Emily, Niall, Zayn and Me (Rhianna and Louis)

Its Niall's 20th birthday and I am sleeping around along with zayn. Emily is in a relationship with niall and they are both really cute but i have this mega crush on zayn but i know he wont go for plain old me.....


11. My Boo Bear <3

Louis p.o.v~

Ice-cream was quite a good idea, i decided to take Rhianna through the dunes. There were already footprints in the sand so i presumed Niall and Emily came this way too. I saw Rhianna running up the hill so i followed her and we raced up to the top of the hill. She won but i did try so i didn't let her win. i turned to face her and i put my arms around her waist and pulled her towards me. She rested the top of her head on my chest. I lifted her head so it came face to face with mine. I looked into her shining hazelnut brown eyes. They told such a good story, i smiled continuing to stare into her eyes but then she leaned forward towards me and we kissed on top of a sand dune that wasn't really big but not really small either. We started to introduce tongues and it was different her. Better than ever because there was no one near us and no one interrupting us. It was the best kiss ever and i'm never going to forget it ever. I know everyone says no one is perfect but really she is perfect what is wrong with her? shes, funny, pretty, clever, she just ticks all all the boxes. We broke apart but we didn't want to but we knew we better had. we hugged while walking down the sand dune but then we tripped up over something and we went rolling down the dune together. We slowed down and came to a stop. Rhianna was on top of me laughing. I love her laugh, it is cute, just like her..


Rhianna p.o.v~

We slowly got up, I was still laughing and Louis took hold of my hand and gently squeezed my hand and we put our arms around each other. When we got to the ice-cream shop it was about to close but because it was louis they let us be last customers. I had a chocolate fudge and raspberry ripple scoops and louis got chocolate and toffee scoops. I held his hand with my free hand which wasn't carrying my ice-cream but about 2 mins. later it was all gone. Louis was shocked. "Oh my Rhianna you eat nearly as quick as Niall haha" I just smiled looking at the floor. i could feel my cheeks burning up. "And when you smile at the ground it ain't hard to tell, You don't know, oh oh, you don't know you're beautiful" louis sang softly and i felt my cheeks go even hotter, the sun started to set and i turned to face louis, "I love you so much boo bear" before quickly kissing him and like in all the movies, we ran towards the sunset hand in hand. I love my louis boo bear so much :)

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