Soul Siren (OneDirectionFanFiction:HarryStyles/OC)

She was the winner of The X Factor Philippines. It was the only detail we were told about the artist that was lined up to be the opening act for our upcoming world tour. Simon made it clear that we don’t Google her even before we get to meet her, let the girl introduce herself to us so to make her more interesting to work with. We can’t help but get curious of course. What made her so special that Simon was so interested and invested with this certain local artist and get her signed to work with a huge name like us, One Direction?

None of us expected that the artist we’ll be working with would somehow clash with our happy-go-lucky personalities. We were not told that the girl had a very bittersweet past and that her life was not all about fame and fortune after she won The X Factor a year ago.

We didn’t expect that we will meet someone like Makie Romero, a soul siren.


9. Hospitals and Nightmares


MAKIE ROMERO: A closer look at One Direction’s new found star; her up-and-coming life with the boys on the road; her stirring romance with Harry Styles; and is Taylor Swift jealous?


August 24, 2011. A year after Simon Cowell formed One Direction, then sixteen years old Makie Romero won the Philippine franchise of The X Factor, making her the youngest of all the winners of the show all over the globe. But unlike other winners, Romero took some time off before grabbing the opportunity of fame and fortune. After her victory at The X Factor, Romero was said to disappear from the Philippine limelight with an unknown reason behind. It was just until recently when she was formally introduced to be One Direction’s newest touring buddy that everyone has heard of Romero once again.


“Makie auditioned for me back when I visited the Philippines where she was first introduced to be the winner of the franchise. I didn’t tell her then that the performance she did was meant for a world tour with One Direction yet something about that number she showed me made it clear to me that she was the perfect front act I’m looking for that will instantly click with the boys.” One Direction manager and The X Factor producer, Simon Cowell said in the interview. “Makie Romero was the kind of artist that everybody would want to listen to. When she sings, she gets everyone’s attention and instantly captivates the listeners with her voice making them just want more. I think that’s why Makie became the winner. She’s different from the other artists I discovered, but in a good way.”


True to his words, the opening act shook the whole One Direction fandom with her stellar performances for the past six sold out concert she performed on and the fans have mixed reviews about her too good to be true song numbers, especially when the rumors started that Romero and One Direction’s ultimate flirt, Harry Styles, began stirring all over the web.


Though both Styles and Romero neither denied nor confirmed any building romance, the pictures circling social media beg to differ. They have been captured on several photographs being so cozy and sweet with each other. Even before Romero was introduced as the front act for the band’s world tour, pictures has already spread with Styles and Romero holding hands on what seems to be a date in the park near Syco’s building. The speculations has been followed with more photos of Romero and Styles, courtesy of the other boys who seems to be in favor of this up and becoming couple, hugging and too close to be just considered as tour mates.


When asked what they think about Romero, the boys of One Direction gave the nicest compliments for their new girl.


“Makie just completely clicks with the whole band. Honestly, it wasn’t an issue to any of us even before that a girl would be coming to us on tour. Makie was far better than who all of us imagined that artist would be, and I love it how the fans say the same comments.” Liam Payne told us in the interview. “I’m a big fan of Makie. She’s such a talented girl. She surprises us every single time we see her perform on stage. Plus, she doesn’t just repeat her set lists -Makie always strikes us with new songs, how cool is that? ”


“She completely smashes her sets every time she performs on stage. This was just really meant for her, -to be a star and perform in front of thousands of people. We’re happy that Makie became a part of our team.” Modest Zayn Malik told the Tribute.


“We are all crazy about Makie. Oh no, not like crazy in love, although I don’t think Harry and Niall would say the same point. Ha! The lads will kill me. I just gave you hints there!” playful Louis Tomlinson dished.


As per what Louis slipped to mention, it was clear to everyone in the press that Romero caught the attention of her other tour buddy, Irish member Niall Horan.


Also single and more than ready to mingle, Horan was straight forward with his ongoing relationship with Romero. “We are best friends. Yes, best friends! Makie is a very lovely lady and this would be the first time that I’m going to be honest that I’m head over heels for a friend. It’s just sad that none of us can date her. It will be very unprofessional and just wrong because we consider each other as best friends.” Horan told in the interview. It was also clear in his words that he is still hopeful and a bit sad.


So the question still remains, what about Harry Styles and Makie Romero’s undeniable attraction to each other?


“She’s just simply amazing. We love her.” Was all Styles told us when he was asked how would he describe their lovely tour mate. The answer was too simple, but by the way we saw Styles looked at her as he describe Romero, his eyes painted a whole lot of words for her, and that was for us to decipher. Is he in love with their front act?


Though we left that question unanswered, we are pretty much sure of one thing, -his ex-girlfriend, country star Taylor Swift, is painfully jealous with Style’s new lady love.


Also now on her own tour, Swift made a clear announcement to her fans that she is far better than the ‘new girl’. She said, “You can’t just take someone from the street and make her a superstar. It’s a long process to go through and a lot of hard work. You can’t just pop out of nowhere. Well, someone knows a shortcut to stardom of course.” Clearly, Swift didn’t know Romero’s background as a grand winner and hasn’t heard at all how she performed, but then Swift still continued on with her rants against the clueless Romero. “If I was that girl, I should have never left my country. But she’s lucky; maybe she has a secret leprechaun that helps her too.” Swift did not only bash Styles and Romero, she even made fun of Horan. She ended her speech with singing ‘Better than Revenge’ with the lyrics, “She’s not a saint and she’s not what you think, she’s an actress. She’s better known for the things that she does on the mattress, soon she’s gonna find stealing other people’s toys on the playground won’t make ‘em any friends, she should keep in my mind there is nothing I do better than revenge. Let’s hear the applause, show me how much better you are, so you deserve some applause, coz you’re so much better. She took him faster than you can say sabotage.”


Maybe someone should show Ms. Taylor Swift a clip of Makie Romero performing on stage or even better, maybe Harry Styles should give her a front row seat ticket so she can personally hear how ear bashing the Directioners give the front act a round of applause, -loud and clear.


Interview by Johanna Miller, The Tribute.






“Finally! I will be able to rest on a comfortable bed and not worry of falling in the middle of my sleep anymore!”


If anyone is wondering who would be the most annoying One Direction lad to sleep with in one bed, then the answer will be Niall Horan. He just moves a lot in his sleep, thus I don’t understand why in the world they assigned him on one of the top bunks on the tour bus. As of this time, Niall has already fallen off of his bed for at least seven times. The last one resulted to a visit in the emergency room and a lime green cast in his left ankle. But what really makes this little snowflake the luckiest boy in the entire planet was the news we were told about when we arrived at the hotel.


The lucky leprechaun gets to bunk with Makie. They will be locked together on a small room all night long, -having a heart to heart talk, naked pillow fight, sleeping together in that king size bed tangled in just a white duvet covering their sore bodies. Oh my god.  


I almost wanted to throw a fit in front of the whole team just to show everyone how much I disagree to this arrangement.


I let out a loud sigh with all the horrible thoughts that clouded my mind of what could happen while all of six of us hopped on the elevator. Liam held me by my shoulders, squeezed the pressure point in my collar bone making me wince in pain, and then told me, “Come on mate, there’s no need to be that jealous at all. Niall and Makie are not even sharing the same bed as far as I know.” Yeah right. Jealousy is not my middle name.


“Who even told you that I’m jealous?!” I screeched back at him. The boys snorted a hearty laugh at how girly it sounded. While in front of me, Makie just shook her head as she softly giggled at how ridiculous this conversation was.


Liam mocked, “Well, if looks could kill mate, Niall would be in ashes by now. Give him a break, will you?”


Gaah, fine! I’m teeny tiny jealous. I can’t be jealous. Makie’s not mine, nor is she Niall’s. Why am I feeling this envy towards my best mate?! For the love of the divine god of pussy cats, Niall and Makie are just best friends!


Hear me! Harry Styles will never be jealous. I repeat! Harry Edward Styles is never the jealous type.


“I’m not jealous!” and once again, it came out too high pitched. Fuck my life.


Luckily, before I die of embarrassment for the umpteenth time, Zayn changed the subject by asking, “Makie, what if you wake up tomorrow with Niall spooning you?”


Well, if I was a girl and I wake up with Niall spooning me, I wouldn’t think twice of jumping on him.


Makie just shrugged. “I wouldn’t mind. As long as he is not naked, it will be fine with me.” I told you so. No one can say no to that blonde Irish Beiber. “But I don’t think Niall would want someone on bed with him with that uncomfortable cast in his ankle.” She pointed out too which was totally true.


Next to me leaning on the other side of the elevator, Niall groaned in pain as he moved the heavy thing plastered in his ankle. “I can hardly move with this cast on my feet. How can I even make a move on Makie?”


Louis dared him by exclaiming a suggestion, “Ooh, would you want Harry to give you some pointers?”


This is the first time that I felt humiliated by someone complimenting me that I’m the best one to come talk with when it comes to sex. It’s like I have so many experiences to share with. Why was I friends with these bunch again? Blush immediately rose to my cheeks and in just a matter of seconds I felt my entire face flushed. Although I can’t see what Makie’s reaction is at the moment, I’m pretty much sure that she’s also scarlet-faced.


The vivid images of her embarrass face just the other day made me smirk in an instant. I loved how I make her puffed cheeks turn pink. Bashful Makie is the best.


It wasn’t until we got to the hotel floor where we were booked to stay for the night that everyone was told Makie and Niall won’t be sharing a room together anymore because Uncle Simon finally managed to get Niall his own room to stay in. They didn’t want to disturb Makie’s sleep with all the whining he makes, and the fact that they were worried that Niall will just make Makie his personal nurse and pester her all night instead of letting her get some well-deserved rest. Little Makie is just too humble that she complies with everything Niall asks her to do.


I was sharing rooms with Louis again which was fortunately next to where Makie was staying. It has been a very long day and everyone was just plain tired so all of us decided to turn the night away. The huge bed and fluffy pillows in our hotel room was just too enticing to be left unnoticed.


Before heading down to her room, Makie walked towards the other lads and managed to give each of them good night hugs and kisses on the cheeks.


And there she was once again, saving the last one for me. Somewhere deep inside, her sweetness is killing me. I wanted her to be mine.


The good night hug we shared felt like longer than the others. “Good night Harry.” She whispered softly before leaning forward to kiss me too in the cheeks like what she has done with the other boys. Don’t get me wrong, I intended to kiss Makie on her cheek first but she turned her face the last minute. Our lips connected for what seems to be like a millisecond but in that succinct moment, I felt how my whole stomach goes forth in to a battle with raging wild butterflies. For that one second, I felt like screaming because of exuberance.


Our unexpected lip lock made me believe I have finally found the truth of what it feels like to experience my own heaven whilst on earth.


And it seems like none of the boys saw our little fortuity so I played it off casually, yet I know I was again grinning like a Cheshire cat in front of her. “Oopsies, I missed.” I said as I fought myself from pulling her back so I could crash my lips against hers once more. It was tempting.


Makie’s face was so red it was like she was on fever. She uttered a soft “I’m sorry,” before pivoting her heels and quickly fled away from me.


If she didn’t pulled away quicker than greased lightning, I could have-,




“OH MY GOD!” “MAKIE!” I heard Zayn and Liam shouted in chorus. Together with Louis, they rushed towards Makie who was lying flat in her back at the off white carpeted floor of the hotel corridor.


While I was left high inside my bubble of Makie action, in that matter of seconds, Niall almost managed to kill Makie. Well, someone was a little klutz and I doubt it was entirely his fault.


I watched a few feet away from the whole mess they were. “What the fuck happened?”


“Makie got smacked on the door by Niall.” Liam said as he helped the injured girl who grasped both of his arms as she tried to stand up. Makie failed to do so. She would have tumbled down once again if it wasn’t for Liam’s arms.


She slurred her speech while she covered up an, “I’m… okay-,” which was just utterly unconvincing.


Niall looked mortified with what he has done. He hopped with his cast-free feet and made his way to his poor victim before he exclaimed, “I’m sorry! I didn’t know that Makie was behind my door! I was just going to get my guitar!”


Liam held Makie securely in his arms. He then explained, “Babe, were you confused? Your room is on the opposite door.”


Told you it wasn’t Niall’s fault. Who would have thought that these lips would completely make pretty little Makie flustered? Ooh, the awesomeness of Harry lips! Ego boost!


Zayn caught me chuckling by myself. He screamed, “What the fuck, Harry! Why are you laughing there?! Help us!”


“She’s… oh my god, there’s blood-,”






I heard the elevator stopped with Uncle Simon, Vanessa and the rest of the team coming out of the lift, just in time to witness the whole fiasco. “Good mother of earth! What is going on out here?”


Vanessa brushed through the group and looked at her bloody talent, “Why is Makie bleeding? Are you alright honey?” She conjured a white handkerchief from her pocket and pressed it on to Makie’s nose. It was immediately soaked with her blood. “You need to go to the hospital. Who is this-, Oh my god! Why is Louis unconscious?!” Vanessa made Liam hold on to the bloody cloth before she knelt down to check Louis who was totally knocked out.


“Call an ambulance now, Zayn!” Niall shouted in panic.


“What’s the emergency number?! 111? 911? 119? 999? What?! I’m no good with numbers!”


Liam and Niall again saw me triple my laughter. Everyone glared at me before they shouted, “What the hell! HARRY EDWARD FUCKING STYLES! HELP US!”


And that was how our whole night turned out. Not one of us got the well-deserved rest because the whole team sprinted back on the bus and drove to the nearest hospital to make another impromptu appearance.






Insomnia decided to pester me tonight. We got back from the hospital three hours ago and by then, my whole system was too high to even sleep at all. I don’t even understand why. We haven’t stayed that long in the emergency room anyway because Makie started hyperventilating just when we were about to go inside. I guess it was typical for someone to be peeved by hospitals, but by the way Makie nearly begged on her knees to us not to take her inside was too questionable. She’s afraid of buses and hospitals; there must be some kind of connection between these facts that would be an answer for why Makie Romero is too mysterious. It was only Vanessa who managed to stop her from fainting too. Liam practically dragged her inside so we can be sure that her nose wasn’t broken which luckily turned out to be fine. The doctor told us that she just bled too much because her lining was too thin.


Unfortunately, my overthinking kept me wide awake. I tossed and turned in the bed I shared with Louis who just kept groaning in irritation every single time I make the lightest move so I was left no choice but to get up and leave.


I made my way to the balcony of the hotel room we stayed at. My whole body shivered as the chilly air of the city brushed every part of my exposed skin. I took in a deep breather and simply enjoyed the peace and serenity I was getting at the very moment. Times like this are so rare that it’s a must that I make the most of this. Sometimes, I missed quiet times like these -the simplicity of my whole life before I became a part of the biggest boy band known in the whole world today-, before all the fame and success, before the gold record albums, before the sold out concerts, before the world tours, before the screaming fans-,


My silence was quickly disrupted by something. Though it would seem inaudible for the whole world to notice at one point, I would know it in a heartbeat –the very sound of a series of muffled screams from somewhere- and it came from the room next to ours.


We were staying at the tenth floor, yet the thought that I could fall and die instantly didn’t even stop me from leaping from the balcony I was staying in to the other side. Fortunately, it wasn’t that far. I just panicked too much that my mind completely forgot I could always use the front door instead of going as a badass daredevil bouncing off the windows of tall buildings.


Remember when Louis said that I’d jump off the window for Makie? Well, he’s got that right. I’d jump off any balcony just for Makie.


She was alone in her room and her glass door wasn’t locked so I came inside without thinking twice. Through the dim light coming from her night stand, right there I witnessed how Makie curled her small body clad in a white camisole like she was in too much pain while both of her knuckles were pale white as she tightly grasped the white sheet of the bed. Her eyes were completely shut close and she was screaming some garbled words I can’t understand.


I understand that if someone was to find out that I came to her room without her grant, I will be in so much trouble. But with how I saw Makie suffered through a horrible nightmare alone was too appalling for me to leave her that way. I need to save her at least.


And because I can’t take it anymore, in less than a second, I crawled next to Makie in her bed and wrapped her shaking body inside my arms. Makie did not open her eyes nor even bulged to recognize that someone was in bed with her. My torso received a few tolerable punches before she seized her tosses and hold onto me. She then again let out another loud scream against my chest as I held her and it continued on for at least four more frightening cries. I felt every drop of tears that fell down from her eyes and dampened both her face and my chest. I felt how fast her heart was racing against her chest and it just echoed right through my skin.


It was too much for me to handle. I never thought that I will see Makie in this state. What was it that made her feel this vulnerable? Whatever that nightmare was, it was just heartbreaking to see her fight alone through it.


“Shh… Don’t cry… It’s just a nightmare… I’m here for you, Makie…” I breathed out as I let my fingers ran through her soft curls so she would feel soothe. It somehow made her whimpers cease or a while with only just a few soft sobs escaping her lips.


My mum once told me, never let a girl cry herself to sleep for no woman deserved to feel sad and all alone. Even if I wasn’t the sole reason behind those tears she sheds in her eyes, never ever let that girl feel no one is there that would help her. If I was to ever see my girl crying in her sleep, sing her a lullaby and through every melody and word, make sure that she feels you’re right there for her.


“Constantly thinking of things to do,

Places where we can make love,

I wanted to free you,

I’ll take you wherever you want.


Placing my kisses above you,

Caressing you so nice and slow,

Oh how I want you,

Girl that’s something I want you to know.


Whenever I’m near you,

My love just comes out,

Whenever I see you,

I just want you around,

Coz I wanna feel you,

All through the day and the night,

Whenever I’m with you,

It feels like bedtime.”


I’m not sure what made me think of this song. I guess this isn’t really a lullaby but I just suddenly felt the need of singing her this song.


It took me another round of hum for a few more minutes before I finally managed to calm Makie down. Her breathing started to slow down as the sobs died out. I felt her heart’s beat now on sync with mine as we lay underneath her bed’s white duvet together. Makie still hasn’t stirred up, she was sleeping so soundly and it was nice to feel her lying against me, -barely clothed and all.  


Through the silence of the room, I heard her murmur,


“Papa… Papa…”


Makie had a nightmare about her father. Something about Arthur Romero has made her this way, -scared.



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