Emily, Niall, Zayn and Me (Rhianna and Louis)

Its Niall's 20th birthday and I am sleeping around along with zayn. Emily is in a relationship with niall and they are both really cute but i have this mega crush on zayn but i know he wont go for plain old me.....


5. The Evening

Rhianna's p.o.v~

I think ellie and zayn are really cute together! but i am starting to worry about me and louis. i still love him loads but i'm afraid i'm losing him. but i don't wanna spoil niall's birthday. while we were watching grease i put my head on louis chest and cuddled into him. i felt him relax and he put his arms around me. i smiled as he pulled me tight towards him and he whispered in my ear "Rhianna, i love you so much and if i were ever to of loss you, i don't know what i would do" i smiled and then he lifted my face to meet his and i felt him pressure his lips onto mine! i didn't let go of him for the rest of the evening. niall said we could stay at his for the night but then there was a knock at the door. niall went to answer it and all we heard him say is " OMG!" we rushed over to see what it was and we found a really big box with a letter on top. it was addressed to niall. he opened it and read *dear niall, happy birthday, hope you have a great day, love 1 of your best mates, ellie xox* ellie blushed while trying to hide behind zayn. he put his arm around her and then niall turned around smiling. "so ellie, what is in the box??" she smiled while replying "open it and find out!" he did and he found a load of nandos food that needs heating up and also another letter. this one read "niall, this other present i got you is something you might like, i wasn't  sure when i got it but it will arrive tomorrow morning hopefully, love ellie xo" we heard him shout out to ellie "thank you sooooo much! this is the best present ever!" ellie turned dark cherry red! we walked inside, it was about 11pm now so we went up to bed. of course it was easy who is sharing with who! me and louis, ellie and zayn, emily and niall.

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