Soul Siren (OneDirectionFanFiction:HarryStyles/OC)

She was the winner of The X Factor Philippines. It was the only detail we were told about the artist that was lined up to be the opening act for our upcoming world tour. Simon made it clear that we don’t Google her even before we get to meet her, let the girl introduce herself to us so to make her more interesting to work with. We can’t help but get curious of course. What made her so special that Simon was so interested and invested with this certain local artist and get her signed to work with a huge name like us, One Direction?

None of us expected that the artist we’ll be working with would somehow clash with our happy-go-lucky personalities. We were not told that the girl had a very bittersweet past and that her life was not all about fame and fortune after she won The X Factor a year ago.

We didn’t expect that we will meet someone like Makie Romero, a soul siren.


13. Behind Those Eyes


Makie got worse. Everyone has noticed it happening for the past six concert nights. She was writing and singing set lists that were sadder than Broken and the other previous ones. The fans were raging to know the details of what really happened. Paparazzi have ticked each and every one of us just so they can get the gossip if it was true that Makie Romero was getting pulled off the tour because she’s depressed. Niall said he has often heard her crying on her bunk while we were on the tour bus. He even added that Vanessa has mentioned she’s flying someone out from the Philippines to come and accompany Makie for a little while, though he didn’t get the information to who that someone would be. She refused to be anywhere near me, just like Vanessa. She hasn’t looked me in the eyes ever since that stupid video surprise. I haven’t seen her smile after that mistake. She wasn’t as glowing as she was before. Makie once again shielded herself on the same exact shell that I thought I already cracked weeks ago.


I accepted all the blame on me, taking each and every hard blow they threw.


Uncle Simon was furious the very second he heard what happened. Vanessa and the other boys got pinned on the problem too even though I told Uncle beforehand that none of them knew about the surprise. Liam said Vanessa was asked to not let Makie be alone with me anymore. They were told never to let anything like it ever slip again. Louis has told me that our manager asked them to look after me because everyone’s now thinking that I’m some kind of menace who will ruin the whole tour because I didn’t told anyone of them about my unplanned pouring of love for Makie Romero.


And that love is a barrier. It has always been even from the start. The one thing I’ve dreamt of ever having has already been blocked by people around us who wouldn’t approve of it. Our love story has already been charred down even before it could really happen. Makie and I were just fools, thinking a romance between us would eventually spark and people will rejoice that we’re perfect for each other. Well, at least I was.


The management wasn’t happy, so they made an immediate action in order for the issue to die down.


And that drastic action happened in the name of Sabina Fines.


They thought it was a clever idea –I think they’re just being complete assholes.


She was one of Uncle Simon’s newly discovered talents on The X Factor U.K. A blonde skinny twenty one year old Irish lassie that has a potential on becoming someone like Adele because of her super amazing voice as per what I’ve heard them comment about her. Uncle Simon was clearly drunk when he compared her to Adele. The one thing they have in common was their chest size. She reminded me of that certain blonde bitch *cough* Taylor Swift *cough* I dated before. She could pass a lollipop look with her disproportionate head and body size.


Sabina was the best choice to get paired with me because she’s got everything a cheeky lad like me would ever dream of - that and because she’s not someone who’s on tour with One Direction of course. For the management, Harry Styles and Sabina Fines were a match made from heaven. For me, Sabina Fines was a narcissistic bimbo that was thrown out from hell.


The whole management made me went on dates with her for the past ten days while we were on tour. I don’t even know how I lasted every second of those dates with someone like Sabina Fines. I was always on the verge of stabbing myself every chance she cling her stick thin body on me. Plus she always wears these very revealing clothes like she’s some prostitute I desperately picked up on the streets. What really bothers me the most is that she’s such a heavy drinker who wants to get us so wasted on every date. She said it was okay with the management, as long as the issue about Makie and I buries down. Apparently, it also seems like she wants to rape me if ever I do get drunker than her –like that will ever happen. Some kind of fun she is. NOT.


It wasn’t a shocker that this night was no different. Sab and I were asked to go out and party wild so paparazzi could feast on us once again. So there I was again, stuck on one of the VIP lounges of a private club in London with a wasted girl clinging on me like she’s a new breed of a sloth (read: I’d consider slut too). “Harry, I’m so happy you’ve taken me out again.” I knew she aimed to whisper it right to my ears, but what she actually did was smack her button nose on the side of my head. It will be a field day for the paparazzi outside; breaking news! Man Whore Harry Styles sighted again with his new girl, Sabina Fines, heating the club. “Really, this is so meant to be.” What the fuck is this girl taking about? Wait, is she singing to me?


I sighed exasperatedly as I tried all might to push her away. People were already staring at our little scene. If only I could scream help. She was already getting on my nerves, and we’ve only been together for two hours. “Sab, you’re drunk…again.”


“Naaaaah, I’m fine babey…” She slurred. It was more like talking to a drunken Niall, only I could endure a drunken Niall. Her face once again smacked the side of my face. This time, her sticky lips hit me on the cheek and it felt so gross. “Les dance!” Sab declared as if my face says I wanted to dance anyway. Sabina Fines clearly is mental. She tried to pull me out of the couch I was sitting on. I was gripping tightly on the arm rest, refusing to leave at all and dance with this annoying lady leprechaun, but when she said “Come on Harry. I want you to have fun with me!” I just completely fell off.




It wasn’t Sab asking me, all I heard was Makie asking me to come have fun with her. This is so fucked up. I am so fucked up. Everything about Makie and I are so fucked up.  


“Oh my god, are you okay?” Sab asked as she helped me stood up. “What’s wrong with you tonight?”


I brushed my pants and glared at her. “I told you I don’t want to dance. Sab, I’m really tired. Let’s go home.” I told her.


“But…The night’s still young! I don’t wanna go home. And Harry,” Sab inched herself closer to me, her hands grazing my arm. I felt goosebumps. No sparks like Makie’s touch, just goosebumps. This girl is ridiculous. “You haven’t even kissed me yet.” No, this girl is a lunatic.


I purposely made her see me roll my eyes at her craziness. I have been sending her signs that I’m not even slightly interested with her but she’s still hoping that I’d eventually lip lock with her? Stupid bitch. Is stupidity airborne? I cannot get infected. My name is Harry Fucking Styles. Yes, that’s my middle name. “What made you think I’m even planning on kissing you?”


Sab started laughing mad, even made some snorting sound which was very unattractive actually. “Hahaha, you’re so funny Harry Styles.”


Does this face spell funny to you? Hell to the no.


“Sab, let’s call it a night. Let me take you home.” I said dryly. Her annoying groans didn’t stop me from pulling her out of the lounge. I have lost interest of this night the very second I thought about Makie and fun.






This has to be a set-up.


Sabina ‘accidentally’ lost her room key because she’s fucking dumb. Even if I wanted to, I can’t just leave her alone and cold outside of her doorsteps so I had no choice but to let her sleep in my hotel room (read: just sleep in my room, not sleep with me in my room).


Then Makie magically appeared out of nowhere while I was on the process of opening my room and dragging an obviously wasted Sabina inside.


To make the scene even worse, Sabina opened her mouth and actually tried to converse with her. “Ooh, are you Maddie Romeo? Aren’t you a tiny little lassie! Are you like twelve or something? Did you know that my fans tell me that they hate you? I wonder why-” I just immediately had to shut her up with my hand. First of all, who the hell is Maddie Romeo? And wait, she has fans?! Is that a joke? That has to be a joke.


It was completely horrendous to watch. Sabina was being the stupid bitch from hell. Makie was utterly stoned in place. It was either because she saw me taking a girl –whom I hated- inside my room after my confession of love for her or because Sabina was being a stupid bitch. And as for me, I was highly considering an impromptu plan again. But this time it was committing the murder of a stupid bitch named Sabina Fines.


Again, this has to be a fucking set-up.


Makie jut looked at me, then at Sabina, and finally went back to look at me straight in the eyes. Oh how much I missed those hazelnut eyes of hers. It’s been too long. I miss her. I miss being normal with Makie again without any drama involved at all. If I have to sort out my feelings about her, I would even if it’s the last choice I have. I just want Makie be able to look me in the eyes. She’s my own kind of heaven. I’ve been miserable these past days that we were not okay. And I couldn’t stand that way any longer.


Unfortunately, with the Taylor Swift-esque bimbo in my hand and the awkwardness around us, Makie won’t be taking in any sort of apology that would come out of my mouth. “Err, I was just... Uh, well… Have a good night, I guess.” she said as she took two steps back away from us and disappeared (read: in my life once again) at the room next to mine.


Makie ran away, again.


I don’t want her avoiding me anymore. I wanted her to listen and let me explain. If only she’d listen, maybe she’ll understand me deeper. If only she’d let me show her how I truly adore her, without people and chances ruining anything again, maybe things between us will be better.


All I ever wanted was just for her to stay, even for a little while until I get her to understand. I want to show her that Harry Styles isn’t a fool. We’re not fools. And we can never deny something about attraction and love.


I let go of Sabina and gently opened the door so she could get in all by herself. “Sab, you can go inside and get some rest. I’ll try and bunk with Niall for the night.”


Suddenly, Sabina wasn’t crazy drunk anymore. She looked more sober than I was. While she leaned against the door frame, her fierce blue eyes which I’m honestly scared of burrowed right through mine. She’s just too different for Makie. Ever since I got lost on those pair of brown ones, I have never looked at any other just as gorgeous as Makie’s were. I saw her lips form a smirk before she pronounced, “It makes all sense now, on why does your own management doesn’t want you to be with that girl. It’s very obvious, you know.”


Just when I thought that she’s dense, Sabina got me completely lost in a whirl. “What do you mean?” I asked.


“Don’t tell me you’ve never noticed it before? I’ve only met that girl now and I already have a hunch of what she’s going through. Honestly, you’ve been staring in her eyes for the two whole minutes that we stood here awkwardly and you didn’t see it all?”


Oh my god. Sabina Fines -sensitive and deep. Who would have thought of that? “What are you saying? What is it that’s in her eyes? I don’t understand.”


Her answer came out too soft, but I know that I’ve heard her say the line, “The eyes are the windows to a person’s soul. Clearly, you’re being deceived.”


Sabina Fines, cryptic? This girl is really impossible.




She refused to repeat what she muttered. Instead, she just waved her hand mindlessly in the air as giggles escaped her mouth. “Why do you like that Maddie girl anyway? She’s way different from all the girls I’ve seen you dated. I thought they said you like girls who throw themselves at you.”


Screw it. Sabina Fines is still a bitch from hell. “First of all, her name is Makie Romero not Maddie Romeo. And it’s none of your business if I like her or not. Lastly, I hate it when girls throw themselves at me.” Oh yes babe, that’s you. BURN.


“Okay, if you say so. I’m not here to argue with you. I really like you, even though you’re too thick to sense it. Plus, I was really hoping I’d get to see the girl you’re obsessed with and see what’s with her that you’re head over heels with.” I knew it. She’s a fake because she just wants to get in my pants. Can anyone stoop lower than this one? “But don’t worry. Actually, this night has turned better than what I planned for it to be, especially after that little encounter I had with Ms. Makie Romero. And, just so you know Harry, everyone’s right.”


I looked at her and frowned, “Right about what?”


“You can do so much better than her.” Expectant, she waited for me to respond. When I showed no sign of retaliation, her eyebrows arched in surprise. Sabina flashed me a disgusted glance before brushing past me, coolly and calmly. She paused at the door, her dainty hand resting on the doorknob. She turned her head to look at me and said gently, “Maybe you’ll need to dig deeper behind those eyes, then you’ll realize. She’s bad news.”


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