Emily, Niall, Zayn and Me (Rhianna and Louis)

Its Niall's 20th birthday and I am sleeping around along with zayn. Emily is in a relationship with niall and they are both really cute but i have this mega crush on zayn but i know he wont go for plain old me.....


1. Waking up

I Woke up earlier than usual, filled with excitement! It was my best friends boyfriends birthday. Niall Horan is turning 20 and Emily has invited me around for today and tomorrow night. Niall has also invited Zayn Malik. I told Niall about my crush on Zayn and he said he is gonna try and get me on that perfect date with him which would be amazing!! i got out of bed, went to find my skinny jeans, t-shirt and hoodie! i went into the bathroom then ran back out to get my bra and pants. i picked out the cutest bra there was and ran back to the bathroom. i stood in the shower thinking about zayn, would he notice me? would he talk to me? The water started to turn cold so i stopped the water and wrapped my towel around me. my phone started to ring so i dashed out of the bathroom to answer it. it was Emily saying " hey Ellie, come around as quickly as you can! i have something to tell you" i was confused. " why not tell me now??" Emily sighed, "okay, just come around as quickly as you can okay??" i gave up,"okay i will about 15 mins bye" i put down the phone, what does Emily want me for? I ran as quick as i could back to the bathroom and got dressed, straightened my hair, applied my make-up, grabbed my phone and dashed out the flat. i nearly fell down the long winding stairs as i was running so fast. i jumped into a taxi and headed to Emily's and Niall's house.   

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