Soul Siren (OneDirectionFanFiction:HarryStyles/OC)

She was the winner of The X Factor Philippines. It was the only detail we were told about the artist that was lined up to be the opening act for our upcoming world tour. Simon made it clear that we don’t Google her even before we get to meet her, let the girl introduce herself to us so to make her more interesting to work with. We can’t help but get curious of course. What made her so special that Simon was so interested and invested with this certain local artist and get her signed to work with a huge name like us, One Direction?

None of us expected that the artist we’ll be working with would somehow clash with our happy-go-lucky personalities. We were not told that the girl had a very bittersweet past and that her life was not all about fame and fortune after she won The X Factor a year ago.

We didn’t expect that we will meet someone like Makie Romero, a soul siren.


5. Little Harry




I heard Louis screamed at the top of his lungs right in to my ears that made me scramble out of bed and fell face flat at the hard wooden floor of the room. Once in my senses, I muffled an inaudible curse at him and groaned as I used my hands to push my still tired body up in sitting position and rubbed my heavy lidded eyes. I haven’t made my revenge yet, Tomlinson!


“Shouldn’t you scream at Makie and not me?” I croaked. Everyone must remember that I need a few minutes to gather myself in the morning before I’m able to converse properly.


Louis’ furrowed his brows and said, “I can’t just barge in her room and scream like that. What if Makie’s wearing some sexy nighties when she sleeps-, wait, I think I do want to find out myself.”


I grabbed him by the legs even before he could execute what his dirty mind wanted. “You pervert. Come on then, Makie’s probably awake now with all the noise you’ve done.”


“Eh, wake her up yourself. I need to run now to the bathroom.” Louis jumped out of my grasp and dashed straight to the bathroom, but before closing the door, the fucktard screamed once more, “MAKIE!!! WAKE UP!!! HARRY’S PLOTTING OF RAPING YOU WHILE YOU SLEEP!!!”




“What’s going on?” I turned around and saw Makie’s head poking out of her room’s door. She looked concerned as her eyes scanned the whole corridor. “Why is Louis screaming?” she left the door and looked behind me to look for Louis who had already shut the door out that left Makie and I facing each other.


I wasn’t expecting to see Makie in her sleeping wear, -that was pretty much just a large grey shirt that hung loose on her body and ends halfway her thighs. Half of its left sleeve drifted down her shoulder showing her fair cream skin and collar bone.




That was when I realized that I’m half-naked myself, and that the pair of boxers I’m wearing at the very moment was the one with yellow smileys as design.


Fuck. Not in front of her.


“Harry?” Makie called me in the middle of my dilemma, one of her brows raised as she stared at me. Her eyes feasted with my nakedness for a few seconds and smirked. “Nice boxers.” She snickered as she daintily brushed her soft fingertips in my biceps as she walked pass me. Makie’s going to be the death of me.


Fuckity fuck!


I tried to think of other things to tame the little Harry hidden in the boxers, but no can do. He’s a wild one! What am I supposed to do? This is the reason why Louis and I agreed that we don’t leave the room wearing just boxers with Makie around.


I almost wrecked the bathroom door as I begged for Louis to let me in and save me from all the shame I’m about to lose in front of Makie.


“Louis! Let me in now!” I growled loudly as I continued pounding the door.


Yet he didn’t do anything. He just shouted back at me while he was still inside the bathroom, “Man! I told you, we can’t shower together just to save hot water. We can’t act gay if you want Makie! Wait for your turn!”


I started to cry out, “Loooooouuuuuuiiiiissss!!!”


And because I was suffering, I didn’t realize that Makie had made her way next to me at the door and knocked calmly. Horrified, I immediately had both of my hands hide the little Harry. “Louis, please let him in. I am currently witnessing Harry’s morning wood. I’m going to cook breakfast for us. Let’s not spoil it, okay?”


It’s done. She’s going to be the death of Harry Styles.






“You should have been there, lads! Harry almost died of embarrassment and refused to look at Makie while we ate breakfast together! God, I can’t breathe!”


Everyone died of laughter because Louis fucking Tomlinson can’t keep his mouth shut about the little accident I had. He just had to tell the whole story while I did my own pity party in the corner. “Harry Styles?! Embarassed?! Makie, what did you do?” Liam snorted out in between his laughs.


“I didn’t do anything!” she said in defense. Technically, she did. We were just both unaware that her faintest touch could make my manhood go out of control.


Makie scooted closer to me while we were piled up next to each other at the back of the SUV as we drove to the studio where we were supposed to appear for a show. “Stop making fun of your best friend. Boners are normal, at least now I can prove to everyone that Harry Styles isn’t infertile.”


Honestly, was she trying to save me from damn humiliation or just adding fuel to the fire?


“Can we just please change the subject now” I sighed, tried with being the laughing stuff the whole drive. I turned my head and asked the first question that popped in my head, “Makie, are you excited?”


The laugh slowly died down as everyone turned their attention to her, “Are you kidding me? I haven’t been this too much anxious before. It feels like I’m going through the auditions all over again. But in this case, I have to please thousands of young girls also known as your fans.” Makie told me as I just stared at her brown eyes which with all honesty showed me that she was a bit scared. But when a smile appeared in her face, she made me believed that she can do it because all of this is just a phase that even our group experienced before we hit the spotlight. I saw her playing with the silver bond ring in her thumb; maybe some kind of before a performance jitters made her do so.


I felt bold enough and held her hand with mine so I could make her feel my full support for her. Makie immediately stopped fiddling with the ring and squeezed my hand back.


“They’ll love you, Babe.” Zayn told Makie. “Now that you’ve mentioned it, this will also be the first time Liam, Niall and I will hear you sing too.”


As I held Makie’s hand, I felt her tense beside me. Then I remembered what Uncle told us, “Now boys, let’s not pressure Makie in her first performance. We know they’ll love you.”


“Yeah! If the fans don’t, we will have to cancel the whole tour then.” Niall tacked on. Well, that didn’t help at all.


“Niall! I just said don’t stress Makie!”


“What?! I’m just kidding! Come on, Makie Baby, I’m pretty much positive that you will be nothing but spectacular in your number. I can’t wait to fall in love- err, and hear you sing!”


Smooth Horan… smooth…





“Now boys, I was informed that you’ve got someone special with you backstage. Care to explain who that ‘special someone’ is?” the host asked.


We just grinned back at him while I was the one who answered him back, “I think it is better if she introduces herself to everyone.”


The host leaned forward. With both brows raised, he asked once more, “Hold on to that note, you mentioned a ‘She’?”


I nodded. “Yeah, that’s right. She’s a girl.”


A loud wail started at the audience and it just added the adrenaline that was pumping in my bloodstream that made me want to start our performance for the fans now. It made me wonder if Makie hears it too at the back and if she felt the same way I do.


“Well then, what are we waiting for? Let’s call in to the stage, Makie Romero!”


Lights dimmed and the spotlight found its way to the small flat form at the other side of the stage. There she was, standing with the microphone and stand grasped in her hands. The wardrobe team managed to transform her from jeans and shirt to a classy red dress that I think was the best color to show how beautiful her hazelnut orbs truly were. Her face light up the moment she focused her eyes at the bursting crowd of fans before her.


There was no doubt about it. Makie definitely was a shining star.


Her melody started but the arrangement of the song had a different tune from the first time Louis and I heard her sing in the piano.


“Sparks fly, it’s like electricity

I might die when I forget how to breathe

You getting closer and there’s nowhere in this world I’d rather be.

Time stops like everything around me is frozen and nothing matter’s with this,

A few moments when you opened my mind to things I’ve never seen.


Coz when I’m kissing you my senses come alive,

Almost like a puzzle piece I’ve been trying to find,

Both right in place, you’re all that it takes

My doubts fade away when I’m kissing you


Coz when I’m kissing you it all starts making sense

And all the questions in my head like, are you the one should I really trust,

Crystal clear it becomes when I’m kissing you.”



I cannot even describe in words how Makie performed in that little stage at the side. Her voice got me hooked the moment she began singing. The stage and the crowd inside the studio were too small for something amazing like her. ‘Perfect’ would have been an understatement. I, for one, won’t ever get tired of hearing her sultry voice and hear her sing that way all the time. Makie was destined to perform. Now I understand on why she won The X Factor and why she got signed to tour with us.


“Past loves, they never got very far,

Walls up, make sure I guarded my heart,

And I promised I wouldn’t do this, ‘till I know it was right for me.

But no one, no guy that I met before

Can make me feel so right and secure

And have you noticed I lose my focus

And the world around me disappears.”


Every fan in the audience was screaming like it was almost a concert. I’m more than sure that everyone’s enjoying her performance, even the technical people were looking at her as she sang her heart out in the song.


In the middle of her performance, Makie looked at our way, caught my stare at her and smiled as she sang on the verses, -I almost felt weak in my knees.


“I’ve never felt nothing like this,

It’s making me open up.

No point even trying to fight this,

It kind of feels like it’s love.”


I felt Louis nudged my side and whispered right at me, “You might want to wipe that drool on your face, mate.”


“Huh?” I smacked my hand in my mouth immediately even before someone snap a picture of it, taking me out of the reverie Makie’s voice has put me to.


“You don’t want to get caught now, do you?” I frowned as I looked over at him. Louis just chuckled as he added, “You’re so obvious Harry.”




I didn’t get to finish what I’m supposed ask Louis because the light came on back to us as everyone stood up and applauded Makie. I then realized that she’s already done with her number.


“Let us all give a big round of applause to the lovely Makie Romero!” the host burst as he motioned Makie to come down and sit with us. He got to hug her after her song as he also helped her out of the stage and ushered her towards us on whom she has chosen to sit in the middle of Niall and Zayn.


“Wow! Do you hear how loud that cheer is?! Amazing! Where in the world did you get to meet this talented and very gorgeous lady, boys?!” he asked. I then noticed that I wasn’t the only one who’s looking at Makie’s flushed face, -everyone had their eyes at her.


“Wow, even our boys here are speechless.” The host joked. Cries of girls erupted at the audience in front. “I guess I’ll just ask Makie instead. We were told that you’re the winner of The X Factor Philippines, is that right?” Makie just nodded, still smiling back to everyone. “Well, there’s no doubt about you winning because you’re a stellar performer on stage! Does everyone agree with me?” again, the crowd cheered for her. This time, I nodded too because it was nothing but the truth. “And also, we heard that Simon Cowell himself made you audition for him when he met you. What happened when you and Simon first met? Did you know by then that you’re going to audition for the part of being the opening act for One Direction’s world tour?”


Makie took quite a while to answer back. I just looked at her and sensed that there was something she doesn’t want to tell, or can’t tell, “Honestly, I can’t quite remember how Simon Cowell and I met before.”


She can’t remember the first time she met Simon Cowell? How come? I can’t forget the day I met him myself, -I almost pissed on my pants.


Someone from the crew in front of the cameras was waving something at the host, and it was like telling him something about cutting his head while he shook his head…or so I thought. I don’t understand those technical craps anyways.


The host just cleared his throat, “Oh, well then let me just ask another question. Are you excited to work with these gorgeous lads who can’t keep their eyes off of you? It’s a world tour we’re talking about?”


“Yes, I’m definitely excited. These boys have been good company ever since the first day I got to meet them. I’m pretty sure that we’ll definitely make this the best world tour for the fans.”


How she answered the question was too scripted. She hasn’t shown her personality at all. But I can’t do anything about it because we were told not to tell her what to do. She changed back to the reserved Makie we met the first day that won’t tell anything about her life back in her home. Mystery once again enveloped her even after those days we’ve been together. I’m sure she doesn’t want people talking about her personal life, but keeping too much from us won’t help either.


“Thank you so much Makie. We can’t wait to see you perform on the tour and hear more from you. When we come back, One Direction performs right here in our stage so stay tuned everyone!”




All six of us were quickly ushered on the back stage where we were met by Uncle Simon. He was looking at Makie as we walked towards him. There was something by the way he looked at her, something like amazement yet I can see in his eyes there was something like commiseration too. Curiosity came to me once again.


“That was incredible, Makie.” He said as Makie got hugged by Uncle. I just looked at her back while she buried her entire face in Uncle’s chest, like she wanted to hide the expression her face showed.


“Yeah, you’re song was so alluring that Harry got himself another boner in the middle of your performance.” Zayn brought back the joke at me. Every staff at the backstage who heard him yammered in laughter towards me.


I snapped and glared at him. I swear the world tour is going to start with three members short because I’m on the height of murdering Niall Horan, Louis Tomlinson and Zayn Malik any moment.


“Honestly, why am I always the pick to make fun with?!”


Uncle just shook his head with all the amusement he’s so accustomed by now. Makie, once out of Uncle’s arms, looked at me and grinned widely like a chestier cat. I knew by the looks of it that she’s drawing some mental pictures of the said incident this morning.


“I actually have a surprise for you.” Uncle Simon declared making all six of us turn our attention at him.


“Really? Does Makie have a twin sister?!” Nice one, Niall.


“No,” Uncle shoved all of us inside the green room where we saw a middle aged woman sitting at the couch who seems to be waiting for us to barge in too.




Makie ran towards the woman and yanked her small body into a bear hug with her. “Oh my God! What are you doing here?! I thought you said you’ll fly to London a week before the tour starts?!” she shrieked.


The older woman giggled back at her as she kissed her in both cheeks. “Oh honey, didn’t Mr. Cowell tell you that the tour starts in a week? God, you’ve only been gone for a week but I missed you so much!” Again, she enveloped Makie back in her arms and squeezed her tininess. Makie once again hide her face from showing any emotion. “I saw your whole production in the monitor. Did you remember how you performed that song before on your X Factor days? The judges loved that song.”


I swear I saw her head shook for a second, but I reckon the others didn’t saw her do it. 


Niall leaned forward at me and whispered, “She’s going on tour with her mum. Guess none of us can really fuck her then?”


“I heard that, Niall Horan.” Makie turned around and faced us while she still had her arms groping at her Mama’s. “Ma, I would like you to meet Niall, Harry, Louis, Liam and Zayn. They’re the wonderful boys of One Direction. Lads, let me introduce to you, Vanessa. She’s my manager.”


“Hi Mrs. Romero!” all of us chirped.


Vanessa laughed at us and said, “It’s actually Mrs. Lim. My full name is Vanessa Lim, boys.”


“Oh my, we’re sorry! We just assumed that you’re Mrs. Romero because Makie called you Mama.”


Vanessa shook her head at us and explained, “Makie has been stuck with calling me her ‘Mama’ ever since I started managing her because she wants to experience calling someone her mom. Makie and I aren’t related by blood, though she’s more than what I hoped for a daughter.”


With the way I saw Makie tensed with what Vanessa managed to blurt out, I knew there really were certain things she’s been keeping from us. So she haven’t lived her life with a mother until Vanessa became her manager, I understand that. Almost all of us came from broken families as well. Was the topic of family something too bittersweet for her? She doesn’t need to be bashful in front of us about it. If she did know us, I think she will know that we’re the first ones to understand her.


She tore her stare at us and said, “Could Vanessa and I please be excused for a moment?” She immediately pulled Vanessa out of the room leaving all of us with frowns in our faces.


“What was that about?” Louis asked in no one in particular.


Now curiosity has got the other, mine’s just been heightened.






We went on and performed back at the stage but when we were done and came back, Makie and Vanessa were still not back in the dressing room.


“Where are they?” I asked to the staff at the room but no one knew where they went. “Well, I’ll go on and look for them. Someone’s bound to tell them we’re leaving shortly.”


Liam volunteered to come with me and look for the two ladies. We went around, searching every room for Makie and Vanessa, but they weren’t anywhere we stopped at.


On our way further down the corridor of the backstage where the stacks of equipment were resting, I noticed Makie’s red dress and it seems like they were still talking, but in soft hushed voices.


I turned around at Liam and said, “Go on. Tell the others that we’ll be back in the SUV in just a moment.”


When Liam left, I managed to get closer to them and somehow listened to what they were talking about. I know it was eavesdropping, but if I wanted answers to the questions that have been bothering me ever since, having to take certain drastic measures won’t harm a bit.


I was more like three feet away from both of them when I heard Vanessa asked, “With the way the boys asked me back there, I’m pretty sure that they don’t know anything. Am I right?”    


“I’m aware that Uncle Simon told them to wait for me to open up myself. They were all told not to ask.”


“Makie, you’ve been with them for a week now. Have you even told the boys anything about you?” I heard Vanessa asked once again. This time, her tone was more concerned.


Told you this is going to be interesting.


I wished I could see what Makie’s face looked like because I was quickly boggled inside when I heard her say,


“You make it sound like it’s an easy task, -like I can just tell them everything about me in a heartbeat. What do you want me to do? Do you want me to make-up stories?”



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