I am Claire, I lived with my partner Karl but I did not love Karl and so bad things came my way until an old friend appeared and he became my....well...saviour!


3. Oh No


    Karl was about to stab Niall but I screamed " I love Niall! " and managed to break free of the boys but then the world slowed down as my pure blood poured out of my heart. I took the knife for Niall, I felt free as I collapsed to the ground almost completely dead. " Niall I ill never stop loving you! " I said as my last words. The police had just one running in and took Karl to jail. He showed me papers saying that I wasn't officially married to Karl!

      The paramedics walked in and took me and the boys to the hospital. I woke up to find Niall by my side. We smiled and he kissed me, as he kissed me a glow came around me and ll of my scars were gone, all of my cuts and bruises disappeared! Niall was full of joy and I just smiled at him, we kissed for what felt like forever! I had never felt so alive!





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