Love at first sight

Rachel is a 16 year old girl who reasently moved
To london. She lived here for just a week and in that
Week she already made a best friend, marije was her
Name. Will there be a romance and will there be disapointments ?
You will find out so now the story begins..........


3. Meating the boys

Nialls PO

You can bring your friend i you want to i said. Oh yeah good idea she said. While she called her friend i went to change into rachels fav shirt. I started takng of the other shirt while looking at her . She was so beautifull and yet so kind. I totaly forgot to close the curten but i didnt noticed. She came walking towards me closed the curten an peeked her head to an opening. Its not that i dont like your body she said because you look hot but it is because there are other people in the shop. She gigled and blushed.i put on the shirt and walked to the mirror. I was glad all the directioners werent here , iove them but sometimes it gets quit  anoying!! Smoking hot rachel said while looking at me trough the mirror. Thanks babe i said while i sarcasicly flexed my muscles like  a bodybuilder. 



Rachels POV

he is so funny  but he looks familiar. Where do you come from niall asked . The netherlands i said.  O saw the expresion on his face turn to sad. Whats wrong i asked. Well i asume you will leave soon because your on holiday arent you? No im not i said. My dad got a job here so we went to live here we are not going back until my dad get fired, wht can take a long time because he is now the new manager of a companny somewhere near london. We just moved here like three weeks ago. He looked happy again. We purchased the shirts and he put one on. Oh i just have to pit on something else i said to him. I can take you there he said. We went to his car it was unbelievebly big. I stared at it with open mouth   He laughed and aaked wether i was coming or not. So i hopped into the giant black range rover. As he drove on the parkigbplace at my houde i wanted to step out but he said WAIITTTT. So i stopped and unbuckled my seatbelt. He came running towards my door and opend it. Mylady he said with a smirk. I accepted his hand and i gracefully stepped out of his car. I gave him a hug thank you mister horan. He blushed and smiles widly. As i walked into my house i went to the fridge to find some chicken leftovers from yesterdays nandos order. Mmh i snell nandos niall said while he came walking into to kitchen. We both ate some chicken and then i went upstairs. I changes into a black strapples dress and some high glitter heals. I brushed my theeth and i let my hair down. I went downstairs and found niall doong the dishes. Dont i said we have a dishwasher silly. Lets go i said he looked up and checked my outfit you ......  Look ........ FREAKING HOT.  Niall said i laughed. He took my han i closed the door behind us an he  once again opend my door. 



Nialls POV


she looked beautifull with her hair down and that dress wow.  I pushed the gass pedal and off we went. On the way we asked each other questions like how old are you do you havr siblings. I answered i have a brother named greg and i am 19 years old. She told me she just turned 16 and she had two sisters who are still living in holland. 



Rachels POV


When we arrives at his place we got out off the car. We went inside and there were 4 good looking guys on the couch. He introduced me to a cute boy with a lot of curls. Rachel this is harry styles hazza this is rachell we shooked hands and smiled. The next boy had a lot shorter hair and he looked like someone you can trust. Liam this is rachel rachel this is liam. I sticked my hand out bit instead off taking it he hugged me and whispered in my ear; because niall never brings girls home i migjt say wecome to the family already. I chukled as he let go and i laughed.  Then there was a boy who was a bit misterious and looked like a badboy. Hi im zayn he said. Then as i walked up to the last boy he stood up and yelled : ELLI MISS RACHEL MY BAME IS LOUIS THE  TOMMO TOMLINSON BUT YOU CNA CALL ME KEVIN!!!!! Al the boys started laughing very loud so i joined. So hos name is louis niall said. Nice to meet you to i told him. 





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