Being Related To Niall Horan

Being related to Niall Horan isn't about all the fans and evrthing that comes with being famous but for Caitlin ang Emily thats what it is. They have kept a big secret from the world and once Niall and his band mates start thier world tour and have 5 backup dancers in Australia all hell breaks loose will everyone find out about the girls or will they stay a secret from the world?


8. Talking To Louis

Louis’ POV

I can’t believe they actually partnered Caitlin and I together.  I mean she’s so pretty and when she smiles or just happy her bright blue eyes shine in the light and I just can’t stop staring at her. I don’t think she would ever like me but I can always try and I hope she does. When we first started dancing today I couldn’t believe how good she was.

“Hey Niall when are you seeing Caitlin and Emily next?” I asked him curiously as he walked into the flat. I wonder where he’s been?

“They should be here tonight at 6:30 for dinner. They’re at the studio teaching at the moment and Caitlin doesn’t finish till about 6 so they should be here any time after that.”

“Ok thanks Niall what are we going to have for dinner?” I asked him as I started to walk towards the kitchen to check what we could have for dinner.

“I don’t know. What do you think we should have?” he replied while following me into the kitchen.

“We could order pizza or Chinese or I could cook something” I tell him really not sure what we could do.

“YOU?! Cook? I don’t know about that one but pizza sounds alright.” He told me as he goes to sit down in the living room.

I don’t know why everyone thinks in so childish because I’m not I may act like it but when it all comes down to it I can be very mature. People think I’m a really bad cook but they actually never let me into the kitchen to show them that I can cook because they think I’ll mess up the kitchen and burn the food. I just wish people would take me seriously sometimes because it annoys the crap out of me when they are always telling me to act like a twenty-one year old when I’m not and then when I act mature they all ways say things telling me there must be something wrong with me. It pisses me off so much.

Caitlin’s POV

I’m at home sitting in my room trying to find something to wear to the boy’s house. I can’t find any clothes here it’s so annoying. I finally pick out my light blue skinny jeans and a loose black top with the back cut out of it. I get change into the clothes, put my hair into a side braid, grab my black converse, phone, wallet and cardigan and walk into the lounge room to wait for Emily.

While I was waiting I decided to let my mind wander. I started to think about one dirty blonde, blue eyed boy, Louis Tomlinson. I think I may have started to fall for him but why would he like someone like me? Suddenly my phone buzzed taking me out of my trance. I unlocked it and opened up my messages.

From: Tommo

Heya how r u goin after teaching? I can’t wait to get to know you more it’s startin to feel like ive known u all my life xx :) Lou

Ok now that a bit strange is it just me or did he just put kiss, kiss at the end of that text message? I quickly texted him back not wanting him to think I don’t’ want to talk to him.

To: Tommo :)

I’m a bit tired but I’ll survive! I can’t wait to get to know u too u seem like a really great person :D Cait

From: Tommo :)

Tell me when your leavin your house Niall wants to know. What pizza do u and Em eat?? And when you text me before you leave ill order the food. :)

To: Tommo :)

Ok well Em is takin her time so we should be leavin in 10 min but ill text you when we r and we like ham and pineapple Niall should know that but I guess not!! :D

From: Tommo :)

Ok well tell Em to hurry her butt up cuz Niall is getting annoyed and everyones hungry!! If you don’t hurry up I think ur little bro might die of starvation!! Haha I don’t think that will happen but I guess he is a bit hungry and he wont stop complaining. :(

To: Tommo :)

Typical Horan were always hungry and ill tell em to get her butt out the door so u boys won’t starve to death!! :D

From: Tommo :)

Thankyou :) see you soon xx :D

To: Tommo :)

Ttyl! :D

“Emily!” I called my voice bouncing off the walls of the flat making it echo throughout the rooms.

“Yeah I’m almost ready just gotta do my hair Cait I’ll be there in a sec” she yelled from her bedroom.

I heard her running around her room grabbing her things together and then seconds later she appears in the doorway of her bedroom with her IPhone 4, shoes, wallet, her jumper and my keys because she drove home.

“Ready to go?” I ask her ask I start to stand up and make my way to the door.

“Yeah can you lock the door?” she asks throwing me my keys.

Once I locked the door to the flat Em and I walked down to the parking lot and got into my car just before we left I grabbed my phone out to text Louis.

To: Tommo :)

Ems finally ready so we r leavin now we should be there in 10 so you can order the pizza now! :D

From: Tommo :)

She takes her time haha :D ill see u soon then x :)

Once I was finished talking to Louis I started the car and drove towards the boys place.

When we got there Emily practically jumped out of the car and up to their room. Once all the boys gave me a hug and Louis gave me a kiss on the cheek we walked into the living room and started to have our own little conversations. I started talking to Louis because he was the only one not talking to anyone.

“So Louis, what’s it like being famous?” I asked him as I sat down on the lounge next to him.

“It’s great, I mean sometimes it can get pretty full on, but other than that it’s pretty good” He told me. “What about dancing what’s it like?”

“It’s amazing, but it can get really tiring some days” I reply to him. “Who did you want to be partnered with for the dances?”

“I actually wanted to be with you and when they told me I was over the moon excited to be with you because you’re an amazing dancer and I think I might like you” he finishes and the only thing I can think is WHAT!!

“I think I might like you too Louis” I say before I can realize what the words are that just left my mouth until I see the expression on his face change from regret and sadness to happy, overwhelmed, excited and a lot more.

“Do you really mean that?” he asks me with his eyebrows raised. I nod my head replying with a faint yes before letting him continue. “Will you go out on a date with me tomorrow night to a fancy restaurant that I found the other day?”

“I would love to” I say to him making his smile widen. “What time are we going to go?”

“What about 7:30?” he replies. I nod my head telling him yes and the waiting for him to continue. “I will pick you up from your flat at about 7 so be ready and dressed in formal attire.”

“Ok I guess I’ll have to find something to wear.” I tell him thinking in my head if I have a dress or if I will have to go shopping.

“Yeah you probably should” Louis says breaking me from my thinking.

“How long until the pizzas are going to be here I’m starving?” I ask. And then as if on cue the doorbell rings signalling that the pizza guy is here and I’m jumping off the lounge before anyone else can make a move. When I opened the door I did not expect to see this person ever again in my life.

“Hello Caitlin…..”

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