Being Related To Niall Horan

Being related to Niall Horan isn't about all the fans and evrthing that comes with being famous but for Caitlin ang Emily thats what it is. They have kept a big secret from the world and once Niall and his band mates start thier world tour and have 5 backup dancers in Australia all hell breaks loose will everyone find out about the girls or will they stay a secret from the world?


2. The Job

Caitlin’s POV

“Five, six, seven, eight” Miss Claire said to us as we started running through our routine for the fifth time in the last half an hour. At the moment we are in contemporary and then we have tap afterwards.

“That was good girls keep up the good work and remember the dance” Miss Claire said as we finished our routine. I walked over to my dance bag and grabbed my drink bottle.

“Ok girls it’s time to finish could I speak to Breannah, Jennifer, Brooke, Emily and Caitlin the rest of you can leave thank you” she said once we had finished running the dance one more time.

“What do you think she wants to talk to us about” I ask Breannah as we sat down on the floor waiting for the teacher to come back.

“I don’t know but hopefully we aren’t in trouble” she said just as Miss Claire walked into the room.

“No you’re not in trouble” oops she heard us talking oh well, “I kept you back to tell you that we have been given five places for any students we choose to be backup dances for a famous band that are coming to Australia for their tour. They don’t come until august but we need to get the dances ready before they come.”

“So what you’re trying to say is that you picked us five to be the backup dances?” Brooke asked. How clueless can she be I mean it’s pretty obvious

“Yes Brooke you five have been picked, all of the teacher here thought you five best fitted the opportunity and would look best with the boys” Miss Claire told us. OMG I can’t believe this I’m so excited.

“How long will we be dancing for them?” I asked because I really hope it’s like six months or something like that, it would be awesome.

“Well they said they were going to trial it for half of their tour here and if it works out, they may keep you for the rest of the tour, they may not, only time will tell.”

“So when do rehearsals start” Emily asked.

“Right now actually they want the dances finished asap so we can film the dances and send it to them to make sure they are all right.”

“So how many dances will we be doing?” Breannah asked as we started to stretch and warm up for the rehearsals to start.

“About ten each concert and there will be two dances where you will actually have to dance with the boys.”

“Wow partner work, can the boys actually dance?” Jennifer asked.

“One of them is really good but they know the basics.” Miss Claire said as she started to walk towards the CD player so we could start the rehearsals. “Ok spread apart and let’s start this dance.”


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