Soul Siren (OneDirectionFanFiction:HarryStyles/OC)

She was the winner of The X Factor Philippines. It was the only detail we were told about the artist that was lined up to be the opening act for our upcoming world tour. Simon made it clear that we don’t Google her even before we get to meet her, let the girl introduce herself to us so to make her more interesting to work with. We can’t help but get curious of course. What made her so special that Simon was so interested and invested with this certain local artist and get her signed to work with a huge name like us, One Direction?

None of us expected that the artist we’ll be working with would somehow clash with our happy-go-lucky personalities. We were not told that the girl had a very bittersweet past and that her life was not all about fame and fortune after she won The X Factor a year ago.

We didn’t expect that we will meet someone like Makie Romero, a soul siren.


4. Lost Girl


Having a girl live with us around the apartment now have been the hardest adjustment both Louis and I have to do, especially when the girl we’re talking about were to spend a whole tour with us.


Louis and I tried our very best to be good hosts to Makie and it wasn’t just because we were asked by Uncle Simon to do so. We made it a point that all of us act a little less sloppy than we were before. I cooked breakfast for all of us but always make hers extra special, though Makie told us she wasn’t there to be spoiled so we have to treat her the same way how the other boys were treated when they’re around. Louis and I have to remind both of ourselves from stop walking around the apartment in just our boxers now because we don’t think Makie would appreciate witnessing it, -most specially those certain things early in the morning, if you know what I mean. We also have to suffer cold showers sometimes because we can’t tell her that there’s limited hot water to shower with. It’s like you have to tell a girl to wash faster, we can’t do that so let us suffer just to make her stay with us worthwhile. We also have to adjust with making Makie feel comfortable around us, how loud we were every time we were gathered up in the apartment, how Liam talks about his girlfriend most of the time like she’s the only thing in his mind, how Zayn is addicted to Twitter and Instagram, and how sometimes Niall can’t stop his mouth from saying some offensive terms no girl would approve of once heard. Well, she’s making a bit of a progress after four days of having fair share of life with One Direction.


I wonder how she’s going to cope a whole tour with five wild men rounding her most of the time? We’ve all noticed that Makie was too quiet when she’s with us. Sometimes, she’ll have small talks with each of us but the conversation would eventually end when she again shuts her lips and not say a thing. All five of us tried to converse with her about how was her life back in the Philippines, but she will just answer with a few. I try not to let her be alone with Niall because every time he sees Makie turn her head towards him, it’s like he wants to hoard her just for himself. Zayn told Louis and I that Niall haven’t shut about Makie ever since he saw her. Well, it’s quite obvious that he likes her…not that I’m jealous or anything.


Makie’s just really something. I don’t even know how to describe what I feel every time I see her. My mind hasn’t shut itself either with the picture of her sleeping soundly at Louis’ bed.   


We were again summoned by Uncle Simon to come down the office and talk about stuffs regarding our tour and also to introduce Makie to the other members of the team.


What’s really amusing to think of was that Makie does small talks with us, but it’s quite different when she’s with Uncle Simon. They took more time sometimes talking in his office. It was like she’s shy towards us but was more comfortable with older men like Uncle. But of course that ridiculous thought was flunked out by our own manager when he told us that he’s known Makie for quite some time even before she auditioned for the opening act but that wasn’t the reason why she got the part.


Uncle Simon also told us that Makie’s still adjusting to certain things in her new life and that we’ll have to be patient ourselves and not pressure her on asking too many questions. Makie needs to do it on her own –the adjusting and coping- without any help from any of us. He said it’s the only thing her manager requested for us to do, -never pressure her at all.


Being the only curious one in our bunch, of course I have to ask, -just not Makie.


Once all six of us were settled at the conference room, I quickly pulled Louis out of the room and dragged him somewhere so to ask him without the others and Makie hearing.


“What did Uncle meant with that ‘her new life’? That it’s best for her not to be pressured as she do the adjusting and coping? Was her career rough back there that’s why she chose to audition and open for us? Wasn’t she a winner back in her country? We’ve both heard her sing, I’m pretty much sure that she’s handled pressure quite well before. Ugh, Louis…I need answers!”


“Harry, why do you always think that I have the answers to every question you throw me? Why don’t you just go straight to Uncle Simon and asks him yourself since you seem to always need to ask him back?! And to set your mind straight, he is the only person who does know so go bug him instead!” Louis teed off at me as he tore my grasp at his arm.


I snapped at him and again asked, “Louis, aren’t you curious yourself?”


“Not at all.” He said nonchalantly.


“What?! Why?! Aren’t you interested with her?!” I shrieked.


Louis hit me in the arm and stammered, “Harry! You heard what Uncle told all of us. No hitting on Makie!”


“I’m not-,”


“Well, you’re about to! Of course I’m curious myself. Please, you and Niall weren’t the only ones who have noticed that Makie’s a pretty little lady. Liam, Zayn and I don’t say a thing about her but that doesn’t mean we’re not interested with Makie.”


Too good to be true, -I scoffed back at him and said, “We’re all screwed then.”


Louis and I went back to the conference room and saw right before our eyes Niall and Makie in a fit of laughter while Liam and Zayn rounded up with them on the table and were chuckling as well. I was pretty much sure that Makie has already fallen for Niall’s quirkiness, or rather Niall’s trap to get all of her attention towards him.


“Oi! What’s so funny that got Makie talking with you?” I hissed at Niall who only snickered back at my obvious annoyance. It made me noticed that they were sitting too close with each other. Niall’s hand was resting quite well at Makie’s left leg while she laughed with him.


The lucky bastard’s even touching her now! Why am I too envious all of a sudden?!


“Well she likes me more.” he told us in a matter of fact. “Oh, and Makie wants to ask you and Louis if she can stay with me instead.”


I saw Makie’s eyes went wide as she shook her head, “I didn’t-,”


But Irish boy stopped her immediately. Niall just had to put his arm around Makie’s shoulders, pulled her closer to him and sweetly told her, “It is okay, Makie. I can’t handle Louis and Harry’s girly fits either.”


“You want to stay with him?” I was a bit shocked. Do this mean Louis and I suck at being hospitable too? I felt my whole heart shattered. “But… But…did I do something wrong? Were Louis’ snores too loud that you can’t sleep soundly at night? I’ll have him kicked out of the house if I must just so you’ll stay.”


Makie looked at me with her red lips turned into a playful smirk, “Don’t be such a drama king, Styles.” Wait, what did she just call me? “Niall’s exaggerated just a bit. I’m not going to bunk with him in his bed because I’m quite contented staying at Louis’ soft bed and cuddle with his fluffy pillows.”




“Babe, I can do much better if you’d just have me in bed with you instead of those pillows.” Louis flirted back at Makie only causing me to send death glares at him.


“I’ll have to think about it if you behave.” She told him back, purposely letting all of us see the wink she sent Louis who smiled maliciously back at her.


I was mind fucked for a few seconds. This wasn’t the same reserved Makie I met a few days ago.


“What have you done to Makie, Niall James Horan?!” I burst out which made all of them dissolve into laughter once more.


“I’m sorry. I can’t keep quiet anymore because Niall’s got me tickled right in the perfect spot. I can’t help it sometimes.” She explained.


“So you’re pretending to be mute this whole time?” I snapped at her right away.


“I’m no mute.” Makie sent me a glare. Whoa again. I don’t like this Makie.


“I didn’t mean it like that-,”


But as I tried to clear what my stupid mouth babbled, I was left ignored, “I’m just adjusting with everyone. Weren’t you asking why I’m too quiet most of the time? Now that I’m talking with everyone you’re still bothered? Quite frankly Harry, you’re the hardest to approach and talk with because you’re always asking too many questions.” She said and then walked out of the room without even looking back at us.


My jaw just dropped. She’s still mad at me? I turned my attention back at Niall and Louis who glared at me. Liam and Zayn just shook their heads. By the looks of them, they were not amused with what just happened. “Did I say something wrong?”


“Didn’t you just hear what Makie said that you ask too much and here you are again, asking us?” Niall mocked.


I spat back at him, “I can’t help it if I’m curious. It’s not like I go ask her every single time I corner her.”


“Well, would you if you could?” Liam asked.


“No! We were told not to pressure Makie at all.”


Niall just sighed and explained to me, “Let me tell you something, Harry. You’ve got a loud mouth, -that’s what Makie described you herself. She hears you all the time in the unit. She even heard you asking Louis just now when you were outside.” Really? Did she have some kind of bionic ears? Was I that loud all the time?


But even before I can bellow back at what Niall’s told me, Uncle Simon came back at the conference room and hushed us down. He immediately noticed that Makie wasn’t in the room with us.


“Where’s Makie, boys?” Uncle asked as he eyed us one by one.


“She just went outside. Harry’s got her pissed.” Zayn told him.




“I did not!”


“Well, did she tell anyone where she’s going?”


Not able to save myself from all the blame, I answered Uncle, “I’m sure she’s just around the lot somewhere.”


Uncle Simon’s eyes narrowed as he cleared something once more, “Harry, have you forgotten that this is Makie’s first time in the office so that makes her unfamiliar with the whole building yet. What if she went out and gets lost in the streets of London?”


“Shit.” I immediately jumped out of my seat and looked for Makie even before she I brandished her with a new nickname, ‘Lost Girl’.






It’s official. I’ve lost Makie.


“I can’t find her anywhere!” I screamed the moment I barged back in the conference room where Uncle Simon and the other boys waited for Makie and I. They didn’t even help me look for her. Gaah, my best friends are the best bunch to have in the world…NOT.


“Good Lord. Harry, are you sure you’ve gone everywhere?” Louis asked.


“Yeah, I even took a double look at the girl’s room so to be sure but Makie really isn’t anywhere inside the building!” I skipped to tell them how I stopped every single person I came across with and asked if they saw Makie even if they don’t know who I’m talking about, -that’s how anxious I am that I lost our opening act!


Anyone can tell that I’m very worried where in the world did Makie go, and that she’s still mad at me at this very moment. The boys didn’t put me at ease as they started to get panicky too. “Uncle, none of us have her phone number.” Zayn said. Now that he’s mentioned it, I’m sure I haven’t seen Makie ever hold a cellphone with her.


“That’s because she doesn’t have a cellphone.” Uncle Simon said. Why, thanks for informing us.


I looked at our manager with disbelief and asked, “What kind of person doesn’t have a cellphone in this century?”


“I can name a few, -my grandparents who hated them, poor slobs in the streets, and unfortunately, Makie.”




Uncle stomped both of his fist at the wooden table and threatened us, “All of you lot, go look for her or I’ll swear to God I’ll have your cellphone numbers released to the fans.”


Too scared, everyone scrambled their asses off of their seats and ran out of the room with me.



“This is your fault. You should have never pissed Makie in the first place.” Niall started with me again.


“Why is it my fault?! The last time I checked, she didn’t tell me that she hates me so I kept trying to get close to her like all you lads have already established with her! How come neither one of you ever told me you’re already getting in touch with her when all this time I thought she doesn’t talk that much to any of us?!”


Niall sneered with what I just said, “Why? Are you jealous?”


I scoffed back to him, “Fuck no. It’s just unfair. It’s always unfair to me.”


Louis sighed loudly -completely pissed and tired-, “Please, remind me later to get Makie her own cellphone so she doesn’t get lost ever again.”


We’ve been roaming around the whole building and lot perimeter for almost half an hour already yet not one of us have seen Makie. Liam and Zayn took a different path and all of us agreed that we’ll ring one another if we eventually find her.


On the way to the park near the office, Louis, Niall and I were ambushed by some pack of fan girls. After a few snaps of photos with the girls, I excused myself and went on having Louis and Niall there to entertain them as I look alone again for the lost girl.


I wasn’t sure how it happened, but the moment I laid my eyes on a girl sitting on one of the park bench, I just knew it was Makie without a doubt. I knew I’ll recognize her anywhere. I immediately ran pass the busy street, scared for a second that I’d get hit and die, and then resumed on walking towards her who was quite oblivious herself that I was having panic attacks because I pissed her off.


“Hey,” Makie’s head snapped right at my side causing her gentle curls brush my arms that was on the process of moving its way to the bench’s rest. I felt those shivers in every fiber of my system all over again. “I’m going to ask you just this last time, why don’t you have a cellphone?”


A soft gush of the wind made her scent immediately lingered in to me, a smell of light sweet fragrance she used for perfume while I have Makie’s eyes staring back at mine. That’s when I realized that we’re too close to each other.


“I just repel on using technology.” She softly answered back, followed by that beautiful smile in her lips. I was completely blown off out of my socks. I can’t have her mad at me anymore if I want to see more of the smile.


So I began my apology, “You ran off. Everyone’s been looking for you. Uncle Simon almost killed me when the other boys mentioned that I pissed you often with my loud mouth. I promise I won’t do it anymore, -the whole questioning. I’m really sorry, Makie.”


There. I said it. It’s just a matter of time she’ll get to adjust with me too. If it takes more days, I don’t care, just as long as I know we’re finally okay with each other. I don’t want to see angry Makie anymore.


With all the mind battling I was doing in my head, I didn’t realize that Makie wrapped her arms around my waist and leaned against me with her entire face dunked in the thick black scarf that was bundled up to my chest, “Hey, what are you doing?” I asked softly. Her hair smelled like strawberry and vanilla, -amazing.


“I forgive you, Harry Styles.” I heard her say but all I felt was her voice echoed right through my chest and I’m pretty sure that it was on sync with the fast pace beating my heart was doing while she hugged me. Oh my god. “And my face is really cold. I don’t think I can feel my nose-,”


“Wait, what? Let me see your face,” I had both of my hands shot up, have them hold on each side of her face that was only a few inches away from mine. “Makie, your cheeks are burning. You’re cold. Let’s get you back in the office now before you freeze yourself out here.” I told her as I wrapped my arms around her tiny body.


We decided to leave the bench and walk back to the building. I asked, well more like persuaded her to hold on to my arm so she can feel some warmth through me. “You’re wearing too thin clothes, even from the first night we met you.” I told her.


I felt her tense beside me. She looked back at me with a frown etched in her face, “You remember what I wore the first night we met?” Oops.


“Err, vividly? You’re wearing a cardigan which can’t ever suffice a coat in my opinion.”


“Oh, hmm, I wasn’t prepared that London’s be this cold for the season. Your weather makes me miss my home.” Makie said back as I felt her tugged on my arm. I wanted to know if she’s already homesick but I kept my mouth shut because I promised I won’t ask anymore.


“I heard from our Filipino fans that it’s always sunny and shiny in your country. And it’s got lots of beaches too. Damn, I want to go to the beaches!” I whined that made her giggle.


“It’s not always warm and sunny there. Half of the year we suffer heavy rains and thunderstorms.” Makie explained. “I wasn’t just really accustomed with ten degrees below temperature. I have to bundle every night so I could sleep without freezing.”


“Hey, if you need something to warm you up, I’d be most willing to do the job.” I joked. My hopes were high up that she’s still warmed with the silly flirty jokes Louis and Niall started back then at the conference room.


Makie shrugged and told me, “Eh, actually, Louis offered first.”


“He said what?!” Those kinky bastards!  


My shock made her threw her head back and giggled while I held her in the waist as we passed at the pedestrian. I’ve then noticed a few photographers snapping pictures at us so I whispered at Makie that we have to run faster back at the office which she happily obliged to do so.


When we came back at the front desk, Carmen the desk officer noticed how huge my smile was as my eyes was glued only at the sight of Makie as she ran towards the lift.


I haven’t had fun running away from paparazzi with a girl this much before.



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