Grey. The in between.

There is Black there is White.
There is Good there is Bad.
There is Dark there is Light.
Where the in between?

Will she turn good?
If she turn's bad will she turn's bad, will she stay?
What if she's the mix.
What if she's that lost in between.
What if she's a grey.


1. Just like old times.

"What happens if I jump,

And he's not there,

To catch me?"

"Just Jump."


I sat there sitting and waiting. Watching the clouds pass by. An minute. Five. Twenty. An hour. Until I sigh. I get up and walk. In to the forest. He was meant to meet my on the bench that's in front of the forest. I follow a rabbit. Until it goes home. Life is hard. But to them it's not. If only if only I wasn't a stupid girl. Staying up till midnight wishing, hoping he'll call. I curse his name at two in the morning. If only if only my life wasn't a song. He would sing me to sleep. Then go of with another. But he has my heart. So I must not leave. I started to sing, climbing a tree. Singing with the birds. Then I decided to change. I sit on the top of the tree. While it whispered is secret to me and the wind. I sat there for hours on end. I climb down the tree. And walk back home. Listening to the secrets of the wind. "If only if only the woodpecker sighs." It whispered again and again. Until I got home. I run to my room and pack my backs. I get a pink sticky note and write way I've went. "I always go to though who down care. I always jump, to someone who wont catch me. If only if only the woodpecker sighs. I'm going to a place were I will star all over again. Bye-bye good people. I will ALWAYS love you. xoxox"  I place the note on my bed. I get my bags and go to my car I head to the airport. And get on my plane. If only if only they cared. I sit next to the five boy's I know then from some were. I remember there faces. Then I remember. "Harry!" I jump into the arms of the boy with the curly hair. He is the one who will always catch me. "Hey, can I sign something for you." One of them ask. His name was Niall. I sat on Harry's lap. "Er excuse me. I will call security if you don't get of him." Louis whispered. I laugh. "If only if only the woodpecker sighed. I know Harry. He wouldn't call security on his sister. Would he?"

"Alice?" He whispered. I looked him in the eye. He remembered. He hugged my just like old times. I nodded. "W-what happened? Why are you on this plane?" He said. He had tears in his eye's.

"If only if only, he didn't break my heart, left me for another. Still with my heart. So start again. A new start." I whispered. He smiled. He love it when I talk like that. Then he understood what I was saying.

"Who was it?" I didn't answer. Until he asked again.

"Maybe if I don't say is name the pain will go away." He nodded slowly.

"If you want a new start you should stop talking like that." Harry whispered. I laughed. That was just like Harry. I smiled and got up. I went to my seat. It was the one next to Zayn. He looked at me and smiled. I fastened my seat belt. "I didn't know Harry had a another sister." Zayn said.

"I'm not really his sister. I was in foster care." Zayn frowned.

"S-sorry I didn't k-know." He looked sincere.

"If only if only the woodpecker sighed." I whispered and fell a sleep. I was a woke by Zayn. I smiled. It was time to get of the plane. When the plane landed. I remembered I had no were to go. I sighed and said my good bye's. "Hey Alice!" Harry said running up to me. "Come and stay at mine." He said. I shook my head. "If only if only I could have fate, help the one's I love." He said. I smiled.

"What good is helping the one's you love? It make's them feel weak."

"If only if only the woodpecker sighed?" He pleaded. I nodded.

"Hey Haz never knew you could speak like that." Liam said.

"It's the only way she'll listen." They all grabbed their bags. And I got mine. Once we were in he house. I was showed to my room. I unpacked my bags. I looked around. I was nice. I opened the window. Someone opened my door. Harry. "Alice do you know the date?" I shook my head. "Tomorrow's your birthday." I froze. My sixteenth was tomorrow. The day to be claimed.

"Did someone say birthday?" Louis yelled. The boy's ran through the door. "So do you want a party?"

"Guy's no party!" Harry yelled. They all went quite. I was sad and angry. Then i was holding fire. Everyone gasped. Harry was by my side. When I slapped him with the fire. His face didn't burn. My real mum gave Harry her power before she died. Then he was holding my burning hands. He was in my head.

Alice stop! We need to tell the boys!

No we don't! Get out of my head!

No! Stop the fire! Or I will!

No you wont!

Try me.

I stopped the fire. The only way for Harry to stop my powers, is to drain me of them. And that hurt's. I looked at the boy's they were to shocked to say anything. "'m sorry." I whisper.

"What was that?!" Niall yelled. Everyone's voices came back. I could tell that Niall never yells.

"Down stairs!" Harry yelled. They all followed him down stairs. And when we were in the kitchen Harry was in my head again.

Should we tell them?

We have to now.

Do you what to?


"Right!" I yelled. Everyone stopped and starred at me. "OK so. It's story time. Er, OK. I'm a caster. Not like a witch but a bit similar. Er Harry is also a caster. But a special one. When my mum died. She gave Harry her power to be an caster to look after me. He helped me get control when my powers started. And tomorrow I will be claimed. I will either be Dark or Light. It's a bit like beautiful creatures. A bit. Er. So no party tomorrow." I looked around the room. Everyone was waiting for someone to talk. "I hope you don't hate us." I added.

"No we don't hate you." Liam said. Stepping forward.

"We're just in shock." Louis said stepping forward as well.

"It's the first time you weren't speaking in rhymes and stuff." Zayn said stepping forward with Niall. I laughed, then so did everyone else.

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