The Day That Changed My Life Forever

Jamie is just a normal teenage girl but what will happen when she goes to 1 concert that changes her whole life forever....


2. News

I was sitting in my room waiting for my best friend Phoebe to come over she says she has something to tell me and she sounds really exited about it so im not sure what to expect. Its been 15 minutes since she said she would be here and she still isnt I need to call her. It took her 5 rings to pick up..

me - phoebe where are you your late?!

phoebe - sorry got stuck in traffic (phoebe can drive)

me - oh okay I understand how long will you be?

phoebe - just coming down your road be there in 30 seconds 

me - aright see you in a second bye

phoebe - bye 

As soon as I put the phone down Phoebe was walking into my bedroom "good to know you knock" I said being sarcastic , "oh you know I basically live here it wouldn't be the same if I knocked" phoebe replied very cheeky, "well then that's the end of that (both laughed) so what did you want to tell me?", "your never going to believe me if I tell you!", "come on Phoebe just tell me!"..... 

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