Soul Siren (OneDirectionFanFiction:HarryStyles/OC)

She was the winner of The X Factor Philippines. It was the only detail we were told about the artist that was lined up to be the opening act for our upcoming world tour. Simon made it clear that we don’t Google her even before we get to meet her, let the girl introduce herself to us so to make her more interesting to work with. We can’t help but get curious of course. What made her so special that Simon was so interested and invested with this certain local artist and get her signed to work with a huge name like us, One Direction?

None of us expected that the artist we’ll be working with would somehow clash with our happy-go-lucky personalities. We were not told that the girl had a very bittersweet past and that her life was not all about fame and fortune after she won The X Factor a year ago.

We didn’t expect that we will meet someone like Makie Romero, a soul siren.


23. Den of Lions

I lay there, watching Makie as she slept peacefully in my arms, her head was on my chest and her arms roped around my waist, smiling to myself as I recounted the previous night’s events in my head.


I can honestly say that I’ve never loved anyone before as much as I love her.


Makie Romero, who’s started to be a big case of mystery, a tragic mess she was to be revealed, now was the girl who lighted my life and took my every breath away. I will never get enough of her.


She’s the one.


She deserved flowers and coffee in the morning. Letters of love left on her dashboard, telling her in every word how much I’m truly, deeply, madly in love with her. Sweet and passionate kisses in her lips and pure honesty every single day she breathes to live. She deserves to be always reminded how beautiful she is.


Today was just the start of everything, -the plan of our endless memories together, no more hiding about us, and the new chapter of her life that now included scribbles of my name attached with hers, with love.


I slipped out of bed, gently laying the duvet covers over her still unclothed body so she doesn’t get chilly before I quietly left to the bathroom for a quick hot shower.


When I walked back in the room, I saw Makie already up in the middle of the bed. She was rubbing her eyes off sleep while her other hand held the white duvet up on her chest which covered her naked body.  


“Good morning, Beautiful.” I said as I made my way and walked towards the bed. Makie lifted her head and looked towards me, smiling as she gestured me to come closer to her.


I knew exactly what she wants. With her glowing face tilted upwards, I leaned down and pressed a soft kiss against her lips. What’s even better is that I could feel the smile on them. The beauty of a sweet gesture with so much love, something Makie and I will never get enough of.


I then crawled back to bed, slowly hovering on top of her as I placed little kisses on her skin as I went on, giggling at some point when I blew on the wet kisses over her stomach up to her neck. I went on her ears and nibbled on them for a while.


Once reaching eye level, I looked down at her with the same lustful stare like last night, I muttered at her, “I love you.”


Her eyes wandered on my lips and I saw her slightly bite on hers. Just with that, I could feel myself feeling hot again, getting turned on by the slightest.


“I remember you telling me those words, how they echoed through my ears and never left my mind all night long.” she whispered against my lips. “I love you too, Harry.”


Her fingers carefully caressed my cheeks, and through my wet curls, loving every single second she felt me close to her, clinging on to the feeling of warmth all over me.


With the streaks of daylight shining through the blinds of her room windows, hitting us on our faces, I pressed a light kiss on her forehead. Contemplating against myself, I told her, “I have to go.”


The way she held me on my face says that she doesn’t want me to, but then she nodded and quietly, she replied back, “I know.”


 “Everything’s going to be okay.” I assured. “Trust me, okay?” Again, Makie just nodded back.


It was the same words I kept telling myself the whole night. I wanted to believe on it, yet, somehow there’s still a part of me that lacks the confidence to do so.


Now that love and honesty isn’t a barrier between us, is everything really going to be fine?


----------(Soul Siren)----------


Sneaking back to my mine and Louis’ room without getting noticed by anyone was far easier than what I expected. No security. No Paul. No Louis, Niall or Liam romping. It was like the whole top floor was deserted. The whole place was too quiet –eerie in my opinion. It was a big wonder for me, since most of the time, if jetlag gets to us boys, we’d all be up even before sunrise (read: except for Zayn, duh?)


And so I went on, calm and not worried even by a bit, until I reached our room. As I was about to grab on to the knob, the door flew wide open and a mortified Andie came out into the scene. Her face collided with my chest which got me off my balance since I didn’t expect her charging on to me, ending both of us lying on the carpeted floor, her weight crushed on top of me.


“Harry!” she exclaimed. “Oh my God, I’m so sorry!” Andie pushed herself to standing once again and then helped me get up.


Why are people so skittish these past few days? The management needed to ban caffeine on the tour to avoid people (read: Makie and now, Andie) from causing accidents like this ever again. “That really hurts.” I retorted as I dusted off my shirt. “What in the world were you doing-”


My head snapped quickly and stared back at her. The one thing I immediately noticed was that Andie was wearing Louis’ favorite stripe shirt.


“I’m really sorry! I didn’t mean to bump on you on my way out-”


“From mine and Louis’ room…?” I cut in.


The expression Andie had on her face got me really curious. She tried to avoid my eyes, which failed to trick me at all. She was hiding something, I could tell. “What were you doing here exactly?” I immediately asked her.


“We… Uhm… Remember when I told you through my text message last night that Paul won’t let us out. I wasn’t able to leave.” She explained back.


Something felt weird with her answer. Brows knitted in confusion, I shot her another skeptic question, “So you spent the whole night here?”


“Well, yes, I did-,”


“With Louis?”




“You spent the whole night alone with Louis?” I corrected. “You were alone with Louis the whole night, am I correct?”


She didn’t answer me back.


And silence means ‘yes’.


Her lips were parted, mainly trying to come up with an answer to what I just clearly pointed out. Though I know I shouldn’t be assuming anything, and I don’t really want to assume that something happened between them, which should really NOT (read: never) happen because Louis is still in a relationship and that I even warned her to never fall for his quirky charm. Yet, Andie managed to answer everything with the guilt look in her face and her entire silence towards me.


I then remembered what Makie and I saw on the lot yesterday -Louis and Andie under the rain, too close to be just goofing around, really making a scene. How Andie said Niall suddenly got mad at her. How I told her Louis really likes her and that Niall’s probably (read: must have) saw it too and just blew on her because he’s extremely jealous without explaining to her the real reason behind. But was she really that insensitive to see and feel Niall’s action? I still recall their interaction after the basketball game and that one time on the hospital, which even Makie noticed back then. I thought Andie liked Niall too.


Since when did Andie start liking Louis? She’s always ticked when it comes to everything about Louis Tomlinson. Did I miss something? Louis is my best friend, how come he’s never told me? 


I only asked for a little mess, not a huge complicated one with some other people dear to us getting hurt in the end. Oh my God.


Trying not to break Andie’s tough threshold (read: I still don’t want to be rude and shout at her), I held on to her shoulder and uttered, “Andie… please tell me you listened to me.”


I sensed her froze with my words. That’s when it came clear to me that she failed to do so.


Face cast downwards, chest heaved with fighting the sob from coming out of it, she softly expressed, “I-I’m… I-I’ll talk with you later, Harry.”


I didn’t ask again. I just let her leave and watched Andie –with shame all over her face- walked away from me. She went to the fire exit rather than taking the elevator down to their floor below us. And as the door was about to shut, I caught Andie brought her hands in her face and broke down into a cry.


I wasn’t sure how to react about it, but I know this wasn’t entirely Andie’s fault. The other person to blame was just behind the hotel room’s closed door. As much as I don’t want to, I have to. Unlike Andie, Louis can handle me with the harsh words I have on my head as of the moment. There’s nothing stopping me from bursting them on him.


When I got inside the hotel room, I found Louis sitting at the edge of the untidy bed, wearing nothing but his boxers on, his hair sticking everywhere and traces of red scratches all over his forearm. Head hung low while firmly grasped on his hands were his cellphone.


After seeing how both of them looked this morning, it was best to assume that Louis and Andie did have sex.


Good mother of what the fuck. They had sex last night.


I haven’t said a word at all, but Louis knew I was there watching him.


“I broke up with Jessica.” Were the words he greeted me, without even looking. One thing I know about Louis is that he can never handle pressure quite very well. He gives in and would do what he thinks was the best. Breaking up with the girl he’s been dating for a year was the best he could come up with. Did he say he had sex with his tour mate’s nurse whom he’s been trying to charm ever since they met? Wait that just makes sense now. Oh my. Fuck you, Tomlinson. You just broke up with Jessica, the girl you should be wooing and loving, because of a stupid one night stand, poor clueless Jessica. “I have to. I couldn’t lie to her about this…this…”


“Mistake.” I managed for him.


He shook his head and simply muttered, “No, it wasn’t.”


I was starting to get mad at him with all the words coming for him. “Were you and Andie drunk last night?” He just shook his head. “You weren’t- oh my goodness.” I pinched the bridge of my nose. I wanted to come out calm as much as possible while deep inside I just really have the need to punch Louis to his senses.


“Louis, you know what happened between you and Andie was completely wrong.” I fired, the tone of my voice slowly rising to anger.


Still he didn’t acknowledge what I pointed out. Just like Andie, I think he’s dodging it. I just watched Louis as he got up, took a clean black shirt from his suitcase and wore it. “I don’t.” he said again, still not looking straight at me in the eyes.


Now really mad, I yanked his arm and spun him around. “It should not have happened. It should not have gone as far as sex at all. Having sex with a girl who was not even yours is wrong. Louis, what part of that particular line don’t you understand huh? And of all people, why did it have to be Andie? She’s everyone’s friend and someone who’s working on the team! You just had sex with someone when you were sober enough to know you have a girlfriend! That is wrong!”


“It didn’t feel like it was wrong at all.” He told me nonchalantly.


“What the hell are you talking about?! You had sex-”


“It wasn’t just sex! What Andie and I had last night wasn’t just sex!” Louis screamed back.


I was completely taken back with his answer. Louis looked at me and I suddenly couldn’t fight back. His blue eyes were serious, not an inch of guilt like Andie’s showed on them. Right in his glossed orbs, he meant what he said.


“Last night, when I kissed her for the first time, I don’t know why, but it didn’t feel like a mistake. I thought she’d hurt me for kissing her, but she didn’t. When I kissed her again, she kissed me back. She kissed me and she meant it. When I touched her, she didn’t hold back. Never was there a moment she stopped me. She wanted it as much as I did. What I didn’t expect in the end was feeling something back for Andie that I never had with Jessica.”  He explained at me. “Last night…Andie and I…It was something that I won’t forget.”


Disbelieving how insensible my best friend suddenly became, I asked back, “Are you telling me you’re in love with Andie?”


“I don’t know. But Harry, it wasn’t just sex. There was something more.” he cleared out with me again.


Louis waited for my reply, but there wasn’t anything I could tell him back. If it wasn’t just sex but he’s not sure if he’s in love with her or not, then what the hell pushed them to the point of tearing each other’s clothes and fuck senseless?


He grabbed on his cellphone and sighed. “I’ll see you around, Harry.” I just watched Louis left me alone in the room. I realized in this case, he wanted to think about all of this alone.


Then it hit me. I was the one to blame. I was the one who asked him to make a distraction so Makie and I could sneak out yesterday. Louis helped me. Though I didn’t ask him to include Andie in it, the distraction they made got Makie and I out of the securities’ eyes so I really should be thanking him for everything he’s done, not blaming him for getting locked down with Andie alone in the room for the night. Anything that happened beyond to them, I was the original instigator.


Too many things happened with just asking for a little.


My eyes wandered around the room. It doesn’t look like a disaster happened. There were no empty bottles of liquor, no pieces of any broken things anywhere, nothing that would mean to be a clue something wrong happened here. The only thing that littered the carpeted floor of the room was the crinkled white bed sheet from the unmade bed.


Soon as my eyes lay upon the mattress, something caught my attention.


Right in the middle of the bed’s cover was a stain of something that seems to be red.


It was blood.


There’s blood on the sheets. BLOOD.


I cannot believe it.


This whole mess with Louis and Andie just got worse.


----------(Soul Siren)----------    


I got the chance to corner Niall on my way to the tour bus. I found him on the parking lot all by himself, playing football, repetitively kicking the ball hard against the wall in front of him. He ignored the bunch of fans calling out his name from the other side of the fence. Knowing Niall so well, I knew it was his way of steaming off anger.


“Hey Niall,” I called out once I reached his side. “Uhm, do you mind if we talk?”


After one forceful kick at the ball, Niall looked at me and there I saw how flushed his whole face was. Something’s telling me hitting the ball was not yet enough to take what’s bothering him away. “What do you want to talk about?” he asked me back.


“I think it’s best if we talk inside the bus.” I told him instantly. I wouldn’t risk the chance of the crowd hearing what we were going to talk about. “Shall we?”


Niall just shrugged and followed me on the bus, which was thankfully deserted when we got inside.


Without wasting any time, I quickly ambushed him with my first question. “Is there something you want to tell me?”


Niall just frowned at my being straightforward at him. “I don’t know what you’re talking about.” He said.


Hands on my waist, I asked again, “Something about yesterday that you would like to share with me?”


“Harry, I don’t understand your point.”


I let out a deep sigh and went to the whole point of the conversation. “Niall, Andie told me that you got mad at her. Would you care to explain it to me why?”


I watched as Niall tore his eyes at me and answered, “I wasn’t mad at her.”


“Yeah, okay, let me then rephrase that. She told me that you got mad at her and Louis yesterday.” I clarified. By mentioning Louis’, he seemed too stiff for a bit. I knew it. “Would you care to explain to me why you were mad when you saw Andie with Louis?” I asked him again.


But Niall dodged my question and shot me with one of his. “Why are you asking me this? Didn’t you sneak out with Makie yesterday? How did you know that I saw Andie with Louis on the lot yesterday?”


I just smirked back at him and shook my head. “I didn’t. You just managed to confess to me that you did see them together.” Niall just scowled back at my cleverness. “Now tell me, what was your real reason behind you blowing at Andie?”


“I told you I wasn’t mad at her.” he cleared to me once again.


“So if you’re not mad at Andie, then why were you mad at Louis?”


“I- No.”




My eyebrow quickly shot up and looked at him skeptically. I asked, “Really? So you mean to tell me that when you saw Louis pulling Andie so close next to him while they were under the rain, there wasn’t any slightest feeling of anger inside you?”


Again, he scoffed. “I was not mad. I was just…”


“Okay. You were jealous.” I clarified.


“I certain am not!” he exclaimed, a fair shade of red blush slowly rising up on his pale cheeks.


“Please, I can read you like a girl, Niall.” I told him instantly. As a matter of fact, Niall was even easier to read than any other girl. Being friends with him for the last three years gave it away. I was probably one of the many who can always interpret his actions and facial expressions. Just like now. I know he’s trying to hide his painful jealousy as I recounted with him what happened to Louis and Andie while playing on the lot with the cliché rain as an effect.


 “And what do you mean by that?”


“I know when you like a girl. You’re too obvious when you do –with Makie, with Andie. But unlike your little leprechaun crush for Makie, with Andie it’s a lot different. The way you interact with her in these past few weeks we’re with her. If you could only see you whenever she’s around, you’ll confess it yourself. You’re actually smitten by Andie. It’s so all over you, so don’t you try and make a lie about it with me now, Niall James Horan.” I told him.


The look at Niall’s face was just priceless. His once flustered cheeks were quickly drained of its scarlet color as I hammered him with all of my observations. It’s probably because he didn’t know it himself that after all this time he’s just too obvious with his attraction for the little Oompa Loompa nurse.


“Fuck. Is this why you cornered me?” Niall sneered back, “Of all people to tell me I’m having these feelings for Andie, why does it have to be you?”


“Mate, it’s not just me. Makie too once asked me if you and Andie were together. The boys would have seen it too but they’re just waiting for you to make a move before they actually tease you for being a sissy. Heck, even Louis’ jealous-”


It took me a second to actually stop myself from telling him that I’ve seen Louis jealous once of him and Andie too.


“Look, it doesn’t matter. Why don’t you just go and tell Andie that you like her? You’re Niall Horan for fuck’s sake. Girls die with your Irish charms.”


I was trying to be chummy towards him. Make him feel that I, for one, would help him with winning the girl of his affection. Yet with any way I tease him about it, his mouth won’t form any smile.


Through the quietness of the whole tour bus, I heard Niall mutter, “Louis already won her.”


“What? Of course not-,”


But Niall instantly stopped me from going on. “You weren’t there yesterday Harry. You didn’t see how Andie’s entire face light up when Louis pulled her with him on that fucking lot under that mother fucking rain. You didn’t see her smile as she ran off with him when the fans saw them. You didn’t hear her laugh with Louis as they messed with Paul and the other security personnel. You didn’t see how happy she was. You didn’t see her like Louis back. I did, Harry. I saw everything fall in to place for both of them. Andie liked Louis. Louis just won her heart. He’s liked her for quite a while too, I know, he’s told me about not missing Jessica because someone makes him happy on this tour. I’ve always known it was because of Andie. Fucking funny it really is.  I once blurted out to Liam and Louis that Andie fits so much to the girl of my dreams even though we didn’t quite get well along with one another before. I should be calling her my princess if I just fucking told her I loved her first.” (Writer: Cue in LOVED YOU FIRST. I actually hate myself for doing that.)


I could feel him shaking beside me, fighting off his anger from showing once again. “God, Andie…she’s…she’s different from everyone else. Clever, witty and funny, something you don’t typically see on someone on the team. She doesn’t believe the fact that she’s very beautiful but doesn’t give a fuck about it. She’s prissy, loud and annoying sometimes, but then when I see her smile and laugh at something, I couldn’t help but stare at her and wonder if I could make her happier, because I know I could. I would do a lot for her just so to see her smile all the time. I should have told her all about this before. I should have been a braver, bolder lad.” It wasn’t entirely what I expected him to share with me, but it was the answer to what this whole one on one talk was really about.


He wasn’t mad at either Andie or Louis. He pitied himself for not being brave enough for her to know the truth. He’s seen it right before his eyes how the girl he wanted to woe over the past few weeks just fell for his best friend.


Thinking about being on his place just makes me hurt too. If it happened to me, playing football against a brick wall won’t even suffice.


“Now’s just too late mate,”


“Niall, it’s never too late. There’s still a chance that you could-” I tried to console him, but he immediately fought back.


“Are you fucking kidding me, mate? How am I supposed to tell Andie my feelings for her when in fact I know that she spent the night with Louis?!” he spat back, one of which made me speechless.


Clenched fist, Niall stood up and began to walk away. “Wait, how did you know about that?”


Without looking at me, he replied, “I couldn’t sleep last night so Paul asked me to look after them for a little while. The hotel’s walls are like paper thin. Her giggles just echoed right through them. It felt like someone invisible hit me so hard straight right in my chest it just concaved as I stood behind the closed door. I wanted to do something, yet I can’t. Actually knowing the fact that Louis was close to her, making Andie feel like she’s special when I know I should be the one doing it to her; it fucking hurts, mate.”


Before leaving me alone in the bus, Niall stopped at the entrance and said, “Then I saw her again, bumping into you as she was about to leave this morning. I didn’t need to hear what she’s got to explain to you when you asked her. I just…know.”


First Louis, now Niall.


And the whole mess gets bigger, and just worse.


I will need to corner and talk to Andie as soon as possible.


----------(Soul Siren)----------


“Goddamnit! Why in the world won’t she answer her frigging phone?”


After my conversation with Niall on the bus, I went on a hunt and searched for Andie. I even expected to see her with Makie, but just like Andie, I haven’t seen Makie ever since this morning. Even Vanessa was missing, something really uncommon since Vanessa manages a lot you can always see her in some place.


I was on my way to arena for the sound check when I was suddenly stopped by Paul.


Of course I knew I’m screwed since I’ve been dodging him, but the chance was inevitable not to see him on my way to sound check.


He looked at me with the scary piercing eyes that say ‘Oh boy, you’re in bigger trouble’. Yet I acted like innocent. “Oh, hey…Paul…” I greeted towards him.


Only Paul didn’t acknowledge it. Instead, he bombarded me with, “They want to talk with you, Harry.”


This time, I couldn’t act cool anymore. This was it. I really am getting screwed.


----------(Soul Siren)----------


I felt like being summoned to go and face a den of lions as I slowly walked my way towards the conference room where someone from the management was said to want to have a talk with me. My heart was racing, palms sweaty with anxiety of what could possibly be the consequence of yesterday’s event was going to be.  My worry for the whole trouble with Louis, Niall and Andie was then long gone. It was instantly replaced of the fear with what could possibly happen now for me and Makie.


Then suddenly, out of the conference’s large door, Vanessa and Andie came out.


All three of us just stood there looking at each other, surprise etched on our faces. I didn’t expect to find them there of all places. But then what really caught my attention was the paper Vanessa was holding.


Her voice was soft, yet demeaning, as she said, "There was nothing I could do. I’m sorry, Harry."


“What do you mean?” I asked.


Vanessa didn’t say anything back, yet she looked at me with a mix of what seems to be worry, sadness and a bit of disappointment. What caused it wasn’t clear to me.  Even Andie refused to look at my way, but I could see the side of her eyes glistened with the tears that any moment would fall from them.


Without saying anything else, they pushed pass me and just left, leaving me completely blank at what did Vanessa meant with the sorry and that there was nothing she could do.


Did it have to do something with Makie or just mine alone?

I edged carefully towards the room, my feet shuffling soundlessly along the carpet. When I reached the doorframe, I put my hand there and stopped, -stared, absorbed the fact something bad was about to come my way.


Once I fully had the courage to face who was there to meet me, I grabbed on to the door handle and went inside.


And in that moment, I panicked.


I was met by William Clark. He was one of the tour’s producers and is currently Modest Management’s talent and image consultant.


“Hello, sir.” I greeted upon entering.


It was difficult to judge his expression as our eyes met. He wasn't angry or upset or surprised. He was just... blank. But so much more than just blank, he looked at me with knowing eyes.  


And that scared me the most.


“Oh, there you are.” He looked at me with utmost condescension, asking, “How’s your day, Mr. Styles?”  


“Never better,” was all I managed to croak.


William straightened, his tall, slim figure towering over me. “Hmm… That’s not what I expect to hear from you.” 


“So, let’s get down to business. What do you want to hear first, the good news or the bad news?”


“Err… good news?”


“Well, today, you’ve made headlines. Your name’s all over the papers, about that little trip yesterday with a certain girl.”


“And the bad news is?”


“Makie Romero.”


“I-I’m sorry?”


“You’ll see. That’s all I have to say. Thank you for the time, Mr. Styles. You may go back to sound check.”  


End Notes:


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