in the sky chapter 4

this is the follow up to mirlottas chapter


1. chapter 4

The woman on the train, had recongised Izalla at once. She stepped of the platform, and ran up to the man she was with. "That was her Mark, I'm sure of it. she's the one". She was out of breath, and her tempreture was rising; she pulled out a small book. "Take it Mark, I can't carry the burden any more", Mark took the book, and put it in his pocket. They looked at each other for a second, the womens eyes widening. "We have to inform the society, if it is her well... you know what will happen to her if we don't help".  

They made it out of the train station, and turned left; they stopped. The row of shops were old, at the bottom there was a theatre. "Right Kim, lets go", Mark went first; he made his way up to the old theatre. He didn't want anybody to see him go in, so he went round the back. Kim counted to twenty in her head, then she followed. The place was falling apart; she stepped over broken bits of the stage, and coughed because of the dust. She made her way to the room that said no entry; she went in. This room was just as bad as the rest of the place; she reached for her necklace, it had a ring on it. The ring was too big for her fingers, so she had to carry it on a necklace; she placed the ring on the spot where if fitted perfectly into a whole. There was a noise, as the wall behind her moved away, leaving a spiral staircase.

When she got to the bottom, she found Mark waiting for her. They walked in silence, the place underneath the theatre was massive; on the wall was the same image Izalla had seen. Apart from a few people and the sign, the room was quite empty. "Ah Kim, Mark good of you to join us. Do you have any news", they nodded. "Well, follow me then"; they followed the bulky man to his office. When they went inside, they told him everything. "Right well it sounds like her, your task is to follow her". "How will we find her? She could be anywhere by now", Mark cried in protest. The man smiled "well, why don't you start at the station". 

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