Soul Siren (OneDirectionFanFiction:HarryStyles/OC)

She was the winner of The X Factor Philippines. It was the only detail we were told about the artist that was lined up to be the opening act for our upcoming world tour. Simon made it clear that we don’t Google her even before we get to meet her, let the girl introduce herself to us so to make her more interesting to work with. We can’t help but get curious of course. What made her so special that Simon was so interested and invested with this certain local artist and get her signed to work with a huge name like us, One Direction?

None of us expected that the artist we’ll be working with would somehow clash with our happy-go-lucky personalities. We were not told that the girl had a very bittersweet past and that her life was not all about fame and fortune after she won The X Factor a year ago.

We didn’t expect that we will meet someone like Makie Romero, a soul siren.


15. Miracle Worker

Chapter Fifteen: Miracle Worker


Help really does come when you least expect it.


She literally just fell into place. I wasn’t expecting to meet her at all. Just when I thought I don’t have any plan and choice left in me, when I was all down and torn that I’ll never have the chance to know and pursue the only girl I want, when I thought I was the only one left fighting, she showed herself and became my last hope.


So I made a new friend. She introduced herself as Andie Tiu, but I didn’t like her name so I gave her a nickname. I then decided that I’m going to call her Oompa Loompa because she’s so tiny, she’s vicious, she has this ball of energy like when Niall ate too much fairy floss on a fair.


And she has a very colorful vocabulary.


“Fuck you!” She screamed with such hatred towards me before she sprinted off. For the record, she would probably be the very first girl to tell me to ‘fuck you’ and not mean it on a sexual note. No human girl in her right mind would scream ‘fuck you, Harry Styles’ and not drag me to a room so she could ravish this sexy thing. “I told you, go away!” Okay, screw it. It’s so obvious that she doesn’t like me and she’ll never be any less friendly towards me. But whether she liked it or not, she’s now considered a friend. That is just until I’m done with this little dwarf. Sheesh, I’m just kidding. She has too much angst just like me, we’ll never work.


Thank heavens there were no grounds personnel roaming on the lot other than me and the Oompa Loompa so I was free to shout back at her. “Tell me first why you’re here? Why on earth Makie needs a private nurse! What is a nurse doing aboard on the tour?”


She stopped and glared back at me. This girl will need anti-wrinkle cream in the near future. The frown in her face has never disappeared ever since I met her. “Look shmuck, you’ll get me fired on my first day of job! I’ve only been literally stepping on English soil for four hours and I’m already getting the worst culture shock ever!”


“I’ll ship you back to the Philippines if you don’t answer me!” I yelled.


“Now I’m getting discriminated?! First, you’re not the boss of me! And how the hell did you know that I’m from the Philippines, eh?!” she cried. How do you respond to this girl when your eardrums already hurt with her high pitched voice? Andie alone was like getting an earful screams of fans from one of our show.


“Don’t you go Canadian on me you little-” I just managed to stop myself and not offend her with the word that was about to come out of my mouth. “It’s because you’re annoying! Filipinos are annoying!” like for real but not really in general. I can name a few (read: Vanessa and Makie) to justify my statement.


“Wow, says the British boy who’s been nothing but a twat by following me for the past whole hour! And might I just add that I don’t even know you!” She scoffed before she pushed pass me again.


“What?! You knew my name! Haven’t I established the fact that I am Harry Styles?!” I hissed as I followed her tiny steps. Lux most likely could crawl faster than her. Oh my, I did not just imagine this Oompa Loompa crawling. Good lord.


“That was not the point! Just leave me alone! Forget that we even met! Forget what I said! Can’t you just go talk with the other annoying one?! The guy that talked like a chipmunk!”


“What? Who the hell is that?”


“Forget it! I told you just fuck the fuck off!”


I pursed my lips with disapproval. “The hell no!” With her legs being so freakishly short, I caught up when she decided to hop away from me. It’s not like she could even outrun me anyhow. I grabbed on to her shoulder and spun her around so she could look at me. “Ugh! Just answer my question and then maybe I’ll leave you forever!”


No. Not likely.


“I’m this close to hitting you.” Andie replied with a sneer as we walked together. Even though she’s got some kind of mouth that was so not for a little girl, it’s nice to think she still managed to master the art of self-restraint. Bravo. “Did you go to school?! It’ a matter of common sense. What are nurses for?” she continued on with a snort.


With an exasperated roll of my eyes signaling full throttle annoyance. I answered immediately, “They take care and look after someone who’s ill.”


“Hallelujah! The boy is not an idiot-,”


“But what’s wrong with Makie! Why do you have to personally take care of her? That’s what I wanted to know!” I exclaimed.


By this time, her energy has finally died down that made both of us stop. We’ve gone chasing one another from inside the bus where we met, to the parking lot and ended up climbing the first flight of stairs to the main lobby of the hotel. I was also tired from catching her anyway, and there were a few people staring at us. Andie let out a deep defeated sigh and muttered softly, “Could you please not be a moron for a second and listen to me carefully? As a very professional nurse, I can’t disclose to you my patient’s condition because you’re not my boss and or Makie herself. That is completely unethical to do.” Andie stopped walking and turned around just so she can face. She raised her eyebrow at me and looked questionably, “Vanessa told me to stay away from you because you ask too much. You’re a nuisance. That’s what she said. Really, what’s with you so keen about knowing it anyway? Are you Makie’s significant other?” she demanded to know.


“You anointed yourself as her private nurse but you know nothing about Makie?” I whispered angrily towards her, trying carefully so to not get attention from the people around.


“What? Of course I know her.” she retorted, clearly pissed that I questioned her professionalism. “She’s Makie Romero, an eighteen year old Filipina singer now based on a tour with a famous British boy band when I think she’s supposed to be put on treatment for post trauma.”


I don’t know why but for some strange reason, I suddenly had the distinct feeling Andie, her awfully loud mouth, and I were really meant to meet.


I was stuck frozen in place with my left hand suddenly held on to her shoulder as we both stopped even before we could reach the elevator. The air around us suddenly seemed thick, as if it was crowding the two of us, cornering us. It was hard to tell how long we stood there –Andie and I; face to face- when I was having a huge urge to hop on to the elevator and get privacy so I could finally get some answers. I didn’t care if people pegged Andie and me as some crazy couple fighting at the hotel lobby. I needed the answer right away. “Treatment for post trauma? What are you talking about?”


She hasn’t said anything after that for a while. Andie must have realized she has once again said too much. The look on her face said it all. She has gone from being so pissed that I think she’s incompetent to being completely terrified that she just can’t really keep her mouth shut. “Y-you don’t know about that?” she stuttered. The panic in her tone was very noticeable. Vanessa must have gravely instructed her not to tell me anything. Is it bad to feel lucky for me, but very unfortunate for Andie and Vanessa now?


“I can’t believe this. I talk to you about ethics but apparently I not highly decent myself. I am such a disgrace to my family and the whole nursing community.” Her shoulder hunched as she breathed out a deep sigh. “I only wanted a job. I really thought this was the one.” I saw her shut her eyes as tightly as possible then continued on her defeated note, “That’s it. The damage’s been done. If you see Nessa, tell her I just fired myself. Goodbye, Harry Styles. It was not a pleasure to meet you. How am I supposed to go home now?”


As if on cue, we heard the elevator door opened with a hustling Vanessa coming out of the lift. She looked utterly surprised that Andie and I were together standing outside. “ANDREA MARIÉ TIU! I’ve been looking everywhere for you!” she shrieked as she quickly grabbed Andie out of my grasp and embraced her. “I almost called the police to report that you’re missing. Oh my god, you were gone for an hour! Must I remind you that you’re not in the Philippines anymore! You don’t know how nervous I was, young lady! Where have you gone?” It took Vanessa a few more seconds to notice that I was also on the scene with them. She let go of the mortified Oompa Loompa and let her breath only to ask her once again, “Andie, why are you with Harry?” a confused frown materializing on her face. And let’s just note suspicion on her tone. Nice, she still hates me.


Andie looked like she was about to burst in tears. Her once panic-stricken face relaxed only when she thought she needed to explain. “Nessa, I-,”


But before she could do more damage, I beat her out by saying “Oh, I met Andie on the tour bus. She said she got lost so I helped her out. We got to do a little chatting that we lost track of time because little Andie here mentioned that she’s Makie’s friend and that you flew her out from the Philippines to visit Makie and maybe get a chance to meet her favorite band.”


Only when I thought it was a good lie, Vanessa shot Andie a quizzical look and asked, “I thought you said you don’t have any idea who and what One Direction is?”


Damn it. Should have known someone like this Oompa Loompa wouldn’t like nor know who One Direction is.


Andie showed me a ‘you mental, dude?’ look while as Vanessa shook her head and just chose to ignore me. She let out a sigh before she asked Andie a question again, “What was it again that you were about to say?”


Luckily, Andie seemed to catch my drift that it was better not blurt out to Vanessa that she had told me too many things. “I’m sorry Nessa, but I can’t seem to find Makie. I’ve gone everywhere. That was until I realized that I already got lost. Do you know where she is?”


“She probably wandered off with Niall or Zayn, none of them answers their phone. Andie, maybe it is better if you stay in your hotel room while I look for Makie myself.” Before she left us off, Vanessa turned to me and said, “By the way Harry, Paul has mentioned that if I see you, I need to tell you that Sabina’s on her way.”


Instead of frowning of disapproval, I clarified “I didn’t ask Sabina to come here.”


The lady manager shook her head, “No, you’re scheduled to go out with her tonight.” That’s right. Scheduled was the word. I haven’t had time for the past few days so they scheduled one. Once I satisfied her with an annoyed groan, she told her little minion, “Andie, get some rest and we’ll resume this talk tomorrow morning.”


I suddenly felt like punching someone –preferably someone from the modest management- on the face. Throw tantrums until they get the point that I will never like Sabina Fines. I didn’t want to go out. I didn’t want to see Sabina tonight and get into another trouble with her.


It was only when Andie and I got on the lift that I announced, “I just saved your ass from getting fired back there. You owe me one.”


I saw Andie glared at me and replied, “You’re still an asshole, Harry Styles.”


Honestly, I’d rather have Andie’s glares and hear her sweet words of profanity the whole night than have Sabina trying to get me drunk so she could finally tell everyone she hooked up with me.


Since I was certain Vanessa had the immediate hunch that I was going to corner Andie for answers and will never let Andie anywhere near me again, and since I don’t want to waste my time alone with Sabina, I made a new plan.


Just when the elevator door opened, before she gets to hop out, I blocked her way and asked “Andie, do you like Chinese food?”


------------------(Soul Siren)-------------------


Let me just review for you what happened on the supposedly date the management arranged.


Andie and I were greeted by Sabina’s scorching stare when we arrived at Koi. “Who is she?” she asked first without even saying any hellos at all. How unladylike.  


I was pulling the little woman with me with my arm. It took all lots of grave persuading for me to manage and get her inside my car.  “Vanessa will kill me once she knows that I went out with you without asking her permission first.” Andie hissed in my ear as I forcefully made her sit at the chair I pulled out for her, and then sat down next to her. It made Sabina blew out steam at both of us.


“Harry, are you not going to tell me who the hell is she?”


“This restaurant isn’t even Chinese. Koi’s Japanese. I don’t like sushi, just so you know, so don’t go order some.”


Sabina tried to ignore what Andie was explaining and continued questioning me, “You took a girl out with you when this is supposed to be our date?!”


Andie’s eyes flickered up at me and asked, “Wait, this is a date? Dude, she’s your girlfriend?” her question sounded more like disbelieve I might add.


Sabina scoffed from the opposite side of the table, “Uh, duh? Isn’t it obvious?”


I kept my stare fixed at Andie who again looked back at Sabina. “Actually no, it’s not. Who are you anyway?” she mocked back.


It was the best joke I’ve heard in a while. I just buried my whole face in my large hands and suppressed the laughter that wanted to come out of my mouth. I heard Sabina dramatically gasped. “Who am I? WHO AM I?! You don’t know me?!”


Uh, duh?” She mimicked Sab’s girly tone, “Why would I waste my time asking who are you if I did know you?” Andie shot me another confused look and asked, “Is this normal here in your country? Everyone assumes I know them? What are you, famous people?”


I thought Andie was just totally kidding that she didn’t know her. Apparently, she really doesn’t have the slightest idea that we are famous. Sabina and I wore the same facial expression –shocked- only mine was surprised in a good way whereas Sabina’s was more baffled like she was punched square on the face. I bet Andie had hit her ego and she’s going to bitch it out later that she just met her worst hater ever. This is the reason why I decided to take this little Oompa Loompa -who’s probably lived under a rock all these years- with me. Best decision ever.


“Harry! Aren’t you even going to defend me from this sarcastic girl?” Sabina accused as she pointed her index finger at Andie.


To my surprise, she swatted the rude finger the blonde bimbo pointed in her face, “The sarcastic girl’s got a name, and it is Andie Tiu.” She said with such fierceness. I suddenly felt the urge to belt out an impromptu ‘She’s Not Afraid’ song number. I made a good choice for befriending this girl.  


“Whatever. You’re not supposed to be here. Harry’s out on this date with me.” Sabina announced -loud and proud- to almost everyone who was near our table.


In return, Andie snickered “Well it’s not my fault your date asked me out.” Oh my god, Sabina Fines, you just got BURNED!


Again, Sabina let out a dramatic gasp before she shrieked “YOU ASKED THIS BITCH OUT?!” Her rant made every living person in the restaurant turn their heads at our table.


It had taken Andie back. She angrily slammed her fist in the table and warned, “Hey, that’s foul! Who are you calling bitch?!”


“Ugh! Harry! Do something!” Sabina cried. I just kept watching them. Wrong, I know, but I was enjoying the bitch fight that was happening in our corner.  


“I thought British boys are annoying, well, you’re worse.” Andie kept mumbling as I watched her lean her back on the rest and slipped both of her hands on her coat’s pocket. Now I was on her side. Sabina, you’re completely inappropriate and shameful. Andie’s nothing but awesome. I’m sorry but you lose to this one Sabina Fines.


“Harold! Make her leave or else, I will!” Sabina exhorted.


“I’m not leaving. I haven’t eaten dinner, and Harry said he’s paying. Since you look like you can’t eve fit a piece of raw fish meat in that ridiculous tight dress you’re in, how about you leave?” Andie suggested before she immaturely made face in front of Sabina, the tip of her pink tongue poking out from between her smirking lips.


I swear I am going to wear an ‘I Love Andie Tiu’ shirt on our next show and tell everyone how freaking badass she is.


With one last pissed squeal, Sabina left the table with her heels madly clicking as she went out of the restaurant leaving Andie and I feasted by the curious eyes of the other people who just witnessed everything that happened. I wasn’t able to contain the laugh anymore so I just let it out loudly, earning more stares from the diners and staff of Koi. I only stopped laughing when I felt Andie hit me hard in my arm. “What the fuck are you thinking, huh? Bringing me here with you on your date?! Oh just in case you didn’t notice, your girlfriend’s rude! Really, that’s your kind of girl?”


“Sabina Fines is not my girlfriend. And no, never will that kind of girl be my type.” I quickly clarified. I can’t have Andie thinking I like bimbos. “I should really thank you, by the way.”


“Why? Because I made it believable that I was your other woman? That’s not even a compliment. Do you want me to hit you again?” she asked. I had to back away a little bit because her fist was quickly raised on my face. Whoa. She was dead serious on hitting Harry Styles in a high class restaurant.


I pushed her hand away and explained, “No. I just really want to thank you because you made Sabina leave us alone.”


Her eyes went wide. “Dear heavens. You’re not in love with me, are you?” Andie asked in a pitched high voice that I’m sure was meant to be funny. It wasn’t.


“The fuck no!” I scoffed. Abort wearing ‘I Love Andie Tiu’ shirt on the show. Her teeny tiny bit of cool was gone. She’s just plain bonkers.   


“Then why the hell did you bring me here with you?”


“You owe me one, remember?” I reminded her once again.


“Well I have done you a deed. We’re even now.” She pointed out.


I immediately shook my head and said, “No. That’s not part of it. I just really need Sabina out of the scene because what we are about to discuss doesn’t concern her. She’s not part of problem.”


“And I am?”


“You have some of the answers to the mess in my head. That’s what you owe me for. I need to know those answers. Please.” I told her.


It made Andie go quiet. She just shrugged and leaned back on her chair. I even saw her shook her head to hide the frustration on her face. It seemed like she wasn’t planning on letting anything slip out of her mouth right in my presence once again.


When I was positive that Andie wasn’t going to start any conversation with me, I just proceeded to order food for the both of us. I made sure to order at least four courses of dinner for us. I was going to take all the time we could consume. I still have my hopes she’d change her mind and be a means of help for me.


We sat together in silence for a while. It was only when the waiter served the fruit platter that I had the courage to speak up, “I noticed how Vanessa got really worried when she thought she lost you. Are you and her related?”


Andie shook her head and answered, “No, we’re not related. But… err… it’s a bit complicated.” When I urge her to continue, she then explained to me “Well, actually Vanessa’s my ex-stepmother.”


I just raised my eyebrows and looked at her questionably, “Your ex-stepmother? You mean Vanessa and you were a family before? She failed to mention to us she has a teenage daughter.”


“Ex-stepdaughter would be the correct term. Look, it’s going to take us hours if I tell you the whole story.” Andie said as she took a bite of a slice of watermelon. I took a fork myself and ate some of the orange wedges.


“We’ve got time… and more food on the way.” I informed her as she shoved more slices of fruit in her mouth, not afraid to stuff her face on occasion. I gave her a wink when she looked back at me with her cheeks flushed and fluffed. She’s kind of cute, but totally not my type. I wonder if she is single. I might try and hook her up with Niall so he doesn’t have to go pulling Makie with him all the time. I need to get a hold on Makie as soon as possible. The gap between us is killing me softly inside.


I saw Andie took her cellphone out of her coat pocket and placed it on the table. “So we know just in case Nessa calls, which you will be the one doing the explaining if she does call. And it’s past midnight in the Philippines, no wonder my eyes are really tired and heavy. How do you cope with jetlag?” Just when I was about to answer her, she shook her head and said, “I’m sorry, this isn’t about me. Let’s not go round the bushes. Since I failed on keeping secrets, why continue lying to you, right?”


“Honestly?” With her reassurance, I felt my spirits restored. Finally, some help –my last hope.  “Could you please tell me everything you know about Makie then?” I asked her.


By the time she spoke again, she had already finished half of the platter. “It was haste when Vanessa called back in the Philippines to offer me this work. I really needed a job, so when she asked me if I wanted a full time job abroad, I didn’t think twice and just accepted it. It wasn’t until I landed on Heathrow Airport, London that I was told I will be working as a personal nurse for her young talent named Makie because she really needed someone with proper knowledge to help her with taking care of her while on the road. Though I know Vanessa’s job is connected with show business, I didn’t know who Makie Romero is. Never have I heard of her back home. So when I asked Vanessa, I was expecting she’ll tell me a complete background about her. But she didn’t. Vanessa only gave me brief details about Makie Romero -she’s 18 years old, she won The X Factor Philippines a year ago, and is currently on the road doing a concert tour with One Direction. When we were finally introduced for the first time, even before Vanessa could tell her that I was going to be her nurse, Makie ran off and said she was in a hurry to meet someone.” Andie explained to me. “That’s everything I know Harry. That’s why I don’t understand why you think I’m a big help with the whole mess you say you have in your head. Did those even help?”


Honestly, I didn’t. Not even one of it helped at all. She hasn’t even mentioned why Makie needed personal attending. “You didn’t go and ask what’s wrong with Makie? You just accepted the job? Weren’t you curious why she needed a nurse?” I asked again.


“That was the reason why I was looking for Makie myself. Vanessa left me to go wander off alone to look for her like I already knew the whole place. I told her that I think it was best if I do my own observations of Makie so she sent me to go look for her on the tour bus, only for me to find out that there was more than one bus to look at. Now you know why I was pissed when I ran into you. I didn’t find Makie, didn’t get any bit of work done and worst, I got lost on a lot full of big black buses.” Andie told me.


“But what did you mean when you said about Makie should be on a treatment for post-trauma?” It was the question that bothered me the most.


“That was entirely Vanessa’s own words. Makie Romero is suffering from trauma, but she chose to continue working on with her craft rather than go on treatment. I was also meant to find out something about her trauma all by myself. The only glitch in my plan was when I thought Makie has all the time in the world to tell me her story. I should have asked Vanessa instead.”


By this time, the waiter came to our table and served us the next course of meal I ordered. But as he was about to lay down and arrange the empty green bowls and plates for us, Andie smiled at him and said she’d do it instead, not wanting to be any kind of inconvenience for him even though it was really the waiter’s job. The waiter just smiled back, not slight at the least. Filipinas are really a wonder for me (read: not annoying anymore). They’re always smiling and are always modest to anyone. If I told the waiter that I’d do the arranging myself, he’d be offended. It must be her smiling at him. She’s got nice dimples at both cheeks.


As Andie served me a nice bowl of steamy crab soup, she asked me, “How long have you known Makie?”


“Quite long enough, I guess. We’ve been on tour together for quite some time.” I somewhat lied with my answer. Three months isn’t that long at all.


“How would you describe her?” she instigated.


I knew she didn’t mean for me to describe Makie’s physical appearance. She wanted to know who Makie is from another person’s perspective. Only, I can’t tell Andie that I was also having doubts that I don’t know who Makie is either. “Well, Makie’s… um… she’s…” Suddenly, words of adjectives won’t come out of my mouth. I was having a hard time to tell Andie who Makie is. I don’t understand why.


She turned to look at me with her raised eyebrow, but it wasn’t seeking, she was stating what she saw behind my buckling answer. “You’re not sure you know her, do you?” Andie said.


It somehow surprised me. She’s really is a good observer. It wasn’t a question, it was a point. Her statement got me frowning again as I stared at her. “How do you know that?”


“Even though I just met Makie for like a second, I have a hunch she’s going through something deep and she’s denying about it. Trauma patients… well, they tend to do coping mechanisms. Desperation, anger, frustration and denial are possible. I can’t tell you yet because I must be sure about it first, that’s why I need to talk with Makie.” she told me back.


First Sabina, now Andie. How do girls do that?


We were again interrupted by the waiter who served the next platter of food in our table. Don’t get me wrong. The company Andie was showing me was really nice, but after everything she’s told me, I felt worse than the first time I saw Makie faltered in front of me.


“I don’t know if you’d believe me when I say this, but I’ve seen Makie hurt and I can’t explain were the pain is coming from. I once saw her suffer through a nightmare. Vanessa told me she’s gone through a lot worse than that.” I told her again. Andie only looked at me with a frown in her face. I tore my eyes away from looking back at her. Blankly, not sure if I do anyway like where this conversations going to, I continued on telling her my own observations. “Makie’s been complicated, ever since we all met her. Everything about her is a question for me, thus this whole mess in my head came. She tries to hide everything she feels from us. But sometimes, it shows in her face and expression, and that’s when I know she’s completely vulnerable. Are you here to free Makie from all the pain she’s going through?” I asked.


I saw her sighed as she lowered her eyes. “I’m not a miracle worker. You can’t free a person from what’s hurting her inside. That will only make them numb. That’s the worst that could happen.” Andie’s got me lost. Something beyond her words made me afraid of other things I was about to find out about Makie. “Look, I’m not even sure if Makie would accept help from me. Vanessa asked me to know and explain what’s making Makie worse. My job is to be a means of support for Makie so she doesn’t completely break.”


“But you’ll save her, right?” I asked Andie softly.


“Harry, you cannot save people, you can only love them.”




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