Love at first sight

Rachel is a 16 year old girl who reasently moved
To london. She lived here for just a week and in that
Week she already made a best friend, marije was her
Name. Will there be a romance and will there be disapointments ?
You will find out so now the story begins..........


4. surprise

rachels POV


i felt something buzzing in my bra. i looked at my Phone and i saw that i got texted by marije. 'where are you , i thought you came picking me up. OH SHOOT 'i said. 'what is it ?'liam asked. we forot to pick up my friend.i can go get her he said to me. i called marije and i gave my Phone to liam. he told her that he was picking her up. he hung up, took his jacket and gave me back my Phone. 'OH GOD ' louis shouted. what is it honey ? "harry asked. he first laughed and then said e forotto pick up emily spence. his girlfriend. i guess the boys didn't know he had one cause they looked freaked out like WHAAAAAATTT ??? i laughed at their faces. louis and liam went of together. harry took zayn his hand and dragged him into the kitchen. we are going to make some snacks fo tonight" he said. "let me show you my house"niall told me. he showed me the kitchen and the backyard. because we already had been in the living room we went upstairs. he showed me three guestrooms. "wow, so many ?"i said."yeah the boys stay over a lot.then he showed me the bathroom and then we went into his bedroom wich was huge. i sat down on his bed.




nialls POV


i told her to wait here. im just going to wash my fave and do my hair. okay she said calm. i washed my face and sprayed some hairspray in my hair. i brushed my teeth fast and came out of the bathroom. i ound her wobling on my waterbed. she giggled. it turned me on in a strange way. i sat down beside her and said to her "your beautifull". i want you to know something'   i said. what is it ? she asked. "you'll find out, but it is important. Okay 'she said. i took my Phone went to Wikipedia and typed in our band name 'one direction'. i clicked the first link and gave my Phone to her. she started reading it. i put my hands in my hair anxious for her reaction. she smiled and asked me to sing a song for her , so i sung irresisteble. wow , that is beautifull "she said. but what does it have to do with us ? "well that is just something i wanted you to know. so if we want to go somewhere or want to do something we have to hide for papperazi. dont worry about it she said and she gave me a kiss on my cheek. i chukled.i looked deep into her brown eyes and she into mine. i moved my head close to hers and  i felt  rush trough my body when our lips touched.her lips are so soft and sweet. it felt  like this all was ment to be. i felt her smiling on my lips. i looked up and asked "why are you smiling ?". two things she said 1. i like you so im glad we kissed it was the best moment in my life and 2. i know why you and the other boys looked so familiar. poor liam .......

Liams P.O. V

As i turned on the radio and typed in the adress in the gps system, i started the engine. I drove off to marijes place. As i walked up to her door (see what i did there ?) i heard our song "moments" come out off the room in the house that i was heading to. I rang the doorbell. I heard someone running down te stairs after the music stopped. 

A girl opened the door and stared at me as if she saw a ghost. "Hi im liam" i said. I..... I know she said. Getting out of her shock she said" o hi im marije , sorry".we both left. She was a very pretty girl. She had blond her not to short not to long. Blue eyes and glasses. She was pretty and cute. "Are you ready to come with me ?" I asked. Yeah. She took her keys and phone and said" dont let my little sister see you". Is she a directioner than? Yeah and not a small one. Well i might as well surprise her dont i think ?? Yeah, let me call her for you !" She said. LUNAA COME DOWN SOMEONE IS HERE FOR YOU !!!  hehe sister love i said. Two small feet in small pink princess heels came down the stairs. LIAAAAAMMM " she squeled. She flew into my arms giving me a big hug. She ran away to the living room and came back with her diary a pen and her phone. MARIJE TAKE A PICTUUURRREEE. okay. Click. Done. I scribbled something down in het diary and gave her a kiss on the cheek. I whispered in her ear. I like your sis dont tell her. It is our little secret. 

Lets go marije said. She grabbed my hand and we left. When she took my hand my eyes began to twinkle and i felt my stomach turn(in the good way). Never did anyone make me feel like this before. 


Nialls P. O. V

I pressed another kiss onto rachels lips and then i asked " why did you say 'poor liam '??"  Marijes little sister'luna' is a huge directioner" she said. I took her hand abd looked her in the eyes. I know we just met but i cant hide my true feelings for you. The moment i bumped into you i saw a super pretty girl who has the ability to show every feeling through her eyes. And i knew right away, and maybe it sounds strange , that i couldnt love another person more than i love you. It is like we have known each other for a 1000 years and more. She grabs my neck and strokes her fingers through my hair , i grab her waist and pull her closer to me. This feels so right. She closed her eyes and she kissed me passionatly just like she wanted to say i feel the exact same. Will you be my princess ?? "Yes my prince, i will never let you go if you never let go of me". I wont.....

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