I come from a place..

I joined a creative writing group at the IRC in Greensboro and this is the product of a ten minute freewrite with the prompt "I come from a place"


1. I come from a place..

I come from a place

Where life, liberty,

and the pursuit of happiness

were promised to all.


As I grew, though, I

Learned very differently.

Our government kills, 

The liberty bell itself cracked

Every time it was sounded

And the pursuit of happiness

Is a fight you fight from within

A matrix of laws and rules

Designed by just a few

Applied broadly but

Often ignored by

The very same few.


I am SICK of the hypocrisy I see

But even more, I am sick of being told:

"This is just the way it is,

And the way it will always be."


What about the lives of those

Who were here before us?

The scalps our ancestors

our ancestors were paid to collect


What about the liberty 

Of shackled slaves

Chained to a boat and

Forced to row to a 

Destination unknown?


What about the happiness

Promised to folks like me

Who have come to realize

Our country is built on lies?

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