Tash and her best friend Rosy are just at a bar having a competition to see who can get the most cocktails from random people, but what happens when Rosy's favourite boy in the world, Louis Tomlinson, buys her a drink and falls in love with her after his break-up with Eleanor.

authors note -
btw i love eleanor so please no hate its just for this story!!!!!


1. Break - up



"LOOK DAN JUST GO, I SAW YOU WITH HER I'M NOT STUPID" I shouted at my boyfriend, correction, EX boyfriend, the tears running down my face.


"Baby I'm sorry, please can we just work things out?" He pleaded, what? Work things out? I just caught him in bed with another girl.


"No, we're over. Just take your stuff and go." I said a bit calmer. He got the rest of his clothes and slammed out of the house. I leant against the wall and sunk down, crying.




"Eleanor, whats wrong?" I asked, a little worried. She wasnt looking at me, but down at her hands.


"Look Louis, we... we just aren't working out. I'm sorry." she said, then she lifted her head up and looked me in the eye. There were tears in her eyes.


"No, I love you Eleanor Calder, please dont do this" I begged her, tears now sprung to my eyes.


"I'm so sorry Louis, I've already got my stuff out, I'm going to stay with my friend Rae. I think it's best if we just don't see each other again." She stood up and left the cafe, left me sitting their alone, the tears now pouring down my cheeks.



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