Soul Siren (OneDirectionFanFiction:HarryStyles/OC)

She was the winner of The X Factor Philippines. It was the only detail we were told about the artist that was lined up to be the opening act for our upcoming world tour. Simon made it clear that we don’t Google her even before we get to meet her, let the girl introduce herself to us so to make her more interesting to work with. We can’t help but get curious of course. What made her so special that Simon was so interested and invested with this certain local artist and get her signed to work with a huge name like us, One Direction?

None of us expected that the artist we’ll be working with would somehow clash with our happy-go-lucky personalities. We were not told that the girl had a very bittersweet past and that her life was not all about fame and fortune after she won The X Factor a year ago.

We didn’t expect that we will meet someone like Makie Romero, a soul siren.


1. It's a 'She'



Chapter One: It’s a ‘she’


“You will get to meet her tomorrow. I bet she’s already on board her flight to London right now.” Uncle Simon told us while all five of us were round up on the conference room after being summoned to talk about the artist who will be the opening act for our upcoming world tour. None of us were actually paying attention at the meeting. It didn’t really matter who we’d be working with because whether we like the artist or not, it’s our job to give entertainment so we really don’t have that much of a choice but work with them to satisfy the fans. We can’t all act demanding considering this will be the first world tour we’re working on.


Yet, this was the first time that we got information about the opening act, “It’s a ‘she’? Sweet!” I exclaimed with much interest but the other boys didn’t. Don’t they realize that a she meant a girl was signed to go on tour with us? Isn’t that exciting? Why am I the only one interested?


“Please Harry, this time there’s no fucking up with the new artist.” Simon warned.


My immediate reply was a scoff. “Hey, why do you have to assume that I’m even going to fuck her? Why? Is she smoking hot?” Really, I only pointed out that our tour mate is a girl. That doesn’t automatically mean that we’ll be spending most of our time together being fucking buddies.


Of course, the other boys snickered at me. They always do. “Come one, your name isn’t Harry Styles if you don’t.” Louis joked about me that just doubled the laughter of the people in the room. I certainly wasn’t aware of that fact.


“Please, don’t be so sure. After what Ms. Swift branded me, she’ll most probably choose Zayn, or even Niall to fuck with.” I retorted back.


But Simon interrupted even before a fight could start, “Boys, please. She’s the best of all the singers who auditioned. I want all of you to act as professionals once you get to meet her tomorrow. Be nice and always be the gentlemen towards her so she won’t get scared, -that goes to you, Harry. Please, no fooling around and I mean it. This is your world tour we’re talking about and that girl is part of the team now.”  


“What do we have to know about her?” Zayn asked suddenly interested too. Okay, so now he wants to get details about the said girl but no one said anything rude and laughed their asses at him? That is so unfair.


I took my phone out and asked, “What’s her name? Maybe we can Google her-,”


“Harry, why spoil the surprise?” Liam cut in.


I tossed my phone back at the table and sighed with frustration, “I just want to see what she looks like. I hope she’s pretty and hot.”


Louis and Liam scowled back at me while as Niall spoke out his thoughts, “I hope she’s magical,” he said, with matching dreamy look as he imagined the girl. Honestly, what do you expect him to say?


“She’s the winner of The X Factor Philippines. That’s all I’m going to tell for now. I’d like her to do the needed introduction herself. I’m pretty sure you’ll like her, she’s quite an interesting one.” Simon explained. Well that certainly was a first, not all artists get to be praised by Simon Cowell himself, most specially those whose name isn’t very well-known in the international music industry.  And just because of that, all five of us suddenly became curious of who the girl really was.


“Have we met her before?” Liam asked. We did meet some on the X Factor winners from the other countries, but I can’t remember ever meeting someone from the Philippines. If she was something like what Simon tells us, one of us would have remembered her in some ways. I, for one, don’t.


“Like I said, you’ll get to meet her tomorrow. This meeting is now adjourned. You’re all dismissed. Thank you for your time.”








“I wonder what kind of artist she is. What does Uncle Simon mean with her being an interesting one?” I asked Louis as we made our way inside our apartment. I haven’t dropped the conversation about the mystery girl even after we got home. I’ve successfully pissed the other boys with the non-stop questions I can’t help but pose even though I know they don’t have answers themselves.


By the way he looked at me, Louis was also clearly on the verge of tearing my head off because of annoyance but as the more mature one, he tried his best to tolerate me. He just sighed and uttered, “Come on Harry, don’t stress yourself. We’ll get to meet her in less than 24 hours.”


I stomped my feet like a child throwing tantrums, “I’m just really curious!”


“Well, so am I. But you don’t see me fuss about her.” Louis made himself comfortable at the massive couch in our living room and flipped on the television. “Honestly Harry, just drop it so we both can rest peacefully tonight. You wouldn’t want to look hideous when you meet her.” His remark made me glare at him as I walked towards the couch where he sat. Me? Hideous? Come on. No one would dare call me ugly. The fans will have them killed for the love of me because every girl in the world wants a piece of this sexiness.


He just chuckled, “Look, Uncle Simon said her flight arrives an hour later after lunch. We can’t be late and make her wait. It’s not very professional and not good for a first impression.” Louis again told me as I threw myself and slumped next to him in the couch. I nodded and tried to remember what he said so I won’t oversleep.


Both of our eyes were glued at the enticing food channel that was then showing a variety of cakes and pastries when we heard someone rang for our apartment from the downstairs foyer.


I turned my head at Louis and asked, “Are you expecting someone?” he just shook his head in response. “Hmm, okay.” It was probably someone from the team, or maybe one of Uncle Simon’s minions who was on duty to check on us once in a while.


I stood up and walked at the receiver, “Who is it?” I asked the person on the other line.


 “Mr. Cowell sent me.” The voice who replied was a bit soft. I didn’t quite get if the voice sounded more feminine or not, but it mentioned Uncle Simon so it must have been important. “Okay, just come up.” I said.


A few seconds later, we heard someone knocked at the front door. That’s weird, most of Uncle’s employees just barge in so no one will notice them coming in and out of our apartment and have our address leaked to the fans, but this one has manners, -weird.


Louis enjoyed the sight of the intangible sweets in the television that’s why he pushed me off of the couch so to open the door and see who was outside. Lazy bum. I groaned and got up, “Fine, I’ll get it.”


Once I opened the door, I immediately noticed the two huge red suitcases in our doorsteps which only made me turn my attention at the person who stood next to it, -a girl.


Without fair warning, I shut the door in the face of the person. Rude, I know. But it was for our safety. I heard the girl yelped outside and said something I didn’t quite understand.


“Hey, who is that?” Louis came running towards me. I held the doorknob tightly with my body pressed at the door itself, scared that the girl outside might try to force the door and get in, though she looked small to overpower me.


“Call security. There’s a girl outside, and she’s got bags with her!” I panicked.   


Louis just stared at me with my sudden outburst, like I’m someone mad, “What? I thought I heard her say that Uncle Simon sent her?” he asked me.


“Of course that’s what they’ll say to trick us so we’d let them in. Don’t ask! Just call the security before she calls the other girls tells them she finally found us!” I exclaimed.


Louis just rolled his eyes at me and didn’t look alarmed like I was, “I don’t hear her throwing a fit.” What the hell?  “I think you’re overreacting Harry. Let me talk to her.”


I tried to stop him when he pushed pass me and held the doorknob but then he had me  shoved at the other side and once again opened the door so he could talk at the girl who stood still outside.


Louis had the door widely ajar that got both of us a clear study of the girl who stared back at us. She was indeed small, standing a foot shorter than I am. We weren’t able to see half of her face because she wore a pair of black aviator shades (though it was already night time) under her jet black side sweep bangs while her head was adorned with a grey crochet bonnet that hid some of her loose curls that just passed right down her chest. She looked a bit less clothed for the cool weather London has with just the white scarf around her neck and a thin yellow cardigan that probably doesn’t warm her at all.      


It took us a while to check her out before Louis decided to speak out, “I’m sorry but may I ask who you are?” he asked politely.


But even before she could answer him back, I cut in, “What do you want? An autograph? A kiss? One night stand? Name what you want and we’ll give it to you, just don’t tell the whole fandom where we live!” I shouted out. I’m pretty aware that I did sound and looked like bonkers as I bellowed. Both Louis and the girl had the same perplexed look etched in their faces after I spoke. Was my bargain not fair enough? Should I have offered a threesome?


“Excuse me?” the girl sounded befuddled and her tone was certainly offended with what I said.


I knew I should have given the choice of a threesome, -I’m game with anything.  


“God, Harry, will you please just let me handle this?” Louis hissed at me as he shoved me back at the side while he calmly conversed with her, keeping an arm right in my chest so I don’t pounce again. “Err… I’m so sorry about my mate. What is it that you need again?”


“Uh, won’t you let me in first? It’s a bit chilly outside-,”


Once again, I didn’t let her finish what she’s about to say, “And why would we do that? We don’t know you.”


Letting out an annoyed groan, the girl then took her glasses off which revealed a pair of hazelnut brown eyes. Both Louis and I were shocked of the attractive girl who stood at our doorsteps.


“I’m sorry but didn’t Mr. Cowell tell you? I’m your front act.”





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