Being Related To Niall Horan

Being related to Niall Horan isn't about all the fans and evrthing that comes with being famous but for Caitlin ang Emily thats what it is. They have kept a big secret from the world and once Niall and his band mates start thier world tour and have 5 backup dancers in Australia all hell breaks loose will everyone find out about the girls or will they stay a secret from the world?


4. Getting to Know The Boys

We are on our way back to the hotel with the boys and I’m driving us girls while the boys are in front of us in a car of their own. Once we got there I parked the car and we went inside to meet the boys. After we found the boys we headed up to their room.

When we got to their room Louis thought we should play twenty questions and each of us ask a question and then we go around in a circle answering the question. The circle went Jennifer, Harry, Brooke, Zayn, Breannah, Liam, Emily, Louis, Me, Niall.

“Where are you from?” Jennifer started asking the questions.

“Britain.” Harry

“Australia.” Brooke

“Britain.” Zayn

“America.” Breannah

“Britain.” Liam

“Ireland.” Emily

“Britain.” Louis

“Ireland.” Me

“Ireland.” Niall

“New Zealand.” Jennifer

“When’s your birthday?” Harry asked

“7th February 1995.” Brooke

“12th January 1993.” Zayn

“26th March 1993.” Breannah

“29th August 1993.” Liam

“17th March 1995.” Emily

“24th December 1991.” Louis

“13th September 1993.” Caitlin

“13th September 1993.” Niall

“Wait WHAT!” Harry asked “Your birthdays are on the same day and in the same year and your both from Ireland, how does that work?”

“I guess it’s just a coincidence” I said before anyone would catch onto anything “now back to the game, Jennifer?”

“27th March 1995.” Jennifer

“1st February 1994.” Harry

“How long have you been singing or dancing?” Brooke asked

“Since I was little.” Zayn

“Since I was ten.” Breannah

“Since I was younger.” Liam

“Since I was three.” Emily

“I can’t remember how long it was too long ago.” Louis

“Since I was two.” Me

“Since I was about four or five.” Niall

“Since I was five.” Jennifer

“For too long.” Harry

“I was about seven when I started.” Brooke

“Favourite food?” Zayn asked.

“Nerds.” Breannah

“Chocolate.” Liam

“Chocolate.” Emily

“Cookie dough.” Louis

“I can’t choose it’s between chocolate, milo and Nandos.” Me

“Don’t ask me I like everything except Nandos may bet them.” Niall

“Ice-Cream or Milo.” Jennifer

“Tacos.” Harry

“Milo.” Brooke

“Chicken.” Zayn

“Favourite colour?” Breannah asked.

“Purple.” Liam

“Purple.” Emily

“Red.” Louis

“Light Blue.” Me

“Green.” Niall

“Pink.” Jennifer

“Orange.” Harry

“Purple.” Brooke

“Blue.” Zayn

“Lavender.” Breannah

“Height?” Liam asked.

“5’6.” Emily

“5’9.” Louis

“5’4.” Me

“5’7.” Niall

“5’5.” Jennifer

“6’1.” Harry

“5’8.” Brooke

“5’9.” Zayn

“5’6.” Breannah

“5’10.” Liam

“Single or taken and if so name?” Emily asked.

“Single.” Louis

“Single.” Me

“Taken her name is Mel.” Niall

“Taken his name is Michael.” Jennifer

“Single.” Harry

“Single.” Brooke

“Single.” Zayn

“Single.” Breannah

“Single.” Liam

“Single.” Emily

“Shoe size?” Louis asked.

“7 ½.” Me

“8.” Niall

“6.” Jennifer

“10 ½.” Harry

“6 ½.” Brooke

"8 ½.” Zayn

“5 ½.” Breannah

“8.” Liam

“4 ½.” Emily

“9 ½.” Louis

“How many brothers and or sisters do you have?” I asked.

“One brother and……..” Niall trailed of before he could mention us, thank goodness.

“Two sisters and four brothers” Jennifer

“One Sister” Harry

“One brother” Brooke

“Three Sisters” Zayn

“One Brother” Breannah

“Two Sisters” Liam

“One sister and two brothers” Emily

“Four Sisters” Louis

“One Sister and two Brothers”

“Full name?” Niall asked

“Jennifer Lee Buckingham”

“Harry Edward Style”

“Brooke Louise Stonebridge”

“Zayn Javadd Malik”

“Breannah Courtney Jones”

“Liam James Payne”

“Emily Jane Allport”

“Louis William Tomlinson”

“Caitlin Elise Allport”

“Niall James Horan”

“Do you want to keep going or do something else?” Liam asked as we finished off the last question.

“I think we should probably get going ‘cause we have to be at the studio at 7:30 tomorrow morning” I said as I was starting to get up.

“Before you leave can we get your numbers” Louis asked.

“Yeah sure could we get yours two?” Breannah asked as she was getting ready to go.

“Here, how about I grab a piece of paper and write our numbers on it and grab another for you girls?” Zayn asked.

“That sounds like a good plan” Said Jennifer.

“Ok we'll just write our numbers down and you girls write yours and then you can leave” Zayn said as he came back with two pieces of paper and two pens.

Once we had finished writing our numbers down we swapped the papers, said our good byes and left.

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