Emily, Niall, Zayn and Me (Rhianna and Louis)

Its Niall's 20th birthday and I am sleeping around along with zayn. Emily is in a relationship with niall and they are both really cute but i have this mega crush on zayn but i know he wont go for plain old me.....


15. Trust you with cars! Haha :P

Ellie p.o.v~

Wow! the banner was amazing on its own. We walked in and they all popped party poppers and shouted "Happy Birthday Ellie!" and the living room was full with present up to ceiling. i got a tad over excited "Woo presents!!" Louis frowned "You not meant to say that, you meant to say you didn't have to and then we are say we want to!" i laughed "Na not me, thanks guys can i open them now?" they all nodded. I searched around the room to find the smallest present there was because great things come in small sizes and i found it. It was from everyone. I looked at them all confused and i unwrapped the little present to have a envelope. on the front it read "Dear Ellie, happy birthday, we all got you this and you will like it, love Zayn <3 <3 xx, Rhianna x, Emily x <3, Louis :P x, Niall :) xo, Harry ;P x and Liam ;-)" I smiled at everyone before opening the envelope and inside lay a pair of car keys and a note saying "Look in the garage" so i ran out with the keys and in the garage was a Bugatti Veyron. I screamed and sat inside looking closely at everything. They all knew i knew every single type of car and watch top gear every week and OMG that reminds me i meant to be going on top gear in.. An hour!! I ran back inside thanking everyone and said "Guys i meant be..." "Yes Ellie, we know you favorite TV show come on, we better go then, you can open your presents afterwards" Zayn said calmly. I ran out holding zayn's hand and opened the passenger door for him. "Surely i should be doing that for you??" he said a little worried. "Don't worry i want to it felt weird though so you can do it in future mr malik!" he laughed "OY! cheeky" before kissing my cheek. i stroke his hair gently "How come you have such soft hair??" i asked "How come you're so beautiful?" he replied. I laughed before pulling away. Wow this car drove so smoothly. When we arrived we had to lock my car in a special garage and we walked to the dressing rooms for jeremy clarkson, Richard hammond and James may. We knocked and Richard said "Enter?" Zayn walked in first followed by me. James looked up and Richard shouted "Ellie! Zayn! how you guys doing?" i laughed and zayn smiled. Jeremy looked up at me. "Ellie what car do you have?" i looked at him before replying "Bugatti Veyron why?" they all looked gobsmacked. "NO you don't they cost too much!" james said after an awkward silence. "I do! i got it for my birthday today!" zayn looked a bit confused why they thought i didn't have one. "Oh yeah, here your presents by the way, you're so famous and you have loads of presents in the 1D fan warehouse your so lucky! Can we see you car please???" Richard said. I took him to where we put my car and there it was, shinning and brand new. They all went red and really jealous. I put my presents in the boot before walking to the set. The show was about to start and i am on first and zayn is gonna find something out which i haven't told him yet.


Zayn p.o.v~

Jeremy was talking to the camera and they he said "Please welcome Ellie McMorine and Zayn Malik!" I looked confused. Why did he say my name! Ellie turned around to grab my hand and i walked with her up to the sofa. Jeremy asked us "So guys what car have you got at the minute?" Ellie answered 1st "I have a Bugatti Veyron and Zayn has a Mercedes and Ferrari" Everyone looked impressed and started laughing in a nice way because i was like a both in cars. "Well your very lucky person who got it for you?" jeremy said looking at zayn. "Louis, Rhianna, harry liam, niall, emily and Zayn of course" i looked up at zayn and he took hold of my hand. i went red and smiled. "And zayn how did you get enough money to buy the bugatti?" this was a stupid question. "I sell out a world tour worldwide in the biggest arena duhh!" Everyone laughed even jeremy. I laughed to much when jeremy said we were gonna look at ellies lap she did last week i was still laughing. She did amazing. They also video mine as Ellie wanted them to but i didn't know it would be on live TV. I didn't do very well! jeremy read out my time and it was 1.39.08 seconds which was super so im is at the top of the board and then ellie was read out. "1.39.08! Omg they have the same time!" jeremy shouted to everyone. i hugged ellie and we both went red, ellie was hiding into my chest. "Well thank you for coming on the show, its Zayn and Ellie" we waved to the camera before running off. We got into ellies car and smiled at each other. "Trust you to do well Zayn, you amazing at everything!" Ellie said to me. I shook my head "You deserve to be top! But we both are so i am as good as driver as you hahah!" i said to her being really cheeky. She stuck her tongue out at me and we drove home do she could finish opening her presents 

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