Tash and her best friend Rosy are just at a bar having a competition to see who can get the most cocktails from random people, but what happens when Rosy's favourite boy in the world, Louis Tomlinson, buys her a drink and falls in love with her after his break-up with Eleanor.

authors note -
btw i love eleanor so please no hate its just for this story!!!!!


3. Club!!!



"Now this is sexy!" Tash says holding up my tight, strapless, black dress. "And with... THESE OMG I LOVE THESE HEALS!!" Shes squeals, they were my designer black patent leather heals, VERY high!!!!


"Oh my God, our feet will have fallen off by the end of the night!" I say with a laugh. Tash was already wearing a tight black high waisted skirt with a purple button up coloured top and some nude coloured heels, just as high as my black ones.


I went into the bathroom to put my dress on. Yes, though I say so myself I looked hot, it was emphasizing my curves and pushed up my boobs. The heels made my legs look as if they went on forever. A bit slutty, but totally gorgeous. Dan wishes he still had this. I went back into the room to see Tash curling her short brown hair. I decided to straighten mine, it was a dark red colour because I had dyed it. Then I put on some concealer, powder, goldish/brown shimmer eyeshadow with some liquid eyeliner on my top and bottom lids, mascara, curl eyelashes and yes! I'm done!


"How do I look?" I asked Tash and spun round with a laugh!


"Fit, you're gonna have fun tonight!!!" She winked at me!!


"As will you!!!" I laughed!


* * * (At the club)


"Ok, lets play a game, whoever can get the most cocktails by the end of the night wins! We can count them by the cocktail sticks" Tash said as loud as she could over the loud music.


"You're on!" I walked over the bar, crossed my legs to show them at their best advantage and flipped my long red hair over my back with a subtle smile on my face.


10 cocktails into the game and I was beginning to get a little bit tipsy. I hadn't been drinking the whole of each one or I'd probably be passed out by now. I eyed Tash on the other side, she was smirking at me, but neither or us could see how many the other had.


"Miss, another drink from the man over in the right hand corner." The bartender nodded at me.


"Thank you." I smiled at him and looked over to see who had brought it for me. He raised his own drink to me with a nod and as I reached out for my own I realized I recognized him... but where from? OH MY GOD. NO WAY NO WAY NO WAY. I CAN'T BELIEVE IT. IT CAN'T BE. BUT IT IS, THE GUY THAT JUST BROUGHT ME THIS DRINK IS...



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