Love at first sight

Rachel is a 16 year old girl who reasently moved
To london. She lived here for just a week and in that
Week she already made a best friend, marije was her
Name. Will there be a romance and will there be disapointments ?
You will find out so now the story begins..........


1. Oops

Rachels P.O.V


i woke up in my new house today. My parents were making breakfast.

i went downstairs to have some. "Hi mom hi dad " i said while rubbing

my eyes." Hi darling" my mom said do you want some tea? Yes please

i said while i took a bite of my bacon.we are going to look around in london

do you want to join us my dad asked. No i think i will just explore the neigbourhood 

today. Because we moved here in the middle of summer vacation, i still had four weeks until 

school. Aftrr i drunk my tea and ate my breakfast i went upstairs to change and unbox some boxes.

 I put on a prachy blouse and white shorts. My hair i put in a high ponytail and i aplied some mascara And lipbalm.

i went downstairs slipped in my flipflops took  my phone and keys and went off. I stroled at the sides off the street and went into the city centre . I saw a starbucks so i bought myself some iced tea. While i walked out of the starbucks i got texted by my mom. Hi darling dad and i will be eating at a restauran. So we are not back before 9 pm. Xoxo mom. O decided to do some grocery shopping for supper.while i was replieing to my mum i bumped into someone. Im so sorry o sai while rubbing the t-shirt of the person i knewit was a boy because he had beautifull abbs. He laughed i stoped rubbing and look at him full of shame. Only then i saw how hansome he actually was. He had the most beautifull smile gorges lips and died blonde hair. I couldnt see his eyes though because he had shades on. OMG im so sorry.!!! I said "oh dont be" he replied with a beautifull irish accent.wait i said i took out my wallet and gave him some money."WHY"??!! He asked. To buy a new shirt i said. ' oh im niall by the way , Niall horan ' he said.







nialls POV

As i introduced myself  she said her name was rachel. I oild here from her accent she wasnt from around here and i could see at the way she looked at me she didnt know who i am. I pushed the money back in her hand but she said she felt guilty about messing up my shirt. I sill dodnt exept the money . You know what you can do to make it up to me i said ?? Come and buy a shirt with me from my money i insisted. Okay sounds great she said.


rachels POV 


he was so goreous. I was mesmerized by him he caught me looking at him and e smiled i quickly turned my head and blushed. Then he all of a sudden took my hand and pulles me into a store. We searched for some nice  shirts and we picked 3. While he was changing i got another text from my mom she told me they bumped into some old friend and because they had a lot to catch up with they stayed there for two days. Have fun i replied. I heard the curten go open and nial showed off a fitting red shirt while twirling around like a balerina i laughed . I looked at hin and said who sexy boy slow down hahaha he laughed and went back in the fitting room. I looked him in the eyes and he stopped he stared back and he grined. I blushed but jept looking. 



Nialls POV


i saw her staring into my eyes i stared back and noticed how beautifull she actually was. She had long glowing dark brown hair over er shoulders and eyes full of emotion  you could write two books about those eyes. I grined by the thought of that. Can you come over to my place tonight i asked. My friends and i will be having a bbq today. Yeah sounds like fun she said. 



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