Love at first sight

Rachel is a 16 year old girl who reasently moved
To london. She lived here for just a week and in that
Week she already made a best friend, marije was her
Name. Will there be a romance and will there be disapointments ?
You will find out so now the story begins..........


5. The bbq

Zayns P. O. V 

"BANG " the door slammed. HELUUUWWW" louis shouted. "TOMMO" harry shouted I MISSED YOU. the girl that stood beside him looked happy holding his hand. She and harry shook hands "hi im eleanor" she said.  Harry gave louis a strange look and then said " o , ehm hi im harry, harry styles. "Hey eleanor im zayn "i shouted from the kitchen. She waved back at me. Harry pulled louis into the kitchen by squeezing his arm. "You said her name was emily spence"he hissed. Louis laughes yeah i just wanted to see the look on your face when you heard her real name , and i have to say hazza you looked pretty darn funny. " well thank you very much tommo, revenge will come , revenge will come " harry said. Ooeeh now in so scarreedd" louis said. I finished chopping the last onion. So while i screamed for rachel and niall to come and eat, liam and marije came walking in. They were holding hands. They looked at each other blushed and let go. "Right in time for dinner"i said. Let me help you dress the table outside"Liam suggested. Niall and rachel came walking down. He had his arm around her waist. "Niall can you preheat the bbq?" I asked. Sure malik "he answered.


Rachels P. O. V

While niall walked outside to the big red bbq, i decided to help zayn with making the last sauces. "Thanks love" he said. So what did niall and you do when we were cooking?? He asked with a sneaky grin. And how did you meet?? And do you like niall ?? He asked me loads of questions. WOAH, one at the time please. When you were cooking niall showed me around the house amd we met when i spilled iced-tea over him , clunzy me. Zayn began to laugh. And for your last question yes i defenetly like nialler, A LOT. any other questions ?? I asked.  Yeas a few he said. Did you know niall is in a world famous boyband?? First i didnt , i did recognised him from somewhere and later i knew that my best friend her little sister had a poster off you and the lads on her room. "Oh"zayn said. Lets go get the food outside" i said. We both took 3 bowls or plates and placed them on the long table. Bbq is hot, just like my girl" niall said. We all laughed. 


Authors note : sorry for the late uplauding and short chapter. Give me a  comment if you liked it . Love you xoxo rachelle

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