to my ex-stepmother and Makie. So I told them what I believe was the best. I told Mr. Clark that I’ll leave as soon as possible just don’t cut Makie off your team. I nearly begged, Harry. I can’t have them take Makie’s life and happiness now just because I fucked this up. It’s entirely my fault, it’s my job they’re against with, they don’t have to take Vanessa and Makie’s.” 


I was a second late from pulling her towards me so to envelop her in a hug because she leaned down and took the rest of her clothes from the floor and dumped them all on the luggage.


“I managed to book a flight back to the Philippines tonight. I’m leaving in an hour, so…” she looked back at me with sadness filled in her eyes. Andie’s been nothing but a good friend to all of us. It’s true. She’s helped me with a lot ever since she came here, and I realized I haven’t even told her that I was thankful for everything she did to help me, and Makie. I was really angry at her for what happened between  her and Louis, and how Niall’s broken right now, but I can’t be mad anymore, especially now that she’ll be leaving us all because of a plot I came up with myself for my own happiness. She’s sacrificed a lot ever since, so did Vanessa, but Andie did way more. “I’m really sorry, Harry. For all of this shit I’ve caused. I haven’t told you and or the boys, didn’t really get the time to do so, and it was also Mr. Clark’s order. So don’t stop me or anything. I want you and Makie to be happy. I want you together. She needs to stay with you. You make her better. Promise me you’ll make her happy, alright? If you don’t I’ll hunt your head down when you come on tour in the Philippines,” she threatened back, a smirk visible in her thin pinkish lips.


This little Oompa Loompa fucker, she makes me feel like the need to cry with the kind of goodbye speech she made. Damn you, Andie Tiu. Damn you and this crazy friendship we have.


Mixed emotions ran through my chest. Over the weeks that Andie and I knew each other, she became a good friend (read: which will be so hard for me to admit out loud), and that I’ll seriously miss. I then shook my head at her and said, “Andie, you don’t have to leave…we’ll tell them. No, I’ll tell them-”


“Oh for fuck’s sake Harry, I told you don’t stop me. Don’t make me miss you!”


And that was really it. Andie wasn’t the biggest fan of our over the top hugs but I did it anyway.


She didn’t pull away, or smack me in the head because I shocked her with my spontaneity. “Andie… What about Louis? You can’t just leave now without clearing things with him.”


And Niall too! Most specially Niall James Horan. Oh my fuck, Niall. Where the fuck is that Irish leprechaun?! He needs to tell her before everything’s just too late.


She pushed a small gap between us and uttered, “He’s better off without me. Louis must be just confused with his feelings because I fell for it. You know that Harry. It’s a huge mistake, but felt like a beautiful nightmare all at once too. I’m listening to you now, even though it’s really late.”


“Andie… you don’t need to do this.” I kept telling her, but Andie just kept shaking her head to disagree with it.


“Harry, please, I’m already a walking failure for my family back home. They’ve probably heard about this too by now and just waiting for me to come home and show myself to them, have myself explain to them why on earth is their daughter being called a whore on TMZ.” She told me.


I never had the chance to get to know more about Andie and her family, -how she liked Vanessa more than her own mother, how come she owes a lot to her, and why in the world is she telling me she’s a failure for her whole family- but now’s too late to do so. I didn’t know that through that thick, loud exterior she shows to everyone, inside, she’s just a girl who’s got lots of insecurities. “Let me clean this whole mess myself. I’ve never been ashamed with anything in my life more than the thing that happened between Louis and I last night, Harry. Things will be better off without me here confusing Louis. I’d rather get locked down for eternity in hellhole than hurt him, or anyone else.”


Wait, was she saying this about Niall too? Did she know?


We were silent for the next few minutes, but I just really need to know. It’s a big deal. One: Because Louis’ problem is my problem as well. Partners in crime, remember? Two: It bothers me that Andie was nonchalant with the fact she just lost her virginity to Louis Tomlinson over a one nights stand and that she didn’t know Louis’ also torn about it. Third: It’s a fucking big deal, not just for Louis, but also for me, because Andie’s pretty much like a sister to me now.


“Was Louis your first?” I asked under my breath, lost in my thoughts.


It took Andie a little while to reply to the question. Her eyes weren’t looking at me. I can feel her stare bore at the paper plane necklace dangling in my chest. Bu then she started to part her lips and quietly muttered, “Will you be mad at me if I tell you now that I didn’t regret giving my virginity to Louis?”


It wasn’t what I expected to be her answer, but it wasn’t a big shocker as well. I still recall Louis telling me that he didn’t pressure her.


There were no regrets for both of them, but was there love?


“Are you in love with Louis?” I asked.




I didn’t believe that ridiculous answer.


Louis denied. Niall denied. Now Andie did so too. If this was a book, I’d stop reading it and comment a very exasperated ‘Fuuuuck. Please help them.’


Yet I kept firing my thoughts, “But you must have fancied him too, without telling me!” Of course even if she did, Andie wasn’t the kind of girl who would gush about things like that. Andie wasn’t like any other girl.


This time, she looked at me and said, “I’ll be honest with you. When Louis and I were under the rain, I felt something. Suddenly he wasn’t the Louis Tomlinson, the prick and an asshole of One Direction anymore. He gave me butterflies in my stomach. It felt like we were on a freaking movie, dancing on a freaking love song from your freaking album. I should have been pissed and angry, but I wasn’t. Louis made me feel something I couldn’t even explain to myself.”


I know she’s second guessing herself. “I think you’re in love.” I told her.


Andie just scoffed. “Please, I don’t even believe in myself, how do you expect me to believe in something as grand as love? I don’t know anything about falling in love. I read Nicholas Sparks novels and 50 Shades of Grey but still won’t get it how people fall in love. I know you and Makie are in love, but Louis and me? Just because I had sex with Louis doesn’t mean I’m in love.” She retaliated, but then again shocked not just me, but herself as well. “Whoa…no wonder I’ve been called a whore. Fuck my life.”


I was contemplating if I should tell her that Louis thinks the other way around. I want to tell her how Louis told me that it wasn’t just sex for him.


I just watched as Andie zipped her suitcase, took her small bag pack and stood up.


“I have to go now Harry, or else I’ll miss my flight.” She quietly told me, but all I could hear was the sadness in her voice when she said so.


I didn’t say anything back. I just followed her suit as we walked out of the small room and made our way outside the bus where Makie stood, waiting for us.


Makie just wrapped her arms around her, “You don’t have to leave, Andie. I’ll hide you away from them if I must, just please, don’t leave. At least not for tonight, because-”


“Hey, hey, I’m just going back home. It’s not like I’ll forget you for good. I’ll still see you sometime. Live your dream. You still have Vanessa here with you. Promise me that you’ll take care of yourself, okay?” She told her young client. “Plus, you can’t hide me, Makie. I’m claustrophobic.”


“But, Andie-”


It was like fate really wants to banish Andie out here for good because out of nowhere, a cab hailed a few distance away from the tour bus.


Andie went from mournful to lying excitement in a matter of milliseconds. “See, someone even called a cab for me. They really want me gone.” There was a mocking tone in her voice that implied she knew exactly what’s happening.


Andie pushed herself off from Makie’s arms, took her luggage again in her hands and trolleyed away from Makie and me, but it was also just in time for us to see the cab door opened and someone got off. Surprisingly, it wasn’t someone from the management we’ve expected to ship Andie back in the Philippines.


It was Niall.


Andie was already a few away from us when she froze in place. I, myself, was surprised too. I turned my attention at Makie, only to see her smiling. Oh, so this was why she didn’t want Andie to leave yet.  


What’s even surprising was Niall didn’t say anything at all. He ignored how it’s so obvious that Andie’s leaving, with the luggage and bags on her hands. He even ignored mine and Makie a few distance away from them, watching Andie stood still and him running towards her.


Niall didn’t waste any chance. He didn’t even let Andie say anything towards him.


Instead, he grabbed Andie’s face, leaned towards her and kissed Andie fully on the lips.


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Again, I will not get tired of telling how much I love you guys, seriously. xoxo


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