Soul Siren (OneDirectionFanFiction:HarryStyles/OC)

She was the winner of The X Factor Philippines. It was the only detail we were told about the artist that was lined up to be the opening act for our upcoming world tour. Simon made it clear that we don’t Google her even before we get to meet her, let the girl introduce herself to us so to make her more interesting to work with. We can’t help but get curious of course. What made her so special that Simon was so interested and invested with this certain local artist and get her signed to work with a huge name like us, One Direction?

None of us expected that the artist we’ll be working with would somehow clash with our happy-go-lucky personalities. We were not told that the girl had a very bittersweet past and that her life was not all about fame and fortune after she won The X Factor a year ago.

We didn’t expect that we will meet someone like Makie Romero, a soul siren.


11. Can't Hold Back


Do you believe in miracles? This may seem to be a very simple question, but it’s not. It didn’t just come from a lame interview or was asked by some fan that I can answer in just a snap second. I don’t come across questions like it that often. Actually, this would be the first time that someone asks me with something as complex as being asked if miracles are for real. How does someone respond to this? I’m actually torn. Asking if I believe in miracles is almost as similar to being asked if I believed in God and my faith in him in general. Well, don’t get me wrong. I’m not a doubter. I do believe in God at some point –that He created us and that He is the only one capable of taking everything away from us -that’s it-, still that does not mean that if I believe in God, I’d already believe in miracles. But then the thought gets clashed by the saying ‘To see is to believe’ on which I believe in for sure. Maybe yes, miracles do exist at some point but maybe it only happens to people who deserve them. Then, maybe no because there are some instances that I think life is a game of luck and chances. These are three different philosophies I cannot compare to each other. I can’t prove of anything about miracles like how I believe on my experiences with tough luck and chances.


It bothers me the most that Vanessa left the question hanging for me. She asked me a difficult question for a reason and I knew my answer would gravely matter. This miracle topic has something to do with the things our opening act is keeping from us from finding out. But by the looks of it, I’m nowhere near on finding out what it’s really all about.


How does believing on miracles have something to do with the life of Makie and or the death of Arthur Romero?


I needed answers, especially after Vanessa’s big revelation about Makie’s Papa, but the lady manager has been keeping a distance away from me. I know she’s been trying to avoid me every time we see each other. It was either Makie found out something about the conversation we had about her or that Vanessa felt guilty for telling me two crucial points about the poor girl’s private life. It also became harder to get a chance to corner Vanessa because the whole team became too busy for the following days because of nonstop travelling and shows.


I realized that things were about to get more complicated now that I found out a piece of truth about Makie. She needs to know I am here to give her love, that kind of love she lacks ever since Arthur Romero died, that kind of love nobody thought a girl like her will need because she just kept it herself. I was just more than willing to give and show it to her. If only she would open up with me, -give me her trust. But how is Makie ever going to hand me her trust if I’m running to someone else so to know something about her instead of asking her everything about herself?


If only I know how to win her trust.






It was already mid-afternoon and we were currently packed all together on the tour bus driving down the highway on our way back to Birmingham. Everyone was trying to do something productive themselves so to not get bored, which on my part meant me lying flat comfortably cramped on my own bunk with my cellphone on hand reading and responding tweets from the fans. That was something productive, right? I’m reaching out to the fans!


Suddenly, I heard some loud feet thumping coming from the other end of the way with my best mate’s obnoxiously loud voice booming everywhere. “Hello world! My name is Louis ‘The Tommo’ Tomlinson –like you don’t know-, and I will be your fine and sexy host for the very first video diary of the tour. Now, what’s a better way to start this awesome video diary than have our gorgeous opening act, Ms. Makie Romero, on the hot seat? Good plan, eh?” When did he become a Canadian? Laughter immediately escaped my lips, and in no time, I was clutching my stomach because of Louis’ hilarity. “Harry, help me here!” I felt Louis’ tight grip on my arm and I was quickly pulled from my bunk down. I was caught off guard when he did which made me fall a good five feet from my bed to the cold hard floor. It hurt. “No Liam, you’re too goody. Interrogating is no fun when it’s you asking.”


“Rude!” Liam shouted from his bunk.


Louis pulled me away from the bunks and proceeded our way to the front part of the tour bus where the dining area and receiving area were. I immediately saw Makie and Niall sitting next to each other on the table, laughing and talking in hushed voice.


“Now, Makie,” Louis pulled Makie away from Niall too abruptly, -she almost fell down too from the stool as she yelped at the too hyper ungentlemanly lad. I then noticed a few papers and pen in front of them in the table, Niall’s iPod and a box of cookies with half of its sleeve already consumed. They must be working on some songs before Master Tommo decided to pester Makie’s peace. “Boxers or briefs?” was the first question he threw on her.


The clueless young lady immediately gave him a confused look on which Niall and I mirrored. “Huh?” Makie asked.


I saw Louis rolled his eyes to her and sighed, which got me laughing. Makie shot me a frown back, still has not get the slightest idea on why Louis has a video camera shoved in her face and asking her about men’s underpants. Now, this is something productive. “I said which do you prefer: boxers or briefs?” he repeated.


Still frowning, she answered back, “Err… I don’t wear boxers or briefs, Louis.”


Niall and I just let out loud chuckles. This was something we haven’t encountered before, -innocent Makie. Louis then shrugged because Makie didn’t get his point. “Well, that’s too bad. Harry and I are currently wearing briefs. Because you didn’t pick one, you can’t take a peek on them anymore.” He then pushed Makie back at the stool she sat on before and then sat himself next to her while I sat next to Louis on the round table. “Next! Lips or eyes?”


It took a while before Makie answered, finally getting the drift to where this would lead. “Eh, eyes?”

I’d pick her lips.


A smirk etched Louis’ lips as he darted his eyes to Makie then to mine. “Harry here got lovely pair of emeralds, right Makie? You go, girl! Now, hugs or kisses?”


Hmm, kisses… Makie kisses.


“Definitely hugs.”


“Yeah, that’s right. Makie told us she fancies hugging Harry so much.” Louis winked at the camera. Makie just giggled while Niall and I almost died of laughter. Straight faced, Louis continued asking her, “Shorter or taller?”


The sudden turn of question got her confused once again, “Shorter or taller what?”


“Romantic or Spontaneous?”


“Eh, I’m not sure with that-,”


“Nice arms or nice stomach?”


“Isn’t that a bit inappropria-,”


“Harry has nice stomach with some sexy pack of abs, if you must know. Troublemaker or hesitant?”


“I don’t get where this goes-,”


“Louis, shouldn’t we start this with favorites?” I cut in, which earned me a forceful shove in the arm.


“Shut up Harry. I’m just letting you co-host so you can ogle this fit lady we have with us.” Ha, I wasn’t informed that I’m going to be the co-host. All I did was laugh. Louis shushed Niall and I down before he clicked the record button on again and continued asking, “Now Makie, how old are you?”


“I’m eighteen years old.”


“Hmm, legal she is. And when is your birthday?”


“February 10, 1995.”


“So there you go Makie fans! Wait, February 10th? Wasn’t that like a month ago? Wasn’t that the day-”


How can Louis and I forget that date? Makie just nodded at him and clarified once again, “Yeah, the very same night I met you boys for the first time.”


By this time, Niall and I already stopped laughing. The color in my cheeks left, leaving me pale when I realized what I have done that same day. I just completely felt bad. It must have been one of the reason too why she dearly misses her Papa. She left home, didn’t get to celebrate her eighteenth birthday, and was offended by me who have mistaken her as a crazy fan girl who wanted to have a one night stand. Louis stopped the video camera and asked her, “How come you never told us that it was your birthday?”


“I just met you then, why would it matter? I can’t just tell you lads that ‘Hey, it’s my birthday. Let’s party.’” Makie said nonchalantly.


All three of us gave her a mortified look. “But…But…that day was no fun! And let’s not forget to mention how awful Harry and I were to you that day! God, it was your birthday? I feel so bad right now.”


“Louis,” Makie scooted closer and rested her head in Louis’ shoulder. “It’s no big deal. It has already passed-,”


“Oh no, it’s not too late to organize a party.”


“There’s no need for a party-,”


“Of course there should be one! You’re our girl! It’s our break tomorrow so perfect timing! We’re going out later!” Louis exclaimed as he pulled Makie’s arms.


There was a LOT to make up to.






We’ve just arrived at the hotel in Birmingham where we were staying for a couple of days. You don’t even want to know how my whole body ached for a three days break. It’s always fun to be on tour and perform but the lads and I are only human. We get tired too, and this break is like a privileged for us.


On my way to the lift, I was cut by Lou, our stylist. “Harry, could you please come with me for a moment?”


And so I walked together with her to the racks of clothes piled up next to the tour buses. I was greeted by the screams of my name by the fans barricaded outside the lot. I smiled and gave a wave to them before I turned my attention back to Lou, “Do you need any help here?”


“Actually yes, I do need your help. Would you rather have this one or this one?”


Lou showed me two cocktail dresses. The first one was a short deep blue plastic-like dress that would pass for a drag queen’s taste while the other one was a vintage like Marilyn Monroe’s white halter dress. “Lou, if you want to dress me as a prostitute and sell me to those pack of fans outside, you better get a larger size. That won’t even fit my torso.” I joked.


Lou laughed and said, “Yah silly, it’s for Makie. Vanessa said she’s having trouble on finding what to wear for your party later.”


Upon hearing Makie’s name, I snatched the dresses off Lou’s hands and threw them back at the racks. “Well, I’m not letting her wear those awfully tacky clothes. I’m sorry, Lou.”


“Protective with our little lovely lady, are we Harry? Well, I was expecting you’d say that. You seem to know Makie very well,” the lady stylist mocked. I just grinned sheepishly. There was no way I’m going to deny anything because it already shows. “How about you tell and show me which on these clothes looks good at Makie.”


My eyes scanned over the stacks of girly clothes in hangers. I’m pretty sure Makie would look so good at any of these, she always does. That was when I saw that pink shimmery sequined dress. It was a very simple cut dress, but I think it was just right for someone like Makie. She was already beautiful on her own there was no need for other glam. I took it off the rack and showed it back to Lou, “How about this one?”


“Ooh, that will definitely look amazing on her. You like pink on girls and it makes Makie’s brown eyes pop, have you ever noticed that before?” I nodded back. “Perfect. Thank you, Harry. Then, let’s show Makie this outfit you picked.”


I shook my head vigorously and told Lou, “How about you don’t tell her I chose that for her. I doubt she’ll want to wear anything I suggest.”


“Psh, that’s a load of nonsense. I think Makie’s fond of you too.”


I just smiled back at Lou, and that made the fans outside the fence scream once again. If only they knew what’s in my head at that moment, they will die of jealousy.


Makie is very fond of you.






Though the whole party had a last minute preparation, Louis managed to book the entire Below Zero Club for Makie’s post eighteenth birthday celebration with only few of the team members, the boy’s girlfriends who were flying to the city and some of our closest friends invited. It took some time to persuade Makie to go out and have fun. She said she doesn’t want any of us spending anything for her because we felt bad we didn’t know it was her birthday. Of course, we didn’t listen. And she doesn’t have the slightest idea what the boys and I meant with us partying.


It was clear to us that Makie didn’t have anyone in particular that she wants to invite so Louis, Liam and Zayn promised her that they’ll have their girlfriends meet her as soon as possible so she can meet and have some quality time with other people. She needs new friends –someone from her gender I’d prefer- because Niall’s craziness was already rubbing on her. Makie’s even getting his Irish accent which was something she didn’t have before.


Makie tried to convince Vanessa to come with her but the manager said that she has to settle some papers with Uncle Simon and the other tour managers. I think they’re secretly hooking up, on which Makie agreed with me.


 The clock ticked and I saw on my bedside that it was already 8:30. Louis and Zayn have gone out an hour earlier because they have to pick their girlfriends from the airport while Liam drove downtown where his girlfriend fortunately was shooting that made Niall, Makie and I to drive with Paul on the way to the club were the others will be waiting.


“Hey Harry, are you quite ready to go?” Niall emerged from the room and dressed down with a casual white polo shirt and pants while I went on with a pick of mine, a dark blue dress shirt and some tight black skinny jeans. “Yeah, let’s go get Makie then.”


After a few whisk of my manly perfume, Niall and I left the room and went on to Makie’s hotel room that was just two doors down from ours. I knocked three times and called out, “Makie?”


“Be right there,” we heard her respond from the other side. It didn’t take any longer than a minute before the door swung open and Makie coming out of the room. She then greeted us with one of her breathtaking smile and a soft “Hey,” on which Niall and I got ourselves floored.


At that very moment, I was thanking the gods that she was eighteen.


“Damn,” I heard Niall murmured. Damn girl.


Nobody compares to her on a dress and it hurts-,


I did not just sing that.


I was freaking right, the pink dress looked more beautiful on her than what I have imagined. She didn’t even wear any jewelry other than a pair of earrings but she just looked as glamorous as any high-end celebrity I have ever met. Soon, my eyes fell down on the mount of her chest that was modestly showing because of the dress’ low v-cut form but not that scandalous anyway while the hem ended a few inches above her thighs. The dress hugged her cream colored skin at every part of her curve very nicely. She had her long curls straightened this time which got her face framed in the most attractive way ever possible. What made her more enticing for my eyes were how she had her lips painted with a deep shade of scarlet. “Wow, you two look good!”


I was too speechless to compliment Makie back. Good thing Niall can’t keep his mouth shut when he sees a pretty woman. “Well, compare to you, we’re nowhere good. I feel insecure that I’m going out with someone as pretty as you.” he said as he held her arm and linked it to his own. Makie caught my eyes staring back at her. She just gave me a smile and held out her hand so to take mine and intertwine it with her tiny hands.


I felt my whole stomach went on a battle with raging butterflies all throughout the time Makie and I held hands. It was insane.  






Unfortunately, the news that One Direction was going out got leaked to the fans.


“God, why is there too many people here?” Niall muttered dementedly as we watched loads of fans outside the club. “How about I go out first and distract the fans, then Harry, you help Makie get inside the club safely, okay?”


All three of us agreed on Niall suggestion. He then went out of the SUV leaving Makie and I all alone in the back of the car. It wasn’t all awkward as before, but if Makie could read what’s going through my mind, she’d freak out. “I’m sorry about the fans. I don’t know how they can manage to find out things about us sometimes.”


I just saw the side of her lips form a smirk, “Your fans are the most dedicated people I have ever come across with. It’s really nice but a bit scary at the same time.”


Makie was sitting so close to me that I can smell her sweet perfume and it was starting to intoxicate me like she was some kind of drug I never tasted before. The building feeling in the middle of my chest began almost that instant and I was soon captured by Makie’s enchantment. I doubt she was even doing it on purpose this time, but I was already caught just because we sat so close together. The night hasn’t even started at all. 


It took more than fifteen difficult minutes before Paul called us out and said it was good to go. But as soon as we walked out of the car, bright flashes from cameras at every single angle greeted both of our faces and it was chorused by shouts and cries from the people who saw both Makie and I trying to make our way out of the sea of commotion that was the fans and the paparazzi. Sometimes it makes me wonder if ever these people even knew what privacy meant. I just really hope no one better plan to ruin this night of fun for us.


I had my hand on Makie’s waist as I helped both of us out of the crowd and go through the foyer of the club where we were immediately rescued by Paul and some other couple of big black bouncers and got escorted inside the club.


Even though Makie and I were already safely inside, I didn’t let her go yet. My hand hasn’t let Makie slip away yet. I was simply afraid that I would get her lost in the sea of people swarming the whole place and I will never get the chance to hold her back in my arms. I can’t help but feel cautious and insecure, add on the feeling of proudness and jealousy at the same time just being next to her. Although they won’t read it in my facial expression, I was fuming inside. Every present lad were checking out Makie like she was the prey of the night, and for the fact that they were staring at the girl I have in my arms while I was holding Makie so close to me made me feel like going on a fight with each and every one of these men just so to tell them that she was mine. Call me selfish and too amusing, but Makie won’t ever be theirs.


“AND HERE COMES OUR BIRTHDAY GIRL!!!” I heard the DJ announced from the booth while music blasted through the speakers all over the place. I just looked at Makie and watched how her red lips stretched to form the biggest smile she ever contained to show everyone, and it got me smiling too. This was happy Makie, - genuine happy Makie.


A loud happy birthday song was chanted by everyone that gathered to meet Makie in the center of the floor. On my side, I saw Niall with a lousy feathery pink birthday hat in his head and a cake filled with lighted candles making his way towards us with Louis, Liam, Zayn and their pretty girlfriends –Jessica, Lean and Velvet- on tow.


“HAPPY BIRTHDAY, MAKIE!!!” Niall cheered on the loudest while all of us still sang.


I just watched her whole face glow as Niall hovered the birthday cake in front of Makie. Tonight, nothing could ever glow more beautiful than Makie herself. I saw her brown orbs sparkled like they were a pair of diamonds with her thick black lashes fluttering as she looked at the candles and took a breath. I couldn’t hold it to myself. I leaned in forward the side of her face and whispered softly right in her ear, my lips almost touching that flawless part of her skin, “Make a wish, birthday girl.”


If only things weren’t complicated at some point, maybe I can also do a wish, only for this one night –let this moment just to be ours. I wished she was mine.


It was only when she jumped on to the boys so she could tackle them into the tightest bear hug –she even almost got her birthday cake get smashed on to Niall if he just didn’t shoved it next to Josh- that I lost contact of her warm touch. I would have pulled her back if I only had the power to because I was already craving her back for more.


She jumped on to Louis’ already open arms, “Oh my god, I don’t even know what to say! I can’t believe you’ve actually made this happen.” I heard Makie say even through the club’s music that was banging loudly through my eardrums. “Louis, you are incredible. Thank you!”


The cheeky lad huffed on a big chuckle towards her and said “Of course, only for our favorite girl…oh sorry, I mean next to my best girl!” Next to him, Louis pulled the lovely girl in red that he has been dating for a couple of months now. “Makie, I would like you to meet my girlfriend, Jessica. Babe, this lovely little lady is Makie Romero, our tour’s opening act.”


“And this is Lean, my girlfriend.” Liam introduced his petite model girlfriend who was holding on to his arms. Lean was more of like Makie, very soft spoken and all prim, but was really gorgeous. Liam would never shut about how amazing their two years relationship was and how lucky he truly is that she was with him all the time.


“And this babe right here is mine. Makie, meet my Velvet Correa.” Zayn said as he pushed the giggling girlfriend towards Makie. The boys and I only met Velvet a few times before. Zayn told us that Velvet was a very busy lassie that works in Vogue as the assistant editor so she doesn’t have that much time to hang out. “She’s got Filipina blood too.” Zayn added.


What I can’t forget about Velvet was that she’s a complete opposite of Zayn; -she’s really loud, more like Louis. “It’s so nice to finally meet you!” Velvet exclaimed as she wrapped Makie in one of her hugs. “Look, if my boyfriend has ever done something wrong, I apologize for him.”


Makie just giggled and defended, “Oh no, they’re amazing and everything. I can’t complain at all.”


Lean let out a girly laugh and said, “Honey, you must complain! These boys are rowdy all together. I don’t even know how a modest girl like you could endure a day with all of them.”


“You got that wrong Lean, I remember Zayn telling me that she’s as crazy as Niall. Do you remember that prank Niall and her pulled on Harry’s twitter? And speaking of you, Harry, I see you getting cozy with Makie there.” Velvet mocked.


My whole face flushed. The girlfriends are just so like their boyfriends, and they call us rowdy.


I then felt Niall tug on my arm and pulled me away from them. “Well since you girls are mocking us in front of my favorite girl –on which I protest that I made her turn bonkers- please excuse us then because we’ve got a very special surprise for the birthday girl!”


Makie shot us a frown and asked back, “Surprise?”


Of course, this party wouldn’t be a smasher without a One Direction surprise. The boys and I then waved and made our way to the center stage where the rest of the band was already on tuning their instruments. I snatched the first microphone I saw and said, “This song’s for you, Makie. Once again, happy birthday love.”


…That slipped.


I was saved from explaining further by Liam starting the first verse of the song,



“You know I've always got your back, girl
So let me be the one you come running to, running to, r-r-running
I see it’s just a matter of fact, girl
You just call my name
I'll be coming through, coming through, I'll keep coming”


The girls pulled Makie together with them up until they were standing near the edge of the stage, so I sang to her my part,


“On the other side of the world, it don't matter
I'll be there in two, I'll be there in two, I'll be there in two
I still feel it every time
It's just something that you do
Now ask me why I want to”


“It's everything about you, you, you
Everything that you do, do, do
From the way that we touch, baby
To the way that you kiss on me
It's everything about you, you, you (everything about you)
The way you make it feel, new, new, new
Like every party is just us two
And there's nothing I could point to
It's everything about you, you, you (everything about you)
Everything about you, you, you (everything about you)
It's everything that you do, do, do (everything about you)
It's everything about you”


My eyes were glued at Makie’s brown orbs the entire song, just how her eyes never left mine.  Niall went into crazy himself again and decided to pull Makie in to the stage with us. He then sang his part with his face too close to hers, 



“Yes, I like the way you smile with your eyes
Other guys see it but don’t realize that it's m-my loving
There's something about your laugh that it makes me wanna have to
There's nothing funny so we laugh at n-n-nothing”



People would have guessed that I was jealous of what Niall did because I went mental too and didn’t think at all. At that moment, it didn’t matter what they would say to me. I just pulled Makie’s attention away from Niall’s and sang Louis’ part. The lad didn’t seem to mind because him, Liam and Zayn were looking at us fighting over the birthday girl’s attention in the center of the stage with a whole lot of other people watching us.

“Every minute’s like the last so let’s just take it real slow
Forget about the clock that's tick-tick-ticking
I still feel it every time
It's just something that you do
Now ask me why I want to”


Makie didn’t move away from me at all. She just let me held on her hand. In those few seconds, I became the selfish Harry wanting everything.


“It's everything about you, you, you
Everything that you do, do, do
From the way that we touch, baby
To the way that you kiss on me
It's everything about you, you, you (everything about you)
The way you make it feel, new, new, new
Like every party is just us two
And there's nothing I could point to
It's everything about you, you, you (everything about you)
Everything about you, you, you (everything about you)
It's everything that you do, do, do (everything about you)
It's everything about you”







Makie’s drunk. They got her drunk.


Fine, we got her drunk.


I wasn’t sure if I should be fine or worried about it. After all, a drunken mind speaks a sober truth. Drunken Makie could mean another perfect chance to know her secrets.


I was sitting alone in the bar currently nursing my fourth bottle of beer when Makie decided to sit down in the bar stool next to me. The very huge grin in her mouth and her puffed red cheeks were my sure indicator that she was already drunk. Uncle Simon and Vanessa will kill us for sure if they found out we accidentally got her drunk. We didn’t know she was such a lightweight. Niall, Louis and Velvet kept passing her all sorts of cocktails drinks which she didn’t hesitate on taking in anyway all night long, and by the end of her umpteenth shot, she’s gone wild, -dancing like it was her going to be her last dance on earth and belting out the lyrics loudly to the tune of the current club song being played. It was so funny to see Makie get this loose, but I’m never letting her get drunk again.


“I thought you wouldn’t get tired.” I joked. The drunken lady just threw her head as she bellowed a loud laugh, again almost making her fall off the chair but I was just in time to quickly pull her back. “I never knew you’ve got those killer moves. You’re such a delight to see in the middle of the dance floor if you must know.” Still a joke. Ha.


“Harreh… why are you… sitting here all… alone?” she slurred.


Definitely drunk.


“I’d rather be the audience to your amazing performance. I’m now your number one fan.” I replied. Her grin was immediately replaced by the cutest pout I have ever seen a girl do, matched it with a look on her bright glassy doe eyes. Makie then placed her warm tiny hands on the top of my legs and said, “But I don’t want to see you sitting here all alone… You look… so sad, Harreehh… Aren’t you having fun?”


“No, I am having fun. It’s you who should have fun. This is your party, remember?” I told her back.


“But… I want you to have fun with me!” Makie whined, but I still find it cute. “Shots!”




“Let’s do shots!”


“But Makie you’re already-,” Her crazy spontaneity got her hand shoved to shut my mouth even before I can complain.  


And that was the start of my crazy night. She asked me to have fun with her, who was I to decline the offer? Both of us completely forgot the others and the party happening that was for hers. No one even dared bother us. I wasn’t sure if the boys and their girlfriends even noticed that we were having our own party at the other side of the club. Makie and I just sat together at the bar and took in shot after shot after shot of whatsoever liquor the bartender gave us until we were doing stupid stuff and mostly laughed to everything nonsense. It was all fun and careless.


“NOW I WANT ALL THE LADS OUT THERE TO TAKE THEIR GIRL AND DANCE WITH HER.” I heard the DJ from the booth announced once again with the new Jason Derulo song booming out of the speakers all throughout the club.


“In the beginning 
I never thought it would be you 
When we were chillin 
Smiling in the photo booth 
But we got closer
‘Till you were eating off my spoon
And coming over 
And we would talk all afternoon” 

There was no hesitation. I didn’t even need to ask if Makie wanted to dance or not with me this time. I just took her hand to mine and escorted her –without tripping over our own feet because of clumsiness and tipsiness- in the middle of the dance floor. As the catchy melody of the song went on, we found our bodies inches away from completely touching. Makie smiled at me as I boldly placed both of my hands in her hips and moved her to sway in rhythm with me. She then clamped her small hands in my nape that sent shocks all over my skin, -making me want to jump out of the barricade I have been into the whole night I just watched her there.


“Tonight we’ll just get drunk 
Disturb the peace 
Bind your hands all over me 
And then you bite your lip 
Whisper and say, ‘We’re going all the way’” 

It was like we were back to being sober again. Things happened so fast like how we danced fluidly with the lyrics of the song being played. While everyone were jumping and shouting around, Makie and I were tensed together in the middle of the floor, eyes locked and bodies too close to one another to be considered as just mates.


“Tonight, take me to the other side 
Sparks fly like the Fourth of July 
Just take me to the other side 
I see that sexy look in your eyes 
And I know, we ain’t friends anymore 
If we walk down this road 
We’ll be lovers for sure
So tonight kiss me like it’s do or die
And take me to the other side” 

Makie searched through my eyes for a second as she took one slow step closer towards me. I was analyzing ever second of the look she gave me. I then felt her hands’ warm touch on either side of my blades, inching herself dangerously closer to mine. I couldn’t dance the meaning of it anymore. Not when I could feel Makie’s heartbeat thundering against my chest. Not when I could feel her arduous breath on the spot of my skin. It brought me back to how much I desired her touch, but I held back all this time.


“Tonight we’ll just get drunk 
Disturb the peace 
Let your love crash into me 
And then you bite your lip 
Whisper and say, ‘We’re going all the way’” 


I could relish this moment, just throw away every single doubt and question that I carried over with her name and life. Now, I can’t hold back.


“I know, we ain’t friends anymore 
If we walk down this road 
We’ll be lovers for sure
So tonight kiss me like it’s do or die
And take me to the other side” 






I remembered me telling the boys that I’m taking Makie back to the hotel. I remembered Paul helping us get out of the club and drove us away. I remembered Makie and I laughing foolishly as we made our way to the lift and to the hotel floor we were staying in. I remembered Makie stumbling her body all over the elevator buttons that got us stopping to ever floor of the building and laughing loudly even though it was already half pass the wee hour of three in the morning. I remembered every single detail of those silly times we experienced.


What I don’t remember was how I managed to make Makie come with me to my room. Was I straight to the point like “Hey, come with me and let’s fool around in my room”, or was I too teasing and she just completely gave in?


Though how many times I tried to ask myself, we were already there. I had Makie pinned against the wall with both of my hands towering over her and our faces inches away.


The smirk in my lips never left as I tried to linger the sensation of my mouth close to Makie’s parted one. “We’re drunk…” I said. I felt her hot breath against my lips and that very recognizable hint of alcohol present.


“I know…” Makie whispered back at me.


“And we’re too close… touching-,” My hands found its way against her flushed cheek and just caressed it in the most delicate way just to show her that I want her.


Makie mimicked my action, “I know…”


“This is wrong, they said.”


“I know.”


Locked in the quiet room without prying eyes to judge us, with only our raging heart beats too loud that it defies every caution the management asked us, I couldn’t help myself. I just need to do it. Alcohol has already clouded my head and it made me so bold at the very moment. Nothing stopped me from crashing my lips together with hers.


I waited for Makie to push me off and walk away. But it never happened. She was kissing me back. All I could hear my mind saying was, "Finally."




I pulled back for a second so I could see her face then reached down to capture her lips again, sucking softly on her sweet bottom lip for a moment before releasing it and pulling away completely.


We were both breathing heavily, and I still had my eyes closed while we caught our breaths. I felt Makie's lips brush feather light against mine, and I shivered at the barely there touch.


"Makie," I whispered at her. I pressed my lips together and shook all the thoughts that swarmed my head. I wasn’t holding back now. I wanted this moment with Makie. I wanted her to be wrapped up in my arms, kiss her, and touch her in every way possible. I couldn't let this go just yet. I reached up to tuck away that lock of hair that was always in her eyes, and then pressed my lips to her.


"Stay with me?" I mumbled against her smiling mouth. Makie didn't answer; she just dropped a hand to wrap it underneath my body and kissed me back.



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