Soul Siren (OneDirectionFanFiction:HarryStyles/OC)

She was the winner of The X Factor Philippines. It was the only detail we were told about the artist that was lined up to be the opening act for our upcoming world tour. Simon made it clear that we don’t Google her even before we get to meet her, let the girl introduce herself to us so to make her more interesting to work with. We can’t help but get curious of course. What made her so special that Simon was so interested and invested with this certain local artist and get her signed to work with a huge name like us, One Direction?

None of us expected that the artist we’ll be working with would somehow clash with our happy-go-lucky personalities. We were not told that the girl had a very bittersweet past and that her life was not all about fame and fortune after she won The X Factor a year ago.

We didn’t expect that we will meet someone like Makie Romero, a soul siren.


26. Fire Away, Fire Away



Chapter Twenty Five: Fire Away, Fire Away


Niall didn’t return back to the hotel that night Andie left.


After sharing a kiss, Makie and I watched him as he insisted to take Andie to the airport. After arguing for a little while, Andie was left with no choice but let him take her to the airport, and have someone at least give her a decent goodbye after all (read: again, against management’s orders).


But Niall didn’t return. In fact, he went missing for the next twenty four hours. None of us knew where he’s gone to, not a very much common antic of Niall Horan. Thank God none of the press seemed to know about it or else it will be a filled day for them again. Liam kept calling his phone but it would only go to voicemail. Zayn panicked and accidentally told Uncle Simon that Niall went somewhere without anyone knowing which ended with Uncle Simon getting mad at all of us for letting Niall leave without any body guards. Louis didn’t look like he cared Niall was missing, but didn’t let anyone notice it but me. Makie kept me calm, I was already thinking of worst case scenarios to where the hell Niall went.


What if he got into an accident for being heartbroken? Did Andie manage to really break his heart? What if something serious happened to him that’s why we can’t reach him? But what if they left together? What if Niall ran away with Andie?




It wasn’t until we were in the airport on our way to Berlin that Niall decide to show up. What’s more surprising is that Niall looked better, sporting a goofy smile at us as he kept saying sorry for not telling us where the hell he went. Said he’s already got a punishment ready from Uncle Simon once we reach our next stop so there’s no need for us to kill him, but that didn’t stop me and Zayn from causing havoc at the airport grounds, then have Liam give him a lecture for how irresponsible he was for not answering any of his calls. Makie asked him how’s Andie but told her he’d tell her what happened some other time. Again, Louis acted like he didn’t care.


All throughout the flight, there was tension between Louis and Niall, again not everyone noticed but me. Honestly, it scared me that they this might not be a simple fight.


----------(Soul Siren)----------


“Boys, you’re off for a radio interview today at ten, and then you’re scheduled to make an appearance for two show guesting’s at half past eleven and the other one at two in the afternoon.” Jenna, the tour assistant, reminded us of our agenda today. Thank God, there were only three stops for today. I’d really want a time off to catch on with my sleep. Jetlag’s no good.


“Makie, you’re going on a live TV interview on Michelle Eugenio’s show, and you’re going solo, without the boys this time.” she told Makie. “You’ve got free time this morning so try to do something productive. The show starts at five.”


Makie just quickly nodded back to Jenna and proceeded to having a hushed conversation with Vanessa in the corner. It was only then that I noticed that the lady manager looked very tired. She looked so stressed already, and I kind of felt bad for her because she will have to take care of Makie all by herself now that Andie’s out of the tour. Dark circles formed under her baggy eyes that made her look much older. This was the first time that I saw Vanessa after that little encounter we had with Mr. Clark.


I watched as Vanessa stood up and asked to be excuse out of the conference room, taking a phone call from her cellphone. I then took it as my chance and sat next to Makie.


“Will you be alright without us there?” I asked her instantly. “I mean, this will be the first time you’ll go off an interview all by yourself, should I be worried for you?”


Makie just chuckled and told me back, “It’s just an interview, Harry. There’s no need to worry. I can handle it by myself. What’s the worst thing that could happen, right?”


I can’t tell her there’s this high possibility that bad questions would be thrown at her, after all, it’s not a mystery anymore that we’re together even though we haven’t announced it to the public yet.


“I just can’t help but worry. It’s acceptable.”


“Harry, you worry too much. You should trust me with this. I’ll be fine.”


She didn’t look mad for me worrying too much. In fact, Makie just held be by the hands and as she reassured me with a smile in her face. Her touch made me remember that trust would be something crucial in this point of relationship. She wasn’t supposed to be asking me to trust her. I should be the one showing her them, that’s what I’ve been asking her all this time. I really should just trust her. Let her make a decision and just trust each step of the way because it will make her fine.


She’ll be fine. I know she’ll be fine.


What’s the worst that could happen, right?


I let out a sigh and told her, “Just be careful with your answers, okay? They will do everything and will ask you a lot, believe me. When you feel like they’re already asking too much, it’s better to just smile and let them guess what it meant. Don’t fret when they ask if we already slept together because I know they will ask you that. I’ve been told by twitter that we went to Hawaii and had a secret sexy time.”


To where that rumor started was still a big question. And the fans actually believed it.


Makie feigned a gasp, “Well, that’s a lie-”




“-because it happened in Paris.”


Though Makie and I were aware that the boys were in the room with us, I shrugged the fact and just leaned on forward and captured her lips on a kiss.


Sweet bliss.


“Oh my God, you two were better when you’re not doing public display of affection.” I heard Zayn groaned beside us. “You’ve changed, Makie.”


Then Liam shouted “Oi! Go get a room before I snap a picture and put it on twitter!”, before I got smacked by a pillow in the head.


And it gave me an idea. Quickly, I took my cellphone out and angled to mine and Makie’s face. She knew I wanted a picture. As Makie was grinning at the camera, I pressed a kiss on her cheeks. Alas, picture perfect.


@Harry_Styles: Life is good as of the moment. :) 



 ----------(Soul Siren)----------


After the radio interview, I found the perfect time to corner and interrogate Niall and his secret escapade with Andie. I can’t help it. I was worried too. I told Andie to ring me once she gets home safely, well, she hasn’t called me yet.


Once alone in the dressing room, I fired my first question at him. “Niall, where did you really go?”


He was currently stuffing his face with food when I barged in. He looked back at me with his blue eyes all surprised. “Mmhff?”


“Damn it! Niall, you went missing for more than a day and you act like you don’t know? Honestly!”


“Of course I know, Harry. Makie knows about it too.”


I shot him a confused look. “Wait, Makie knows what?”


“I told Makie everything. She was even the one who’s insisted me to do it.” Niall said.


“Do what exactly?”


“I didn’t let Andie go home.”


“What? Well then, where’s Andie?”


“I flew her out to London with me. She’ll be staying in my flat there for a while.”


“You did what?!”


Surprisingly, it wasn’t me that screamed the question out.


It was Louis.


He stood by the doorframe, his face scrunched up in confusion. Anyone can tell that he didn’t plan to hear mine and Niall’s conversation with the way he was frozen on spot. His blue green eyes pierced straight to Niall’s, and I could actually tell then that he’s angry. And by the tone of his voice, he didn’t barge in to have a cozy chat with us. “You left Andie in London? Alone?”




“Harry, did you know this? Did you know Andie will leave? Did Makie tell you?” then again, Louis turned back to Niall and asked him accusingly, “Why did Andie leave? Why did you let her leave?”


“Louis, look-,”


“No, Harry! Stay out of this!”


Niall stood up from his chair and retorted, “What the fuck is your problem?”


Louis started charging towards Niall, and screamed again, “What the fuck is my problem? You are my problem, Niall! I bet you made Andie leave! You’re making everything worse!”


I wriggled my way and stood in between them, holding on to them so they don’t start throwing punches out. “Hey! Hey! Quit it! Louis, it isn’t Niall’s fault. It was Andie’s decision to leave, and the management made her leave.”


“Why are you acting like that?”


“Because…because… Andie… she…FUCK!”


Louis stormed out of the room leaving both Niall and I completely confused of his actions.


----------(Soul Siren)----------


After our last TV guesting, the boys and I ran back to our hotel as quick as possible so to still catch on Makie’s interview in Michelle’s show.


We missed her entire opening performance, which I knew beforehand that she will be singing her own version of our song Irresistible.


Michelle Eugenio was Berlin’s Allan Carr, with over thousands of viewers per night as she interviewed Hollywood’s biggest celebrities, famous young stars and bands including us. She was a huge name in the entertainment industry and it was a pretty big step for Makie’s international career to be seen on her show. It was lucky that the producers of Michelle’s show would gain interest to Makie Romero.


“Wow that was just, amazing. Give a round of applause for Makie Romero everyone! I say, you look lovelier in person, honey.” Michelle said as the camera zoomed and put Makie in picture, letting us see how they dressed her up for the show.


She was indeed lovely, but beyond beautiful in my eyes. Wearing a casual tailored white dress and very light make-up on, everyone was awed at how gorgeous she is, including me. Her dark brown hair was tied up on a bun with just few shorter wavy strands loose in each side of her face. Right there in her lips was that breathtaking smile that told me she was confident, fine and will do well. I wouldn’t need to worry, I told myself. My Makie will just be alright.


Makie sat on the plush couch that was across Michelle’s in the center of the stage. As the claps of the audience died down, she continued on the interview. “That song was one of One Direction’s, right? Did the boys know you’ll sing today or was it a surprise?” she asked.


“Yes, they did know. Actually, I asked Niall if he could teach me how to play it in the guitar. He’s heard of me singing it a couple of times. I told them it was one of my favorite songs of theirs, and they said that it’ll be cool if I do my own cover.” Makie answered right away.


“Makie Romero. The fans call you a soul siren because you capture them in some kind of bliss with your heartfelt songs and your voice is just somehow alluring and captivating. Is that how you’d describe yourself too?”


“I think this will be the first time I’ve heard of it. Soul siren –that’s quite a cool description, I believe. But I won’t say I allure the audience with my voice. I guess they just really get the meaning behind me through some of my songs and that’s what captivates them to listen.” 


Makie was doing fine for a starter. She was calm and was just careful. Michelle was just nodding back and smiling. “That is a very nice answer. So Makie how’s the whole tour with One Direction, so far?”


“So far, so great, thanks for asking. We’re all having a good time travelling and doing shows for the fans. You know, everything’s just really overwhelming.”


“I can see that, yes. How are the boys? You’re on the road with them 24/7, isn’t that hard, considering you’re the only girl in the group?”


“Oh no, not at all. Sometimes, I don’t feel like I am a girl when I’m with them. Other than the constant craziness and never ending pranks by the boys, I guess I just grown a hang of everything. I mean, it was honestly really hard at first, having to wake up and see five teenage boys you hardly know shirtless is one thing, but for the fact that we’re all family to one another is what I think made everything just easy for me. It’s my first time to be touring, and I’ve been given a huge privileged to be headlining with a group like One Direction, I’m still letting it sink in to me even after the whole four months that we’ve been on the tour.”


“You mean you’re still adjusting?”


“Basically, yes, you can say that I’m still in the adjusting phase. I haven’t really realized how big they are not until the first show in London. And their entire fan base is just beyond imaginable. Their fans are everywhere. There are girls chasing them down the streets, chasing the tour bus, calling our hotel rooms which I honestly don’t know how they managed to get the-,”


But the host cut in. Wide eyed, she asked, “Wait, so you share rooms with the boys?!”


“No, no, I don’t! Sorry, I didn’t mean that way. Well, I room with my manager. They just complain it to me whenever they get calls. Sometimes we switch rooms if it gets to the point that they wanted to unplug the telephone’s cord. Those boys work like all the time, they hardly get enough rest. It was the least that I could do.”


“We know that.” Michelle said smugly, something she wasn’t like when we were a guest on her show. It actually earned frowns from Liam and Louis themselves. “Did she just mock Makie?” Liam asked.


“Now let’s talk more about you, shall we? You’ve always just been known as Makie Romero, One Direction’s opening act. Plus the fact that you’re a foreign artist from the Philippines and this would be your first time to actually perform abroad. Many fans say that you wouldn’t be as famous as you are now if you aren’t associated with them. I mean, not everybody knew who Makie Romero is not after she’s been introduced by the boys themselves, right? Actually, even some Filipino fans didn’t know who you are at all. I mean, how come? You’re the winner of The X Factor Philippines.” Michelle asked, in depth. Honestly, just like everyone else, I don’t know how come Makie Romero isn’t well known, especially in the Philippines. If she did disappear after winning, how come nobody knew about her accident? Did someone construe that truth about it? “How do you handle these issues yourself? Does it affect you when you hear negative things about you?” I heard the host once again asked.


In the screen, Makie gave her a tentative smile before she answered, “Well, I’d be a hypocrite if I say that it doesn’t affect me in some ways. The boys would always tell me that it’s best to just ignore them. I get that mean things would be said every now and then, I honestly accept it, especially now that I spend much of my time of tour with five of the most desirable lads in the planet. The first time I actually have read a write-up about me online, I was really sadden how early were they to judge me that way. I understand that in this industry, you’ll be constantly criticized and people will take our words out of proportion, but I mean that’s the way this job is, you just learn the art of ignoring most of it and just do the job because in the end of the day, you know the truth and words thrown out at you will be forgotten eventually. I’m having the time of my life with sharing the stage with five amazing boys who’s loved all over the world, and that makes me very happy. Nothing could bring me down as of the moment.”


Her answer made me smile. Makie telling everyone that we make her happy elated the feeling I have in my chest, and I was prouder of her as she continued to ease me with how she handles this one all by herself.


“Well speaking of your happiness, is it because of this certain boy in the picture?”


Suddenly, the picture of Makie and me which I posted in twitter a couple of hours ago was shown on the screen.


Wails of fans from the audience erupted. Michelle was giggling with them as the camera once again zoomed to Makie’s blushing face.


“Harry’s pretty happy right of this moment as well, per say on that picture of both of you. Just look at that smile! How’s thing with you and him?”


Makie did what I told her to do when the time comes and she’s asked the question. She gave Michelle a confirming smile and didn’t address anything yet.


“Harry Styles and Makie Romero, quite perfect to be a couple, might I just say. Fans call you HAKIE, another cool name. They ship you mad like a new Jelena in the making.” Michelle and Makie giggled, and the audience took the joke as well. “Oh, honey, everyone’s been gushing those pictures taken everywhere with you two always together. You’ve always been intrigued before, but lately I’ve heard things that’s happening on the shows and from the people around that you and Harry are now exclusively dating, or should I ask are you together now?”


I was a little bit surprised when the second I saw Makie parted her lips, but she didn’t answer what I thought my answer would be if I was asked the same thing. Instead, she told her, “I’ll be honest and just say that I’ve been caught by the Harry Styles’ charm. It’s best if we leave it there.”


“Oh yes, I get it, because if you and Harry do have something, that will be breaching your contract and you’ll be out of the tour then.” Michelle said on a serious note.




Makie’s smile faded. I could tell it by the sudden change in the expression of her face, she was starting to worry how on earth did Michelle knew about that.  


And I was starting to get suspicious too. Something about the way Michelle address certain things was beyond the normal things asked on an interview.


“Anyway, do you think your father would approve of you dating your tour mate if he’s still alive?” Michelle fired away.


And with I that froze, might as well felt the boys beside me did so too. That’s when I remembered, they still didn’t know her secrets. Zayn, who sat beside me, announced in the room, “Wait, wait, Makie’s an orphan?”


Michelle Eugenio knows about Makie’s life.


Her smile hasn’t resurfaced anymore. “I-I’m sorry?” she stuttered.


Beyond the television screen, I could feel how Michelle’s stare was starting to intimidate Makie. “Your late father, Arthur Romero, would he approve of someone like Harry Styles, a very well-known heartbreaker?”


The expression on Makie’s face crushed me. They framed her image on the television as she crumpled into pieces in front of everyone –in front of the whole world.




“But aren’t you still unstable, or rather let’s say you’re still too delicate to even starting a relationship with someone like him since you’re still on the process of moving on from the tragic loss of your father and your post-traumatic amnesia?” Michelle once again blurted out.


I could feel the stare of everyone on the room on me, drilling their curious looks in my head. The boys knew I knew about this.


“Amnesia? Harry, what is she talking about?” asked Liam.


It made me very angry that I was on the verge of pulling myself out from where we are so to take Makie away from them with these things they were doing to her, right in front of a live audience. It made me sick that they can’t read her the way that I do when she’s in pain. Can they see with the look in her face how she’s hurting? Don’t they realize that firing those questions away from someone like Makie would make her lose herself once again?


“It’s your untold story that got us very interested to have you here with us. Makie Romero, the ill-fated winner of The X Factor Philippines. You lost your father on a car accident just a few days after winning the contest, in which you were in the vehicle too that resulted with you on coma for fourteen months. It was the very reason why only a few people knew about you, am I right? What would have happened to you if you never lost your father and you live a normal live back in Philippines? Would you be the artist that you are now?” The host kept on asking, as if she can’t tell that Makie was fighting off the tears that were glistening at the side of her eyes.


“And we’ve been told that you owe a lot of these to Simon Cowell. He made it possible for the public to not know anything about that story of yours, not until you’re ready. I believe this is your chance, Makie. You wouldn’t want to lose everything you’ve managed to build for the past months for being untrue to your fans, right?”


Makie haven’t anything back to Michelle’s questions. Instead, on live television, she let the tears fall down and quickly resorted on hiding her emotions away as she buried her face in her hands.


She shut herself again. This cannot happen.


“We’ll be right back.”    


Everyone on the room, including Paul and some other team member, were suddenly unable to say something soon after the show was put for a commercial break. Louis was the only one who managed to move and turn the television off.


“Knew that girl’s too good to be true. Can you imagine how the fans would react to this? They’d gut her for lying to everyone.” I heard someone said behind me.


Fist balled up in anger, I stood up and snapped at the person who said it, Paul. “What the fuck did you say?!”


“Harry!” Liam quickly stood up so to stop me from charging at Paul. “Calm yourself. There’s no need for us to start a fight. It’s just Makie.”


“Makie’s not a liar.” I said out loud, shifted my eyes so I was back to my attention to Paul and added, “Keeping these secrets isn’t lying. You don’t know her, so don’t judge her for not telling everything about her life.” 


“That’s the point. We don’t know her. How can you believe on someone when you barely know her?”


“You’re just infatuated with Makie so you think you know her, Harry.”


And that was it. I’ve had enough listening to all of these they have to say when clearly they never paid attention to Makie that much.


I fought the urge to punch something, someone, so I just left the room and walked away from everyone.


Some family they are.


I was halfway from the hotel’s corridor when again I realized something. Why didn’t I realize it when they said they wanted her to do an interview all alone? Of course without us, no one can change the topic off and save her.


To realize it now was just too late. 


This was William Clark and the whole management’s threat to abolish Makie’s career.




© Andie Hernandez


End Notes:


Dang! I’m really sorry it took me a while to update. A lot of things happened this past two weeks, and let’s just say I was a bit off from writing, most specially last week. It has something about Zayn’s engagement and all the drama that followed. I mean, he’s just the first one of the five, imagine what it’ll be for other boys? I can see me drowning myself with alcohol when it’s Niall’s. What happened to my life?


And when Liam tweeted #done? Don’t tell me you didn’t get affected with that? Honestly, I had second thoughts with staying on this fandom, and I’ve only been a fan for like five months. Don’t hate me. I read it past midnight and it was my honesty hour.


Two years ago, when I first saw the music video for What Makes You Beautiful, I thought it was a ridiculous song (coz if I flip my hair, I’d look stupid, no one’s gonna be overwhelmed) and that they were gay. (AGAIN, DON’T HATE!)


Now I want to lick Niall’s face and see if he really tastes like sunshine and daisies or a potful of chocolate gold coins. Have a kinky threesome with Louis, Liam and Zayn. Tie Harry down on my bed, straddle him and get crazy till we see the sun, or stars. (Let’s keep this a secret!)


Then my birthday came last 27th and I just realized I’m now 22. It got me a bit weird. I’m 22 and a directioner. (A carrot? Narnian directioner? I don’ know what to call myself) It’s the weirdest thing I’ve ever admitted. Who has the same dilemma?


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P.S. I just read an article about fan fiction and the young writers. Says it’s not even a form of literature, we don’t want to believe on the truth so we do this alters in our idols’ life and we just write these things off to get attention. It saddens me that I even came across that one. Completely broke my heart. I write not because I wanted attention, I just want to share my passion for writing and maybe get honest reviews about it. See how Soul Siren barely even gets a comment but you don’t see me go mental and rant on you lot like how some writers want a number of reviews before they post an update. I don’t do that. I won’t do that because whether or not soul siren gets reviews or hits, I’ll continue writing fanfics for you who have grown to love it, and that’s the way I love you.


Now I’ll shut up. Thank you! I love you guys, and girls! <3  

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