Soul Siren (OneDirectionFanFiction:HarryStyles/OC)

She was the winner of The X Factor Philippines. It was the only detail we were told about the artist that was lined up to be the opening act for our upcoming world tour. Simon made it clear that we don’t Google her even before we get to meet her, let the girl introduce herself to us so to make her more interesting to work with. We can’t help but get curious of course. What made her so special that Simon was so interested and invested with this certain local artist and get her signed to work with a huge name like us, One Direction?

None of us expected that the artist we’ll be working with would somehow clash with our happy-go-lucky personalities. We were not told that the girl had a very bittersweet past and that her life was not all about fame and fortune after she won The X Factor a year ago.

We didn’t expect that we will meet someone like Makie Romero, a soul siren.


6. A Piece of Heaven


-So envious of @MakieRomero! She goes on the world tour with @OneDirection!


-Lucky girl you truly are @MakieRomero. #FrontAct for @OneDirection world tour.


-Juan Directioners are so proud of @MakieRomero!!! Filipina pride all the way!!! #MakieRomero #OpeningAct #OneDirectionWorldTour


-I’m so interested about @MakieRomero! Is this her legit account? It hasn’t been updated for almost a year now. #VerifyPlease


-None of the boys follow the @MakieRomero account. I don’t think this is Makie’s.


-Why is it so hard to find information about @MakieRomero?! Where’s her fans?! Isn’t she famous?


-This just in Directioners! @MakieRomero was the girl photographed with @Harry_Styles at the park near Synco’s Building 2 days ago!


-@MakieRomero & @Harry_Styles seen together?! Is Makie Harry’s new fucking buddy? Is that the reason why she gets to be the front act?!


-I bet @MakieRomero got on tour because she gave @Harry_Styles a good fuck. You go girl…NOT! Get your paws off the boys, BITCH!


-@MakieRomero won The X Factor Philippines. It meant she’s got TALENT. Have you seen her production number at @GoodMorningLondon? She deserved to be the front act! #DontHate


-Bold move for @SimonCowell & @OneDirection for signing a local @MakieRomero to go on tour with them. I hope she doesn’t disappoint. #Hopingforthebest


-We love #TeamHAKIE ftw!!! Omg! They look cute together! #lovelovelove


-“@NiallOfficial : She’s mine @Harry_Styles” OMG!!! #TeamNIAKIE!!! We can’t wait to see what happens on the world tour!


-“@ZaynMalik : FYI: Niall & Harry have been fighting over about Makie ever since we’ve met. :)” I’m going to murder @MakieRomero in her sleep! Who’s with me?! #KilltheBitch


-“Real_Liam_Payne : Please don’t hate Makie. It’s @NiallOfficial & @Harry_Styles to blame.” Aww, so sweet of you, Liam! Some fans are just mental. #WeLoveMakie #TeamMAKIE #NotoBullies


My feed has been exploding with tweets about Makie and One Direction ever since yesterday morning after our guesting at Good Morning London where she was first officially introduced as the opening act. We’ve been laughing all day long with all the messages we’ve been getting especially after Niall’s undying confession of love for Makie, making him, Makie and I on the top of the list of trending topics for the past twenty-four hours.


“Ugh! I miss Makie! Can someone please call Vanessa and tell her not to deprive me of Makie anymore?! Someone tell her to bring Makie back to us! Noooow!” Mr. Irish Lover boy whined to everyone in the studio, yet no one listened to him, -sucks for you, Niall. It was supposed to be rehearsals, but of course none of us ever took rehearsals quite seriously so we’re scattered all over the stage just fooling around.


“Isn’t Makie supposed to be rehearsing with us? The tour starts in a week.” Liam asked me while I tried to grope at Louis who was playing on the drum set. Gay? No, this is what you call ‘Bromance’.


“I can’t practice without inspiration! Call. Makie. NOW!” Niall cried once again. Great, let’s just continue pestering everyone with the annoying snivel. Ugh.


“God, when I thought nobody can be worse than Liam. Makie’s not even his girlfriend yet.” Louis said while he played some beats. “Niall, shut up.” He added as he threw a drumstick that hit the back of Niall’s head.


“LOUIS!” Someone shouted from the entrance.


Our heads turned around and saw Makie running towards us on the stage. “Oh my God, Niall, are you alright?” she asked with much concern in her tone as she sat beside him in the middle of the stage. By the looks of him, Niall would have fainted when Makie touched his head and examine if there’s wound or blood.


“It hurts Makie.” He cooed at her. He even masked his face with his beautiful blue eyes while he pouted his thin lips at her. Niall Horan’s damn serious with it!


Makie fell with the ridiculous pout Niall showed and said, “Aww, you poor thing.” She then proceeded to kiss his the top of his head and pulled him into a hug.


“Ahem,” I cleared my throat to get their attention, but failed to do so. “Ahem!” still ignored.


“Oi, you two might want to stop that. Look at Harry! He’s fuming with anger and jealousy!” Zayn yelled at them while a roar of laughter from everyone on the team echoed at the whole area.


“You’re a bunch of mean boys. I’m going to be Niall’s new best friend.” She announced proudly at everyone. “And he smells really good.” She added.


I swear Niall’s face immediately lighted up like he found his own piece of heaven with what he just heard Makie said. I, on the other end, shouted, “No!” So he reckons he’s going to start getting plenty of Makie action because she said he smelled dandy? Hell, no. Capital N. O. No.


Makie turned her attention at me with one of her thin brows up while her red lips played a playful smirk, “Jealousy isn’t your best look, Styles.”


Uncle Simon and Vanessa made a good timing on showing up in the studio because they instantly repelled me from saying ‘Blow me’.


“Aren’t you boys supposed to be rehearsing?” Uncle asked us.


“We’re waiting for Makie to come and rehears with us.” Louis told him.


“She’ll be practicing alone for a few days, -starting today.” Vanessa stated directly to us. Uncle just nodded.


I frowned, “Why is that? Shouldn’t you show us what your set lists for the tour are?”


“It’s a surprise.” Makie said before she jumped off of the stage and sat with Uncle Simon and Vanessa at the front row seats.


“Show me how good you are, One Direction.” Makie dared us. Oh no, you didn’t.


I smirked back at her, and then told her, “After this song, you’ll surely be on your knees begging for more, Makie Romero.”


It’s on.


Liam, Niall, Zayn, me and Louis lined up in the middle of the stage when the background music started. We were more than pumped to show her what One Direction can do, especially to a pretty little thing like her. Zayn brought the microphone to his lips and sang the opening,


“Oh I just wanna take you anywhere to do it live,

We can go out any day any night,

Baby, I’ll take you there, take you there,

Baby I’ll take you there yeah.”


I then began to sing my part while my entire attention was only at Makie’s.


“Oh tell me, tell me, tell me how to turn your love on

You can get get anything, anything that you want

Baby just shout it out, shout it out,

Baby just shout it out yeah.”


“And if you, you want me to

Let’s make a move, yeah

So tell me girl if every time we-,”


I quickly jumped off of the stage and stood in front of Makie, channeling to her the truth that I’m truly awesome. The other boys followed me off of stage and danced their way to her also.


“Touch, you get this kind of rush,

Baby say yeah, yeah!

If you don’t wanna take it slow,

And you just wanna take me home

Baby say yeah, yeah!

And let me kiss you!”


I was just a few inches away from Makie’s flushed cheeks so I could kiss her, but Niall pulled me away and kissed her instead. You little Irish kiss-stealer!


“Oh, baby, baby, baby don’t you know you got what I need,

Looking so good from your head to your feet

Come, come over here, over here,

Come, come over here yeah.”


Before he could start singing out his part, Niall pulled Makie out of her chair and danced with her,


“Oh, I just wanna show you off to all of my friends,

Make them drool down their chinny chin chins

Baby be mine tonight, mine tonight

Baby be mine tonight yeah!”


He had her twirl at the end of his verse. Makie’s gorgeous giggles once again echoed at my ears. I should have done that instead of just standing before her. Harry, you’re such a blockhead.


“And if you, you want me to

Let’s make a move, yeah,

so tell me girl if every time we-,

Touch, you get this kind of rush,

Baby say yeah, yeah!

If you don’t wanna take it slow,

And you just wanna take me home

Baby say yeah, yeah!

And let me kiss you!”


Makie was pulled by Vanessa back to her seat and whispered something in her ear for a few second. I bet she’s suggesting of taking one of us home! Yeah, Makie action!


“So tell me girl if every time we-,

Touch, you get this kind of rush,

Baby say yeah, yeah!

If you don’t wanna take it slow,

And you just wanna take me home

Baby say yeah, yeah!



Every time we touch, you get this kind of rush,

Baby say yeah, yeah!

If you don’t wanna take it slow,

And you just wanna take me home

Baby say yeah, yeah!

And let me kiss you!”


Everyone was on their feet, clapping proudly for each and every one of us after our whole number. Makie, on the other hand, didn’t. Come on. We’re amazing. She just looked at us unimpressed. The nerve! You just had fun shaking that fine booty around while we sang for you!


“Nice.” She said monotonously. Nice? That’s it?! I beg to disagree. We have millions of fans that without a doubt will admit that we’re more than just nice.


“Come on, you can say it that we’re brilliant.” Makie just shrugged. “Well, how about you do something and let us see if you’re good enough.” I daunted her.


Makie took the bait and walked her way back up on stage. She talked to the band and arranged her little number. We sat on the front row with Vanessa and Uncle Simon and waited for her to start, -our eyes glued only at her the entire time.


Then she walked towards the middle of the stage and stripped the red little coat she was wearing only to reveal her in a plain black V-neck shirt that hugged her upper torso perfectly which showed her curves on their right places and a pair of denim skinny jeans that was complimented with some black knee length boots she wore.


Makie dragged a microphone stand in her left hand while the other one held the cordless microphone. She immediately began teasing her audience by gently swaying her hips and looking mischievously at us.


Oh no. This was what she and Vanessa were whispering about!


“Oh yeah, yeah,

Oh yeah, yeah,

Never had much faith in love or miracles,

Never wanna put my heart on the line,

Swimming in your world is something spiritual,

I’m born again every time you spent the night.”



“Coz your sex takes me to paradise,

Yeah your sex takes me to paradise

And it shows, yeah.”


“Makie is not doing that on tour-,” Uncle Simon cleared out.


“I’m going to beg for her to do that on my lap. Wow.” Zayn whispered next to me. I just nodded, though in my head I’m going to plead until I get her to do that on MY lap. Oh my god.


“Coz you make me feel like

I’ve been locked out of heaven

For too long,

For too long.



Yeah, you make me feel like

I’ve been locked out of heaven

For too long,

For too long.”


“I…can’t…she…mother of God, that h-hips-,” I heard Liam stuttered as we all saw Makie tossed the stand away, knelt down and slowly crawled her way to the end of the stage where all five of us were seated. I bet she purposely took her coat off and roast us by making us put our full attention at her chest.


You have got to be kidding me. 


“You bring me to my knees

You make me testify.

You can make a sinner change its way.

Open up your gates coz I can’t wait to see the lights.

And that’s where I want to stay.”


Makie continued teasing us with her number. When she caught my eyes staring at her, she smirked slyly at me, threw on a wink and I swear, I almost sank on my seat when she sang to me the verse,


“Coz your sex takes me to paradise,

Yeah your sex takes me to paradise

And it shows, yeah it shows.”


“Wait,” Louis tore his eyes at Makie, just to miss how her tight shirt was now slowly sliding up with all the moving she’s done only for my eyes to once again see some of the fair skin on her flat stomach, -Not again?! Kill me. Kill me now! - Louis’ eyes carted at me and hissed at me, “When in the world did you have sex with her?!”


“WHO HAD SEX WITH HER?!” Niall screamed in such high pitched voice that made everyone turn their heads at him because of his sudden outburst. Makie giggled in the middle of her song because she accomplished her agenda of completely making a fool of the boys of One Direction.


“Ooh ooh ooh, yeah yeah yeah,

Can I just stay here,

Spend the rest of my days here



Coz you make me feel like

I’ve been locked out of heaven

For too long,

For too long.



Yeah you make me feel like

I’ve been locked out of heaven for too long,

For too long.

Oh yeah yeah.

Oh yeah yeah.”


Makie did a little bow at the end of her song before she fell back on the stage and exploded into fitful giggles while all five of us were more than amused that we had our jaws hanging after her number, -and I think all of us have a serious problem down below our pants.


“Uhm, I’m gonna cum-, GO! Go to the rest room!” I immediately excused myself and jumped out of the seat. I ran as fast as I could even before they can see the bulge in my pants. The other boys scrambled out of their seats too and ran as well like we’re competing on a marathon.


Uncle Simon should be dead serious that she won’t ever do that heart stopping slash teasing song on tour because I don’t think I can stop myself anymore from pulling Makie to a nearby broom closet, lock us together and beg to her to take me to heaven.






 I was the last one to leave the rest room because I refused to look at Makie and the team after the whole fiasco the boys and I made back there after her impromptu song number. I don’t think there’s any shame left in me. Makie managed to make Little Harry down below excited for two straight scandalous instances and what made it worse was having the whole tour team witnessed both accidents! Good God.


I finally composed myself after a few deep breaths and made up my mind that I have to face everyone and act like a man. I’m fucking Harry Styles for crying out loud! Being a lousy coy was never in the list of how to describe Harry Styles. I’m so proud that I was voted to be the most appealing face and have the most number of fans from the rest of the boys of One Direction. Hell, I’m so full of myself that sometimes I feel like I want to marry me. I’m never going to be overawed by someone like Makie Romero.


When I came out of the men’s room, I immediately saw Makie leaning on the side of the wall opposites the door, and it looks like she’s been waiting for me for quite a while.


I felt every fiber of my skin tingle. I’m awed one again. Her alluring gaze at me could have made me melt in just a split second.


We just looked at each other but didn’t say a word. I don’t even know what to tell her. The only words I managed to comprehend inside my head at the very moment while I stared at her were ‘Me. You. Closet. Now.’


I don’t think Makie would appreciate it if those words were ever muttered.


Then I saw her pushed herself away from the wall and walked slowly towards me. With the way her dazzling eyes locked with me, I believed she thinks the same thing.


You. Me. Closet. NOW.


But no, -who am I even kidding? Makie stopped inches away from me. I forgot that she was at least a foot shorter than me that she had to tiptoe before she wrapped both of her lean arms in my neck and whispered in my ear using her sweet soft voice, “I’m sorry, Harry. I promise, I won’t do that again. Please, don’t be mad at me.”


Being mad at her hasn’t even crossed my mind at all even after both accidents. I fancy Makie too much to even be slightly mad-,


…Whoa. What did I just say?


“Aww,” I heard a camera shutter sound at our side that got Makie and my head turned at the direction only to see Louis and Liam looking at both of us, matched grins etched on their faces, -way to ruin the moment mates.


“This cute picture I just captured goes to Twitter.” Liam teased. “And everyone will be blown away.”


In just a matter of seconds, my phone once again exploded with the mentions I’ve got on Twitter. Makie let go of me, only to see her face blushing. I immediately took my phone out from my coat pocket and looked at what the said picture Liam took looked like.


It was captioned with a kissy face emoticon and a heart, -really Liam? When the picture got loaded in my screen, it pretty much explained to me why it had 147 retweets and 259 likes in just a few seconds after it was uploaded.


Liam took a pretty good angle of us hugging, like someone professional captured something unspoken but the picture said it all. It had me captured in my left side; my left hand seen holding her firmly in her waist while Makie, on her cute tiptoe stance, had her arms wrapped on my neck. Her face wasn’t seen on the picture because my face and curls overlapped hers, once again forbidding anyone to see what her expression truly was.


And if it wasn’t for the picture, I wouldn’t even realize that I was smiling while Makie and I embraced each other in that short precious moment we just had.


Thank you, Liam Payne.


One of the recent mentions I received had typed, ‘Lucky guess that is @MakieRomero. Look at that smile in his face. Is @Harry_Styles in love?’


“Makie? I think you should log on to your Twitter account now.” Louis told her. “Everyone’s asking for you.”


“I don’t have a Twitter account.” She announced. “Haven’t I told you before that I refused to use any sort of social media?”


“Oh, so the Makie Romero account isn’t yours?” Louis asked once more. “Honestly, I thought it was your real account because you’ve got a thousand followers and hundreds of pictures on It.” he added.


“Ohh, that one-,” Makie tore her gaze at us, trying to conceal her facial expression to us once more but there was no Uncle Simon or Vanessa to bury her face into so it somehow showed. She then explained, “T-That was hacked a year ago. I never made one again.”


Out of nowhere, the cloud of curiosity clicked once again in my mind. How can I even forget the conversation I heard between Vanessa and Makie? Every word had me baffled.


Was this a part of her little white lies?



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