I am Claire, I lived with my partner Karl but I did not love Karl and so bad things came my way until an old friend appeared and he became my....well...saviour!


5. The baby is coming, the baby is coming!!!


    It had been a long nine months but Niall stuck by me, I screamed as Harry and Niall tried to comfort me, as Zayn called the hospital. I fell asleep and woke up to find Niall holding a baby, my baby! " Niall what should we call her? " I asked happily

 " Lilly Anne! " said Niall with his cheesy grin!

 " that is so beautiful, yes " I answered so we had a beautiful baby girl who we loved dearly, she came on tour with the boys and she loved music.


i was so happy until I turned on the news and heard that Karl had escaped from jail! I quickly turned off the tv and smiled nervously, this was only the beginning did it have to be the end?




i will write part two soon please enjoy and sorry that it is so short the next one will be longer! Xx :D



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