Emily, Niall, Zayn and Me (Rhianna and Louis)

Its Niall's 20th birthday and I am sleeping around along with zayn. Emily is in a relationship with niall and they are both really cute but i have this mega crush on zayn but i know he wont go for plain old me.....



Emily p.o.v~

I wonder if Ellie is okay, i don't like it when stuff like this happens. I was crying into niall's chest when his phone went off. he took it out and i was from zayn saying "She is fine, you can come and see her whenever but she is coming back tommorow hahaha she turns 20 tommorow i know what i have got her! see you soon xx" I smiled with even more tears coming out of my eyes "SHE IS FINE!!" i shouted and everyone looked relieved and niall got a notification on twitter. it was a picture of zayn with ellie in hospital which read "My baby girl is fine love you so much and its her birthday tommorow and have got her a surprise! xxx" "Awww she looks well thats good" i whispered into niall's ear and i feel asleep on his lap.


Zayn p.o.v~

We can leave! I slept next to Ellie on a chair with my head by her side and holding her hands. I woke up 1st and got on her bed and lay beside her. I put my arms around her a ran my fingers through her hair and she breathed in heavily and rested her head on my chest. I put my arms around her and she woke up looking up at me. "Happy birthday lil girl, you're now my age" i told her. She smiled before pressuring her lips onto mine. "When can i go??" she asked me and just before i answered a nurse walked in and said "Mrs malik you can leave when you are ready you can leave, you don't need to sign out just leave" "okay will do" ellie replied. "Make sure if she gets worse bring her back in" the nurse said to me. i nodded and gave ellie her clothes out her locker. I drew the curtains around her bed so she could get changed. i packed her stuff into her bag and we left. When we got out we had pictures taken from fans and paparazzi. We ran to my car which had been dropped off from emily and niall. I drove back to Emily's and Niall's house. On the door there was a big banner saying "Happy 20th Birthday Ellie"...

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