I am Claire, I lived with my partner Karl but I did not love Karl and so bad things came my way until an old friend appeared and he became my....well...saviour!


4. Omg


     A few days later I was out of the hospital and as healthy as ever. Niall and the boys were all dressed up in suits? Liam and Louis started crying and I went to Niall, he pulled out a gold banded ring that was diamond cut and got down on one knee. Before he said anything I screamed" YES!!! " Niall picked me up and spun me around! All of the boys were crying their eyes out except Niall, he was too busy kissing me! 

  That night Niall and I went to bed but in the morning I grew very ill and my stomach felt different, I went to doctor and found out that I was pregnant! Niall cracked a cheesy smile and Louis ran out returning 5 minutes later with baby clothes. It's a girl I said . And everyone smiled!

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