I am Claire, I lived with my partner Karl but I did not love Karl and so bad things came my way until an old friend appeared and he became my....well...saviour!


2. My old friend!


   One day I was tied up by Karl so that I couldn't escape, I screamed for help and then five boys burst the door open. As two untied my hands. Another two untied my legs the last one just stood there saying " hi I am Niall, this is Harry,Zayn,Liam and Louis. " as I was untied I ran to Niall and hugged him he hugged me back smiling, the other boys just sat there looking really confused until Niall told them about how we knew each other and I lived in Ireland once and then moved away. Even though we were older know, Niall looked the same. His arms were warm and welcoming as was his smile.

         Soon Karl returned and saw the boys, tears ran down my cheek and Karl pulled out a knife telling them to get out, Louis screamed like a 5 year old girl and ran outside the others stayed and Harry, Liam a d Zayn stood by me creating a shield but Niall walked on towards Karl. " Niall don't! " I warned him, I tried to stop him but the boys were too strong! Niall walked to Karl who was reading with his knife.

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