Love at first sight

Rachel is a 16 year old girl who reasently moved
To london. She lived here for just a week and in that
Week she already made a best friend, marije was her
Name. Will there be a romance and will there be disapointments ?
You will find out so now the story begins..........


6. another romance

liams POV


after we ate , we sat down by  the fire place outside. it was getting colder so louis went in to grab some blankets. zayn and harry were sitting next to each other just like rachel and niall , louis and eleanour and later marije and me. i handed over the blanket to each 'couple'.marije snuggled up to me and she held my hand.first i was a it nervous but later on i was totally cool with it. we were perfectly entwined.


all off a suddenzayn jumped up and screamed to harry FLUFFY RABIT ARSES. and harry was like OH MY GOD I FORGOT FAAASSSSSTT. and they both ran inside.niall followed them. 'can you at least tell me what YOU are going to do?' i sadi to him. ' oh, im just getting my guitar from my room" he answered.  

after a while he came back with his favorite acoustic guitar. he started playing random tones until zayn and harry came back. they had trays full of bowls ,a cup , whiped cream and spoons. they gave me the cup so i didnt have to use a spoon. i looked into marijes bowl and i saw custard pudding with i guessed a butthole of chocolate sauce some long cookies for the ears and a plum of whiped cream as the tail. when we all finshed our desert , the boys and i sung some songs and sometimes rachel joined. i couldnt hear her very good cause she didnt sang that loud but i could , but what i heard was not you guys want to stay over for the night ?' niall asked cause it is getting a kind of late. yeah sure , my parents wont be back until over 2 days so why not. nialls face lt up as fast as she said that. he kissed her. what about you marije ? i asked. i can tell my parents that im having a sleep over at rachels house.... okay thats a good idea. rachel called marijes mom and she said that was ok. after she ended the call harry said LETS WATCH  A MOVIE :D.

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