Being Related To Niall Horan

Being related to Niall Horan isn't about all the fans and evrthing that comes with being famous but for Caitlin ang Emily thats what it is. They have kept a big secret from the world and once Niall and his band mates start thier world tour and have 5 backup dancers in Australia all hell breaks loose will everyone find out about the girls or will they stay a secret from the world?


6. Twinnie Revenge

The next morning I woke up in bed next to Niall remembering last night and how the boys reacted when we told them. I decided I should probably get up and get ready for dance and wake Em up as well. I walked over to her bed and blew in her ear, it always seems to wake her up because she’s so ticklish. She ended up slapping me in the face like she always does. I started laughing at her.

“Come on Em it’s time to get up or you’ll make us late for dance”

“NO!” she shouted at me.

“YES! Or I’ll have to get Niall onto you” I said knowing that will get her up. She doesn’t like it when he wakes her up ‘cause he tickles her really hard.

“NO! I’m up, see” she said as she got out of bed. See I told you it would do the trick.

“Now go get ready for dancing, I’ll go make us some breakfast and knowing Niall I should probably make some for him as well.”

“Yeah you probably should or he will get angry at you Thing One.” Our mum used to always call me Thing One and Niall Thing Two.

“Yeah well you should get ready ‘Princess’” I quipped back.

“Hey don’t call me that or you’ll get it” Emily replied now annoyed.

“I’ll get what?” I replied back feigning sincerity.

“I don’t know…….this!” she said as she came running towards me. I jumped up on Niall’s bed trying to protect myself from my little sister.

“You wouldn’t want to wake Niall up would you?” I desperately asked her.

“Too late she already has and twinnie just saying, I think we should get her” Niall said to me as he started getting out of bed.




“GO!” We yelled in unison.

Niall and I ran full speed at Emily and she fell laughing only to realise that that probably wasn’t a good idea since I now had her arms pinned down while Niall started to tickle her sides. HAHA revenge. Without joking, seriously don’t mess with the Horan Twins or they will come back and bite you in the bum or, well, in Emily’s case tickle you to death.

“What is going on in here?” someone said from the door. Niall and I let go of Emily and looked at the door to see Liam standing there.

“Ahhh Niall and I were just getting some twinnie revenge on Emily” I replied evilly to Liam.

“Twinnie revenge? What did Emily do?” Liam asked in a concerned tone.

“Twinnie revenge is when the two gang up on me for revenge, which by the way, this time it was un called for because I didn’t do anything wrong” Emily said while getting up of the floor and crossing her arms across her chest.

“Firstly, you woke Thing Two up, secondly you called me Thing One, thirdly you wouldn’t get up so I had to use Niall to bribe you to get out of bed and lastly you wouldn’t get ready for dancing” hehe never mess with us Horan’s.

“Ok ok maybe I did but that doesn’t mean you can have your twinnie revenge” she said and she put her hands up in defence.

“Well you called her Thing One and only mum and I are allowed to call her that and same with her and mum calling me Thing Two” Niall said defending me. High five Niall, way to work our twinster.

“Ok so I guess you don’t need my help then Emily?” Liam said. Ok now I’m officially creped out. Why would he say that to Emily? It’s not like he likes her or anything. Or does he?

“No I’m alright now that Thing One & Two are finished with their little twinnie tickle but I probably should get ready for dance.”

“Hey, what did little Ni say about you calling us Thing one & Two?’ I exclaimed, ‘It’s not allowed and yes you better get ready for dance, we have to leave in like what, two minutes.”

“Do you want me to make you two some breakfast before you go Ci Ci?” Niall asked as Emily walked off to the bathroom to get ready while I went over to my bag to grab my stuff to get ready as well.

“Yes please if it’s not too much for you to do without eating it all before we even get some.” I asked him smirking.

“I’ll try not to but it might be a little hard knowing there’s food in front of me and I can’t eat it.” He stated with a sigh.

“I’m sure you will manage, just go make yourself useful little bro”

“Hey, you can’t call me that!” He demanded.

“Oh yes I can! I’m older then you by like, what was it? Fifteen minutes so keep trying pretty boy.” With that I left to get ready for dance and Niall slumped towards the kitchen to get breakfast ready.

I went to the other bathroom and took a quick shower before putting on my dance shorts, sports bra and loose tank top. I went over to the mirror and did my hair in a four way plait on the left side and put a little bit of make-up on. Just some foundation, mascara and a little bit of eye-liner. After I was finished getting ready I went back to Niall’s room and put my stuff in my bag, grabbed my converses, chucked them on, grabbed my dance bag and went to the living room.

After placing my bag in the living room I went to the kitchen to grab some breakfast. Niall cooked Em and I some bacon, eggs and pancakes and by the look of the pancake mix that is empty and the amount of pancakes there actually is, I’m pretty sure Niall took a couple for his little secret stash in his little tummy. I swear, Niall and I eat so much food but we are so skinny and both have abs, it’s not funny.

“Hey Ni where’d all the pancakes go? In here?” I said as I pat his tummy.

“Maybe, but can I tell you a secret? That means you’re not allowed to tell anyone though.” Niall changed the subject abruptly.

“OK, I pinkie promise I won’t tell anyone a thing about this” I said as I stuck my little pinkie out in front of me. Niall rapped his pinkie around mine and we did our little pinkie promise dance that we did all the time when we were little.

“Ok if you tell anyone and I mean anyone I shall have the right to kill you” He said threatening me. I’m a little scared right now so I’m just going to nod my head in agreement until he continues. “Ok the BIG! Secret that you are not allowed to tell anyone in the whole entire universe is, that ihavethebesttwinsisterinthewroldandwearethemostawesomesttwinsthatyoucouldeverimagineofandwelikehavingtwinnietimeandannoyingourlittlesister” he said really fast and low so no one could here.

“Um Niall, I hate to break it to you but I’m pretty sure there are a couple of people that already know that so it’s not really a secret anymore.” I giggled.

“OH MY GOD! CAITLIN! I told you not to tell anyone now I’m going to have to kill you! Come here or I’ll make it slow and painful” he said with a hint of evilness in his voice. Niall you are so strange sometimes and here am I thinking I’m the crazy one but no I’m not, it’s my little twin brother that is the crazy one.

“Nahh’ I dragged out, ‘I think I might just sit this one out and eat my breakfast. Why don’t you kill Emily? EMILY!” I call trying to get her out here seeing as we have to leave soon.

“Yes mother?” I heard a reply.

“Hurry up and eat your breakfast we have to go really soon” I said as I sat down at the kitchen counter on one of the bar stools.

“Ok ok, I’ll hurry.” She grumbled back.

Once we had finished breakfast we said goodbye to the boys (aka Niall and Liam) and left to go to dance. When we got there Miss Claire had us run through all of our dances and afterwards stopped to talk to us.

“So girls how are the boys?”

“Good, I can’t wait to dance with them” Jennifer said as she took a seat on the ground.

“So who are your favourites?” Miss Claire wondered.

“Zayn” Breannah replied.

“Liam” Emily said.

“Niall” Jennifer stated.

“Harry” Brooke decided.

“I don’t know cause if I say Louis my twin brother would get angry at me so I’d have to say Niall and Louis” I answered sensibly.

“What do you mean your twin brother?” Miss Claire asked me with a very curious expression on her face.

“Niall is my younger twin brother and Emily’s older brother which means our names are actually Caitlin Horan and Emily Horan.” I stated mater of factly.

“WHAT?!” Miss Claire almost yelled in surprise.

“It’s not that big of a deal, he’s just our famous brother” I said to her very casually but that just made her freak out even more.

“So what you’re trying to say is that you’re actual names are Caitlin Horan and Emily Horan and that you two are related to the one and only Niall Horan from One Direction and you guys are dancing for them?” She asked breathlessly.

“Yep” Emily and I said at the same time popping the ‘p’.

“Ok well it might just take a couple of minutes to digest this so while you’re waiting can you two go out to the waiting area and wait for the boys to come because we are going to start the partner dances today.” Miss Claire instructed us.

“Sure we can do that, come on Ci” Emily said while getting off the ground and handing me her hand to get up.

“Bye guys we shall be back soon with the boys” I said to the four girls left in the room before Emily and I left.

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