Soul Siren (OneDirectionFanFiction:HarryStyles/OC)

She was the winner of The X Factor Philippines. It was the only detail we were told about the artist that was lined up to be the opening act for our upcoming world tour. Simon made it clear that we don’t Google her even before we get to meet her, let the girl introduce herself to us so to make her more interesting to work with. We can’t help but get curious of course. What made her so special that Simon was so interested and invested with this certain local artist and get her signed to work with a huge name like us, One Direction?

None of us expected that the artist we’ll be working with would somehow clash with our happy-go-lucky personalities. We were not told that the girl had a very bittersweet past and that her life was not all about fame and fortune after she won The X Factor a year ago.

We didn’t expect that we will meet someone like Makie Romero, a soul siren.


21. My Soul Siren



Chapter Twenty One – My Soul Siren


“I love you, Harry.”


I’ve been asked if I’m high. I’ve been asked if I’m sick. I’ve been asked why is there a permanent smile written on my face like there’s no more tomorrow left. Everyone’s curious of what’s the deal with me.


I can’t tell them. I’m not even sure how to put everything in words, but all I know is that I’m in love.


There’s no holding back anymore. Makie and I could make this happen.


She’s the reason why I felt like the luckiest guy at the very moment. She’s the reason why there’s nothing else but those three words inside my head. She’s the reason why I understand that nothing worthwhile will ever be worth the wait.


Plus the fact that we’re now on the famous City of Love, it’s inevitable and just plain cliché.


Harry Styles is in love.


The Palais Omnisports de Paris-Bercy was fully packed for tonight’s show. The boys and I watched our front act swoon millions of fans by singing her heart out. The piercing screams from everyone was deafening, yet Makie’s voice was loud and clear in my ears.


She sang two new songs, which Andie claimed were giddily written after we arrived at the hotel in Paris. They were original pieces with the lyrics only I knew what really meant.


“Falling head over heels, thought I knew how it feels, but with you it’s like first day of my life.”


“You managed to disarm me, my soul is shining through, and I can’t help but surrender my everything to you.”


“So now you see why I’m scared, I can’t open up my heart without a care. But here I go, it’s what I feel, and for the first time in my life I know it’s real.”


“If this is love, please don’t break me. I’m giving up so just catch me.”


These were just some of the words that deeply struck me in the heart. And how Makie sang them with glow in her whole face, most especially in her eyes, got me so lost for words to describe what I felt while all of us listened at the backstage, mesmerized by her prowess to capture her listeners through her voice.


The production team has planned a Twitter question and answer for Makie as a breaker for her set. Vanessa said once before that she knew Makie wouldn’t want to do it, but then she instantly came up and said she’d be happy to answer some for the fans, an answer which shocked not only Vanessa but also me. I was glad but then at the same time, I was worried for a second for what question might appear in the screen. What if they ask something personal and Makie won’t be able to answer them?


Makie looked fine with the whole idea. Perhaps this was her plan to open to the fans.


After all she did mention that this was her new beginning, and she’s not going to hold back anymore. Maybe then she realized this was her chance, to show them she is worthy to be in front of all of them.


I watched Makie stood up from the comfort of her grand piano and walked closer to the screen where the first question flashed brightly for everyone to read. It was in French.


“Oh,” was her initial reaction, a fair shade of pink blush formed in her cheeks. Her brows knitted in confusion with the foreign words before her but then it quickly disappeared, a sympathetic smile replaced.


“I know this sounds ridiculous, but I don’t understand French.” She confessed to everyone.  “This is so embarrassing. I’m sorry. Can someone please translate it for me?”


Louis and I were the only ones in the band that knew and understood French, but Louis quickly shook his head and told me, “No, you’re her lover boy. Save your damsel in distress, pretty boy.”


I then turned my head at Andie, who was standing in between Niall and Zayn, all three of them busy as she fiddled on the screen of her phone. “Today being you’re thankful of what for? What? Google translate sucks.” I heard her hissed. When she caught me looking at her, just like Louis, she waived her hands in defense and said, “Hell, no. I’m not that good with French. I don’t want to bloody embarrass Makie and myself.”


Without a warning, I was quickly pushed to the stage by Liam while the rest of the boys, Andie and the fans laughed as I lost balance and dropped on my knees in front of Makie and everybody. Outside I was giving them a sly smile back, inside I was cursing Liam for giving me a beautiful (read: not) entrance.


“Uh… Bonjour mademoiselle,” was the cover up for my messy introduction.


She threw her head back laughing at me. “Haven’t I made it myself clear that I need an English translator?”


“And here I am, ready to translate every single one of them, Mon Cherie.” I replied.


As if she understood I just called her out as my darling in front of everybody, Makie did a lady curtsy. God, can’t she look more beautiful?  I took her hand and kissed it, right in front of the whole arena.


This is why I love my job.


Makie, again, blushed with delight. “Let’s all welcome the English translator, Harry Styles everyone!” she announced while fighting the giggles from escaping her lips.


“Why, that will be a nice part time job now that you’ve mentioned it. Harry Styles, the English translator.”


The fans fitted into a loud laughter that echoed all throughout the place. What they didn’t know was that Makie and I are already having a moment on the very stage.


Some of the stage crew kept waving their hands at us from backstage. I knew they meant that we need to stop and continue the show. Makie bit her lip and said, “Well Harry the translator, would you please translate the question for me?”


I then re-read the whole thing on the screen, À compter d'aujourd'hui, quelles sont les choses que vous êtes le plus reconnaissant? “This question came from @1Dlassie. She wants to know: As of today, what are the things you’re most thankful for?” I asked.


I kept my eyes locked with Makie’s. In our side, I knew they were flashing her face in close-up, but I was an arm away from her, I was the only one who could see it clear how her face brightened and glowed as she formed words out of her lips coming right up from her mind.


Once again, a gorgeous smile formed in her lips. It wasn’t just any kind of smile she used to give us when she was still hiding her real self from the world. It was that smile which made me believe Makie was ready to face her deepest regrets of not being a hundred percent honest to the people around her.


“There are just so many things to be thankful for at this point of my life. All of the people around me, the endless love and support I’m getting from each and every one of you, and the most genuine care I haven’t had in such a long time. I know I was so undeserving, yet everyone has given me these raw and realest emotions ever known to me. Life gave me a hundred reasons to cry, it was just now that I realized I have a thousand reasons to smile. I couldn’t be thankful enough.” She answered.


Of all her facades that I met, happy and honest Makie was the most amazing one.


Fans cheered for her. There was nothing more I wanted to do but to tell her that I, myself, was very proud of her for bravely showing and telling them what was inside her heart.


When everyone thought that was her already her answer, Makie once again brought the microphone to her lips and carefully, she said, “This is hard for me to deal and speak of. I know that some of you might not understand, but even though I’ve lost a greater part of me which I’ll never be able to gain anymore, I’m thankful to finally find myself which is now everything.”


The melody being played by the band blended with the booming voices of the fans. Somehow, I think someone wanted the fans not understand what Makie was trying to say. Did someone else know Makie’s secrets? Yet that didn’t stop me. Again, right in front of everyone, I enveloped her inside my arms, secretly channeling her through my touch that I support her for this bravest decision she’s every made in this second chance in life she lives for.


I then started getting instructions to let go immediately from the crew in my earphones. I believed Makie was told he same because she lightly pushed herself away from me. Contemplating on how ridiculous everyone was being insensitive for cutting Makie’s speech, I then walked away from the stage and let her continue on with her set.


I was met by the boys’ confused looks. “Harry, what did Makie mean with her losing a greater part of her?” Zayn asked.


I never got to answer them. Instead, our eyes were once again glued to the artist on the stage. She was then starting to play some notes on the piano.


Makie sat there and played the keys of the grand piano with such beauty and elegance. As I watched her parted her lips thinking she’d begin singing, she announced over the microphone, “Just before I forget and get cold feet again, before I start this song which was written purely by the inspiration of him, I also wanted to say thank you to someone dear to me.”


Her head turned to glance my way, and once again, with so much love on her sweet sultry voice, she said straight to me, “Thank you, Harry Styles.”


She just announced to the whole arena, probably the whole world right now, that I’m an inspiration for her.


How can I just not love Makie?


Through the tone of her voice, I could feel her happiness when she said, “This song is called Nightingale.”


It was like the question was suddenly unimportant for them. The boys and Andie started teasing me and I couldn’t help but die of the hot flush that ate my whole face. Out of the distance, I could see some of the camera men trying to capture on their lenses the commotion we were doing at the side of the stage.


When Makie started singing the lyrics of the song, nothing else mattered. Nightingale instantly became my favorite song.


 “I can’t sleep tonight

Wide awake and so confused

Everything’s in line

But I am bruised.

I need a voice to echo

I need a light to take me home

I kinda need a hero

Is it you?



I never see the forest for the trees

I could really use your melody

Baby I’m a little blind

I think it’s time for you to find me.”



And so Andie was right. I then understood that this song basically was inspired of that little moment we had on our flight to France.



“Can you be my nightingale?

Sing to me, I know you’re there

You could be my sanity

Bring me peace

Sing me to sleep

Can you be my nightingale?”



“Man, this song is so beautiful. What did you do to Makie?” Niall teased once again, earning him a smack on the shoulders from Andie because he cut the romantic vibe by his mocking.


Just like Andie, Liam had his palms pressed over his cheeks, fanboying over Makie’s song and not minding others.


I just smirked and told Niall back. “Honestly, I just sang Makie a lullaby.”


Louis and Zayn chorused an obnoxious laughter. “You sang her a lullaby? What is she, a little baby?” Zayn chortled.


Andie instantly shot him daggering glares and warned, “Shut up, DJ Malik before I sing you a memorial song.”


As everyone died down of laughter again (read: excluding Zayn who looked like he was gutted), I turned my attention back to Makie who then started the second verse of the second.


“Somebody speak to me coz I’m feeling like hell

Need you to answer me

I’m overwhelmed

I need a voice to echo

I need a light to take me home

I need a star to follow

I don’t know.



I never see the forest for the trees

I could really use your melody

Baby I’m a little blind

I think it’s time for you to find me”



“Can you be my nightingale?

Sing to me, I know you’re there

You could be my sanity

Bring me peace

Sing me to sleep

Can you be my nightingale?”



All this time, Makie occupied a great portion of my heart and mind. Now was the only moment, as she sang for me, that I realized she also held my soul. Just like a mystical siren that allures my whole self.



She’s Makie Romero -my Makie-, my soul siren.



“I don’t know what I’d do without you

Your voice were like whispers come through

As long as you’re with me here tonight

I’m good.”



“Can you be my nightingale?

Feel so close, I know you’re there

Ooh, nightingale

Sing to me, I know you’re there

Coz baby you’re my sanity

You bring me peace

Sing me to sleep

Say you’ll be my nightingale.”



What Makie doesn’t know is that she never needs to ask away, I’ll be everything she will ever need.


My arms has been long outstretched, waiting to wrap them over to the lover I’ve waited all night long. How I used to spend my evening of loving her, mixed with desire and heartache from time to time. It was always been there. 


That’s love.


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It was only seven in the morning but I was sweating of anxiety. My whole stomach was like doing jumping jacks making me want to throw up. If I don’t do something, I’m going to die of heart attack.


My brain was not helping. I could think straight. I jumped over my roommate’s bed, Louis, and shook him vigorously so to wake him up. “Mate, I need your help!”


I can’t ask Liam –he’d be guilty the next second and tell Paul that we’ll sneak anyway. I can’t ask Zayn –he’s more concerned of getting beauty sleep rather than help. I can’t ask Niall –he’d want some sort of payback (read: preferably money or food). And that’s where the resort of bugging Louis came from.


I missed the smack of fist that was supposed to hit me on the face. Louis stirred over and tried to hit me again. “Harry, what the fuck is your problem?!” he screamed out at me.


Grabbing him on his shoulders, I shook him again. “I need you to make a distraction!”


“What are you? Drunk? Harry, it’s way too early to make a mess…and way too early for you to be high!”


“No…no…I really desperately need your help Louis.”


He let out an annoyed groan before he sat up and glared at me. “Fine, but first, tell me what your problem is?” Louis asked.


Letting out a deep sigh, I then said, “I asked Makie out-”


This time I didn’t get to dodge at all, I received the slap on my cheeks. “That’s your bloody problem? You woke me up at seven in the morning because you asked Makie out?! And you’re fucking going nuts because of it? What are you? Fourteen?! Oh my goodness Harry,”


“Wait, no! That’s not it. The problem is this text Paul sent me. See,” I shoved him my phone which contained the message that made me very anxious.


To: Harry Styles (+000643123456)

From: Paul Higgins (+000643221100)

Sorry Harry, but I can’t let you and Makie out today. Management’s orders.



His expression as he read the text was just the same as mine. Louis’ brows met of confusion. “What the hell is their problem now?”


After the show last night, all I wanted to do is to have some alone time with Makie. Though very tired, I asked Makie to have a late dinner with me. She gladly said yes, glowed in my eyes like a little girl who’s received something special for Christmas. But as Makie and I were about to run off, we were stopped by Vanessa telling us it’s too late to go out all by ourselves. Paul also interjected, telling us that there was a huge mob of fans and paparazzi outside and it’s just impossible for us to slip them. Sadden by the fact we can’t leave and Makie’s expression of disappointment because she knew it was because of her, I promised her that I’d do something so we can go out just the two of us on the following day. That night, I came up with the plan that there’s no other way but to sneak out.


And who’s a better accomplice but my good partner in crime, Louis Tomlinson. (If Makie and I get grounded, I’m going to also name him to be punished -Partners in crime.)


“You boys probably don’t know, but they hate her. They don’t care much about Makie. They don’t like the idea of me with Makie. They were the ones who set Sabina Fines for me. They ignited the whole accident by using Sabina and Taylor’s rage over Makie.” I explained.


“Those damn fuckers. Why can’t they just accept that you’re happy with one another?”


“The management doesn’t want Makie for me even though it’s evidently clear in our faces and actions that Makie and I are in love with each other.”


Louis smirked at me. “Harry’s in love. This is very special. I’ve never heard you so sure and happy of that decision. Good for you, mate.”


I realized that this will be the second time I’d speak out that I really am in love with Makie, yet again it’s not Makie herself who’s heard me say it.


“So, are you going to help me?”


“Of course I will! Who makes the messiest of all the messes One Direction has ever made? It is I, Louis ‘The Tommo’ Tomlinson! Always ready to cut old people’s balls for the sake of love!”


“Thank you, Louis. I owe you a big time one.”


“Anything for you, mate. We all know Makie’s the one who makes you happy.” Louis told me.


“Look, if this doesn’t work and the management still wants you and Makie away and completely deny that attraction to the whole world, I suggest both of you just move to Africa and sing Hakuna Matata instead.”


Well, maybe… After all, Hakuna Matata meant no worries, right?


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Makie and I decided to meet at the floor’s fire exit. Thank goodness most of the staff was still having breakfast, I only needed to dodge two security personnel on the way by telling them I can’t find signal. None of them seemed to be suspicious anyway so away I go.


I only needed to wait for a few minutes. Makie came later, flushed in the cheeks as she immediately closed the exit’s door shut. “I’m having panic attacks, but this sneaking thing is fun.” She gushed.


Can’t contain the smile from forming in my lips, I replied back, “We’re not even out yet.”


Makie just laughed back, probably realizing how crazy she’s turning. Her smile in her thin pink lips matched gorgeously in her whole face. She left her hair in its messy curls topped with her favorite red knitted bonnet. Just in a black pea coat draped over a white shirt, acid washed jeans and a pair comfy heeled boats, she just looked as beautiful as she’ll always be in my eyes.


She had her back leaned at the door, blocking anyone who’d want to open it. She asked, “How long are we going to stay here?”


“We just have to wait for Louis’ go signal. He’ll do the diversion for us to be able to sneak out.” I quickly replied.


“God bless you, Louis Tomlinson.” Amen.


Makie started giggling and asked away again, “What’s the commotion he’ll start this time?”


“Actually, he’s got himself an accomplice too. He said that our favorite little nurse is involved.” I told her.


A worried look resurfaced on Makie’s facial expression. “Oh no, poor Andie, today’s her only chance to get a day off. She’ll kill poor Louis.” 


I felt my phone vibrate in my coat pocket. I then quickly read the message and smirked as I read it away. “I don’t think so,”


Makie leaned over and read the message herself. Her sudden closeness at me made me intoxicated of the same sweet perfume she wore in her body.


To: Harry Styles (+000643123456)

From: Lou bear (+000643768143)

Andie and I are heading out to play down on the lot. Sneak as fast as you could. P.S. Makie’s a baby. Be gentle with her or Andie’s going to kill you. That’s what she said. x


“God bless you, Louis Tomlinson and Andie Tiu. I hope nobody ends in a hospital room.”


“Let’s go then?”


Makie slipped her hands with mine and laced my fingers with her tiny little ones. “Let’s find some beautiful place to get lost.”


Deep inside my head, something she didn’t know yet, I’ve already found that beautiful place in the presence of her.


I got lost long before. What she didn’t know is that I got used to it and was more than willing to stay in any stake.


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It was already raining when we got down. Neither of us got an umbrella with us so I used my jacket as shield.


Makie can’t stop laughing as soon as we got inside the cab I called to pick us up from the parking area. “I can’t believe we just did that!!” she exclaimed in between laughter.


“I know! We have to sneak out more often.”


We almost got caught because a group of fans recognized us the second we got out of the back’s exit door. Luckily, the cab was on time that Makie and I quickly got in and told the driver to drive as fast as he could.


As we passed the lot, I noticed a familiar pair just stood out visibly in the middle. “Wait, could you please slow down, Sir?”


The driver did what I asked him. Makie scooted closer to my side and looked at the way my eyes were currently glued at. “Is that…?”


As the taxi cab moved slowly, we got to clearly see that it was Louis and Andie, both of them having quite a very cliché moment under the rain.


Though we were a bit far, I know that Louis was mere inches away from Andie. One hand placed over her shoulder while the other one held Andie’s. Both of them were really soaked of the cold drizzle yet they stood in the middle like no one would see them and make an issue out of that scene we’re watching.


My dear Louis, you really did start a mess.


“Oh shoot! The girls are behind us again Harry!”


“Drive! Now!”


As we drove off, we saw the fans stopped at the fence and started shouting over the pair on the lot. As I expected, Louis and Andie quickly fled their ‘The Notebook’-esque scene. But the girls got their phones held on their hands.


What a whole new mess that’s going to be.


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Lol. Just kidding. Get your HAKIE HEARTS ready ON THE NEXT CHAPTER, which I’ll be posting on Sunday!


Warning: There will be some build up. Some touching will turn into grabbing. Soft lips, into passionate tongues that will leave your heartbeat get faster, and faster…


In other words, it’ll be a mature one. I’ll probably need to change Soul Siren into NC-17.


Clichés and cliffhangers. Hmm mmm.


I love you too. :)


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