Soul Siren (OneDirectionFanFiction:HarryStyles/OC)

She was the winner of The X Factor Philippines. It was the only detail we were told about the artist that was lined up to be the opening act for our upcoming world tour. Simon made it clear that we don’t Google her even before we get to meet her, let the girl introduce herself to us so to make her more interesting to work with. We can’t help but get curious of course. What made her so special that Simon was so interested and invested with this certain local artist and get her signed to work with a huge name like us, One Direction?

None of us expected that the artist we’ll be working with would somehow clash with our happy-go-lucky personalities. We were not told that the girl had a very bittersweet past and that her life was not all about fame and fortune after she won The X Factor a year ago.

We didn’t expect that we will meet someone like Makie Romero, a soul siren.


8. Caffeine


“Makie, are you okay? You have been drinking coffee ever since we left three hours ago. Exactly how many cups of it have you already drunk?”


Louis wasn’t the only one who noticed how Makie has been too jittery ever since we left our place and went on the road with all six of us cramped on the tour bus for the whole band and Makie herself. We have been travelling for the past three hours and for the last two pump stations we have been, Makie made sure to drag Niall on the nearest convenient store and buy loads of ready to drink coffee on cans. Well, someone’s a coffee addict.


And I have been counting how many of those were already consumed, -fifteen cans of coffee to be exact in just a matter of three hours. I do believe Makie wins some kind of record there.


“Babe, are you planning on never sleeping again? Your whole system is already overloading with too much caffeine.” Zayn asked with so much worry etched at his face as he looked at the girl sitting next to him on the ready-made couch of the bus with a can currently on her hand being consumes while Niall squeezed beside her, just staring at Makie as she sipped more of the now cold beverage. Louis, Liam and I sat at the opposite couch with our mouths wide open, hanging with disbelief. “You’re way too addicted to coffee, Makie, and that is hell scary.”


She rested her head on Zayn’s shoulder. “Don’t worry. I’m fine, really. I haven’t drunk that much.” Makie calmly announced to us.


As her hand moved the can closer to her lips once again, it left me no choice but to tell them, “I think fifteen cans are way too much. Makie, that’s more than enough to make you hyper all week!” I blurted out; pretty sure every crew member in the bus heard what I just said. I suddenly felt the boys beside me tense and panicked over our little caffeine addict tour mate.


“What?! Fifteen cans?! Makie, that’s enough. We’re doing a show, not some pajama party up all night.” Liam stood up and quickly snatched the tin can of coffee that Makie was gulping at the moment. “I’m going to tell the driver that we are not stopping at any gas stations anymore so you can’t get any more of this.”


Defeated for she was the youngest among us, Makie just sighed, “Fine.” And then she added, “Harry, could I borrow your cellphone please? I need to call Mama.”


I just frowned as I looked at her and then asked, “Didn’t Louis and I buy you a phone already? Don’t tell me you haven’t used it at all?”


Her hand travelled at the back of her neck. “Well, yeah, about that Harry, I asked Louis to return it back to the store after you gave it to me. I can’t just accept something as grand as an iPhone.”




Makie quickly interjected, a bit serious this time, “Harry, please. I just really need to make a call and talk with Mama as soon as possible.”


I didn’t make a point to argue with her anymore. The seriousness in her tone made me believe that Makie was already pissed. Was that because of caffeine or because we refrained her from drinking coffee like it was water? I took my phone from my coat pocket and handed it to her.


She quickly jumped off of the couch and quickly darted her feet to the back of the tour bus where her space was. Makie had the a bit spacious built-in room for herself while all five of us lads were assigned on the small bunks for a while when we’re on the road.


Our eyes were peeled at her as she softly shut the door of the room. Something’s wrong. “I don’t think Makie likes tour busses like I do.” Zayn told us.


I think so too. Why is that?






The little curtain of my bunk flew open with Liam looking back at me. “Has Makie gone out of her room yet?” he asked.


“Not yet, and she still has my phone with her. That’s a very long call. I’m going to die when the phone bill comes.”


And so I made up my mind. I sprinted out of my bunk and finally decided to cut Makie and Vanessa’s call myself. This was the reason Louis and I got her a cellphone even though we knew she hated it. One: so Makie won’t get lost ever again because I, for one, wouldn’t want that to happen anymore. She’s a pretty young thing, what if she gets kidnapped? I’d die, -too much, well. And two: so she can call anyone through her phone and tell them her stories of what’s happening to her on the tour with five awesome boys.


Makie clearing out for once that she asked the phone to be returned made it apparent that she hasn’t talked to anyone back home, and I also reckon anyone back from the Philippines, other than Vanessa, has talked with her, -not even her dad. Why is that?


As I was about to barge in the door, I heard some soft muffled sobs coming from behind it,


“I can’t do this Mama. This… This is too much.”


What in the world-,


“Harry, what are you doing there?” Fuck!


I turned around and saw Niall frowning as he looked at my position from the door. I was clearly eavesdropping once again as per half of my face were flat against the door. I just shushed him and listened back behind the door.


It was too obvious that Makie was crying about something. Did we do something wrong to her?


“Harry, what are you-,” even before Niall can get us both caught, I shut him by putting the palm of my hand on his mouth. I pressed a finger at my pursed lips and continued listening to Makie. Niall tried to swat my hand away from him but I refused.


“Niall, keep quiet.” I spoke in an undertone at him. That was when another muffled sound came from inside the room that quickly made Niall and I scram behind the door and listen to what was she trying to say.


“Mama, I don’t want to be like this anymore. This is wrong. As we go on the road, I felt like choking and sinking away once again. I can’t stay this way for the whole tour. They’ll soon notice something’s wrong with me. The boys will find out everything eventually and they’ll hate me so much. They have been nothing but good to me, if they found out what I’m keeping from them… Ma, I can’t do this.” Makie cried in soften sobs again.


My startled eyes met Niall’s frown. He whispered, “What’s wrong?” on which I just returned a shrug not knowing what to tell him because I honestly don’t know what Makie’s talking about.


Niall tried to push pass me and hold on to the door knob so he could come inside Makie’s room and try to solve all by himself on what was wrong but I didn’t let him. “No, Niall! Makie will get mad at both of us!”


He grunted as we fought over the knob, “But I want to know why she is crying! We’re we too tough at her just moments ago? What is it that we’re going to find out eventually? Is there something I don’t know? Harry, let me through.”


“Oi, what are you two doing there?” Both of our heads snapped at the back where we found Liam shouting at us when he found both Niall and I bickering at the Makie’s door. Fuck it. These lads don’t know how to go undercover and the art of being subtle.


“Liam! Shut up!”


“And why are you talking in hushed voices? Are you trying to listen to Makie’s conversation? What did I told you two about eavesdropping eh?!” Liam continued to shout.




Even with Liam’s booming loud voice, we clearly heard the very sound that stopped both Niall and I from arguing.


We’ve been caught. This is bad. I should have not listened to her business in the first place.


With all the ruckus that Liam, Niall and I made, Makie knew we were outside her door listening. It left her no choice but to lock the door.


Makie will never ever trust us anymore because of fucking stupid stance.








“Harry… Harry… HAAAAARRYYYYY!” I heard Louis calling me out from his bunk while I sat at the table, staring at my hands, -feeling so guilty.


I snapped angrily back at him, “What?!”


Louis just cocked his thin brown brows at me and said, “Well Mr. Styles, we have finally arrived at the venue. Really, what’s wrong with you mate?”


I wanted to tell him that everything’s just fine and dandy. Niall’s mad at me because he thinks I’m keeping something from him. Liam’s still furious at Niall and me because he caught us meddling at Makie’s business, and Makie-, God I’m such a fucking asshole. Makie haven’t come out of her bunk yet, thus making me believe that she loathes us all for eavesdropping.


Yeah, everything’s just fucking fine and dandy. It’s the first show of the tour and I reckon I could sing at all. Fuck my life.


“Where’s Makie?” Louis asked everyone in the room.


 I was once again met by Niall’s eyes and saw him glaring back at me. “Do you have a problem with me?”


“I don’t know Harry. Tell me, do we have a problem I don’t know?” I just kept my gaze at him but Niall sighed as he stood up and announced, “I’m going to call Makie myself.”


I just muttered under my breath, “Well, good luck with that.”






As the hours passed on, I haven’t seen Makie on rehearsals on stage or even asked Niall if he ever had the chance to talk with her at all. What’s honestly bothering me at the moment was that it was Vanessa who was actually staring at me with much concern written in her face, like she knows that there’s something wrong with all of us. I took a mental note that I’m going to ask her myself later after the show.


I’m going to be a big bold man now and solve the whole Makie Romero puzzle myself.


“Hey, are you not going to watch Makie’s set? The show is about to start in a few minutes.” Zayn called me out from the dressing room. Of course I don’t plan on missing it even if I think Makie wouldn’t want me anywhere near her. I just nodded and followed him at the side of the stage where Niall, Louis and Liam were already standing behind the stage’s curtain. They were all waiting for Makie to come to the stage.


“It’s about time you show up! You wouldn’t want to miss Makie’s first performance, right?!” Niall shouted right at me as he dragged me at the side with him. Wait, so he’s suddenly not mad at me anymore? Does that mean he got to actually talk with Makie then?


Wow, Niall and his mysterious ways.


A few minutes later, the lights at the stage began to dim and the audience at the arena began cheering loudly for the opening act. The screams were ear exploding, far worse than the last time I heard it but I don’t mind the sound at all. It just makes me much hyper to perform. Suddenly it was too dark, even at the backstage, but someone began playing some melody of a song in the piano and then we all heard Makie’s voice filled the whole place.


“The slightest words you said, 
Have all gone to my head 
I hear angels sing, in your voice 
When you pull me close, 
Feelings I've never known 
They mean everything, 
And leave me no choice”


The spotlight lit up and it was quickly centered at Makie who was sitting at the stool behind the grand piano in the middle of the stage, her fingers playing the keys gracefully. She looked stunning in the white flowing gown her own stylist dressed her into while her jet black hair was tied down by a white lace in a messy bun with some of her soft curls falling down just perfectly framing her face.


Her face. She was just more beautiful than she ever was.


Suddenly, the thought of me being distressed by the fact that I heard her crying at the bus completely just vanished inside my mind. She changed into the professional opening. This was Makie Romero. She successfully trapped me once again in the enchantment she brings every time she sings.


“Light on my heart, 
Light on my feet, 
Light in your eyes, 
I can't even speak 
Do you even know, 
How you make me weak


I'm a lightweight better be careful what you say 
With every word I'm blown away 
You're in control of my heart 
I'm a lightweight easy to fall easy to break 
With every move my whole world shakes 
Keep me from falling apart ” 


The back-up band started to play with Makie while she stayed playing the melody in the piano. The whole arena once again burst into the loudest cheer for her.


Everybody loved her, and I can’t help but smile myself. I have loads of reason why should everyone love Makie -this performance was just one in a million. I’m more than glad that we found someone like her.

“Make a promise please 
You'll always be in reach 
Just in case I need 
You there when I call (Here when I call) 
This is all so new 
Seems too good to be true 
Could this really be 
A safe place to fall 

Light on my heart, 
Light on my feet, 
Light in your eyes, 
I can't even speak 
Do you even know, 
How you make me weak 
Oh ohhh 

I'm a lightweight better be careful what you say 
With every word I'm blown away 
You're in control of my heart 

I'm a lightweight easy to fall easy to break 
With every move my whole world shakes 
Keep me from falling apart 
Keep me from falling apart 

Oh ohhh 
Falling apart”


If Louis wasn’t there beside me holding my shoulders in place, I could have walked my way to the middle of the stage and hugged Makie from behind. It was what her song made me feel -she wanted someone to help her from breaking down.


The fans started chanting Makie’s name out after her song. I just watched from the corner as Makie left the comfort of the piano and stood at the edge of the stage with her white trail of a gown flowing with the wind as she graced her way. “Hi guys! How are you all doing tonight?” the fans yelled all sorts of answers to her question only for her giggle that just echoed right at the speakers that were coincidentally just next to us. It was amazing. “My name is Makie Romero and in just a few more minutes, the beautiful lads of One Direction will perform here on stage and give you the best show you have all been waiting for! But in the meantime, please let me entertain you with the next song I’ve prepared for you all.” Everyone once again started to cheer for her name.


A loud bang from the drum started, soon followed by the rhythm of the band playing the melody while as Makie announced using her sweet, sensuous voice, “Enjoy the show.”


Her back up dancers rounded her up from her sides and quickly pulled the gown that she was wearing, and it just made me yelp, “Oh my God! She’s letting them strip her?!”


But of course, she wasn’t here for a strip show. I just over reacted. The dancers just took off the gown draping her body only to reveal Makie in a tight red bodice dress that had a low cut in the back that showed more of her cream skin and the small dimple at her back while her legs were showing graciously in that tight skirt she has that was complimented by a shiny black heels she wore on her feet. I’m not sure if she could even move with it. One of the dancers pulled the lace that held her hair in a bun immediately making her soft curls bouncing down as she began to dance and sing for her next song. This time, the song was upbeat that just made everyone dissolve into screams that echoed all throughout the whole arena.


Makie backed up a bit at the stage, parallel to where we were standing from behind the curtain and her face turned to look our way. Then she sent us a playful wink before singing the first verse of her song as her hips moved slowly with the beat.


“In real life I'm waking up alone 
And one more night you didn't make it home 
And one more time 
You won't pick up the phone 

In real life you never bring me flowers 
When you're here it's only for an hour 
I'm getting used to being on my own 

Because in real life 
You're not what I thought 
This isn't what I want 
Guess things aren't always 
What they seem”


“Ooh, I think I’m in love with this song.” Liam announced loudly that made all four of them suddenly looked at me.


Dumbfounded because I was trying to understand the song, I bickered back at them, “What did I do?” The boys just laughed at me while Louis nudged me at my side, “Why the fuck are you guys looking at me like that?!” None of them ever tried to answer me.

“But in my dreams 
I'm waking up to roses 
Champagne, kisses and I know it's always, 
Always, gonna be, gonna be this way 
In my dreams you're standing right beside me 
Two hearts finally colliding 
Then I wake up and realize 
Realize this is real life 
Real life, this is real life 
Real life, real life 
Real life, whoa, real life”


“Now is the time to make a mental note Harry if you wanted to win Makie. She’s practically dishing everything out she wants in the song.” Louis teased.


“In real life it doesn't always work out 
People fall in love 
And then they fall out 
Hearts can break and never make a sound 
Because in real life 
You're not what I thought 
This isn't what I want 
Guess things aren't always 
What they seem 

But in my dreams 
I'm waking up to roses 
Champagne, kisses and I know it's always, 
Always, gonna be, gonna be this way 
In my dreams you're standing right beside me 
Two hearts finally colliding 
Then I wake up and realize 
Realize this is real life”


I got it, -roses, champagne and kisses. Well, kisses are my field of expertise. I’d smooch with her anytime she wants.  

“Just when I thought this was all real life could be 
somebody came along and made my dream reality” 


There was a sudden stop at her song and it seems like everything stop in its place as Makie once again looked at our way, -her hazelnut orbs sparkling as she caught my green awed eyes. Smiling, she continued singing the last verse of her song, 

“And now in real life 
I'm waking up to roses 
Champagne, kisses and I know it's always, 
Always, gonna be, gonna be this way 
In my dreams you're standing right beside me 
Two hearts finally colliding 
When I wake up and realize 
Realize this is real life.”


Everyone in the backstage clapped at the stellar performance Makie gave to the dying fans before her. She held hands with her dancers and band and curtsy a bow to the audience. “Thank you so much London! Please, let’s all welcome on stage, ONE DIRECTION EVERYONE!”


Makie ran towards the back stage where she met all five of us half way. We got to hug her after that super amazing performance she did. Niall just felt skittish and immediately tackled Makie, almost making her fall down her heels but I was just in time to save her from tumbling down and flash everyone what’s underneath that tight skirt. “Whoa. You better be careful with those heels Makie.” I whispered softly in her ear as I held her secured in my arms. Makie and I were caught in our own little moment in front of a whole arena. This is going to be a trending topic for sure.


Makie looked amazing in a closer view. She just giggled back to what I said, “I’m sorry. It’s clear that running in heels is not my thing. I don’t even know why I even agreed on wearing them. Thank God I didn’t fell.”


“Oh, I’m not God, honey. My name is Harry.” I joked back. Our faces were just inches apart and I was so much aware that I’m grinning back at her like I’m some kind of lovesick boy.


Makie dissolved into giggles once again before she pushed herself away from my arms and then shoved me back to my band mates who looked cheekily at us. Liam had his phone out, wiggling his brows as he showed me another picture perfect moment he caught on camera. I knew he’s in favor of Team HAKIE. I just grinned sheepishly before I yelled at the packed arena in front of me. “Hello London! We’re One Direction! How’s everyone tonight?!”


Something amazing was bursting inside me, and it wasn’t just adrenaline.






“Thank you London! You’re the best! Enjoy the rest of the night!”


“That was so amazing!” I started yelling to everyone I greeted as we ran our way back to the backstage until we’ve reached the green room. “Just epic! We have to celebrate!”


Everyone in the room cheered for the success of the first show. Someone then popped some bottle of wine which has been a long tradition for us on tour and started sprinkling us with the fermented purple reddish liquid and foam.


My eyes immediately scanned the area and went looking for Makie. In just a matter of seconds, her tiny figure came rushing out from her dressing room at the very end of the stage. She changed from her super tight red dress to a black comfy one with white leggings toasting her legs. Makie came running towards us with a huge smile spread across her face.


Now, there was something breathtaking running towards us.


“Oh my god! You guys are just amazing! I completely loved everything you performed on that stage!” she threw her legs on to Liam’s back who was unfortunately clueless that Makie was going to jump on him which ended both of them on the floor, Liam face flat. She’s literally a breath taker. “And I think the coffee’s just starting to warm me up.”


Liam groaned at the ground before asking Makie, “What coffee? Who gave you coffee this time?”


Zayn helped Makie off of Liam’s back only so to envelope the little girl into one of his tight bear hugs. She had to take a breath in before she explained, “Err, there was a vending machine outside-,”


“And how many cups have you consumed exactly this time?”


Feisty little Makie smirked at Liam before she said, “Quite few.” She pivoted her heels and saw Niall bouncing next to her that only made her yelp, “NIALL! I LOVE YOU THE MOST! OH MY GOD! I DIDN’T KNOW THAT YOU WOULD BE THAT ADDICTING! YOURS AND LOUIS’ VOICE COULD GET GIRLS PREGNANT!” then jumped at him too. “You can say the same to the coffee!” as he heard his name called, Louis also decided to hop at Niall’s back. They shrieked like fan girls, -worse than most of the fans screams honestly.


Vanessa came towards our group laughing with Uncle Simon came on tow, “She drank at least five cans while she was watching your show from the dressing room.” the manager confessed.


Being too concerned with Makie’s crazy addiction to coffee, Liam pursed his lips before he shot her a very stern look. “Makie…”


I saw her then pout her thin red lips at him before she said, “Sorry Liam.” Makie walked towards him and soften as she wrapped her hands around Liam’s torso and buried her face on his chest. Sweet baby Jesus, Makie’s an angel.


Liam just embraced her back. He can never be mad at her, not with someone like Makie. I know I couldn’t. The team chorused some “Aww…” at their little moment.


“Okay, this is way too dramatic!” I clapped my hand and yelled back at the team, “Let’s celebrate!” and so everyone once again cheered. I looked back at my circle and caught Makie looking at me now. I was the only one left that she hasn’t congratulated yet. I gave her a lopsided grin and tried channeling to her to jump and please, fall in love with me.


I then saw her took something from her dress pocket. It was my cellphone.


That was when it hit me like a ton of brick in my head. Makie hates me because of what I did earlier. And I haven’t said any apology at her. Why was I even thinking that she will even consider falling for me if she loathes Harry Styles? Well luck is not in favor of you, buddy.


The boys began cramming their way back to our dressing room only to leave Makie and me still staring at each other in the corridor.


Makie handed my phone back at me, but only this time, her face wasn’t showing any of her gorgeous smiles in her lips. Mine faded quickly by knowing the fact that we’ll never be okay anymore.


“Makie, I’m-,”


“Forget it, Styles.” She inched herself towards me and soon, both of her arms were wrapped in my neck. Her sweet perfume intoxicated me once again as I held her against me. “You were amazing as you performed on that stage.” My skin tickled as I felt her breathe every word in that sensitive spot I have just below my ear.


I would have wanted to hold her longer, -forever if it was even possible. But when some of the crew passed us and teased, Makie immediately let go of me. “Uh…well… I just really wanted to congratulate you on a job well done.” I saw her face flushed with a deep scarlet tint in her cheeks. It was just lovely. “Oh, and thank you for letting me borrow your phone. I think you should check it out soon, it’s been buzzing non-stop.” She gave me a final wave and ran back to her dressing room.


And so I did what I was told. There were a couple of unread messages waiting, a few missed calls, and a whole load of notifications from my twitter. Liam must have uploaded the picture he took and tagged me.


-Nice briefs @Harry_Styles. Rawr!, was the first tweet I saw in my mention. I frowned at what in the world did the tweet meant. I never posed for a picture in just my underpants. And so, I clicked on my timeline and scanned at what the twitter people were gushing about.


I almost dropped my phone because of the shock with what I found out. Feisty little Makie made a little revenge.


-I forgive you. Love, Makie.


I wasn’t shock because she forgave me that fast, or that she even said ‘Love, Makie’ at the tweet. It was actually the picture on the tweet that nearly killed me.


It was a shot of me in the dressing room moments before the show. I was pictured ironing my white long johns with my body clad only with a white t-shirt. I wasn’t wearing any pants on so my pair of tiger skin printed brief was clearly seen on the photo.


“WHO TOOK THIS PICTURE?!” I screamed in exasperation as I barged inside our dressing room. I found Makie and the rest of the boys laughing their asses off at me.


“Niall took the picture… He made me do it… Kill him instead!” Makie said in between her laughs. She laughed too hard that she fell off her make-up table’s chair. Niall, also known as the mastermind, got pulled too, only he fell butt cheeks first that got him agonizing in pain.


Just because of her gracefulness *note sarcasm here*, I suddenly wasn’t furious of what she just did anymore. Tables have turned; it was me laughing at her now.


I may be in love with Makie now, -maybe.



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