Emily, Niall, Zayn and Me (Rhianna and Louis)

Its Niall's 20th birthday and I am sleeping around along with zayn. Emily is in a relationship with niall and they are both really cute but i have this mega crush on zayn but i know he wont go for plain old me.....


3. finally there

I didn't know what to say, i thought to myself he must of sent it to the wrong person but as i looked up from my phone i saw zayn standing there with a huge bouquet of red roses. he smiled at me before saying " ellie, i got you these because they stood out from any other flower and they made me think of you, you ain't like any other girl, you're special and will you become my girlfriend???" i started crying, that was the most sweetest thing anyone has ever said to me. he walked around the bed and passed over the flowers with a huge smile on his face. i put them down and gave zayn and massive hug, still crying. i whispered softly into his ear "of course i will say yes" and i looked him in they eye. he wiped my tears away before pressuring his lips onto mine. i put my arms around his neck and we stayed there for a while. when we broke apart we heard niall shouting. " get down here now you two! its my birthday and i'm really hungry!" me and zayn looked at each other before laughing. zayn stood up before putting his hands out to me and saying " come on, we don't want to upset niall do we" i shook my head still laughing. we walked down the stairs, arms around each other. when emily and niall saw they looked at each other with smiles on their faces. niall stood up as so did emily. " we are going down nandos alright?" niall announced to everyone. " should be a laugh" zayn replied. so we all set off in Niall's Bentley.

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