Being Related To Niall Horan

Being related to Niall Horan isn't about all the fans and evrthing that comes with being famous but for Caitlin ang Emily thats what it is. They have kept a big secret from the world and once Niall and his band mates start thier world tour and have 5 backup dancers in Australia all hell breaks loose will everyone find out about the girls or will they stay a secret from the world?


1. Prologue

Caitlin’s POV

Nine months, two weeks and five days. That’s how long it’s been since Emily and I last saw Niall. You’re probably wondering who Niall is, how we know him and why we saw him right? Well I’m talking about Niall Horan as in THE Niall Horan from One Direction, I know him because he is my twin brother and I saw him for our birthday. Emily and I flew over to Ireland to see our parents and Niall for our birthday.


Once Niall auditioned for the X-Factor and got put into the band Emily and I didn’t want to be found out by anyone and Niall didn’t either so we moved to Australia. When we first moved there we lived in Queensland but we ended up moving to Sydney when we got into the Sydney Dance Company. Emily and I go by the names Emily Jane Allport and Caitlin Elise Allport so people wouldn’t find out. I look a lot like Niall with blonde hair and blue eyes while Emily has golden brown hair and brown eyes. Emily is two years younger than Niall and I, and her birthday is the 17th March 1995.


I talk to Niall around once a week but we don’t really talk for long because he is always worried one of the boys would find out about us so the conversation only lasts about ten minutes. The other day he said he started his world tour and had just flown over to Ireland to start it. I’m just hoping I get to see him again soon because I really miss him.

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