The Cafe Romance


1. Meeting Amy


Amy turned around from collecting her coffee at the coffee shop counter. As she turned around, walking in was the most gorgeous guy she had ever saw. He was laughing away with all his mates and the way his sparkling white teeth shined made her melt. Amy could only resemble him to Taylor lautner, with his brown spiky hair and big brown eyes. Amy looked down at herself she looked decent for this early on a Saturday morning, with her blue skinny jeans and a peach flowing blouse. She had taken the effort to curl her blonde hair in loose curls this morning. She stood up straight and walked past the group of five boys and not one of them acknowledged her. She took a seat at the window to wait for her friends to arrive. She did look a bit of an idiot sitting her self. 

About five minutes later Claire, Lauren and Sarah all arrived. As Lauren sat down lastly she said "Wow whos the cuties over at table 3". They had come here so often that all the girls could tell you the number of ever table. Amy nodded as all the girls turned in amazement. Amy said "Well you guys would have seen them about five minutes ago if you would have arrived on time". None of them took this comment into account as they where all amazed by these five boys. I mean these guys must be in university well I suppose that's not bad at the girls where in 6th year.  

As all the guys turned around, Lauren,Claire and Sarah all swung there heads round to face Amy all of them looking a bit red in the face. The guys all grabbed there things from the table and and as they where leaving four of the boys stopped at the girls table.The hot one Amy saw was out the door, Amy couldn't take her eyes of this boy as even the way he walked made her want to just run out and kiss him right there and then. As the boys left Amy hadn't realised what they had said but at the sounds from the three other girls squeals she was guessing it was good. Sarah then said "Oh Amy babe can you believe were going to a university party tonight! and as you weren't paying attention your brown eyed  guy is going who you couldn't take eyes off of". Amy shook her head and was obviously going to deny looking at him and she said "Well I'll have you know I  wasn't looking at him I mean guys I don't need a guy just now".

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